Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hey everyone! Hope your Thursday is going good.  Today we have flash fiction. Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend.
The Last Kiss
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was fall time.
We were walking down the street towards the park when you stopped me.
You stepped in front of me and I knew you had something to say.
Hearing you say my name gave me goosebumps.
When you said that this wasn't going to be easy, I knew that was probably going to be true.
After taking a deep breath, you said that this would be the last day for us. You were moving away and starting a new life. I nodded knowing this new start was without me.
I asked when this happened.
It had been on your mind for a while you replied.
I felt my insides slide to the bottom. Why did I not see this coming?
The only answer that made sense to me was being too much in love. Was that possible? I think it was for me.
You leaned over and I could smell that all too familiar cologne smell from you and the touch of your hair on my forehead. I inhaled, grasping at all the sensations I could from you. Just to make it last a bit longer.
Your lips were warm as sunshine and as sweet as honey. I wanted that memory to burn onto my skin and wear it like a tattoo.
But like all memories, they soon fade and store someplace safe.
It's been one year since that day.
I don't think of you as often and now I have moved on.
I hope you are okay and safe. 

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