Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have some cat flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Take care and have a great weekend.  
Terrance & the Green Mouse
He wouldn't say where he met this green mouse with the pink ears but they sure liked to play together.
They did everything together.
One day in the kitchen, the little pink eared green mouse went missing.
Terrance looked and looked but could not find him. He wondered if he had left.
But he didn't go far. He came out from under the couch. He told mouse tales to Terrance.
He said he had met up with other green mice. Some had pink ears and others had other colors. He said one mouse even had rainbow ears.
Terrance was quite excited about this. He wanted to invite them over so they all could play together.
The little green mouse said that they might come over some day.
The two of them played for a while and then they took a nap.
Terrance twitched and his eyes were moving under his lids.
When the pair of them got up, he said that he had played with the other mice and was quite excited that he had met the mouse with the rainbow ears. 

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