Thursday, 21 January 2016


Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping warm if winter is where you are. Today's flash fiction is a bit of a whimsy piece. Hope you enjoy. Remember there is a short story below this. Cat lovers will like it. Remember the tip jar if you want to send me some tea money. Have a great day!  

Sam & Sally

They were no ordinary couple. They were colorful and embraced it.
However, not everything was as colorful with them at one time.
Sally told the story of the one time he left her standing in the rain. They didn’t speak for over three weeks.
We all thought that was it for them. But then Sam bought her this huge bouquet of the wildest colored flowers we ever seen.
Some thought that they were too garish.
Sally loved them of course and then soon they were back on track.
Then the day came when sally told us that she was going away to college in another city. We were all shocked.
Would he go with her? She never mentioned him going. He was going to school in this city. Not one of us was brave enough to ask if he was going or if they broke up again.
It turned out that he did not know about her going away. So, it was a good thing no one asked her about it.
Just when we thought this time it was over, Sam comes through with asking her to marry him.
She said yes! They decided that they would get married now and live in the city where her school was and he would apply to another school in that city.
The day of the wedding came and they were not dressed as ordinary bride and groom. They bought matching runners. Hers was bright pink and his black. He wore a leather jacket and so did she.
As they were married, they took off on his motorcycle.
That was Sam & Sally.

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