Thursday, 22 December 2016


Thank you to all who have stopped by to read Short Stories & Stuff this year. I hope you all enjoyed it. I will continue on in the new year with a new post the first Thursday of January. Plus some new things happening that I will share then. I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy Safe New year filled with good health and happiness!!

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Hello! It's getting close to that time of year so I thought I would write a little Xmas piece for you. Hope you enjoy!

The Christmas Doll Sisters
Flash fiction
Once a year on the eve of Xmas, three very special dolls come to life.
Only those that believe in Santa and his elves will ever see them. Those who have grown and choose to not believe will never see the magic.
They come out of their hiding spot and venture out to all the children’s homes that believe in them. They place special gifts under the tree.
These gifts aren’t always in pretty packages. The next morning the children get other surprises like someone showing up that they hadn’t seen for a very long time, like a friend that had moved away.
They get to play all day with them and remember that time.
Other little surprises are things that were thought to be lost are found and some are found under the tree. The joy in having it back puts many a smile on little faces.
Treats of cookies are sometimes left on plates. These are cookies filled with yummy jam or coated in icing sugar. Mother forgot that she had made them. Or did she? She is very busy.
The Christmas dolls do all sorts of things on this night but the most important is that every child wakes up the next morning to something that will put a smile on their face.
With a little a little merry wish and a kiss of magic, Christmas day delivers its magic with the help of three very special little dolls.
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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hello everyone! We are just digging out of a snow storm we had over the last two days. So my wintery story here feels like good timing. Hope you enjoy! 
The White Horse


It was winter’s night.



Diamond snowflakes danced upon the whiteness of the snow under the moon’s light.

I walked the snowy path; to where I do not know.

I looked behind; there was no foot prints.

I kept walking.

There was no choice.


As I walked, a snowy owl graced me with its presence.

It called out in prose that chilled in the winter’s breath.

I followed it until it disappeared into the dark navy sky.

Snow rushed around me and rushed ahead.

I kept walking.


My eyes squinted in the moon’s light to see the glow a head of me.

It could not be.

A white horse was standing there. The moon’s light bathed it.

Maybe the Moon’s light was a horse.

Long white mane glistened with silver and white.

White breath snorted from its flared nostrils.

Even though it was dark, I could see the dark eyes that lured me closer.


It threw its head back and with a slight prance it gives me one more daring look.

With abruptness, the white horse turns and runs.

Snow filled with silver dust sweeps across my face with denial.

There are no tracks for me to follow.  

All that is left is my desire to keep walking.

At the end of my journey, the white horse awaits.

A call from the owl reminds of past prose.


I stop and give caution to the chilled wind.

Navy blue eyes give whimsy to my action.

Soon, it is I who lure the white horse.

The white horse bows and I mount with full intention.

We ride into paths, where we do not know.


But finally as most dreams wake.  

The white horse ends the journey.

I dismount with a heavy heart.

The white horse turns and runs sending snow and silver dust into my eyes.


When sight clears, I am left with prose full of promise.

I smile and bid my friend well until we meet again.

My white horse.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dreams Take Flight-flash fiction

Today, instead of my usual pics I find I'm giving you one of my doodles. I love dragonflies. Hope you enjoy Dreams Take flight! 
Dreams Take Flight

Flash fiction

It’s a mystical feeling. Everything is quiet and the air is sweet with the perfume of the meadow.

There is a flutter here and flutter there. It could be a breeze or something else. If you feel a tingle race across your skin, then maybe you’re not alone.

Shimmers of light sparkle in the sun and you can feel the magic and it takes you with it.

Your mind races to places that you know don’t exist. But it is peaceful.

You feel like you are flying too and it’s wonderful. The current of air around you is soft and warm.

Perhaps what sounds like a whisper urges you to come fly but you don’t have wings.

It doesn’t seem to matter though. In this dream anything is possible.

Blues and golds swirl around and everything you touch is mystic.

Fly, fly away and let them take you.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016


Hello! Today is a short story set in the Mistwood's world. You get to meet Brennus and the winter king. I hope you enjoy this intro into this world. Happy reading! 

The Winter King’s Hunter


Short story


It had snowed the night before. The air was as crisp as the leaves he crunched under his feet. Mistwoods was perfectly quiet. Brennus gripped his bow tighter. The fresh snow would leave tracks. Easier to find them.

