Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping cool these days. We're having a heat wave. Today is flash fiction piece and I hope you enjoy it. Have a great long weekend!
Summer Road
It was a summer road that we just happened to come across on our hike.
We didn't know if we should take it or not.
Maybe it led nowhere or just to the lake. We decided to take it in case it did lead to the lake.
The trees on either side of us closed us in and suddenly our dappled shade walk was shaded completely and we thought this was not going to lead us anywhere.
Just as we were going to turn around someone came out of the trees and stood in the road.
We stopped and stared at them. They looked like a hiker like us but something was off.
He smiled and asked us if we were lost.
Our response was just hiking around and exploring.
Not sure if he believed us or not.
"I can take you to the beach if you like. I was there this morning."
We looked at one another and decided to follow him.
Sure enough we came to a clearing and there was this small beach.
All together we sat and had a picnic. He told us of stories about the lake and the road. He called it the road of dreams.
We asked where did that name come from.
He said travellers like us would find this road and take it to where they thought it would lead.
But we said it would just take them to the lake so they must have been disappointed.
He smiled and said nothing.
After our picnic we headed back down the road to where we came from.
Our friend came with us and when we parted he just disappeared. When we turned to thank him he wasn't there and it felt like he never was there to begin with.
It was a strange feeling.  

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