Thursday, 15 October 2015


Hi everyone. Today I have a flash fiction piece. Hope you enjoy.
Queen For A Day
He promised her the world for a day. She would be queen over the whole world.
All she had to do was step into his world. It was not a light decision but she did it.
The world changed and people were nice to her and anything she wanted the world gave it to her. There was no hate and that lonely feeling that plagued her for so long disappeared. She turned to him and told him that she never wanted to leave.
He smiled and said that is what they all say. 
Even though doubt crept into this world, she shoved it away and dined with the past and the future. 
He invited a man they met on the corner street whose name was Henry. He said he was God. He had tea with them.
She didn't think he was God because his eyes were red.
He was nice though and said that she made a nice queen.
He walked with them for a while before they were joined by a young goth girl who was sitting in a outdoor café drinking a latte. He invited her to come with them. She said her name was Lilith. Henry kept his distance from her.
They arrived at a glass castle that sparkled like diamonds. They all turned and looked at her. Lilith winked at her.
She wasn't sure what that meant but as she looked out over the world she felt this uneasiness. All she saw was her past mistakes and the loneliness was back. His hand took hers and even though there was fire all around them, his hands were cold.
She looked up at him. "The day is over," he told her.
Lilith came over to her. Henry stayed back. She whispered in her ear.
"Never make deals with a boy with metal teeth."

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