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Hello everyone! Today I am returning to my faerie love. Hope you enjoy and remember the short story at the bottom. Have a great weekend!
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The Winter Tree

The stories that went around where this. On an all-white day when the sky was grey blue and the snow had stuck to everything, was the day the magic arrived.
It was an electric feeling that if you believed, you could feel it as if it was touching you.
Certain ones always came to the tree and offered gifts. I wanted to ask one of them who the gifts were for. They were always buried in the snow at the base of the tree.
In the spring, there was always nothing there. Someone had taken them was what I always thought. But this one night when the temperature was above freezing, I couldn’t resist t to go out to the tree.
It felt like it was calling to me.
There was no one around and the snow was wet and heavy. It was a bit touch slogging through the wet snow. My feet were getting wet.
I stood there for a moment a breathed in the air. It smelled like spring even though it wasn’t quite yet. It was beautiful out and so quiet that the snow falling off the nearby trees was the only sound you could hear.
That’s why I didn’t see him.
He was watching me and at first I was trying to figure out who it was but then this feeling crept through me telling me that he was not from here.
Like, really not from here.
I looked back but running would be slow. He would catch me. So, I offered a small smile at him.
He smiled back and then started to come toward me.
I didn’t know what to do. He remained smiling as he got closer. I could see something behind him. When he was about three feet away from me, I could see that they were wings.
 I held my breath. He was one of them.
He was in the stories that I had heard about. I wanted to say something but then I didn’t know if he would understand me.
He quietly kneeled down at the tree and dug up the gift. He looked at it for a moment before getting up and looking at me again.
I smiled awkwardly at him again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a stone. It was a blue stone that looked very smooth.
His nose twitched as he bravely came close to me. He held out his hand with the blue stone it.
I held out my hand and he placed it in the palm of my hand. It was warm.
“Thank-you,” I said.
 He nodded like he understood. He backed up and started to walk away from me.
 All I could do was watch him.
 But before he disappeared into the white forest, he turned around and blew something from his hand at me.
This gust of snowflakes came at me and I threw up my arm to protect my face.
However, whatever it was fell to the snow with a plop. I looked down into the snow.
I picked it up and it was a glass bird.
I didn’t know if I should take it home with me or not so instead I placed the glass bird in an empty nest in the winter tree.
I went home.



Well, it looks like this short story is going to be a mini serial. It's not done yet. I hope all cat lovers enjoy it! Happy Reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 2

Sieska didn't expect for the high queen to be that impatient. Shae sent a messenger who looked like it had been beaten first before she sent it. Sieska shook her head. She invited her to come to her forest and she would invite Keisha as well. Hopefully she wouldn't be too angered at her for inviting him. An hour before she due to arrive a servant cat came in and announced that Keisha had arrived. "Send him in. We will talk in the main room."
When she arrived he was waiting for her. He didn’t look happy. A shudder went through her as she padded her way over to him. She waited a moment for him to say something. He took a deep breath. "She attacked last night."
Sieska looked at him wide eyed. "She did?” He nodded. "I will not stand for this. My tribe fought them off and maned one. The high queen is too unpredictable and dangerous. I had no idea."
Sieska didn't want to say I told you so. She instead said, "She will be here in less than an hour. There will be guards all around her as I'm sure she will bring a small army with her. We won't let her get away with anything."
He quietly nodded. "Have you given any thought to our alliance? Especially now that she has done this? She could attack you next."
Sieska didn't respond. She took a deep breath and padded over to the window to see if she was coming yet. Sieska looked back at him. "I will know more after I have talked to her. If she poses a threat I will take action. I'm hoping she will give some hint of what she is up to and those winter faeries. I have a few scouting them out for information to see if indeed they did some sort of alliance with her."
Two of the forest cats came in the room. Sieska looked at them. "She's here"? The one gestured with his head that she was just outside the room. They didn't have to wait long when she sauntered in. Her long black fur dragged on the floor. The whites on her feet were dusted with snow. The white patch on her head swept back from her face showing off her feral green eyes. She hissed as she passed the forest cats. Sieska walked forward to greet her.
"Welcome to my palace high queen."
She snorted. "Palace huh? For a snow queen, I expected something a little more...queen like." Her lips almost curled back in a sneer. Sieska paid her no heed.
"Come over to the cushions and sit down. We can talk." Shae started to pad over when she spotted him. She stopped short.
  "Hello high queen," said nodding.
She whipped her head around to the snow queen. "What is he doing here," she hissed.
"It is time that we all had a talk. You owe me some explaining."
Shae held up her head. "I owe you nothing. I will not sit and talk with him in the room."
"You will sit and listen to us all or you will not be talking to me."
The high queen let out a low growl. The forest cats came a little closer. She looked back at them and backed off. Without word she padded over to the largest of the cushions and sat down. Sieska and Keshar shared a look before they too sat down. Shae sat there like she was bored even before a word was spoken.
"So, let's start with the little silver ball that you tried to kill me with."
The high queen shot her a look. "I had nothing to do with that. You should go to the winter queen with that grievance." Sieska tilted her head slightly at her. "You have no alliance with them?"
Shae narrowed her green cat eyes back at her. "Why would I form any alliance with those dreadful creatures?"
Sieska glanced over at Keshar. He was watching her every move. She turned her attention back to the high queen who was cleaning her paws now.
"If you had nothing to do with it, then why attack his forest?"
Her green eyes looked from her to him. "I guess I was having a bad day. After he sent his messenger snooping around, I wanted to get the message back to him that no one messes with me."
He was about to respond when Sieska held up her paw. "I don't believe you. You don't strike out unless you have a plan in place. What is it?"
Shae's green eyes grew wide. "I don't care what you believe. I am the one who came here in good faith."
Sieska sighed. "You only act on good faith when you have a self-serving agenda. I've known you long enough to know better. You wanted to talk to me, start talking."
Shae dug her claws into the cushion piercing the fabric. She looked at the snow queen as she did it but she showed her no response but she knew her well enough that she was cringing underneath.
  "I assure you I have no agenda." She glanced over at Keshar. "He's the one who started everything when he arrived. Maybe he is the one with the agenda. I wouldn't trust him."
