Thursday, 1 October 2015


Hello everyone and happy fall! Today is Cat flash fiction. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!  

Max & the Moon
 It was one of those rare nights. It was late October. Before ghosts and goblins made their appearances.
This was one of those warm nights that smelled like spring. It had rained and it was quite warm out. Everything smelled so sweet.
The sky was every color of orange and the moon beamed through the colors making it large and iridescent.
The wind that had danced during the day stripping the leaves off of the trees, had gone to sleep. Not a peep nor a stir from the wind could be heard.
That is what made the night magical.
The old tree outside my bedroom window stood out like a dark silhouette against the glowing moon. I sat on the window bench and waited. I knew he would come.
It was the creek of the limb that woke me from my dozing. When I looked up I could see him-Max.
That's what I named him. He was a black cat and tonight he was as dark as the night. His silhouette was perfect against the orange moon. Max sat there perfectly still.
It always felt like they had some connection or something. They became as one for a moment in the night.
Max made a loud meow and walked along the tree limb looking down. I wondered if he spied a mouse.
But then he sat up straight and meowed at the moon. I'm not sure he got any answer back but I wasn't sure.
Then he leaped down and I quickly looked down but it was so dark, he blended into the night. I listened for him and I could barely hear him.
These rare nights are so fleeting. I arched my head out the window to see Max.
I was rewarded. He leaped up onto the fence and walked along, briefly turning to my direction. His eyes glowed like the moon before he leaped down and disappeared.

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