Thursday, 27 August 2015


Hello again. Hope everyone is doing just fine. Today I have a cat flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend! 

Life In Black & White
It's called down time for us cats. It's the best part of the day. The ones that tend to us are off doing something else-until we need them.
I have a nice soft spot in front of large window. The sun warms the carpet for me and makes kneading nice and warm on the pads.
After that I stretch out and start to wash up stretching my hind leg behind my ear and I wash up the fur.
Gotta keep spiffy they say.
I look out the window for a moment and watch some birds closely. They hang around a tree near by.
But then I remember the task at hand and finish up my cleaning.
The best part comes next.
I curl up and cover my nose with my tail tip and drift off into a nice cozy snoozey world.
That's  a word right? 

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and happy. Today I have a flash fiction piece and once again in faerie. It's one of my longer pieces and I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Mystic Waters
I like to come here and rest and gather my thoughts. Even though I'm told not too.
I have never had an encounter with them.
Keeping quiet and not disturbing the surroundings helps.
However, on occasion I know someone is there watching me quietly. They have never approached me or spoken to me. I pretend that I don't know they are there.
This day I sensed something. A prickle ran up the back of my neck. My eyes secretly looked around but I saw no one-until I sat down.
He was in plain sight. Sitting on a large boulder above the rushing water was a faerie. 
I held my breath.
They say never to attract their attention but I couldn't keep my eyes off him. His massive brown and gold wings spanned up into the air. He looked magical. There were goosebumps on my arms.
I finally tore my eyes away from him and looked down into the water. That's when his eyes looked over at me.
I didn't dare look up no matter how much I wanted to. I felt my face heat.
He would know that I knew he was here.
All of a sudden he took flight and I startled. I watched him soar up into the air as if he weighed no more than a small butterfly.
I lost sight of him.
He was probably frightened by me.
My chest was pounding and I tried to calm myself.
I was thinking I should get back.
A scent caught my attention. It smelled like wild milkweed. I looked around to see if there was any wild flowers but all I saw was grasses.
I heard a whoosh and I froze.
He was right behind me.
That prickle went racing up the back of my neck this time.
I looked over at the small water fall trying to look like I didn't know he was there or something.
His whisper in my ear felt like a soft breeze brushing up against me.
"These are for you."
I looked down next to my arm and there was a small bouquet of milkweed flowers.
I was scared to touch them.
"It's okay, they won't hurt you."
All I could think of was that this voice sounded human. Was that a trick?
I cautiously took the flowers. My hands shook.
Then he sat down beside me almost touching me. I was still frozen and I don't think I breathed since he landed behind me.
"You can see us. Not many of you have the sight. I'm glad you do."
I looked over at him and he smiled at me. His warm brown eyes made me smile back. They almost looked human but not quite.
"I never knew I could see you," I told him.
"I think you probably had moments when you thought you saw something and then it was gone. It's like that."
Then he said no more and I had no idea what to say.
"You come here a lot."
My eyes widened. "You've been here when I've been here?"
He nodded. "We both like to have quiet time."
His voice was so soft and gentle. My wild beating chest was now calming.
"This place is beautiful," I said. "I can think clearer here."
"So can I." He paused and then leaned a little closer to me. "I think of you sometimes."
"Why do you think of me?"
"Because you're special. I knew you were from the first time you came here. The mystic waters lure you here because you have a special magic inside you."
I grinned. "I have no magic inside of me. I'm just me."
His warm eyes appeared to glow almost. "That's what makes you special. You being just who you are."
I didn't quite understand that. I took it for whatever it was meant to be. I sat quiet with my flowers in my hand.
"Thank you for the flowers."
"You're welcome. Now that we have met you can come here everyday."
I did go everyday or almost. I never told any one about him. They would think I was crazy. Maybe I was. My family and friends thought I loved wild flowers as I always brought them home.
I never said that someone had picked them for me.
Time had a funny way of creeping up on you and one day I knew I would not be back.
I told him I was going away to school and I didn't want him to be sad.
"You'll be back. You can never escape the magic from here. It's apart of you."
I didn't argue back. I just smiled and hugged him.
When I did go away that fall, I knew he was right. The mystic waters flowed through my veins like my own blood did.
I returned when spring break came up. He was there as if he knew.
We both knew that I would become apart of a magical world that no one else knew about.
Every break I had from school was spent here and finally one day I never left.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Hello everyone. Hope the summer is going great. Today I have a flash fiction piece that touches on my favorite world-faerie. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! 