Sieska threw a glance at him but he showed no emotion. She wasn't sure but she got the feeling that was deliberate and for the high queen's benefit. Sieska took a deep breath trying once again to see if she could get any useful information out of her. "If you think he is up to something, then what do you know and what do you know about the winter faerie queen?" These were two questions but hopefully she would at least answer one.
She eyed her carefully. Shae ripped a tiny thread and pulled at it. She didn't look up. "I have my sources that he moved here from another forest far from here because he was kicked out. He did something." She smirked. "I was told he killed someone." Her voice was sweet and soft when she said it.
His eyes narrowed. "That is a lie," he growled. "All she can do is lie and she will tell you nothing. That is why we need this alliance so she can be of no threat to us."
The high queen looked at Sieska and grinned. "See? Hostile attitude. He can't be trusted."
Sieska had had enough. "Alright, Keshar, leave us alone for a moment will you?" He gave her a look. "Only for a moment I promise. Just outside the door." He got up then and padded out the door. "That's better," Shae said. "The big brute is a party spoiler." Sieska let out a huff. "The only party spoiler is you. What are you trying to prove? You’re so irritating."
  "The same could be said about you." She leaned over toward Sieska. "I would be aware of him," she said in a low voice.
"The messenger that he sent to me was no ordinary messenger. He was a spy. That's why he went back a little worse for wear if you know what I mean."
Sieska rolled her eyes. "Yeah I know what you mean but you still haven't told me anything to make me believe that he is no good. Give me some proof."
Shae rolled her eyes in return as she flopped back on the cushion. "Fine, the night of your celebrations, the one you failed to invite me to, one of the winter faeries was seen playing with some magic. It was a silver stone like the one that he gave you. Then he gave you one. I think the stone is the same one."
"He said the stone was spelled before I got it. The stone was supposed to have had good magic in it." "If you want to believe that. I think the two stones are the same. He got them to spell it for him. He wants your forest, not an alliance." She picked at the pillow some more.
Sieska sighed. Someone was not telling the truth. How would she find out? She didn't know Keshar very well at all. Unlike the high queen, who she knew all too well. She was a liar and manipulator. But what if he was too? There was only one way to find out and that was to do some digging into where he came from and why he came here. Just before she was going to say something, Keshar came back into the room. He padded past Shae, not looking at her once. "I thought a moment was up now and that I would come back in.” He looked at Sieska.
"Did she tell you anything?" Sieska didn't answer right away. "I didn't think she would tell you anything based on what you told me and how she treated my messenger."
"You mean spy,” said Shae.
He growled at Shae. She never wavered as she tilted her head slightly at him. "Why don't you tell my dear friend here the truth? Tell her why you are really here and that silly silver stone that you "gifted" her. Tell her."
Sieska looked from one to the other. "Tell me what?" She got up and faced them both. The two forest cats stood behind her. "One of you will tell me what is going on or neither one of you will be leaving this room." Shae just laid back on the cushion and needed her claws into the cushion. She didn't care. Keshar on the other hand was not as laid back and was not impressed by the threat. "Cute, but not impressed. I have not played any trickery unlike the one shredding your cushion."
Sieska cleared her throat and Shae stopped-for the moment. "How do you suggest I find the truth then? Because I will form no alliance with anyone as it stands now."
Shae sighed. "I can get you some unhappy winter faeries that would be more than willing to spill their dark souls for a favor."
"Their favors are always something distasteful and dangerous."
"That's true enough but I might know one who would be worth it perhaps. He's been very unhappy lately."
Keshar gave her an untrusting look. "Who would that be?" Shae traced the pillow with her claw. Then green eyes flashed at them. "The winter queen’s son."
Sieska almost choked. "He's worse than his other mother. His soul is so full of darkness that he would kill his own mother and think nothing of it. Any favor that he would ask would be pure suicide."
  Shae let out a little laugh. "Where's your sense of adventure? I don't think he would eat you. He hates cats."
"All the more reason to avoid him. You go talk to him if you want an adventure."
Shae screwed up her nose. "Last time we shared the same space, I crippled one of his servants." She rolled her eyes. "Of course the damn thing was one of his favorites. So, he might not have quite have forgiven me for that little misunderstanding."
Keshar shook his head. "What was the point of this little talk with her?"
Shae fluttered her eyes at him. "Because we were going to reveal that you were really a rat and not a cat?"
Sieska cleared her throat. "Okay, no one in this room is going to tell me anything so I can see that I will have to go find the answers myself. You may all leave."
"What?" Shae pouted at her. "We don't get anything to eat?"
Sieska shook her head and gestured with her head toward the door. Then she looked at Keshar. He stood firm. Shae let out a giggle. "I would love to see who wins but if I'm not going to get anything to eat, I'm leaving." She got up off the cushion and shook herself shedding some lose fur on the floor and on the cushion. With head up in the air, she sauntered past them and the forest cats who let out a low growl as she passed them. She ignored them.
Sieska let out an exasperated breath. "I should have known. Now you can go."
He padded over to about two feet from her. "I will help you."
She narrowed her eyes at him. "Help me to your advantage? I don't think so."
"I give you my word to no foul play. I can tell you one piece of information. That story she just told us about the winter queen's son? That is true. He has been very unsettled and this could be the beginning of unrest with the winter faeries. Since some of them reside here in this forest, I would be cautious of what might happen."
"Even if it's true, it's not worth meeting with him. As she said, he hates cats and I'm not sending one of my forest cats to face that thing."
"I understand and I wouldn't send any either. But I have other ways to spy on him. Keshar, created a glow in his paw.
"Come here and look into my little ball of light. We will see what is going on right from here."
Sieska was a bit leery but came up beside him and looked in. She was surprised as she actually saw him with a few others. They were in a very snowy forest and by the looks of it they were doing some spying of their own.
"Where are they and who are they looking at," asked Sieska.
  "My guess is the border of the high queen's territory. Look, they have found who they want. It's Shae. They are watching her walk back to her castle. I wonder...
All of a sudden there was a flurry of activity. "They've attacked," said Keshar.
