Thursday, 29 October 2015


Hello and hope all is well. Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I would post something that was in celebration of the night. I hope you enjoy.   
Hallow eves
It was a strange time of the year. The veils of magic would be down on this night.
That meant one thing
He would come.
It wasn't really as scary as some might think and not as scary as the night I met him.
I remember that night like it was yesterday. I dressed as a vampire faerie. We had been to a party and it was like 2:00 am when I got home.
Before I got into the house I noticed a black cat sitting on the roof of the garage. I smiled to myself thinking about how appropriate that was, a black cat out on Halloween.  
It saw me and leaped down when I went up the first steps of the porch.
I thought it was going to run away but instead it came towards me with no fear.
My eyes transfixed on it as it got closer and within three feet, it sat down and stared at me.
I knew something was different with this black cat. The cat gave me the shivers with it's green emerald eyes that glowed in the moon's light.
"Did you have a good evening?"
I startled when I heard the words. It's mouth never moved.
It let out a little purr noise and then asked again.
All I could do was nod and stare.
"That's nice but I bet I could show you a better time. Would you like that?"
I looked around and didn't see any one talking to me.
The cat stared at me.
"I should get inside," I said quickly. I fumbled in my purse trying to find my keys.
A sigh drifted over to me. I looked at the cat out the corner of my eye. "You don't really want to go inside, do you?"
I was a bit shaky now. My keys were not to be found.
"Follow me."
He leaped down off the porch and headed to the back yard.
I don't know why but I followed him.
With a blink of an eye he had transformed into a tall young man. The green eyes were still the same.
With a flick of his fingers the trees suddenly came to life. Others came out behind as if coming through a door.
I froze.
He came up to me an took my hand. "It's okay," he whispered.
There were strange things that came from behind the trees. Black cats that walked on two feet and others that walked on all fours and were as tall as a large dog. Their ears had long tufts on them. The eyes shimmered silver.
I guess they were girls. They wore long leather dresses and their hair was died all kinds of colors. Long nails kept me away from them. They were painted red and black and some blue. It looked freaky.
They didn't appear to want to come near me which I was relieved. He stayed by my side and handed me a glass of wine. I looked down at it and then up at him.
He was grinning. "It's safe," was all he said.
Music came from somewhere. They started to dance with each other.
I danced with him under the silver moon's light.
The frost in the air was settling on the grass. Our feet crunched as we danced. My bare arms were getting cold and I wanted to go inside.
Without me asking, he escorted me to the house porch and we stood under the porch light. His black hair appeared like cat fur. I almost touched it but pulled my hand back.
"I would like to see you again, if that is okay. I like you."
I nodded and he handed me my keys.
I went inside and the door shut separating us.
My feet took up to my room as fast as they could go. I went to my window and looked out and all I saw was a white mist hovering over the back yard and a black cat disappearing into the mist.
Now, it was that time again. I dressed up this year as a dear. My friend did the makeup. I couldn't wait for him to see my costume.
I waited on the porch.
As silent as a cat, he leaped up and was behind me. When I turned around he was dressed all in his finest. A suit with coattails.
He smiled and looked me over. "How lovely, a little dear."
I looked him over. "You're dressed to the nigh. What's the occasion?"
He grinned and his green eyes sparked. "You shall see."
A shiver raced up my spine.
He escorted me out to the back yard. Paper lanterns hovered in the air all around the yard. We were the only ones there. I looked at him. He was not giving anything away.
He swirled around and out of his black tails came out a large black cat that smiled at me.
"Meet Midnight. She has wanted to meet you for a while now."
I felt like prey the way she slinked around me. She had long white tufts on her ears and fluffy tufts on each side of her cheeks. Her eyes glowed gold. Even though the grass was frozen, she made no noise as she came closer to me. Her nose twitched.
I looked from her to him hoping that he would come between us.
She stopped in front of meI held  my breath.
 Her nose was sniffing the air or me. I wasn't sure.
He came up behind her. "What do you think of her?"
She purred. "She's wonderful. I know why you like her."
He smiled pleased that she was pleased. I just wondered what they had in mind.
In a blink he was whisking me off across the yard to the edge of the trees. My heart thumped. He leaned against the tree and held out a staff for me to take. "Take this and you will become one of us. Be with me always and not just once a year. Take a hold of it." He held it out.
I could hear her coming up behind even though she made no noise.
"I can't, " I stuttered. "I live here."
He frowned and when he did he looked dangerous. I was almost going to cry when he came up to me. "It's okay dear. No fear.  Let's make a deal. You don't have to come this time but when this time comes around again, I will come the day before this night and come get you. Okay?" He tapped his chin. "Let's see. We have to mark the occasion with something tonight. Take my staff and that will be your reminder."
Without thinking I took the staff and that's when the other side opened. I screamed and dropped the staff and ran.
I ran across the yard so fast. I heard a growl and a curse behind me. I made it inside the house. I locked the door and ran to my room. I looked out the window and saw him. He was pacing back and forth. She sat a ways a way looking up my way.
The mist came in swirling around his ankles. It started to rise and almost swallowed him up. I watched him intensely.
Then our eyes met.
He wanted me back out there but I shook my head.
I don't know how much time passed but I must have fell a sleep on my bed when I heard something. It sounded like it was just outside my window.
When I looked there was a black cat sitting outside my window. I knew it was him. I looked at the time. It was almost five.
I went up to the window. He looked at me but it didn't seem like it was him. He was just a black cat.
A weak mew made me open the window.
He hopped in and onto my bed. He washed a paw and curled up and went to sleep.
I went beside him and went to sleep.
When I got up in the morning he was not there.
Leaning against the corner in my room was the staff. I picked it up and something went though me.
I felt calm and I knew that he was going to come for me.
I was okay with it.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Hello everyone! Today I have a flash fiction piece. I hope you  enjoy and have a great weekend! 
The Blue Poet
 I was sitting in the flower garden with my sketchbook. It was a perfect day.
I thought I had seen a blue flash but I thought it was a flower.
But it wasn't a flower.
I felt eyes on me suddenly. I looked out the corner of my eye and I could see the most beautiful blue wings. But eyes?
I went back to my sketch and then I really felt eyes on me. I set the sketchbook down beside me.
He was sitting in another chair in the garden. His blue eyes shone. I held my breath.
A shy smile slowly formed on his face. I kinda smiled back.
"I like your drawings."
"Thank you. Who are you?"
"I'm Sapphire but some call me the blue poet." His voice was as soft as the warm breeze.
I thought maybe I was seeing things but I think he had blue butterfly wings neatly folded behind him.
He came a little closer. "Would you draw me?"
I nodded and picked up my sketch book. The moment felt very surreal. When I looked at his face, I knew he was not like me. Those blue eyes were ethereal and a bit cat like. I sketched like mad trying to capture what I thought was my imagination. 
While I sketched he told me a story. It was about a lonely girl who fell in love with a faerie. He took her to his world but she missed her family. He took her back but her family was already gone as so much time had passed. She had no choice but to go back with him. He kept her in a tower made of flowers and ivy. She loved him and she soon forgot who she was. He made her his wife. He smiled at me when he said the last sentence.
I could feel a chill run up my spine. He got a little closer and that's when a big blue jay came flying in and landed on a nearby bird fountain. It made a loud noise.
I heard a flutter of wings beside me. I dropped the sketchbook. The blue jay made another loud squawk.
When I picked up the sketch book, Sapphire was gone but the blue jay was still there. He landed on the ground in front of me.
There was no one around. This time he spoke to me. "Stay away from the blue poet. He steels young girls."
Then he flew up into the air and flew away.
When I looked down at my sketch, I had drawn a butterfly.  

