Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Hello everyone. Happy Fall! Today is a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy. I hope soon to announce a Short Stories & Stuff collection that I will be publishing later this year so stay tuned for that. Have a great weekend!

Mirrored world
Not many speak about it but there are some us who are quite curious. Despite the warnings we gather together and talk about them.
When the clouds are big and fluffy like cotton and the water is still is when the other world shows. It's as clear as a bell. It looks like ours but it's not.
It's been called the mirrored world for as long as I can remember. I remember my grandmother and I walking along the river on such a day that the mirrored world reflected bright. She pointed out to the still water and whispered to me as if they might hear. "You never want to talk to them if you see one. They will try and lure you into the water. Stay away on days like this."
I never did see any of them and my friends and I thought that they were just tales so that we wouldn't play in the water.
Anyway, the small lake became a hangout for us teenagers. Some said that they had seen them and they said that they are not that scary. For the most part we took their stories for what they were.
Then one day I went for a walk by myself and ended up at the small lake. I sat down on the grass and looked up at the big  fluffy clouds and the water appeared to be frozen. It actually looked like a large mirror reflecting the clouds and sky.
I was alone in my thoughts when I suddenly realized I was not alone. I thought it was one of my friends but when I sat up, I knew it was someone that I had not met before.
Our town was not that big and for the most part we all knew one another.
A tiny prickle went up the back of my neck.
She smiled at me. He chestnut brown hair with a bit of red shone in the summer day. It was her eyes that captivated me. They were large like glass marbles and as blue as the sky above us.
I couldn't speak.
She kneeled down in front of some wild flowers and started picking these tiny blue flowers. Once she had quite a few she sat down with her legs crossed and started to make a chain with the flowers. I watched her as if she was the only one in the world.
She worked fast and in no time she had a chain of flowers.
That's when I held my breath.
She smiled at me again and her large over size eyes sparkled. 
In a blink she was sitting opposite me placing the ring of flowers over my head. They sat on my hair like a crown. She fussed with my hair tucking it there and making a small braid in my hair that she used to secure the flower crown.
I don't know what it was but her touch was so relaxing that I felt my eyes go heavy.
Then I felt this light touch on my cheek.
My eyes fluttered and I could see the clouds moving in the still water.  I looked around and I could not see her anymore.
I came out of my daze and noticed the clouds gathering. It was going to rain soon.
I got up quickly and ran back down the path to home.
When I got inside the house mom looked at me. I didn't quite make it home before the rain.
"What is that in your hair?"
I touched my head and felt the flowers. Mom walked up to me and examined my hair.
"What's wrong?"
She sighed. "Which ever one of your friends played in your hair made a lot of knots and such."
It took mom the better part of any hour to untangle it all.
I never breathed a word about the girl that I met.

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have some cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Take care and have a great weekend.  
Terrance & the Green Mouse
He wouldn't say where he met this green mouse with the pink ears but they sure liked to play together.
They did everything together.
One day in the kitchen, the little pink eared green mouse went missing.
Terrance looked and looked but could not find him. He wondered if he had left.
But he didn't go far. He came out from under the couch. He told mouse tales to Terrance.
He said he had met up with other green mice. Some had pink ears and others had other colors. He said one mouse even had rainbow ears.
Terrance was quite excited about this. He wanted to invite them over so they all could play together.
The little green mouse said that they might come over some day.
The two of them played for a while and then they took a nap.
Terrance twitched and his eyes were moving under his lids.
When the pair of them got up, he said that he had played with the other mice and was quite excited that he had met the mouse with the rainbow ears. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015


Hello, hope everyone is fine. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend!  
Crazy Daisy
You called me Daisy because I was always tending my camomile flowers. You wanted to know why I cut the bright little flowers off and arranged them on a cookie sheet. Was this some new flower arrangement style?
I shook my head no. I said I'm drying them so we can drink them.
You declared that you would not drink daisy tea.
I sighed. "Well, it's not really daisy tea. It's camomile tea. You've drank this with me before and thought it was very relaxing."
You weren't too impressed by this news. I thought it was funny.
Then you laughed. "Okay, I will have some of your daisy tea with you."
"It's not daisy tea."
You rolled your eyes. "Whatever you call your crazy daisy tea, I don't care as long as it's with you."

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping cool these days. We're having a heat wave. Today is flash fiction piece and I hope you enjoy it. Have a great long weekend!
Summer Road
It was a summer road that we just happened to come across on our hike.
We didn't know if we should take it or not.
Maybe it led nowhere or just to the lake. We decided to take it in case it did lead to the lake.
The trees on either side of us closed us in and suddenly our dappled shade walk was shaded completely and we thought this was not going to lead us anywhere.
Just as we were going to turn around someone came out of the trees and stood in the road.
We stopped and stared at them. They looked like a hiker like us but something was off.
He smiled and asked us if we were lost.
Our response was just hiking around and exploring.
Not sure if he believed us or not.
"I can take you to the beach if you like. I was there this morning."
We looked at one another and decided to follow him.
Sure enough we came to a clearing and there was this small beach.
All together we sat and had a picnic. He told us of stories about the lake and the road. He called it the road of dreams.
We asked where did that name come from.
He said travellers like us would find this road and take it to where they thought it would lead.
But we said it would just take them to the lake so they must have been disappointed.
He smiled and said nothing.
After our picnic we headed back down the road to where we came from.
Our friend came with us and when we parted he just disappeared. When we turned to thank him he wasn't there and it felt like he never was there to begin with.
It was a strange feeling.