The Road to the Other World
It only happens once a year. My friends and I always go even though we are warned not to.
The faerie world is a dangerous one but we made friends with some of them. Asper and Juice are always a good time. They know how to party.
There is a special party the night the road opens to their world.
It's the party of the year!
This time however was a bit different.
Someone knew greeted us. He said his name was Tress and that Asper and Juice were at the party.
He was beautiful.
That should have been a warning. I looked back at the road behind me. It was my world and the one ahead of me was not.
"Come on over, you'll have fun."
I startled. When I turned around he was looking down at me. His bright blue eyes reminded me of the color of bluebells. He smelled like wild flowers.
He smiled and pulled me gently through to the other side.
When I looked back the road was hid by the white fog. I looked a head of me and saw the city of Kat.
My friends were already with Asper and Juice he said.
I couldn't see them and I couldn't remember them coming with me. My mind was playing tricks with me.
I think he had something to do with it.
He led me down a street to the club that we always went to.
The music hit me as soon as he opened the door. I didn't have  a chance before I felt myself in his arms and we were dancing.
Soon I forgot the weird feelings and let the music and him take me.
I remember drinking something cold and fruity. I floated after. When I danced with him I felt like I had wings too. His were beautiful blue ones with white tips.
I reached out and touched them. He closed his eyes and I knew I shouldn't have done that but it was too late.
I tried to come out of it but he twirled me around grinning at me and telling me to have another sip.
It was faerie nectar. I shouldn't have had any.
We left the club and went up a small knoll. We laid on the grass and stared up at the stars. To my eyes they glittered like diamonds and there was zillions of them. Maybe it was my nectar filled mind playing games with me.
Tress rolled over on his side and his lips were next to my ear. He told me that he had watched me for a long time and wanted to meet me.
His words echoed inside my head.
Tress dreamed of me being a faerie and that one magical night he turned me into one. I had wings like him and they were the color of goldenrod.
His words seeped into my head and down my body making me shiver.
"I can make it happen. Once a year you can come here and when you cross over the road to our side, you will be one of us. Your goldenrod wings will shine and we can celebrate and be together."
I heard myself laugh and he looked down at my smiling face. His blue eyes shone like a cat. I touched his face.
Then we kissed.
That is the last I remember.

I met up with my friends and they asked me where I was last night. I told them we went to Kat city. They looked at me funny. Sam pointed his finger at me. "You mentioned that place before and I always wondered what you were talking about."
I looked over at my two girlfriends but they didn't say anything.
I shrugged it off and when Sam left my two girlfriends turned to me. "You are still going there? Even after all the warnings?"
"What do you mean," I asked them.
Ree sighed. "Don't you remember we went there when we were kids and we got into trouble. We never did it again."
I nodded.

It was fall and I was standing in front of the road staring at the fog. How many times have I been here I thought. I tried to remember and the only vague memory I had was  someone taking me by the hand when I was little and we walked through the fog.
I stand there and wait. Tress comes thought the fog as usual with a that smile that I missed so much. He takes my hand and we cross over. I look behind and I see beautiful goldenrod wings.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Hello. Today I have another installment of Poppy & the Prince. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

 Tomcat could smell the snowdrops before he even reached the hill. Following that, were a field of wild blue violets. This was the Spring prince's territory. He had the smallest troupe and didn't like the other faerie courts very much.
He was a fan of bloodshed and that was why Tomcat was seeking him out. Tautha was nasty and had a heart of a spring storm. Things in the grass scurried ahead of him. Tomcat knew they would tell him that he was here. He gripped onto his bow and arrow in case Tautha was in a bad mood.
When he got to the top of the knoll, he didn't go any further. He was quick with an arrow but so was Tautha. He heard a sigh in the wind and grinned. "Sorry, I haven't been around. Don't shoot me."
An arrow landed at his feet sunk half way in. He looked up into pale blue silver eyes. His straight ice blue hair blew in the breeze around his heart shaped face.
"Tomcat, how nice of you to come and see me. You must want something of course so spit it out and then you can ask me how I am."
"I want a little war and I don't care how you are."
Tautha laughed. "You haven't changed. I like your cruel heart." He tilted his head at Tomcat. " Sometimes I think you should have been in my troupe."
Tomcat leaned over. "If I was in your troupe, you would be dead."
Tautha shook his finger at him. His sharp blue lacquered nail was in inch from his nose. "Must I remind you that you are in my territory. Play nice."
Tomcat grinned. "Okay, I do care how you are. Invite me over and we can talk about war games and killing faeries that you hate."
Tautha's face lit up. "You may come over."

His tribe came out of the woodwork to check him out. He suffered a few bites and scratches but nothing that a threat of the arrow through the chest wouldn't deter.
They sat around a round table in the forest. Servants came and poured faerie wine and offered him food. Tomcat looked into the bowl of berries. He would pass on those. They were poison for the most part.
Tautha picked up his wine. "Let's drink to bloodshed."
Tomcat picked up his wine. He sniffed it.
"Oh come on, I'm drinking it, see?"
Tomcat watched him down his wine and have the servant refill it. He then took a sip and it was okay. He could feel Tautha watching him. When he finished his wine he met his gaze. "As I said, I'm after a little war. Certain ones need to be put in their place and I will not be made a fool of. "
"Go on, I'm listening. "
"I want you to use your magic to make a certain someone sleep for a very long time and also to make the winter's queen's territory frozen over in an icy tomb."
"Don't ask for much do you?" He softly laughed. "What you should be asking me first though is what can I do for you in the form of favor?"
Tomcat chuckled. "I know, I know. What do you want in return?"
He watched Tautha run his blue tongue along his bottom lip as if he could taste the possibilities. "I would like one of your fall girls to be my mate. I need someone who is different that a spring girl."
"You have specific tastes but fine, if you want me to find you a wife consider it done."
"I'm not done yet," he said.
Tomcat narrowed his gaze at him. "Giving you one of my tribe members is more than enough."
He shrugged. "Magic comes with a price my love. I would like something from you."
"What do you want from me?"
He flew within inches from Tomcat's face. "I want a bit more territory and your territory is right next to mine. Give me the valley love and I'll do your magic."
He smelled like a spring rain. Tautha kissed him deeply. Tomcat didn't dare pull away. When he parted he rested his cheek on Tomcats. "Do we have a deal?"
"We have a deal." He kissed him again and Tomcat knew now it was a done deal.