There were more that came out of the trees and surrounded her and her guard cats. They were outnumbered. She hissed and let out a loud howl. "She has called the others," said Sieska.
  "It will be a bloodbath. Do you still want to watch?"
"Just for a moment. See if the others arrive." The dark faerie prince sauntered out in front of her. She growled at him as his winter fae slowly closed in on them. Shae was looking panicked as the other ones she called had not came yet. She howled for them again. They could see the prince throw his head back in laughter. Suddenly he waved his arms in the air and this white globe formed over them and within an instant a gust of wind picked up and blew the globe like dust into the air. They were all gone.
Sieska looked at Keshar. "Now what?"
"We have to find out what he is up to."
"How are we going to do that?"
"You said you had ways of weeding out the disgruntled winter faeries. Start finding them and I'm sure we will get the answers that you are looking for. I have a strong feeling that something major is coming our way and it's not going to be pleasant."
Sieska took a deep breath. "Then I guess I have no choice."
"No choice in what?"
"You and I are now an alliance."
His eyes went wide. "I didn't think you would but I’m pleased that you decided to trust me. Like I said earlier I give you my word that you will come to no harm."
"Even against him? You see what he did?"
He huffed. "That was kitten play compared to what I can do."


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Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping warm if winter is where you are. Today's flash fiction is a bit of a whimsy piece. Hope you enjoy. Remember there is a short story below this. Cat lovers will like it. Remember the tip jar if you want to send me some tea money. Have a great day!  

Sam & Sally

They were no ordinary couple. They were colorful and embraced it.
However, not everything was as colorful with them at one time.
Sally told the story of the one time he left her standing in the rain. They didn’t speak for over three weeks.
We all thought that was it for them. But then Sam bought her this huge bouquet of the wildest colored flowers we ever seen.
Some thought that they were too garish.
Sally loved them of course and then soon they were back on track.
Then the day came when sally told us that she was going away to college in another city. We were all shocked.
Would he go with her? She never mentioned him going. He was going to school in this city. Not one of us was brave enough to ask if he was going or if they broke up again.
It turned out that he did not know about her going away. So, it was a good thing no one asked her about it.
Just when we thought this time it was over, Sam comes through with asking her to marry him.
She said yes! They decided that they would get married now and live in the city where her school was and he would apply to another school in that city.
The day of the wedding came and they were not dressed as ordinary bride and groom. They bought matching runners. Hers was bright pink and his black. He wore a leather jacket and so did she.
As they were married, they took off on his motorcycle.
That was Sam & Sally.

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Hello everyone. This short story is going to be in two parts-I hope. This takes place right after the flash fiction piece that I wrote. I hope all cat lovers will enjoy it. And remember if you want you can throw me some tea money in the tip jar at the end of the story. Have a great weekend!

Part One

THE SNOW QUEEN crept softly on the snow muffling any noise she made. Her senses were alive and were on alert for any danger. She had her forest cats with her. They were close by hidden, making themselves unheard and unseen to those foolish to believe that she was alone. The queen knew that he would be watching for her. She guessed he was antagonizing revenge and bloodshed. She wanted to know why. Was he planning war? Her blue eyes darted to the right. One of her forest cats made a noise like they came in confrontation with something. A high pitched squeal filled the still air sending the others over. For a second or two she didn’t move and then she felt something behind her. With one quick movement and a leap into the air, she was facing what was behind her. It was one of the winter fairies. She growled. That’s what her forest cat had encountered. The snow queen hissed at the faerie who appeared to be nonchalant about everything.
“What are you doing here?” The little winter sprite smiled at her with its sharp teeth. The white blue hair stuck out of its head in all directions. Silver eyes gleamed at her. “Why my queen, I might ask the same of you.” He threw up his hands into the air showing off his long claws. She didn’t know if he was going to come down and strike her or not. But then he let them drop along with his shoulders. “I’m here to warn you my feline queen. If you are here to avenge your forest cat’s murder, I think you should reconsider.”
She eyed him carefully. “What do you know?” He didn’t answer right away. His nose twitched and his pointy ears moved forward. She sighed. “What favor do you want in return for your information?” His smile was back. “Now, I don’t need much my queen.” His voice was soft and warm. The queen knew that tone was dangerous and she let out a low growl to let him know not to pull any tricks. There was now two forest cats beside her. He didn’t waver though because she knew he wasn’t alone either. He was smart and cunning like they all were.
He sighed. “Old Jesper here only asks for a wee favor. I would like permission for myself and a few others to cross your lands into the far realm. We could go around but going through your forest would be much shorter and save so much time. Not getting any younger you know.” He let out a little laugh that sounded like crackling fire in her ears.
Her ears twitched. “You may pass through with the eyes of the forest cats.” She tilted her head at him. “Just to make sure you make it through safely.”
He cringed for a second but quickly hid his annoyance at her mistrust. “That would be so kind.”
“So, what information do you offer on the one who has claimed the forest next door?” She waited patiently for him to tell her what he knew and all she could hope was that it wasn’t all lies. These winter faeries could take the truth and turn into a lie that you would believe.
“I have only seen him once since your gathering. He is gathering forces from other forests and word has it that the High Queen of the Mistwoods has agreed to hear him out. You know as well as I do how much she loves bloodshed.” He wrung his hands for a second while his jawline tightened. “The winter faerie courts do not want war or any kind of disruption at this time.”
She raised an eyebrow at him. “At this time?”
His marble brown gold eyes blinked. “We all want peace my queen.” The tone of his voice could take to mean a few things. Either they were planning on something and didn’t want this to disrupt their plans or they truly needed peace to survive. Their court was weak right now. “We all want peace Jesper. When is he to meet with her?”
“Very soon my queen. Probably in the next two nights. May we be on our way through your lovely forest now?”
The snow queen ran her lips along her bottom lip making him back up slightly alarmed. She threw up her head. “Tell me one more thing. Where is he now?” His shoulders slumped. The forest cats next to her crept out slightly towards him making him move back more. He cleared his throat. “He’s at the edge of your forest.”
