Thursday, 10 December 2015


Hello everyone. Today I have some cat flash fiction that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you are fine and have a great weekend! 
The Feline Snow Queen
She prowls the winter forest and rules her territory with a fierceness that leaves her no one to challenge her. Her ice blue eyes are as cold as the winter's night.
When  the night of the winter solstice arrived, she summoned her subjects to celebrate.  Other feline lords came to honor the night and her.
There was a great feast. Even the faeries of the winter court joined them and celebrated.
The queen showered them with gifts for their loyalty. They all were quite happy and most willing to give her their loyalty.
The winter court could be challenging but she never minded them. At the end of the day, the forest was hers and they dared not challenge that.
However, there was whispers that had reached her ears telling her of another one that called himself king of his forest. It was next to hers.
She would seek him out and see for herself. Maybe she would fancy him or not.
The feline snow queen would keep her territory no matter what anyway. She would share with no one.  
It was the witching hours when he showed up. She didn't have to seek him out after all. He sat down without fear and joined in the feast. The winter faeries wanted bloodshed between them but she put her paw down. She knew that would just be amusement to them.
They eyed each other carefully until one of the winter faeries smashed a glass on the table to get things livened up. Felines of the forest hissed and chased the winter faeries out of the queen's forest.
After the brawl had ended, the queen looked over and he was gone.
Left in his place was a silver stone. She sniffed it. One of the remaining winter faeries came over and eyed it and then looked at her.
"He left you a gift of friendship." The faerie picked it up and in it's little hand, eyed it carefully and appeared to be weighing it in his hand. It's pale silver eyes went back to her. "It has much magic in it. I would be careful with it. Don't trust the feline king." With that he dropped it and vanished into the winter night.
The snow queen sniffed the silver ball. It laid in the snow and sparkled with the snow. She backed up and watched it.
Everyone now was gone and one of the forest felines came up next to her. "Take it away from here and put it back in his forest. I don't trust it."
The forest feline did and the next day when she got up she got word that the forest feline had not come back.
Stories circulated that he had turned into a bird. The winter faerie was right.
The feline queen hissed.
She was now challenged for the first time.

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