Tomcat and Tautha stood in the winter forest where the glass coffin use to be. Snow lightly fell on Tautha's ice blue hair. His breath hung in the air but he was not cold. Tomcat thought his ice blue hair complimented the wintery surroundings.
Tuatha sighed. "So, this is where our sleeping prince will be?"
Tomcat nodded. "For a very long time."
He grinned. "He must have slated you pretty good."
Tomcat didn't care if he thought it amusing, he wanted the job done.
Up above them a dark shadow passed. Tomcat waved and they came down. In the fall faerie's arm was the sleeping Seth.
With a silver sword in his hands Tautha stirred up the snow around him and the snow rose and swirled in the air. When it fell to its destination, an icy glass coffin formed. Gnarled hawthorn branches held it up off the ground like hands.  
The fall faerie carefully placed him inside. Tautha peered down at him. He brushed his soft hair out of his sleeping eyes. He bent over and kissed each eyelid and then his lips. He waved the sword over him and an icy glass sealed him in. He looked over at Tomcat. "Your sleeping prince is now in another world."
Tomcat smiled. "One prince down and one more to go."
Tautha laughed. "This is so much fun."
They both flew straight up into the air and headed for the winter kingdom. They hovered over the castle. White gryphons stood guard around the castle. Tomcat and Tautha landed on one of the small balconies. "Savon is here, I know it. Freeze them all," said Tomcat.
The balcony doors opened. Out walked Savon. A sword hung at his side. His leather pants also had a side  satchel on the other side that contained other weapons. He reached for them when he saw them.
Tautha held up his hand and stopped him. "I wouldn't do that."
He snarled. "What are you doing here?" His eye shifted over to Tomcat. "And why did you bring him here?"
Tautha hit his chest like he was wounded. "I'm hurt." He was grinning the whole time.
Tomcat sauntered over to Savon. "I lost a tribe member because of you and Seth. It's time for a little payback."
"That's not my concern."
"I know but it's very concerning to me. You will pay."
Savon sneered and waved his hand in Tomcat's face. "Go bother Seth. I have other things to do."
Tautha looked over at him. "We already paid him a visit. He's resting now." Tautha snickered.
Savon backed up. "Leave or I will let my gryphons play with you."
Tomcat smirked. "Those white puff pieces of yours couldn't find their way out of an open balcony."
Savon raised an eyebrow. "Really? Let's see if they can then."
He snapped his fingers and a whoosh of cold air descended on them.
Tautha yelped and Tomcat threw himself to the corner to hide from them.
Savon stood by two enormous white gryphons. They breathed ice into the air. "Well, my pets, I have two toys for you to play with. Have fun."
They growled and sniffed the air. Tomcat looked over at Tautha who was carefully sneaking around them. They looked at each other and Tomcat glared. Tautha ignored him and continued to make his way around to the front of the beasts. Tomcat thought he was crazy.
He would get himself killed and he was not going to save him. He was almost standing next to Savon. Savon turned to him with sword in hand.
Tautha had his as well. Tomcat thought they were going to have a sword fight but Tautha swirled the snow around him using his sword, sending up a wall of snow into the air.
The gryphons tried to fly up into the air but they couldn't. Savon cursed him and appeared to know what he was up to. Tomcat just watched. The snow fell down on top of them blanketing them and they all fell to the ground.
None of them moved. Tomcat came out then and stood next to Tautha. "They are under spell?"
He nodded.
"Now for the rest of the kingdom?"
Tautha grinned and leaned over to him. "Do I get another kiss?"
"You've had too many kisses."
His silver ice blue eyes got bluer. He cupped Tomcat's chin and kissed him hard.
Tomcat backed up. "What the hell."
Tautha laughed. "You are such an ass."
Tomcat touched his lips to make sure they were still there. "Finish the job, love."
He winked at him and with a flick of his wrist, snow rose up forming a dragon like creature. "Fly my sweet and dust the kingdom." Its icy blue yes looked down at them and then flew off into the sky.
"Now it's done."
Tomcat slapped him on the back. "Let's go have a party."
"Now you're talking." Tautha sent a swirl of snow around them enclosing them. When the snow settled all that was left was a sleeping prince and two frozen gryphons.