“Are you to report back to him?” She shook her head not letting him answer. “Never mind. You tell him to meet me at the edge of the forest in the next morning.” She turned then leaving him standing there. “But what about passage”, he called out to her.
Turning her head back to him she said, “You will have your passage, just give him the message and my forest cat’s will you see you through.” She could see him grit his teeth. He did not want to go back. She thought this interesting. Did he threaten them? Maybe he was a dangerous foe after all. She could not let him go see the high court in the Mistwoods. She was too blood thirsty and she didn’t need someone feeding her promises of war and destruction. On the way back she could hear her forest cats hiss and snarl in the nearby bushes. The hairs on the back of her neck stiffened. She wondered if the winter faeries didn’t go back and were proceeding through. Then she heard one big howl and she ran toward the sound. She could see a large animal in the bushes dragging out what she knew was one of her forest cats. Her hind legs lifted her off the ground and she landed on the back of what was dragging her forest cat away. Her claws dug deep. It howled and let go of the forest cat. She hung on digging her claws deeper ready to rip the back of its throat out. More of the forest cats came out to help her. They piled on and with the combined weight of them all, pinned it down into the snow. “Tell me why you are here attacking one of my forest cats.” It was a large male cat.
 Twigs snapped as another one came out of the bush. “I will tell you.” She looked up and there he was. “Let him go and you and I will talk.”
Her lips curled back in a snarl. “Why should I let him go? He wounded one of my forest cats. I should kill him.”
“Do that, and you will have more trouble that you want.”
“What do you want?”
“Just to talk. I assure you no more trouble. My Tom was a little too aggressive. I am sorry for that.” She gestured for the forest cats to come to her side. They did letting the Tom go. He limped over to where he was standing. The snow queen glared at him. “I will ask again, what do you want?”
“You are direct. I like that. “I want an alliance is what I want. If you deny me, I will go like our little winter faerie friend told you and go for a little visit to the Mistwoods.”
She narrowed her eyes at him. “How does this alliance of yours help my forest?”
“In many ways my queen. We will be strong and united. No one will challenge us.”
“I don’t have anyone challenging me now.” She knew as soon as she said it what he was going to reply so she replied for him. “You are the first to challenge me in a long time. I have not thought of taking an alliance with anyone. As for the Queen of the northern Mistwoods, she will not form an alliance with you. She will use you to take what you have.”
He took a deep breath and his ears moved slightly forward as if maybe pondering her response. “You claim to know her better than I do then. If she is that deceptive, then it will be best for us to be the alliances.”
“And what then? Defeat her? That will cause all-out war. I am not interested in that.” Some large cats came out from the trees and joined him. She looked at each and every one of them. They were all twice the size of her forest cats but she knew her forest cats were agile and could just be as dangerous. “I do not want war either. I want a secure alliance to keep peace in our kingdom.”
Her eyes went a bit wider. “Our kingdom?”
“Of course it is. These forests belong to all the creatures here. The winter faeries reside here as other fae. As you know, there are also witches and warlocks. There are many different creatures and even more different kind of felines.”
The snow queen had heard stories of other creatures and also heard of the other felines. She wondered about them and what they were like but she never ventured out of her territory. She stayed within her own. This talk made her feel uncomfortable. “I am not ready to invite other creatures to this forest. It has always been just us and some of the winter faeries. That is all I need.”
His nose sniffed the air. “You need to let go of that and let in others or you will be taken over.”
She snorted. “By you?”
“You wouldn’t want me to do that. Trust me. I could take this from you but instead I am offering you an alliance that will allow you to keep what you have.”
“Your gift killed one of my forest cats so why should I let you be my alliance?”
“The silver ball I gave you was not to kill. It was spelled by one of the faeries, I assure you. My gift was an honorable one. It contained magic for the good.”
“How do I know you are telling me the truth? It could be just another trick to catch me off guard.”
“I give you my word it is not a trick. I don’t to such trickery. Why don’t you spend some time in the forest next door? I give you my promise that no harm will come to you nor any of your forest cats. Everyone will be safe.”
Her gut instinct told her that he was probably telling the truth and acting on good faith. “Alright then, I will come.”
He nodded his head. “Very pleased to hear that. I promise you will not be disappointed.”
They all turned around and was going to leave when this high pitched screech came out of the trees. A black raven like creature was flying right for the snow queen. Before it got to her, he leaped into the air and grabbed it. Black feathers flew into the air. They both landed with a thump. The other big cats were right there ready to shred the thing. Its large glass blue black eyes glared into his.
He hissed at the creature. “What do you want here?”
“I bring you a warning. She comes for you.”
“Who is she?” It gargled as he pressed his paw against its throat. The snow queen came up to the creature then. “Let it talk.” It looked over at her. The snow queen let out a low growl. “What brings you here to my forest?”
“I bring you a warning. She is coming."
“Why is she coming here?”
  The snow queen sucked in air. She looked at him. “Kill it and send the remains back to her with a message.”
He looked at her. “And what is the message?”
“War will not be yours to have. I will destroy you before you lay one paw near.”
“Does this mean we have an alliance?”
“It means that if you don’t join forces with me, she will have what she wants and when she gets what she wants, then you will learn that it was a foolish notion to want to go to her for an alliance”
The other cats stirred. He looked at them and then at her. “Alright then, I will take your warning and join forces with you.”
“Good, I’m going back to the castle to talk to the others. I will leave you to the deed.” She walked away with her forest cats. She knew that he knew that this was a test to see if he was really loyal and one to keep his word. She heard one loud squawk and then silence. Not once did she look back.


The next morning a message arrived. The snow queen knew it wouldn’t take long to get a response to her action. The message was what she expected. The queen of the Mistwoods wanted to meet her and talk. She knew what her talk meant. She used her words like a wild cat used its claws. There would be no talks or perusal of any language other than bloodshed. She decided not to send a reply back just yet. She would wait and see if he would come to her with any news that might be useful.  
She had just finished her breakfast when one of her servant cats came in telling her she had company. “Is it him?”
The servant cat nodded. “Let him in then.”
