Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Hello everyone and hope your day is going well. Today is a flash fiction piece and I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend! 

We'll Fly Away Together
It was a curse put on them by a scorned lover.
What was meant to be, turned out to be not true. But Folia would not have it. When she found out that her intended to be was seeing someone in secret, she vowed she would get revenge for her broken heart.
So, Folia went on a trip to see a wise old witch. It was a hard trip and she almost did not make it.
But she did.
The old witch was dubious of anybody from the valley. They all hated her and scorned her. So, when she saw this young girl at her steps, she was suspicious.
Folia told her story to the witch and then she understood why she was on her door step.
"My child, I'm sorry for your broken heart. You have traveled along ways to come see me to help you. I will grant you one wish."
Folia was happy. She told the old witch to kill them both.
The witch nodded and then added. "For every wish I grant, I ask for something in return."
"If it's money or gold, I can give you plenty of that."
The old witch smiled. "I have no need of money or gold. But there is one thing that you have that I would like."
"What is it?"
"Your beauty. If I had your beauty, I could leave here and live somewhere else and no one would no what I am."
Folia shook her head. "What would become of me?"
"You are rich and you don't need your beauty. Your family will take care of you."
Folia shook her head. "I will not do that. I will keep my own self."
"Then we have no deal," said the witch.
"Can't you think of something else?"
The witch thought for a moment. "How about I receive your beauty after you die. Then you will have no need for it then."
Folia thought about the old witch's proposal. "I could live a long time and my beauty might fade as I age."
"I believe you will age quite nicely and your beauty will still shine."
Folia grinned. "Fine, you can have my beauty when I die."
The old witch smiled. "Then your wish is granted."
Folia left quite happy but just before she made it home, she fell off one of the paths that she was climbing down and hit her head. By the time anyone found her, she was dead.
The witch was now beautiful and living in another city. She was very happy.
As for the two lovers, the witch did carry out her promise but instead of killing them she turned them into identical butterflies.
The lovers she knew would fly off together.
Their life would last for as long as fate would let them be.
Butterflies were delicate creatures she knew.

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