Thursday, 5 November 2015


Hello everyone! I found this lovely pic of a violin and thought of the of the person playing it. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend! 
The Violinist
His playing sounded magical. Some thought he was. In any case, to see and hear him play was something one did not forget.
Maria was one soul who fell in love with the violinist. She had traveled far to come hear him this night.
Maria was hoping that this would be her night with him.
She dressed in her finest gown and did her hair and makeup to the best.
When he played, the room was transformed into another world. It was like no other.
When he finished she went to find him backstage. She stopped short when she found him.
He was cleaning his violin, preparing to play the next set. Maria couldn't go towards him for some reason. It felt like there was some invisible wall between them.
Maria tried to get his attention but her voice was silent.
He got up and now she thought he would see her. But he walked away from her, not glancing her way.
Once again he played and enchanted everybody. Maria was unhappy now and did not even listen to him.
She left before the concert was even over. Maria sat on a bench outside the theatre.
People were leaving now so she guessed that the concert was now over.
Maria got up and went to leave when she heard music.
She turned around and there he was playing-for her.
Maria stood in shock and watched him. It was a mournful peace and it made her heart ache.
When he finished he smiled at her. She started to come towards him but he held up his hand stopping her.
He took up his bow and struck the violin making quick short notes and then he did a fast run. She did not understand what he was doing.
When he finally finished, he came up to her and took her hand and kissed each finger.
Her insides melted.
Slowly, he bent near and kissed her cheek. Then whispered in her ear. "You fell in love with magic."
Maria couldn't say anything and watched him disappear into the shadows. She heard his violin play in the distance.

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