He came in and sat down by her without invite. There was something on his mind she could tell. “Did you hear from her?” His gold eyes were dark. “I did in deed. She severely wounded the messenger. He barely escaped with his life.”
“She let him go.” He eyed her. “That was your warning telling you that next time she will deliver any messenger in pieces next time.” His eyes looked down at the floor.
“I knew she was cruel but I had no idea...
She let out a small laugh. “So, you regret threatening me to go to her for an alliance?”
“I may but still, this matter of her wanting war. Does she use black magic?”
“You don’t need me to answer that question. You know she will go to any means to get what she wants. My guess is, she has an alliance with someone else.”
His eyes went wide with shock. “Who could that possibly be that would side with her?”
“The winter faeries of course. I knew Jesper was up to something when he wanted permission to come through the forest. They don’t usually ask for permission for anything. They just take and use what they want. When you said the silver ball was spelled, that clued me in even more. They wanted to kill me to get me out of the way.”
He let out a puff of air through his nostrils. “These winter faeries are more dangerous than what they appear. If they have formed an alliance with her, then what did they get in return?”
She shook her head. “It could be anything but making an alliance with her is going far, even for them. I say they are desperate for something. We just have to find out what it is.”
“How do we do that without losing our tribes?”
She tilted her head at him. “Not all the winter faeries are on the same page you know. The winter court is always fighting within itself. They haven’t had a strong leader for some time now. So, I would say that whoever it was that offered out the olive branch is just as deprived of loyalty as she is.”
“So, we have to find a disgruntled winter faerie that is willing to tell all? I don’t want that job. The whole works of them are disgruntled.”
She laughed. “That, I will agree with but I have ways of weeding them out to find one that is willing to talk.”
He was still agitated. She smiled at him. “Did you think you could waltz in here and just have this fierce alliance and be the most powerful in all the lands? You who knew so much about the others creatures but not their ways? I understand all too well how others want to rule these forests. That is why I have kept this forest guarded. I respected their territories and they returned theirs.”
He nuzzled his nose into between his front paws for a moment. Then he raised his big head and his now clear gold eyes studied her for a moment. “I see that you do have more experience with the knowledge of others out there but I have had many encounters with many of them and they will listen to me. I can get their support and indeed we can become a strong front against her.”
She knew that she had not had a lot of encounters with too many of them but enough to get by. Maybe she would let him talk to these creatures and they would give support. She looked at him. “Okay, you talk to them and we will see what support we end up with.”
He got up then. “You know we never had a formal introduction. My name is Keshar. I’m the fifth generation in my cat tribe.”
“Please to meet you Keshar. I’m Sieska, snow queen of this forest. I am sixth generation of my feline tribe. I am the third queen.”
He held up his head. “Then you and I come from a long line of royal family members. It would make sense for us to be a strong alliance, no? If the queen of the northern Mistwoods is seeking war, we need a strong front.”
She knew he was making a statement to her to get his point across on what he believed should be done. Maybe he was right she thought and if she made another move, she would seriously consider this alliance. For now she needed his support to stage off this war. “Let us work together and see how we work together. If we are successful, then I will consider this alliance that you seek.”
He started to pad toward the door.
Sieska spoke once more to him. "Thank you for yesterday." 
Before de disappeared out the door he looked back at her.  You are most welcome and you will see that I am right and you will need me as much as I need you.”
With that he left. Her ears perked up. What did he mean by that? Her paws prickled.

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Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hi everyone. Today's flash fiction is called Paper Hearts. I hope you enjoy and there is another piece to read today. There is a short story that is out today as well. Enjoy!

Paper Hearts
You had them everywhere. I laughed out loud. You said each one represented how long we were together and each one had a meaning.
My eyes went wide. "Meaning?"
He nodded. "I will tell you what each one means." He walked over to the smallest one. Very carefully he placed his hand behind it. "This small one is when we first met. You told me to take a hike."
I gripped my hips. "I did not say that."
He smirked. "Yeah, you did. Then the next one here is when you said that you would finally go out with me. We went to some movie that you hated. But despite that you said that you would go out with me again."
He moved on to the next one. The hearts were getting bigger. "This one was actually our third date when we drove out to the country and picked apples. A wasp almost got you if I remember."
On to the next one. This one had a rip in it. "This one is when we had a fight and I thought maybe I had lost you. We never seen each other for over three weeks. Then I phoned you and you agreed to talk to me." He smiled. "We made up." His dark blue eyes twinkled.
I shook my head. The next one also had a rip in it but not a bad one. I couldn't remember if we had a fight or not. I didn't think so.
"This one was the time that I thought I would not get into art school and I got very depressed about it because I ended up not getting in. You held me up through that time and talked me into applying to another art school that you thought was better. I did and got in."
The next paper heart was getting to be a fair size. "This heart represents the two of us. All these other medium size hearts are memories that you and I have made and will keep. So, this big heart is us forever and always."
I was ready to cry but he held up his hand as if he wasn't quite done yet. He shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out something that was wrapped up in a handkerchief. Then he walked up to me and unfolded it before my eyes. It was an old antique ring. He held it up to me.
"Will you do me the honor of becoming my life partner?"
I was speechless but managed to nod. Finally, I said yes and he placed the ring on my finger.
Together we looked at all the paper hearts. They appeared to be floating in the air and the sun through the windows shone through them making them look magical.
He whispered in my ear. "I'll make you a special paper heart for our special day."
I smiled and then kissed him.

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Here is my first short story of the new year! I will put this story up for sale this coming week. I'll post it when it's ready. It will stay up here for the one week to read for free. I hope you enjoy!

The Poetry Society
Julia worked in a café to help pay her way through art school. A lot of art students, music majors and writers who were not students hung out in the café. Julia liked the atmosphere since she felt like these where her people who understood her and didn't judge her for what she was studying.
Even her own parents were not too sure about her career choice. Her family thought it was okay as a hobby but for a career choice?
That was why she had to work because there was no financial support for doing what she was doing from her family. Julia was okay with it. she would prove that she could make this work.
One gentleman that came in all the time always sat in the corner writing in what Julia could see as a journal. She never had to ask him what he wanted. It was always a latte and a cranberry scone or one of their muffins. He didn't say much to her but was always friendly and smiled politely. Julia felt like this was his alone time and she got that.