The amulet around his neck hung cold against his chest. It was supposed to protect him but he wondered if it really would. He touched the amulet just to see if it would come to life. The silver felt cold at his touch. He wondered for a moment if he should go any further.

But when he looked into the forest so quiet and peaceful, he found himself taking steps further in. It was like he was already under spell. Brennus took a deep breath and filled his lungs with the cold air to clear his mind. He would not let them take him. Having his bow ready he took to the path and followed it.

The quietness was almost too much for Brennus as he started to feel the hair on the back of his neck stiffen. He could feel the invisible eyes watching his every move. He huffed determined not to let them shake him. It was a game to them as everything was. Brennus made the decision that he would not be their chosen play thing today.

Suddenly the trees above trembled with a slight breeze that picked up. Brennus took a quick survey of the trees above him for any sign of them. They could burst out of thin air in a heartbeat. He touched his amulet again but nothing. It laid cold against him. For a slight moment he worried if he would make it out of the forest. Would he ever see his family again?

Brennus quickly dismissed any such thoughts and continued on his way. If he stuck to the path that he knew would lead him to one of their homes, he would be alright. All he had to do was kill one with his silver tipped arrow. The rest would scamper. Then he would have his prize.

Glimpses of the knoll caught his sight. From his distance, it looked like no one had been around. No broken branches or tracks anywhere. That worried him slightly but if not that home then there was one up ahead. He stopped a few feet from the knoll where the entrance was and waited for a moment behind a large tree.

“Are you looking for someone?”

Brennus jumped whirling around aiming his bow. Standing not far from him was a tall white bluish haired faerie. He grinned. “Hunters aren’t supposed to be jumpy.”

Brennus stared into cold black eyes that shimmered in the winter’s bright light. He froze as he aimed the arrow at the faerie. By the way he was dressed, Brennus was guessing he was a court faerie. He would be worth more. So why wasn’t the arrow leaving his bow.

The faerie sighed. “Put your bow down and let us talk. We both know you will not shoot that arrow.”

Brennus gripped his bow tighter and concentrated on pulling back and letting the arrow fly. He took one deep breath, pulled back and let it go. He made the mistake of closing his eyes when he let it go because when he opened them, the faerie was gone. Brennus looked all around him and above him to see where he had gone.

“Not a bad shot but I don’t recommend closing your eyes.” Brennus could hear amusement in his tone. God he was this creature’s plaything now. Before he could pull another arrow out, the faerie pulled out Brennus’s arrow out of the tree.

Brennus was ready for anything. The faerie examined the tip of the arrow and made a face. “That’s nasty.” He glanced over at Brennus. “Isn’t it?”

He sauntered up to Brennus who dared not move. “Would you like this thing back so you can try again?”

Now he was only a few feet from Brennus. He saw the faerie grip the arrow and before Brennus could move out of the way, the faerie had flung the arrow striking his shoulder. The pain raced through his body almost sending him to his knees.

The faerie was now in his face. “Are you going to listen to me this time?”

Brennus clutching his arm nodded. He grinned back at him. “Good, because we have lots to talk about. Come walk with me and I might take care of that arrow in your shoulder for you.”

Brennus stumbled forward with the faerie. His shoulder was burning and he wanted to badly pull the arrow out but he knew he would bleed even worse and the poison on the silver arrow would soon be entering into his body. Brennus had to think fast or he would be dead before they took too many more steps.

His vision was starting to blur and that was when they stopped. It was like the faerie knew. He whirled around in front of Brennus and took hold of the arrow and pulled it out with one swift move. He placed his white long fingers up against the wound. Brennus looked down at his shoulder. The faerie had long black claws that could easily rip his shoulder to pieces.

Words of dark magic entered into his head making him almost fall but he caught him before he fell. The faerie helped him stand up. “You should be fine now. Can you see me better?”

Brennus looked into his black feral eyes and nodded. He smiled back at him revealing a row of sharp teeth. Brennus started to question himself about this quest he had taken. He wasn’t five minutes into this forest and he already was defeated. Determination bubbled in the bottom of his gut. He would not go anywhere with this faerie. The next arrow would meet its intended target. Brennus promised himself that.

