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Hello everyone! Today's flash fiction is all about magic and wishes. I hope you enjoy! Remember the short story below. It's the next installment of the cat short story which more likely is going to be a novella now. Have a great weekend!  
A Thousand Wishes

The tiny flame inside the lantern held the wishes. You were only allowed one wish.
Whether it came true or not was another thing. Certain things had to be in place.
There was a rule that you had to have followed. It was called being true to yourself.
If you were lying to yourself, then any wish you made was not worthy.
I never went near but when I met you, I decided that maybe I would like to make a wish.
It was hard and I had to search inside myself to really understand what I wanted.
We spent some special moments together and we talked about the wishes. You said you wanted to make one as well.
I asked what you wanted to wish but you were as unsure as I was. In fact you were quite doubtful of yourself and knew that you were not ready to make any such wishes.
That made me think and ask myself if I was ready as well but I felt like maybe I was close.
There had been a bit of time since I last seen you and I was wondering what was up with you.
You were nowhere to be found either. I started asking some of your friends and they hadn’t seen you. A little bit of worry crept into me and I started to get scared.
Finally, I got word about you.
I went to the special lantern that held the wishes and I placed my wish on the paper and fed it to the flame.
The fire turned into different colors of blues, greens and oranges. Suddenly the burnt paper flew up into the air and went higher and higher into the sky until all that was left was burnt embers that floated back down.
I watched them as they fell to the ground and turn black. The breeze carried them away.
My breath caught when through the darkness you came out. Your gold eyes shone in the lanterns light.
I held my breath. We stared at each other for a while and then I spoke. “Is it really you?”
You gave me a warm smile. “Yes. You know it took a thousand wishes to bring me to you.”
I smiled back. “It took one wish for me to bring you to me. I think I got the better bargain.”
You laughed softly nodding. “I suppose you are right. We don’t have much time together.”
“I know and I know that after this I will never be able to make any more wishes to see you.”
You grinned. “Oh, but some of those wishes I made? They weren’t all wasted. Some of those wishes will come true. I’ll visit you in dreams and sometimes when you are out, you might catch something in the corner of your eye and when you look you will see images of me.”
I smiled. “I can still make wishes too. I’ll wish to the stars and moon on clear nights and I will wish for you to appear and you will.”
You’re gold eyes widened. “I had no idea you believed in magic. I guess I should have and maybe… Our time was up. You were fading and like the embers the breeze picked up and took you away but not from my heart or my dreams that you promised to visit.
I pulled my sweater up close around me and walked off into the night holding all your wishes.

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Here is the next installment of what now is going to be a novella I think. We will see. I hope you enjoy!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 6

