Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hi everyone. Today's flash fiction is called Paper Hearts. I hope you enjoy and there is another piece to read today. There is a short story that is out today as well. Enjoy!

Paper Hearts
You had them everywhere. I laughed out loud. You said each one represented how long we were together and each one had a meaning.
My eyes went wide. "Meaning?"
He nodded. "I will tell you what each one means." He walked over to the smallest one. Very carefully he placed his hand behind it. "This small one is when we first met. You told me to take a hike."
I gripped my hips. "I did not say that."
He smirked. "Yeah, you did. Then the next one here is when you said that you would finally go out with me. We went to some movie that you hated. But despite that you said that you would go out with me again."
He moved on to the next one. The hearts were getting bigger. "This one was actually our third date when we drove out to the country and picked apples. A wasp almost got you if I remember."
On to the next one. This one had a rip in it. "This one is when we had a fight and I thought maybe I had lost you. We never seen each other for over three weeks. Then I phoned you and you agreed to talk to me." He smiled. "We made up." His dark blue eyes twinkled.
I shook my head. The next one also had a rip in it but not a bad one. I couldn't remember if we had a fight or not. I didn't think so.
"This one was the time that I thought I would not get into art school and I got very depressed about it because I ended up not getting in. You held me up through that time and talked me into applying to another art school that you thought was better. I did and got in."
The next paper heart was getting to be a fair size. "This heart represents the two of us. All these other medium size hearts are memories that you and I have made and will keep. So, this big heart is us forever and always."
I was ready to cry but he held up his hand as if he wasn't quite done yet. He shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out something that was wrapped up in a handkerchief. Then he walked up to me and unfolded it before my eyes. It was an old antique ring. He held it up to me.
"Will you do me the honor of becoming my life partner?"
I was speechless but managed to nod. Finally, I said yes and he placed the ring on my finger.
Together we looked at all the paper hearts. They appeared to be floating in the air and the sun through the windows shone through them making them look magical.
He whispered in my ear. "I'll make you a special paper heart for our special day."
I smiled and then kissed him.

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