The faerie led him to a clearing that Brennus had not ventured to. This part of the forest was unfamiliar and it made Brennus uneasy. He couldn’t go any farther with him. But it was like the faerie read his mind. He stopped and looked back at Brennus. “So, my hunter still wants me dead. What is it with your kind wanting to hunt us?”

“You steel us,” blurted out Brennus.

“Don’t you think that is a strong word? Your kind come in here and get lost and for some reason can’t find their way out.”

Brennus shook his head.

“What? Is that wrong? Would love to hear your version and maybe while you are telling me I can teach you how to aim that silver arrow.”

“I don’t trust you.”

The faerie grinned. “You should because without my guide, you will never find your way out of here.”

Brennus looked back searching for the path they had just taken and then eyes glanced down. His chest tightened. There was no snow in the tracks. He looked back at the faerie. “You trapped me.”

The faerie shrugged and then sauntered up to Brennus. “Give me one of your arrows.”

“You want to stab me again?”

“No, I think you learned your lesson. You will listen to me.”

He held out his hand for the arrow. Brennus knew he had no choice. He handed him one and with one quick movement the faerie took it and put it in his own bow and aimed it at a tree quite a distance away. “See how I’m standing? This is how you do it.”

Brennus watched as he pulled back on the bow and fired the arrow and Brennus watched the arrow fly through the air and hit its target. He looked back at Brennus. “Now you try.”

Brennus took out his arrow and copied him. He let it fly through the air but it didn’t’ make it to where the faerie had hit his tree.

“Not bad, with a bit of practice, you could do it. But I see you have no more silver arrows.”

Brennus gritted his teeth. He knew he couldn’t retrieve the arrows. All he had was the wooden ones but then he remembered. He had one more arrow. One of white ash.

He looked back at the faerie. “I guess you won.”

Brennus watched the faerie. He didn’t grin or smirk. “Is that an amulet around your neck?”

Brennus didn’t answer him. Suddenly the wings of the faerie snapped out making Brennus almost fall. “Give me that amulet and I will let you go. I will lead you safely out of the forest.”

“I’ll give it to you when we reach the edge of the forest to where I came in.”

The breeze kicked up snow around Brennus’s feet. He could hear the gurgling caw of a raven nearby.

“Let’s follow our friend then.”

They walked side by side. Brennus kept thinking how he would get the arrow. All he had to do was stab him with it. He didn’t even need his bow. Snow started to fall making visibility hard to see. All Brennus could see was the large black raven flying through the snow above them.

Brennus sighed with relief when he saw the path that he had followed when he entered the forest. He could feel the faerie’s eyes on him. He chose not to look at him and kept to the path. It wasn’t long they were at the first knoll where Brennus has stopped at and where he met the faerie. His blood was on the ground still. It hadn’t snowed here covering up his blood.

The faerie smiled. “Let me see the amulet.”

Brennus knew that he had to this sooner than later. He slipped off his pack with the arrows and looked down at his arrows.

“Something wrong? Or are you missing one of your arrows? Like this one?”

When he looked up he saw the faerie with the ash arrow in his hand twirling it around in his long fingers.

“I know what you are thinking. How did he do that? And most of all how did he know about the ash arrow?” He made a sad face. “You know what this means don’t’ you? Your little hunt was a bit of a failure wasn’t it? That’s too bad.”

“You said if I gave you the amulet I would be led safely out of here.”

“Oh yes I said that didn’t I?”

Brennus reached up to the amulet and it was gone.

“I believe I have what you are looking for.”

Brennus looked over at him. The amulet was in his hands. He was defeated and he knew he would die this moment and never see his family again.

In a split second, the faerie was in his face. He place the amulet back around his neck. Then he cupped Brennus’s face with his cold hands. “Now listen to me. This amulet that you wear will never be taken off. Do you hear? When I summon you, you will come to me. You are a part of my court now hunter and you will call me your king.” He let go of his face and Brennus gasped. The winter faerie suddenly had all his arrows in his hands. He tucked them back in his pack with the rest of his arrows. He picked up the pack and handed it to Brennus.

“Follow the path and you will be home.”

Brennus took the pack and slid it over his shoulder. Gripping his bow, he went past the faerie and took the path that led out of the forest. Just before he left the forest, he glanced back. The faerie was still standing there in the distance watching him.