When they arrived, they were greeted by a fortress of snow that created a wall around the castle. Shae, the high queen stepped out in front of them and howled. Silence was her answer until some scuffling noises along the top of the snow wall could be heard.
Everyone looked up to see what would be coming over the top at them. First, a few long noses poked out sniffing the air. They quickly disappeared with high pitched shrills. Then there was lots of scuffling on the other side. Within minutes there was a row of winter faerie trolls lining the top of the snow wall looking down at them. Each one of them had a bow and arrow ready to shoot what looked like sharp icicles. Their bright narrowed blue eyes peered down ready to aim their ice arrows.
The spring faerie suddenly flew down on his death bird. The ice arrows suddenly flew up into the air aiming at him. He easily stopped them. They all turned into snowflakes and fell softly to the ground. They retreated when they saw the death bird. One of them let out a high pitched squeal. He then landed in front of them. Shae let out a low growl. The spring king looked right at her. “Easy my high queen, I just saved you from being shredded with sharp ice arrows."
  Sieska and Keshar stepped forward. “We thank you for saving us from what could have been a deadly attack,” said Sieska.
He actually smiled at the snow queen. “Well, I will certainly remember your gratitude. Now, let’s get on with the task of retrieving my daughter.”
Keshar and Shae joined Sieska. Shae raised her head sniffing the air. “I smell him.” Both Keshar and Sieska looked at her. She narrowed her gaze at them. “The winter prince is coming.”
Within seconds someone was standing on the top of the snow wall. It was him. His long coat bellowed in the strong breeze. His white hair blew back revealing his sharp features. The winter prince tilted his head at them all and then he stood at attention when he saw the spring king. For a minute Sieska wondered what he was going to say to the spring king.
The king didn’t waste any time coming forward. “Where is my daughter? I want to see her.”
He smiled warmly at him. “Your daughter is safe inside. She is not in any danger, I assure you.”
“I want her back and now.” The spring king was about to raise his hand when the winter prince raised his own. “I wouldn’t do anything drastic my spring king. You don’t want to bring harm to me as it will bring harm to her.”
Sieska, Shae and Keshar watched him grow furious. His hands were in tight fists by his side. Shae was about to go to him but Sieska and Keshar stopped her shaking their heads.
“You will deliver my daughter to me now or I will destroy this snow wall taking you with it.”
The winter prince looked amused. “I don’t think you understood my dear king. Your daughter and I are bound now so any harm that comes to me, will harm her as well. Do you understand now? This is our fortress and will be our kingdom.”
Shae let out a howl then. “You will not take my castle as your kingdom, snow prince.”
He shrugged his shoulders at her. “I think I already have my dear high queen. Maybe you can take the snow queen’s castle.” Then he laughed. “Oh that is right. “You have no cats left to fight for you. That’s too bad.”
She was ready to leap at the snow wall and start clawing at it but again Sieska and Keshar held her back. “Don’t let him get to you. That is what he wants,” warned Keshar. “Let the spring king deal with his daughter for a moment longer before we make our move.”
She narrowed her gaze at Keshar. “I will not stand by while this brat ruins my castle. I have to get what cats I have left inside out.”
“Don’t worry,” said Sieska. “We will get inside soon enough. I’m sure there is a way inside here somewhere. My forest cats and yours are sniffing around while the spring king keeps him occupied.” Shae stomped her paws in the snow. “Fine, but only for a moment. It’s taking all my strength not to jump up and rip him to shreds.”
“You can do no such thing. You heard him say they were bound. If harm comes to his daughter, we will have even more trouble,” said Sieska.
The spring king got on the death bird and flew up to the top of the wall getting closer to where he was. The winter prince stepped back a bit but still faced them both. The spring king got off the bird and walked up to him. He threw his hand out and the winter prince dropped to his knees. He managed to sputter out about his daughter.
“Maybe she needs to learn a lesson as well. I will not take this kind of trickery from you or even my own daughter. Do you understand that?”
He came closer to the prince and hit him sending him to the edge of the snow wall. The cats all looked up ready to see the king shove the prince over but instead he picked him up and rose him up off his feet. There was a crashing sound behind them and someone was coming. It was his daughter. Her pale green hair was wild as she fought her way to the prince gasping for air. He let go of the prince right away.
“Stop this,” she managed to say between gasps of breath. “I love him and I won’t let you hurt him.” He towered over the two of them. Sieska thought for sure he was going to strike them both and send them over the wall. But when she looked up at him he knelt down to her. His voice went low and they couldn’t hear what was being said.
Sieska looked over at Keshar and Shae. “Let’s find our way in.” A couple of Sieksa’s forest cats along with a few of the remaining cats that were with Shae’s clan padded around to the back. There was a hole in the snow. One of Keshar’s cats had already started to dig a tunnel through and within a moment he made it through. He sniffed the air. “No one is around. As long as the death bird is here, the trolls will stay hidden. We must move fast." Shae went through the tunnel first. She sniffed and then beckoned for the rest to come through. “I know a secret passage.”
