Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and happy. Today I have a flash fiction piece and once again in faerie. It's one of my longer pieces and I hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend!

Mystic Waters
I like to come here and rest and gather my thoughts. Even though I'm told not too.
I have never had an encounter with them.
Keeping quiet and not disturbing the surroundings helps.
However, on occasion I know someone is there watching me quietly. They have never approached me or spoken to me. I pretend that I don't know they are there.
This day I sensed something. A prickle ran up the back of my neck. My eyes secretly looked around but I saw no one-until I sat down.
He was in plain sight. Sitting on a large boulder above the rushing water was a faerie. 
I held my breath.
They say never to attract their attention but I couldn't keep my eyes off him. His massive brown and gold wings spanned up into the air. He looked magical. There were goosebumps on my arms.
I finally tore my eyes away from him and looked down into the water. That's when his eyes looked over at me.
I didn't dare look up no matter how much I wanted to. I felt my face heat.
He would know that I knew he was here.
All of a sudden he took flight and I startled. I watched him soar up into the air as if he weighed no more than a small butterfly.
I lost sight of him.
He was probably frightened by me.
My chest was pounding and I tried to calm myself.
I was thinking I should get back.
A scent caught my attention. It smelled like wild milkweed. I looked around to see if there was any wild flowers but all I saw was grasses.
I heard a whoosh and I froze.
He was right behind me.
That prickle went racing up the back of my neck this time.
I looked over at the small water fall trying to look like I didn't know he was there or something.
His whisper in my ear felt like a soft breeze brushing up against me.
"These are for you."
I looked down next to my arm and there was a small bouquet of milkweed flowers.
I was scared to touch them.
"It's okay, they won't hurt you."
All I could think of was that this voice sounded human. Was that a trick?
I cautiously took the flowers. My hands shook.
Then he sat down beside me almost touching me. I was still frozen and I don't think I breathed since he landed behind me.
"You can see us. Not many of you have the sight. I'm glad you do."
I looked over at him and he smiled at me. His warm brown eyes made me smile back. They almost looked human but not quite.
"I never knew I could see you," I told him.
"I think you probably had moments when you thought you saw something and then it was gone. It's like that."
Then he said no more and I had no idea what to say.
"You come here a lot."
My eyes widened. "You've been here when I've been here?"
He nodded. "We both like to have quiet time."
His voice was so soft and gentle. My wild beating chest was now calming.
"This place is beautiful," I said. "I can think clearer here."
"So can I." He paused and then leaned a little closer to me. "I think of you sometimes."
"Why do you think of me?"
"Because you're special. I knew you were from the first time you came here. The mystic waters lure you here because you have a special magic inside you."
I grinned. "I have no magic inside of me. I'm just me."
His warm eyes appeared to glow almost. "That's what makes you special. You being just who you are."
I didn't quite understand that. I took it for whatever it was meant to be. I sat quiet with my flowers in my hand.
"Thank you for the flowers."
"You're welcome. Now that we have met you can come here everyday."
I did go everyday or almost. I never told any one about him. They would think I was crazy. Maybe I was. My family and friends thought I loved wild flowers as I always brought them home.
I never said that someone had picked them for me.
Time had a funny way of creeping up on you and one day I knew I would not be back.
I told him I was going away to school and I didn't want him to be sad.
"You'll be back. You can never escape the magic from here. It's apart of you."
I didn't argue back. I just smiled and hugged him.
When I did go away that fall, I knew he was right. The mystic waters flowed through my veins like my own blood did.
I returned when spring break came up. He was there as if he knew.
We both knew that I would become apart of a magical world that no one else knew about.
Every break I had from school was spent here and finally one day I never left.

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