Brennus touched the amulet and it warmed in his hands. He smiled to himself. Then he looked at the faerie and he knew that he could hear him. “My king,” he whispered.

When he was back in his own territory, he felt different. He looked back again but there was nothing and his mind was blurry. Did he even go in or did they do something?

Brennus shook his head. He slipped his pack down and saw all his arrows there. He obviously hadn’t hunted anything. Brennus took a deep breath. He would try again and one day he would be successful.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016


Welcome everyone! Today I'm introducing you to a new world that I will be writing about in the future. This is sort of a prequel flash fiction. I hope you enjoy.

There is a world that has existed for longer than man has. It is filled with legends and folk lore that has conjured up many a story.
Certain times of the year a veil is open and that is when the magic folk are seen. No one that crosses over or is enticed by the folk are ever seen again. They like to steel the curious and tell the tales that they heard in their youth.
Only they are not quite what they heard. And when they come to their senses, it’s too late.
Mistwoods consists of castles and kings with courts that rule each separate realm. Creatures of many forms live there. Some are winged and look like dragons and others look like butterflies but are deadly.
Mistwoods is a dangerous beauty to be hold but not a place for the curious to visit.
Passerby’s look into the woods when the mist is thick and come back with tales of what they saw. Horses with wings and ethereal creatures with eyes like cats that shine in the dark light.
Keys and amulets hang from some of the trees. Sometimes silver spoons glimmer in the morning light. No one knows what they mean.
The stories will continue to enchant and tales of lost ones gone missing will always be told when the veil becomes thin.
The message here is to be cautious of Mistwoods and don’t dismiss the tales that you hear. Some say that some of those folk wear a glamour and look like us. It could be your best friend.
Be careful of travels that you take near Mistwoods.
You have been warned.
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Thursday, 10 November 2016

JACK WAS HERE-flash fiction

Welcome! Suppose to get some heavy frost tonight so I might have a visit from this fellow. Happy reading and wishing you much sunshine!  
Jack Was Here
Flash fiction

He can never sneak away without not touching something and leaving evidence that he was there.

The urge to touch everything is just too delicious in his mind. So, with abandonment he touches everything in the early morning hours when the coldness in the air is just perfect.

With one finger he make frost dance and skip.

Frosty icicles glimmer in the morning sun and tiny frosty patterns glitter when the sun hits it.

All his work. His silver blue eyes shine when he stands back and admires his handy work.

A cold breeze rustles his white hair threatening to shatter his frosty creations.

He holds up his finger and tells the breezes to hush.

Soon everything is quiet.

Then the first ray of sun comes shining through and he is gone.   

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Thursday, 3 November 2016


Hello! Today's flash fiction is about one of my favourite flowers. Hope you enjoy.
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Blue Bell Boy
flash fiction

It was rare to see the flowers in the meadow.

But the site of this one stem beckoned me over. I went over as if my name was called out.

I knelt down in front of the stem of delicate blue bell flowers. The blue was so intense and the sun made the blue sparkle.

I smiled.

My finger very softly brushed against the biggest one. I think a tingle went up my arm.

The thought of picking it crossed my mind but I had heard what happens when you did that.

Stories made up by the older ones I knew. Nothing would happen if I picked the bluebell. I thought to myself if I just plucked one for my hair that would be okay. I wouldn’t pull the plant out by the roots or anything.
Maybe it would seed and more would come and fill the meadow. That thought warmed my insides.

The decision was made then. I very carefully plucked the biggest one in the bunch. There was a smaller one next to it that wasn’t quite open yet.

I stood and looked down at my treasure.

That was when I sensed something or someone.

The stories I heard as a child suddenly filled my ears. I shook my head and slowly turned.

I froze on the spot but thought he must be from the town. He smiled.

His hair was a pale blue and his eyes were indigo blue. It was the eyes that held me as he sauntered up to me still holding that smile.

Very gently he took the bluebell out of my hand and put it in my hair. I held my breath.

The scent of sweet honey and bergamot danced around me. He was so close to me and I knew that he was not from the town.

My heart raced as I dare not move. I felt like a deer in the hunter’s eyes.

He picked some other wild flowers around us and put them in my hair as well.

Then he was pleased as his smile grew.

“Perfect.” His eyes met mine and I almost gasped.