Keshar, Sieska and a few of the other cats followed while the rest stayed back and guarded. Everything inside was deathly quiet. Shae lowered her ears as she padded silently along to a small entrance to the castle, just big enough for a cat to get into. She got it opened and in they went. Shae picked up her pace when she got inside. “If my cats are in the prison, then they should just be up ahead.” She came to a scratching halt.
“What is wrong,” asked Keshar.
“You can’t smell that?”
“I can,” said Sieska. “It’s the trolls. They must be on guard.”
“I will take care of them,” said Keshar. “I know how to handle a troll. Come when I say.”
He padded ahead. In mere moments there was shrill howls and then nothing. Shae whipped her head at Sieska. “What did he do? What happened in there?” Within moments cats came bounding around the corner. They were her cats. She was quite relieved. There was quite a large crowd of them.
“Where’s Keshar,” asked Sieska One of her cats let out a huff. “He’s locking up those trolls. He’s got them under some spell.”
It wasn’t long when Keshar came around the bend. “Let’s get out of here. There are more trolls coming. They can sense that we are here. There is lots of them too.”
They all ran for the small opening. Just before they got there, two of the trolls were checking out the small entrance. The trolls turned to them and with a blink of an eyes whipped out their ice arrows and were ready to fire it at them. Keshar threw up his paw sending the trolls to the ground. They all rushed out of the small hole and headed for the snow wall.
Again when they got out the place inside was swarming with trolls. They were trapped.
Shae stepped ahead this time. “You will not take my castle you thieves. She let a howl that sent the walls shaking.
“Stop it,” yelled both Sieska and Keshar. The snow wall shook sending snow down on them. The spring king flew down on the death bird. His daughter was on the bird with him. Sieska was surprised to see her. He looked smug as he looked at them. “I have got what I came for. I will bid you all a farewell.”
Sieska walked forward. “You made a promise.”
He smirked. “Yes, I remember my snow queen. You will have your peace.”
“What did you do with the winter prince,” asked Sieska.
“He is fine. I had to set him straight on a few things but I think we have come to an understanding.” His daughter behind him did not look happy.
“Where is he now,” asked Keshar. The spring king looked up. The winter prince was looking down at them. Shae widened her eyes. Sieska and Keshar looked up and he was holding something. It looked like a large icicle. The daughter suddenly came to life and jumped down off the death bird. She had small wings but they were mighty. She flew straight up to him and joined him. The spring king cursed.
An army of trolls were standing behind them both now. Sisaka looked at Keshar and Shae. “Now what?” Before any of them could answer a loud howling wind came inside the snow wall like a hurricane. Stepping out was the winter queen. In her hand was a staff that glowed. She tapped the ground sending the snow wall to the ground. The trolls were buried and the winter prince and daughter of the spring king were carried to a spot right in front of her. She faced them both. Her face was a winter storm.
  None of the cats were buried in the snow. They stood and watched her. “Imagine my surprise when I get word that my dear son has taken the spring king’s daughter for his own. I will not stand for this.” She looked over at the king. “Take your daughter now and be off with you. I don’t want to see either one of you again.”
The spring king flew over with his bird to the pair laying on the snow. The bird plucked up the daughter and placed her in front of him. Without a word they lifted up into the air and disappeared. Shae shook her head and growled at the winter queen. “Take your brat and get out of here and take this snow with you.”
The winter queen threw her head back and laughed. “Oh I’ve always liked you high queen. I will take the snow and go with my son as soon as you make me a promise.”
“What is that,” sneered Shae.
“Keep the spring faeries out of this forest.” Her steel blue eyes then turned to Sieska. “And to you my dear snow queen. You will not allow my son to pass through to get to the spring hill. Promise me these few things and I will promise no more trouble from any of the winter faeries.”
Shae spit at her. “Fine, taker him and the snow and go.” Sieska was about to retort something but Shae silenced her. “This is in my terms. This is my castle and forest. This is how it will be. Keep that brat of hers out of your forest and I will keep the spring faeries out of my forest. Deal is done.”
The winter queen smiled. “You heard the high queen. The deal is done.” She tapped her staff and once again the snow swirled around like a hurricane. It took away what was left of the snow wall and all the trolls with it. When it all settled, all that was left was the cats. They all looked at each other. Shae huffed and narrowed her eyes at them all. “My cats, we have work to do. Let’s restore this castle.” Her cats weren’t long scampering off.
She looked at Sieska and Keshar. “Now you two can go back to your forests and tend to your promises. I don’t’ want to see another faerie here ever again. They are now banned from here.”
She glared at Sieksa. “I would suggest you do the same and keep your promise to the winter queen or you will have more trouble than you can imagine.”
Sieska growled. “Next time I won’t rescue you either when you need help. You had no business making promises on my behalf. How I rule my forest is not your concern.”
Shae came right up to Sieska and they were almost touching nose to nose. “Well, then my dear snow queen, I guess we both better watch ourselves. Because this is far from over.”