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Hi everyone. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy.
Queen For A Day
He promised her the world for a day. She would be queen over the whole world.
All she had to do was step into his world. It was not a light decision but she did it.
The world changed and people were nice to her and anything she wanted the world gave it to her. There was no hate and that lonely feeling that plagued her for so long disappeared. She turned to him and told him that she never wanted to leave.
He smiled and said that is what they all say. 
Even though doubt crept into this world, she shoved it away and dined with the past and the future. 
He invited a man they met on the corner street whose name was Henry. He said he was God. He had tea with them.
She didn't think he was God because his eyes were red.
He was nice though and said that she made a nice queen.
He walked with them for a while before they were joined by a young goth girl who was sitting in a outdoor cafĂ© drinking a latte. He invited her to come with them. She said her name was Lilith. Henry kept his distance from her.
They arrived at a glass castle that sparkled like diamonds. They all turned and looked at her. Lilith winked at her.
She wasn't sure what that meant but as she looked out over the world she felt this uneasiness. All she saw was her past mistakes and the loneliness was back. His hand took hers and even though there was fire all around them, his hands were cold.
She looked up at him. "The day is over," he told her.
Lilith came over to her. Henry stayed back. She whispered in her ear.
"Never make deals with a boy with metal teeth."

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hey everyone! Hope your Thursday is going good.  Today we have flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend.
The Last Kiss
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was fall time.
We were walking down the street towards the park when you stopped me.
You stepped in front of me and I knew you had something to say.
Hearing you say my name gave me goosebumps.
When you said that this wasn't going to be easy, I knew that was probably going to be true.
After taking a deep breath, you said that this would be the last day for us. You were moving away and starting a new life. I nodded knowing this new start was without me.
I asked when this happened.
It had been on your mind for a while you replied.
I felt my insides slide to the bottom. Why did I not see this coming?
The only answer that made sense to me was being too much in love. Was that possible? I think it was for me.
You leaned over and I could smell that all too familiar cologne smell from you and the touch of your hair on my forehead. I inhaled, grasping at all the sensations I could from you. Just to make it last a bit longer.
Your lips were warm as sunshine and as sweet as honey. I wanted that memory to burn onto my skin and wear it like a tattoo.
But like all memories, they soon fade and store someplace safe.
It's been one year since that day.
I don't think of you as often and now I have moved on.
I hope you are okay and safe. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Hello everyone and happy fall! Today is Cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!  

Max & the Moon
 It was one of those rare nights. It was late October. Before ghosts and goblins made their appearances.
This was one of those warm nights that smelled like spring. It had rained and it was quite warm out. Everything smelled so sweet.
The sky was every color of orange and the moon beamed through the colors making it large and iridescent.
The wind that had danced during the day stripping the leaves off of the trees, had gone to sleep. Not a peep nor a stir from the wind could be heard.
That is what made the night magical.
The old tree outside my bedroom window stood out like a dark silhouette against the glowing moon. I sat on the window bench and waited. I knew he would come.
It was the creek of the limb that woke me from my dozing. When I looked up I could see him-Max.
That's what I named him. He was a black cat and tonight he was as dark as the night. His silhouette was perfect against the orange moon. Max sat there perfectly still.
It always felt like they had some connection or something. They became as one for a moment in the night.
Max made a loud meow and walked along the tree limb looking down. I wondered if he spied a mouse.
But then he sat up straight and meowed at the moon. I'm not sure he got any answer back but I wasn't sure.
Then he leaped down and I quickly looked down but it was so dark, he blended into the night. I listened for him and I could barely hear him.
These rare nights are so fleeting. I arched my head out the window to see Max.
I was rewarded. He leaped up onto the fence and walked along, briefly turning to my direction. His eyes glowed like the moon before he leaped down and disappeared.