Thursday, 27 August 2015


Hello again. Hope everyone is doing just fine. Today I have a cat flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend! 

Life In Black & White
It's called down time for us cats. It's the best part of the day. The ones that tend to us are off doing something else-until we need them.
I have a nice soft spot in front of large window. The sun warms the carpet for me and makes kneading nice and warm on the pads.
After that I stretch out and start to wash up stretching my hind leg behind my ear and I wash up the fur.
Gotta keep spiffy they say.
I look out the window for a moment and watch some birds closely. They hang around a tree near by.
But then I remember the task at hand and finish up my cleaning.
The best part comes next.
I curl up and cover my nose with my tail tip and drift off into a nice cozy snoozey world.
That's  a word right? 

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