“Don’t be afraid of me. You know the tales. I knew you’ve heard them all. But let tell you a secret.”

Fear was holding me with iron hands. His indigo eyes were feral and wild. He leaned in close to me and his sweet breath against my ear felt like a summer breeze. “I’m far more dangerous than the tales you’ve heard. But I think you know that. I won’t harm you. No fear.”

His lips almost touched my cheek but then he pulled away and was almost nose to nose with me now. “What is your name my sweet one?”

I didn’t know how I got my tongue to work but I said “Lily.”

“Lovely name. But you forgot one thing from the tales that you were told. You weren’t supposed to tell me your name. You know why Lily?”

A thousand warnings went through my head trying to find out what I had just done.

“When you dream at night Lily, I can say your name and summon you to me. You will have no choice but to come to me.”

My eyes went wide. He smiled warmly at me. “Don’t worry. It will be alright. I will show you a world unlike anything you have ever seen.”

Without warning he kissed the top of my forehead. Then he was gone as if he had never been there.

I touched my hair and nothing. There were no flowers there. I looked over to where I had seen the clump of blue bells. I couldn’t find them. I went looking for them and I felt like I couldn’t remember where I had seen them.

But I knew I did. I headed back home feeling a bit shaky thinking about him. I knew what I saw was real and the stories I had heard were all true.

The thing was I knew he told me something important but I couldn’t remember what it was.

A breeze came up and I could smell rain. I picked up my pace.

As I started to run to beat the rain, I thought I heard something behind me. It was almost like a song or a soft voice.

I'm pretty sure I heard my name. This feeling of joy and anticipation fill me.  

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Thursday, 27 October 2016


Hello. Today we have a special kind of prince. Hope you enjoy.  

The Dragon Fly Prince

Flash fiction

It was a miserable day and he had flown a long way. He needed a rest.

Something shimmered in the morning dew and he flew down. He looked carefully to see if she was at home.

He clung to a thick piece of twig that was holding the web.

The beads of dew hung like globes of glass. Reflections of the grass around mirrored back to him.

He knew this was a bad idea to take rest here and just as he was about to take off a soft voice drifted over to him.

“Welcome to my home my prince.”

His wings froze. He looked over and she was coming towards him. She was as black as a moonless night.

She stopped but a short distance. “What do I owe this honor?”

“I just came to rest my wings. I will be on my way.”

“Oh don’t rush off. Your wings are heavy with dew. Why don’t you share some tea with me where the sun is warming? Your wings will dry and the tea will warm you," she cooed.

He nodded and followed her up to the top where the sun had already dried the dew off some daisies.  

She poured him some tea in a small seed shell and handed it to him. He looked down at the clear liquid.

“It honey tea from the flowers. It’s very good.”

Her voice sounded like the morning birds. He watched her sip her tea. Very slowly he raised his tea to his mouth.

He could feel her eyes watching him. Something told him that he should not drink the tea.

She leaned over. “What’s wrong my prince?”

He took one tiny sip and dropped the seed cup. His wings whirred above him and he almost got a way when his body felt stiff.

He fought hard but he fell to the ground. She was on him as quick as a blink.

She stared down at him. “This is going to be a most delicious treat.”

“If you harm me, you will be hunted by them.”

She frowned. “How could that be?”

“I made a deal with them. They could be here in the meadow if they protected me.”

Her black eyes went wide and she looked around to see. “I don’t see anybody yet,” she grinned.

“They will come.”

“Now now, let’s not tell tales. I will wrap you up as snug as can be.”

Something whizzed above her head. She ducked close to the ground. It made a chirping noise. She scowled at him. “It’s a bird. How dare you. The bird will eat you before it gets me.”

The dragon prince managed to move his wings and suddenly they came alive and he took to the air leaving her far behind.

The bird took another swoop. It flew away with something in its beak.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016


I think it's time for a little cat flash fiction. We haven't had that for while. Happy reading! 
Lazy Mazy

Cat flash fiction

Sunny days are the best. The warmth from the sun makes the day so much better.

Mazy thinks this is the best kind of day. She goes out and lays on the balcony sunning herself.

Her owner lets Mazy have her time out in the sun as it makes for a happy kitty.

When she has to sit and look out the window and only dream of exploring in the sun are days that Mazy wanders around the house looking lost.

She gets extra treats that day so that makes up for it.

