Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hello everyone! Today I am returning to my faerie love. Hope you enjoy and remember the short story at the bottom. Have a great weekend!
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The Winter Tree

The stories that went around where this. On an all-white day when the sky was grey blue and the snow had stuck to everything, was the day the magic arrived.
It was an electric feeling that if you believed, you could feel it as if it was touching you.
Certain ones always came to the tree and offered gifts. I wanted to ask one of them who the gifts were for. They were always buried in the snow at the base of the tree.
In the spring, there was always nothing there. Someone had taken them was what I always thought. But this one night when the temperature was above freezing, I couldn’t resist t to go out to the tree.
It felt like it was calling to me.
There was no one around and the snow was wet and heavy. It was a bit touch slogging through the wet snow. My feet were getting wet.
I stood there for a moment a breathed in the air. It smelled like spring even though it wasn’t quite yet. It was beautiful out and so quiet that the snow falling off the nearby trees was the only sound you could hear.
That’s why I didn’t see him.
He was watching me and at first I was trying to figure out who it was but then this feeling crept through me telling me that he was not from here.
Like, really not from here.
I looked back but running would be slow. He would catch me. So, I offered a small smile at him.
He smiled back and then started to come toward me.
I didn’t know what to do. He remained smiling as he got closer. I could see something behind him. When he was about three feet away from me, I could see that they were wings.
 I held my breath. He was one of them.
He was in the stories that I had heard about. I wanted to say something but then I didn’t know if he would understand me.
He quietly kneeled down at the tree and dug up the gift. He looked at it for a moment before getting up and looking at me again.
I smiled awkwardly at him again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a stone. It was a blue stone that looked very smooth.
His nose twitched as he bravely came close to me. He held out his hand with the blue stone it.
I held out my hand and he placed it in the palm of my hand. It was warm.
“Thank-you,” I said.
 He nodded like he understood. He backed up and started to walk away from me.
 All I could do was watch him.
 But before he disappeared into the white forest, he turned around and blew something from his hand at me.
This gust of snowflakes came at me and I threw up my arm to protect my face.
However, whatever it was fell to the snow with a plop. I looked down into the snow.
I picked it up and it was a glass bird.
I didn’t know if I should take it home with me or not so instead I placed the glass bird in an empty nest in the winter tree.
I went home.


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