Today he was in a hurry it felt like to her. He came to the counter and quickly ordered what he wanted. Today was just a vanilla flavored coffee and a small pecan bun. Julia watched him sit down and not waste any time in getting to his journal. It appeared he had lots to get down as if he might forget it.
Julia got busy in the café and didn't notice that he had left. She went to clean his table off an discovered that he had left his journal behind. She stared at the leather bound journal. It had an embossed letters on the front-TPS. It looked well worn. Julia looked around and no one was paying any attention so she picked it up and opened it. She felt her face flush. She knew she shouldn't look into someone else's private thoughts. Julia quickly closed it but not before she saw a word that he had written. It was a name and it was her name. She had never told him her name and they didn't wear name tags. He could have heard her name from one of the workers. That was very possible or he knew another Julia.
She clutched onto the journal and decided that he would probably be back for it later on so she took it back and put it with her stuff and if he showed up she would give it to him.
All day she looked for him to come back but he didn't show up. Her shift was going to be over soon. Biting her lip she decided to see if there was any contact info inside. She didn't want to pry but maybe there was something there that she could let him know that his journal was here.
Julia took a deep breath and opened it up on the inside of the cover to see if there was anything. His name was there. "Gabriel," she said out loud. Then she looked at the first page but there was nothing to tell her anything more other than his first name.
She glanced around the room and this time she let her fingers turn the page. The title on the page was The Poetry Society. Julia's shoulders relaxed. This was a poetry book. She didn't feel so bad about opening it but still maybe he didn't share his work. On the next page there was an entry. This was not a poem. It was dated about six months back.
It read,
Dear Julia,
I hope your day is going better than mine. I had another encounter with David. Let me tell you it was awkward. I don't know what I am going to do. It's very frustrating but I can't go on like this. Something will have to give. I wish I could talk to you in person. You always have this way about you that would have the right answers to everything.
There was no more. She turned the page that he had written in before he hurried off. Again it was addressed to Julia.
Dear Julia,
Today is going to be the day. I have found a solution to my problem. I can't wait but first I have to go to the Society and meet with them. It could be grim but I feel confident that everything will be okay. Wish me luck Julia.
There was something stuck in the journal with his last entry. It was a business card. She held it up and read it. The Poetry Society. This was a club? She placed back in the journal. The bells at the door jingled startling her. She felt like she had been caught by Gabriel himself.  
It was another fellow who went to the counter and ordered a latte. Someone from within the café called out the name David. That made Julia's ears perk. The man looked back at them and nodded. He picked up his latte and Julia noticed he had something else in his other hand. Julia knew what it was. It was just like the one she was holding.
Julia put the journal back with her things and went out into the café. She busied herself around the counter, glancing back to where David was sitting.
There was a table nearby that needed cleaning up. It wasn't her table but the other gal was busy and they did help each other out. So, off she went to the table.
It was another man that David was sitting with. A tall skinny dirty blond fellow. He had a leather journal in front of him. Their conversation was quite lively. Then David mentioned the Poetry Society. Julia almost stopped what she was doing but quickly continued on. She did not need for them to know that she was spying on them.
David's friend asked if he was going to the meeting. "Oh yes, I will be there. Tonight is important after all."
His friend smiled. "I think everything will go all right."
David raised an eyebrow. "You think? Gabriel will be there you know."
Julia almost dropped a glass making a clinking noise. It was enough for them to reward her with a glance. She felt her face flush. They went back to their conversation.
She had top get a way. This was none of her business and she needed to get back to work. The other gal came over to help her. "Thanks Julia for the help."
"No problem Jen."
David quickly threw a look her way. She tried to look away but couldn't help but look back at him. Her face got redder. She needed to bolt but Jen needed help in finishing up. It was coming up the busy hour.
Julia cleared her throat. "Yes, do you need something? Another latte?"
He shook his head. "No thank you. You probably have seen another fellow come in here with one of these?"
David held up the leather journal. She looked at it. "Maybe, there are a lot of people that come in here and write in something." She tried to sound casual but felt her voice shake.
The dirty blond fellow watched on intently. David continued. "Yes, that is true but this journal belongs to a society. You won't see many of them."
Julia nodded. "Sorry, I don't remember seeing anyone."
She went to leave but David spoke to her again making her freeze on the spot. "I realize that you see lots of writers and such here every day but I believe that this fellow came here every day. I'm sure you recognize the regulars. He's a tall fellow with dark hair and likes to keep to himself for the most part. Sat in a corner somewhere perhaps?" He gestured around to the back corners and her eyes fell on the spot where Gabriel always sat. They both looked where she was looking.
"That's where he sits?"
She felt this uneasy feeling slip through her gut." I guess. Are you trying to find him or something?"
David shook his head. "No,we will both see him later at our meeting."
Julia looked at him. "Then why ask?"
She didn't mean to come off mean but she didn't want to have any more conversation with David. She looked at them both. "I need to get back to work. It's going to be busy in a while."
They both nodded as she took off. Now she felt really weird. "Was she the Julia in Gabriel's journal and why?" She stayed to the opposite side of the café until both men got up to leave.They both came to the counter. They obviously wanted to take something with them. Jen was not around so she had no choice but to go to the counter. Hopefully they wouldn't ask any more questions.
"What can I get for you?"
David leaned over toward her. "Maybe the truth this time?"
Julia took a step back. He quickly backed off as well. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable but please be aware of Gabriel. He has had problems in the past and he tends to get fixated on things. Just be careful, that's all."
They both left.
Julia let a breath out that she didn't realize she was holding. She looked back to where she had put the journal. Maybe she should get it and put it out beside the drawer by the cashier. She would tell Jen about it and if he came back while she was gone, she could give it to him.
More people came in and she forgot about it. Tonight was busier than usual. Julia forgot that some exams were now over and everyone was kicking back a bit.
She never noticed until Jen came over to her. "Did you come across any black journal today that somebody left behind?"
Julia's heart skipped a beat. "He's here?"