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Thursday, 18 February 2016


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is fine. Today's flash fiction is about pasts and ghosts. I hope you enjoy and remember the next installment of the cat short story is below this. Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy!

The Autumn Road

It was an old road that was seldom used.
There used to be farms there but now are long forgotten. But I haven’t forgotten them.
 In the autumn when the leaves are turning I always visit the past and remember the people who lived there.
 Of course sometimes I think some of the ghosts from the past are still there. An old family plot in the back of tiny chapel that is not looked after anymore is where most of these souls from the farm rest. One name in particular stands out on a stone that has refused to fade. His name was James.
I often wonder who he was because his stone is a distance from the others. Why?
That gets me wondering what happened. When I sit there sometimes and stare at his name, I can feel the cool autumn breeze pick up and stir my hair around.
I break out of my stare as if I can hear his voice talking to me and telling me to stop staring. It’s not polite.
I laugh to myself and walk out of the old plot. I look back one more time though and I know I can feel him.
I promise to come back I say out loud and the autumn air becomes warm.

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Here is the next installment of the cat story. Hope you enjoy! Story will continue for a little while yet.

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 5

Shae dragged on behind Sieska and Keshar. Her black fluffy tail trailed in the snow and her head was hanging low. Keshar glanced back at her every once in a while. Sieska shook her head. “Never mind her. She carries a huge ego and right now it’s extremely bruised.”
“I heard that.”
Keshar let out a huff. “What are we supposed to do with the high queen, exactly?”
“We’ll take her back to my forest and clean her up and feed her. She can go back when she finds what has happened to her guard cats. See if any survived. She made a muffling noise behind them. Sieska looked behind at her and sighed. “I have a bad feeling that whoever attacked her, has also attacked her castle. There might be danger there.”
“I can soon send some of my cats to check out what is going on.”
Sieska nodded. “You can also take some of my forest cats. They know the territory quite well.” “Good. I’m also concerned as to who the winter prince met in the spring faerie territory. There is something going on that is far bigger than we think. I can feel it.”
Sieska eyed him carefully. “The winter faeries love nothing but to cause trouble and the Spring King doesn’t like to play with anyone so if the winter prince is stirring up trouble along with his mother, things in the forest will be very unstable. I don’t like that.”
Keshar twitched his nose. “I guess you regard me moving in next door unstable as well?”
Sieska took a deep breath. “So far, you have not been too dangerous. As they say, keep close to your friends but stay closer to your enemies.” She quickly followed with, “you haven’t proven to be an enemy to me yet.”
Shae made another noise behind them. Keshar was amused. “Well, that is good to know.”
They soon arrived in the feline snow queen’s forest. Some of the forest cats that had stayed behind came to greet them. “Take our high queen in for some food and let her clean up."
 Shae then marched past them and made a low growl noise as she passed the forest cats. Their ears drooped as they followed her. They glanced back once at Sieska and she just nodded as they continued to followed them into the castle.
  Keshar stopped at the entrance. “I will go with my cats and we will leave to go investigate. I ‘ll find some of your forest cats out in your forest.”
Sieska nodded. “Report back to me as soon as you can and be careful out there.”
He nodded. “”You be careful with the high queen. She is not to be trusted.”
Sieska let out a huff. “I know. Don’t worry about her. I know all her tricks. I’m going to see her right now and get some answers out of her.”
“Good luck on that.” Keshar walked off leaving her. As soon as she entered into the foyer she could hear hissing and growls. Sieska shook her head. She quickly padded her way to her room. Shae was sitting on her best pillows lapping up some fish broth. Her eyes looked up at Sieska when she came in.
“The broth is barely warm. There isn’t enough fish in it. Might as well be cold water.”
Sieska sighed. “I see you are feeling better then. That’s good as I have questions to ask you.”
She stopped lapping and stared at her. “What questions have you got for me? I was the one who was abducted and my cats attacked.”
“Yes I know. I want you tell me what you remember and if the winter prince had anybody else with him.”
“That brat was alone when he used his magic on me. I will get my revenge on him for what he did. What I can’t figure out is how he got that kind of magic. Someone other than that witch of mother of his must of gave it to him.”
“Who do you think might have given that magic to him? Was there any spring faeries around?”
Shae was about to say something when she stopped. Sieska could see that she was thinking. The high queen’s eyes narrowed. “Come to think of it, there was someone behind him. Some tall lanky female with brightly colored wings and she smelled…
“Like Spring?”
Shae’s nose twitched. “Yes, like spring.”
Sieska padded over and sat down on one of the cushions. "I believe we know why he wanted passage over to the hill now.” He’s made a deal with the spring faeries then for something and it’s probably not good.”
Shae hissed and growled. “I need to find my cats and regroup at my castle.”
“Stay where you are. Keshar and his cats along with a few of mine have gone out to investigate to see what they can find at your castle and see if there are any sign of your cats. When they get back then we will know the situation better.”
Shae pushed her bowl of broth to the side and started to wash herself. “It’s been very trying and I will deal with the winter prince. If he has touched any of my cats, I will skin him a live and use his hide for scratching pad.”