The world is all about Mazy when she gets out. Other cats sometimes join her and they all take the sunny day in.

The birds entertain her and her friends in the trees above them but they are safe. It’s more fun to sit out in the sun than chase something that will flutter away be the time you jump down.

No, much easier to just let them chatter down at you from above.

The best part of sunny days is napping. Curling or stretching out in the sun is the best part of being out.

Sometimes her owner will come out and give her and her friends some treats to enjoy outside or Mazy will get a few moments from her owner and get a nice scratch under the chin.

Whatever time she spends in the sun is all that matters to Mazy.

Counting butterflies or listening to the birds until Mazy falls asleep is considered a perfect day.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016


Hello! Today's flash fiction is another faerie oriented piece. Hope you enjoy. Happy reading ! 
The Path into The Forest
Flash fiction

When we were little girls, we use to go down this path. We use to pretend this wooden path led to a magical place where princes and princess lived.

One time we even heard noises coming from the far end of the path that sounded like clip clopping noises. Our imaginations went wild.

We stared down the path that led deep onto the forest holding out breaths. For sure we thought we would see a horse drawn carriage come right toward us.

But as the noise got louder we ran back down the path to where we started. When we looked back panting. The clip clop sound was no more.

Days after we forgot about it and went down the path to take a shortcut to our friend’s house. We heard the clip clopping noise again. This time we didn’t run.

We waited.

The sound got louder and louder and even the boards underneath us trembled.

Just as we thought they were going to appear, we ran off the wooden path and into the forest and never stopped until we got to our friend’s house.

But I did look back once and I saw this white blur. It looked like someone on a white horse and the horse I thought for sure had wings? It had to be my wild imagination. The one sitting on top looked very ethereal.

Now, all these years later that image has never left me. This is the first time that I have been on this wooden path since I was with my friend.

I’m older now and not full of the imaginations of my younger self.

The path looks serene and inviting. It’s a beautiful fall day.

My boots echo on the boards as I take it into the forest. Some of it felt familiar and parts of the forest I had forgotten but one part where I stopped was not forgotten.

This is where I saw the winged horse and the strange creature on top.

For some reason I was hesitant to go on but shook my head and told myself I was only seeing things back then.

So I placed one foot in front of the other and went on. I don’t think I had ever been past this point. I tried to tell myself it was because our friend lived not far from that point.

Today I was going all the way. I knew I would not meet any winged horse or any such thing.

But this path went farther than I thought and I wondered if I would get lost. It was also in the thick of the forest so it was dark.

My imagination started to come back to life. I was looking everywhere. The smells of the earth and dampness filled my senses.

The trees started to shake ever so slightly and beneath my feet I could feel a slight vibration.

I stopped and listened. It was all silent for a moment and then I heard it.  

My eyes flew wide and suddenly I froze. My feet wouldn’t turn me around to take me away.

There was someone coming towards me. I sighed. It was another person out walking.

Now my feet let me turn.

I started to walk back but glanced back to see who was coming. It was a young fellow with boots that clip clopped on the wood.

He was coming quite briskly. I thought I better get over before he runs into me as his focus was down on the path and not up to what was in front of him.

I cleared my throat before he got to me. His eyes whipped up and I gasped.

They were not human eyes. At least to me they weren’t.

He never wavered and smiled at me. He stopped not more than three feet from me.

“Hello, I’m sorry that I didn’t see you. I should have.”

I couldn’t speak as he looked at me with those strange eyes that were a pure emerald green with black pupils like a cat.

He nodded and proceeded to go past me. But not before he said something.

“I missed you and your little friend who use to play here. I wished so much that you would have went further. There was so much more for you two to see.” He laughed softly but sounded like the trees moving in the breeze.

“Maybe you will get brave now that you are all grown up and come see what is there?”

Before I could answer he was gone, just like that.

I wondered for a moment if I had just let my imagination go.

Taking a deep breath I started back but not before my foot hit something on the wooded path. I bent down and picked it up. It was a clump of wild asters with some hazelnuts entwined into the little bouquet.  

He left it for me?

I picked up my pace and just as I stepped off the board walk, I heard the clip clop sound. I watched and through the darkness I thought I could see a white blur. I blinked a couple of times and shook my head.

I got in my car with my little bouquet and drove home.

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