Thursday, 26 November 2015


Good day everyone and hope it is warmer where you are than where I am. I have a short flash fiction price today. Hope you enjoy! 
Pretty As You
I was so surprised when you gave them to me. They arrived on a day that I was sad.
My days before were dark and stormy. Things in my life were a challenge and when we talked I dumped on you. You listened.
Now my days are starting to see the light.
I invited you over to thank you.
You came and we had coffee with those awful donuts that you like.
I placed the flowers on the table.
You smiled at me pleased that I loved them.
We sat and talked for a while and then you said you wanted to take me out.
I was surprised. You told me if I said yes, you would buy me more flowers.
I told you that you didn't have to do that. I would go out with you.
But when we went out to the movies, you gave me more pink flowers.
You said I was as pretty as they were so you had to get them.
I thanked you for all you did. My dark days were now behind me.
We spent that day together and your sunshine shone on me all day
You said you loved me.

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