Sieska sighed. “Let’s deal with that when we hear what is going on. Have a rest and I will come back to you when I have word.”
The high queen covered her nose with her tail and closed her eyes. Sieska went to the large foyer and met her cats. “Have you heard anything?”
The largest of the group, a huge grey tabby by the name of Bigpaws spoke up. “They are on their way back.”
“Yes, we’re not sure what they found but I have a feeling they found something. We were going to go meet them at the edge of the forest.”
“Good, send someone as soon as you know something.” He nodded and turned with the group and they headed out.
Sieska watched them. When they disappeared she decided to go and get something to eat herself and maybe rest a bit. Although she knew that would be short lived when they were on their way back already. When she arrived to her own room, one of the servant cats automatically bought her food and water. She slumped herself down and started to eat. In all the while she had been queen of her forest, there had never been this much disruption. She didn’t like what the faeries where up to and she knew Shae, the high queen felt the same way. Maybe it was time to cut ties off with them all together and ban them from the forest like Keshar thought. She would have to think about it. She had just finished her food and bit of drink when one of the servant cats came in announcing one of the forest cats was back. “Send him in right away.”
It was one of the younger forest cats. The group called him scrap cat because he was feisty. “What have you found out?”
“The winter prince has taken hold of the high queen’s castle for himself. He wants her territory.” “Did you see a spring faerie with him?”
“We did. Keshar thinks that she is the spring faerie’s king’s daughter.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Is he sure that she is the king’s daughter?”
“Yes, my snow queen, he felt certain it is.”
She let out a huff. “Well, the high queen might be right. She is supplying him with magic that gives him power. I wonder how much his mother really knows.”
She padded over to the window to see if they were coming or not. “Let me know when they get near. I will meet them in the main room.”
He bowed and left the room. Sieska continued to watch out the window. Something caught her eye. There was something large in the sky circling. Her eyes went wide as she soon knew what it was.
It was the death bird.
She took off down to the main room and out the front. When she got there, her other forest cats were all on high alert. The forest suddenly filled with high pitched screeches and howls. She knew Keshar was sending his cats for cover and she knew hers would already be hidden. The large bird had landed and she wondered if the spring king was there as well. She padded out some more and stood in front waiting. Keshar came out first followed by a tall being. The spring king was here and he didn’t look happy. He was wrapped in his furs right down to the ground. She went and greeted them.
Sieska looked at Keshar. “What have you found? I see we have company.”
She looked up at the spring king who shivered. He walked and stood in front of her looking down. “My daughter is missing. I’m told the winter prince stole her. And…
“We had nothing to do with it. She went with him voluntarily. They have apparently taken over the high queen’s castle and wish to take her territory.”
A thin smile formed across his lips. “I see. Well, we shall see if the young prince succeeds. He will not have my daughter. She is special.”
Sieska didn’t ask any questions about that. She was thinking he was just being a protective father. But Keshar walked up beside him.
“He does not want his daughter to be with them because she is special in the fact that she possess great magic that I’m sure he does not want to share with any winter prince.”
Sieska looked up at him. “Is this true? Does she have special magic because they have already used it for the winter prince’s gain? But the high queen will not stand by and let him have her castle or territory without a fight.”
The spring king shifted a bit. “I’m sure she will fight but I have no interest in her castle. I want my daughter back. You will help me get her back. You know the territory.”
She shared a look with Keshar. “You are not going to help get your daughter back?”
He narrowed his gaze at her. “I will fight to get her back. If you help I will reward you.”
“Reward me? With what?”
  “Peace. What higher reward could there be?”
Sieska eyed him carefully and so did Keshar. “How can you give me peace in this forest? What are you going to do?”
A thin smile reformed across his lips. “Don’t ask question my feline snow queen. Just do the deed and you will have your peace.”
Sieska did not trust him but she wanted the peace. “Okay, but you will be by my side when we go there. You will face your own daughter and the winter prince. You will demand from the prince your daughter back. See what happens then.”
Sieska could tell by his silver blue eyes that he was not much in favour of her idea but finally nodded. Silently the death bird landed just behind them. He climbed on and looked down at both Sieska and Keshar. “I will meet you within the hour. Bring your cats and I will bring a few of the spring faeries. I do not want blood shed but if it comes down to it. I will wipe you all out.”
Keshar growled. “I will warn you spring king. You daughter is not the only one with special powers.” He narrowed his gaze at Keshar. “I guess we have been both warned then. I will see you within the hour.”
The death bird lifted off the ground and they headed in the direction of the high queen’s territory. She looked at Keshar. “I guess we have our work cut out for us. Did you find any of her cats?”
“Yes we did. They have been holding up in the forest hiding. They told us that some of the others are being held prisoner inside. I brought them back with us so we can form a bigger clan to take them on.”
“Good, I will go get Shae and she will come with us. This is her battle as well. She will know some secret passages I’m sure.”
“Go get her then and let’s head out.”
Sieska threw up her head and sniffed the air. “I can smell something different in the air. I think we are going to have our work cut out for us.”
“You feel it too?”
“Yes,” Sieska said. “There is a battle brewing.”