Jen gave her a confused look. Julia shook her had. "Never mind. I will go talk to him."
Jen shrugged and went off. Julia took a deep breath and went toward the counter. He turned to face her as she came closer.
He nervously smiled at her. She took another deep breath before she spoke. "You left a journal behind?"
He quickly nodded. "Yes, I was wondering if you found it."
Julia nodded. "I might have. Just wait here."
She quickly went to the back to where her stuff was. She could feel his eyes watching her every move. Julia grabbed the journal and had her arm extended out to him before she even got close. He took the journal out of her hand and appeared to be quite relieved to have it back.
Julia stood there for a moment waiting for him to leave. He looked over at her. "Thank you very much for keeping it safe for me."
"You're welcome."
He wasn't moving and suddenly this awkward moment sprouted up between them. "My name is Gabriel," he finally blurted out. "I come here almost every day. I know your name is Julia. You're always nice to me."
Now David's words were whispering in her ear about being careful with Gabriel. Was he a creeper?
She looked around the room but everything appeared to be under control. She could make like she had to go though. It would work. He continued on.
"There is something about you that keeps bringing me back. I want to talk to you but never have the courage. I don't mean to come across as some weirdo but maybe sometime we can talk, right here?"
Julia was at a loss for words. "I suppose so but I don't have many breaks here, just to let you know."
"That's okay, maybe when you're getting off work?"
"I should get going, the place is busy tonight. I'll see you around."
He nodded and then turned to leave but not before watching her walk away like he was holding on to her for just a little while longer.
Julia didn't know what to make of Gabriel. Maybe he was just a really shy guy. She thought back to David and that other guy's conversation. There was something major going on at the club tonight. She wondered what it was and where they met.
Julia sighed. It didn't matter anyway, she wasn't going there. It sounded kind of snobby and kind of a rich boy's club she thought.
Her shift was almost up and she could leave. She was tired and ready to go back to her loft and chill out with some junk food and a Coke. She grabbed her stuff and bid everyone a good night and left the café. She didn't get too far when she heard a familiar voice. She turned around and there was Gabriel. Suddenly, she could hear David's words warning her loud and clear.
"Look, I'm sorry but I'm tired and I really just want to go home and relax. Okay?"
Gabriel nodded. "I understand of course but would you permit me to walk you home?"
She shook her head. He did not need to know where she lived.
"I don't think that is a very good idea."
"I understand. Maybe we could go to a public place. I know a nice place where you could relax."
Julia shook her head. "I don't think so."
"I promise if you do this, I will never bother you again."
He was sounding desperate. She sighed. "Okay," she said against her better judgement. "It's a public place?"
"Oh yes, there will be lots others there."
They walked side by side in silence but Gabriel, she noticed had a livelier step. She was guessing she had made his day.
They arrived at a small club. It was one of those fancy ones that Julia could never afford to go to. As soon as she entered she could smell the leather and the wood. The carpet underneath was plush as her feet sank.
"Come this way," he said smiling.
They went into a room filled with mostly men. There was a few women but she still felt outnumbered.
She spied David and the dirty blond fellow. They had not seen her yet. Gabriel took her to a table that was for two. A few looked over  at them and she knew that she was the outsider. This was an exclusive club.
A well-dressed waiter came over and Gabriel ordered two wines. "I hope that is okay. The wine here is very nice,."
"One glass will be okay." She wanted to bolt out of this room but felt chained to the chair.
Gabriel smiled warmly at her. "I don't want you to feel creeped out. This is the Poetry Society club. It is very old and just recently let women join. That's why you don't see many ladies here."
"I see that but why did you invite me here. I'm not a poet. I'm an artist."
He nodded. "I thought you were one who painted and such. But we all can enjoy some poetry every once in a while, right?"
Julia couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "I guess so. Is there going to be a reading?"
"Yes, there is and I am one of the ones tonight giving a reading."
"Really, you're braver that me to stand up in front of all these people." She didn't think he would be either.
"Well, actually this is my first time. "That is why I wanted to bring you here. This is a big event for me."
"You wanted to share this moment with me? I'm flattered but we don't even know each other."
"I know but this could be a start, could it not? I promise you will like it."
Julia listened to some older gentleman give a little speech and announced it was going to be some performance by their members. The first up was a woman. Her performance was a live performance  piece of poetry. She was a little surprised to see that here. Up next was the young fellow that was with David. That was when David saw her.
She felt him stare at her but she didn't look at him. He finally gave his attention to his friend who started to recite his piece.
After everyone clapped, Gabriel was up next. Julia felt a bit nervous for him being this his first time. Gabriel on the other hand appeared to be relaxed. He stood up in front of everybody and looked right at Julia. He started to recite his piece and it felt like they were the only ones in the room.
He spoke of a past love that had broken his heart and now his heart was mended because of a new love. He had everything to live for because of her. But then the tone of  the poem changed. She was lost like he was and he couldn't reach out to her. He tried and tried but it was no use. Julia wondered where this was going. His little poem ended in tragedy. His new love had taken her life leaving him all alone. This was horrible and why was he telling this to her?
The last stanza explained it to her.
He had found someone to write to even though this person didn't know it. They had been kind to him and gave him sun in his dark world. Now Julia felt like she was that person who gave him light in his darkness. Was he really talking about her?
His last words were-My true love for real this time has come to me but it will not be easy. This new love has to be given the chance to get to know me and given a chance to love me back. I hope she will take it. For an everlasting love to survive, it must be pure and felt from both loves.
Everyone clapped when he stepped off the stage. Julia felt stunned as he sat back down. The older gentleman got back up and started to speak but Julia didn't hear anything he said. She was staring at Gabriel. He smiled at bit nervously at her. "I know what you are thinking. I told the truth that I did lose someone very close to me but I think you are the one that is supposed to be in my life. Are you willing to find out with me?
Julia took in a shaky breath. "Give me time to think about it, okay? This is all sudden and very new to me." Then she thought about what he had written in his journal. She decided to confess that she had read some of it. He didn't say anything and she said she was sorry for looking but had to know if she was the Julia he was writing to.
