Thursday, 13 August 2015


Hello everyone. Hope the summer is going great. Today I have a flash fiction piece that touches on my favorite world-faerie. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! 

The Road to the Other World
It only happens once a year. My friends and I always go even though we are warned not to.
The faerie world is a dangerous one but we made friends with some of them. Asper and Juice are always a good time. They know how to party.
There is a special party the night the road opens to their world.
It's the party of the year!
This time however was a bit different.
Someone knew greeted us. He said his name was Tress and that Asper and Juice were at the party.
He was beautiful.
That should have been a warning. I looked back at the road behind me. It was my world and the one ahead of me was not.
"Come on over, you'll have fun."
I startled. When I turned around he was looking down at me. His bright blue eyes reminded me of the color of bluebells. He smelled like wild flowers.
He smiled and pulled me gently through to the other side.
When I looked back the road was hid by the white fog. I looked a head of me and saw the city of Kat.
My friends were already with Asper and Juice he said.
I couldn't see them and I couldn't remember them coming with me. My mind was playing tricks with me.
I think he had something to do with it.
He led me down a street to the club that we always went to.
The music hit me as soon as he opened the door. I didn't have  a chance before I felt myself in his arms and we were dancing.
Soon I forgot the weird feelings and let the music and him take me.
I remember drinking something cold and fruity. I floated after. When I danced with him I felt like I had wings too. His were beautiful blue ones with white tips.
I reached out and touched them. He closed his eyes and I knew I shouldn't have done that but it was too late.
I tried to come out of it but he twirled me around grinning at me and telling me to have another sip.
It was faerie nectar. I shouldn't have had any.
We left the club and went up a small knoll. We laid on the grass and stared up at the stars. To my eyes they glittered like diamonds and there was zillions of them. Maybe it was my nectar filled mind playing games with me.
Tress rolled over on his side and his lips were next to my ear. He told me that he had watched me for a long time and wanted to meet me.
His words echoed inside my head.
Tress dreamed of me being a faerie and that one magical night he turned me into one. I had wings like him and they were the color of goldenrod.
His words seeped into my head and down my body making me shiver.
"I can make it happen. Once a year you can come here and when you cross over the road to our side, you will be one of us. Your goldenrod wings will shine and we can celebrate and be together."
I heard myself laugh and he looked down at my smiling face. His blue eyes shone like a cat. I touched his face.
Then we kissed.
That is the last I remember.

I met up with my friends and they asked me where I was last night. I told them we went to Kat city. They looked at me funny. Sam pointed his finger at me. "You mentioned that place before and I always wondered what you were talking about."
I looked over at my two girlfriends but they didn't say anything.
I shrugged it off and when Sam left my two girlfriends turned to me. "You are still going there? Even after all the warnings?"
"What do you mean," I asked them.
Ree sighed. "Don't you remember we went there when we were kids and we got into trouble. We never did it again."
I nodded.

It was fall and I was standing in front of the road staring at the fog. How many times have I been here I thought. I tried to remember and the only vague memory I had was  someone taking me by the hand when I was little and we walked through the fog.
I stand there and wait. Tress comes thought the fog as usual with a that smile that I missed so much. He takes my hand and we cross over. I look behind and I see beautiful goldenrod wings.

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