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Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hello this cold winter morning. Hope you are warm where you are. In honor of Valentines day coming, I've wrote something for Valentines day. Hope you enjoy and Happy Valentines weekend!
Remember the short story below this one. The next installment of our cat short story.
And if you so incline, can tip me some valentine tea money at the end. Thank you!

Candy Apple Kisses

They were fun to make.
 I knew you loved apples better than flowers.
Well, almost.
I made the sauce for dipping the apples and invited you over so we could dip together.
When you arrived you brought me a single red rose. I smiled and kissed you.
Then we started dipping. It was a bit messy and we ended up with red sticky sauce on us because you kept licking your fingers.
We finally got the apples made and set them on a cookie sheet. I got the rose you brought me and plucked a few petals around the candied apples.
We took a picture and then we decided it was time to have a candy apple.
The stuff stuck to our teeth but they were good.
With sticky fingers and lips you bent over and kissed me.
I giggled and kissed you back.
“Happy Valentine’s Day Marie,” I said.
You smiled. “Happy Valentine’s Day Emma.”

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Hello and here is the next installment of our cat story-part 4. Hope you enjoy.

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 4

Sieska knew that having tea with the winter queen was not a good idea but here they were in her castle of ice sitting there with steaming bowls of tea in front of them. She glanced at Keshar and she knew he wasn’t going to touch the stuff.
She wasn’t either.
The winter queen sat in her frosted twig chair while her son the winter prince sat next to her with a scowl on his face. Every once in a while he would throw Sieska a dirty look. She gave him one back. “Now,” she said in a soft cool voice. “Isn’t this so nice?” She made the word nice end with a hiss. “It’s such an honor to have the feline snow queen in my castle. I’ve heard so much about you.”
Her blue eyes got bluer with a slight shimmer. The fur on the back of Sieska’s neck bristled. “You said you might have information that is useful to us? We would like to find the high queen and solve the matter of the dead spring faerie.”
Sieska looked straight at the winter prince. The winter queen noticed and her nose wrinkled. Her eyes briefly looked at him before she shot her a look of disdain. Then quickly pouted. “It’s so tragic about the spring faerie isn’t it? We don’t want trouble with the spring king.” Her nose twitched. “He can be such a brute. But I assure you my son had nothing to do with that or your missing high queen.” Keshar glared at her. Before he retorted back Sieska with careful words said, “So, you have said but the information you might have might be helpful. Would you mind telling us what you know?”
She smiled showing off her snow white teeth that were as sharp as needles. “Of course I would. I have been told that the spring king executed one of his own and the spring faerie that you found was the one who was retaliating but was found and killed for his betrayal.”
Keshar finally broke his silence. “Then why would be dump the body in the snow queens forest?” The winter queen eyed Keshar carefully. Sieska took note of her discomfort with him. The winter prince also appeared to share the same discomfort she noticed. She took in a deep breath and looked at Sieska instead to answer his question. “You can only guess what goes on in that cruel head of his.” Her eyes went slightly wide. “I wouldn’t doubt that is who stole your high queen. He’s up to something if you ask me.” Her blue eyes flickered between the two of them. Sieska wasn’t buying any of it. She was lying. What she needed was to get some time with her son. She was sure with Keshar’s help that she could get the right information out of him.
“What do you think he is up to exactly,” asked Keshar in a cool tone of voice. The winter queen grinned. Her hands clutched onto the sides of her twig throne sending more frost down over the twigs onto the floor. “He wants the snow queen’s forest for himself. Having it would make him more powerful than he already is. But we can’t let that happen can we?” She tapped her fingers on her throne. “That has given me an idea. Why don’t we form an alliance and then he would not be so powerful?” She eyed them both as Keshar and Sieska shared a look.