He nodded. "I heard Jen say your name and it just happened. I was going through the loss of losing Sarah and writing to you made things better."
She nodded and was okay with that. "There is one more thing. You had talked about a David. You didn't know what to think about him or do with him. I met  a David at the café. Is this the same David that is here tonight?"
Gabriel nodded. "Yes, it is. We were at odds with Sarah at the time and he thought I had not done enough to save her. But there was nothing I could do."
"Oh, I see. Then why would he warn me about you? Him and his friend that were at the café were quite insistent  about it."
"I guess he doesn't want to see anything happen to you like Sarah?" He cleared his throat.
"David had some trust issues with me but I think after tonight that has all changed."
Julia didn't know what to think. But when things were wrapping up David and his friend came over and spoke to them. "Nice of you to come tonight. I'm sure this was a different experience for you."
Julia nodded. "Yeah it was but it was okay. I liked it."
"Good, I'm glad." He then turned his attention to Gabriel. "I'm glad that you have moved on from Sarah. I hope this time it is much better for you."
"Thank you David and congratulations on your appointment."
"Thank you and also for the support. It meant a lot."
Julia thought things appeared to be okay with the two of them now. The two of them walked on after that leaving the two of them alone. Julia wanted to ask some more about Sarah but then decided not to push it.
Gabriel walked her out and he got her a cab to take her home. As the cab pulled up another gal from the club raced out. "Do you mind if we share a cab?"
She looked at Gabriel. "Hi Gabe, nice performance tonight."
Julia and the other girl got into the cab. She looked up at Gabriel who said, "I will see you at the café."
She nodded and they drove off.
The other girl looked at her. "Are you joining the club?"
Julia smiled. "No, I got enough on my plate. I'm an artist not a poet."
"I see. Are you dating Gabriel?"
"No, not yet. I'm taking it slow with him."
She nodded. "That is a good plan I think, given his history."
"What history?"
She sighed. "Poor Gabe, he has such a big heart you know, but he just got over a loss of a loved one you know."
"That's what I heard from him," said Julia. "His last loved died. That's tragic."
The cab had reached her place and stopped. Julia was about to get out when she spoke again to her. "I'm not sure what you heard but she didn't die."
"What happened then?"
She looked away fro a moment and then looked right back at her. "Sarah use to go with David and then she left him for Gabriel. Sarah felt guilty about what she did to David and then she announced something to both of them. She was becoming a man. Gabriel tried to talk her out of it and David told him to get her to stop. But she didn't listen to either one of them. She went a head with it. It broke Gabriel's heart."
Julia was stunned. "How come he said she died?"
She shrugged. "I guess in his eyes , she did die. My name is Serena. I'm transgender. I use to be Simon. David thought that I had made a mistake and so did Gabriel, just like they thought about Sarah. In the end it was my choice. This is who I am." Serena smiled. "I wish you the best of luck with Gabriel."
Julia got out of the cab shutting the door. She watched the cab drive off.
She sighed. What a day. Julia walked into her loft apartment and flopped on the couch thinking about what Serena had told her. She wasn't sure what she was going to with Gabriel but she knew one thing. She would have to tell him who she was before.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Brand new year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! This is my fifth year I believe. Wow, time goes. So, I think it is time to change things a bit. I'm still going to post my stories every Thursday but I'm going to try and do one short story and one flash fiction pieces every week. That's two stories! Plus I have something else in mind but I will share that later. The short stories will also go up for sale and when the new short story gets posted, the old one will come down. But it will be available to buy where all ebooks are sold. I won't be starting this challenge till next week so stay tuned.
So, in taking on this challenge, I am putting a "tip jar" at the end of my posts, starting today with this post. No one is obligated to give but I will put it there. I hope some of you will occasionally throw me some tea money. Thank you!
Now, to get started. My first flash fiction peice for the new year is Black Door Secrets. I hope you enjoy.
Black Door Secrets
It was well known that the house down the street was different. Stories came from there as to what went on behind the closed black door.
But they were stories and no one knew for sure if any of them were true.
One day I went for a walk that took me past the house. The door opened and startled me. I shouldn't have stopped but the person coming out noticed me and smiled. I stood there stared as if he was an alien or something.
I felt my face flush with embarrassment. I cleared my throat, offered a small smile nodding trying to my move my legs forward.
But he was in front of me before I moved forward. How did he do that? I shook my head.
"I don't believe we've met. My name is Gabriel." He held out his hand.
My eyes cast down to his perfectly manicured nails.  I quickly shook his hand and felt this warmth tingle through me.
Gabriel looked down at me and grinned and I realized that I had not said my name. I flushed again. "My name is Lara." My name felt like dust in my mouth after I said it. Not sure why.
He smiled again at me. Gabriel was very handsome with his dark hair and sharp features. His eyes were soft grey. The one thing that stood out and sent chills down my spine for some reason was this small white streak he had on the left side of his hair.
"May I walk with you for a while?"
"Sure", I said. That came out a bit squeaky. But after a bit I started to relax with this stranger. We continued to walk and then I suddenly remembered where I was going to when I started out. The bus stop was back there. I went to say something but I couldn't. The words wouldn't come out.
I found myself in a back yard garden. It was a formal garden. And I was sure it was behind the house with the black door. Apart of me shook.
Gabriel offered me a chair to sit down at. All I could think of was that I was glad I was not inside the house.
I still had no voice.
Gabriel sat down at the table opposite me. My heart was starting to claw away at my chest trying to escape. He was so relaxed. His smile was so beautiful that you couldn't help but stare at him.
"There is no need to be afraid Lara. I will not hurt you. As you might have heard in stories, I am not like the rest of you." He grinned as if maybe a past memory came to him. "Anyway Lara, we will just talk and then you will be on your way."
I felt my head nodding.
I'm not sure how much time passed but when I came back into conscience thought, there was an empty tea cup on the table in front of me. I blinked and saw Gabriel offer me his hand. I took it and he led me out the garden and out to the front.
The black door caught my eye and I felt like I had been behind the black door with someone but I couldn't think of his name.
The sound of the air breaks from the bus brought me back to the present. I got on and sat down trying to remember but I couldn't.