Sieska looked at her. “No. I just want information and so far what you have told me is just hear say. We will find out on our own.” She looked at Keshar. “We should go and be on our way. We’ll continue our search.”
The winter queen shot up in her chair. “You’re not leaving already are you? I could tell you so much more, if you stayed.”
Keshar huffed. “You have not told us anything other than your dislike for the spring king. That sounds like a grudge that you have with him and nothing to do with our situation.”
She clutched the twig arms of her chair sending more frost down onto the floor. “How dare you? I have told you nothing but the truth. I have been in good faith.” She narrowed her gaze at Keshar. “Maybe it is you who is the one we should be wary of.”
Her blue ice eyes looked over at Sieska. “Maybe you should rethink who you keep company with. He’s not to be trusted.”
Keshar growled sending her back into her chair. The winter prince gave his mother a look. Sieska looked at the pair of them and then Keshar. He had bared his teeth at them and she noticed a light shining under his front paws. Powerful magic was making itself known.
 He leaped down and looked at Sieska. “We should get going before darkness falls.” He and his cats started to leave. Sieska then also jumped down and was joined by her forest cats. She glanced back at the winter queen. The winter queen and the winter prince watched them carefully leave. She was surprised that she let them go so easily. Sieska could feel it in her that something was not right. The forest cats were looking all around as well. They were clearly uncomfortable and wanted to leave as quickly as possible.
Keshar and his cats were waiting just outside the castle. The wind had picked up and the snow started to fall. It was a total white out. They would never make it very far in this kind of weather. Of course Sieska knew that this was the winter queens doing. What was she up to?
“We have to try and make are way out of here somehow. She’s going to trap us otherwise.”
He nodded and led the way through the white out. Cats were on the ground sniffing through the snow making their way out. They hoped. A high pitched screech broke through the wind’s howl. They all looked up and a large white bird was circling above them. Sieska knew what it was and so did the rest of them. She heard Keshar send a howl out to his cats and her forest cats followed suit. They took off into the bush for cover and so did she.
The screeching got closer and she knew it was looking for them. The bird like creature was no doubt a pet of the winter queen. It was a bird of black magic and was always called the death bird. It suddenly dropped into the snow and pulled out one of her forest cats. She gasped.
Keshar and his large cat that had carried the dead spring faerie jumped into action and both leaped into the air knocking the large snow bird back into the snow. Keshar’s large cat took hold of the forest cat while Keshar himself fended off the bird. It hissed at him and let out a sparkly breath that made Keshar falter. Sieska couldn’t let him take a fall for her cats. She leaped out of the bush where she was taking cover but only made it half way when everything went still. The death bird stayed still.
Sieska looked frantically about to see what was there. The winter prince stood before them all. The wind stopped howling and the near white out conditions seized. All that fell now was large light fluffy snowflakes. Everyone stared at him. He threw up his head and walked toward Sieska who stood her ground as he approached. “I want to make a deal with you.”
She narrowed her gaze at him and sauntered to about three feet from him. “Did your mother send you?”
“No? How am I to believe you? You both lie. We all know you took the high queen. We saw you. I’m suspecting your mother might have had something to do with the dead spring faerie.”
He shrugged his shoulders and grinned. “You know mother. I offer you a deal to get back your high queen in exchange for something.”
“What would that be?”
“Access through your forest into the hills that lead to the spring faeries territory.”
“You killed the spring faerie?”
He shook his head. “I did not but I think I know who did but I won’t say right now. I need that access.”
Sieska could pick up an urgency in his tone of voice. “Why the need to get through to the spring hills. The spring faeries hang out there and have claimed that as theirs now. They don’t like outsiders.”
He let out a huff. His breath hung in the air. His steel blue eyes shimmered while the large snowflakes fell around him. “They will let me through.”
“You have an alliance with them?”
He never answered. Keshar came up beside Sieksa. The winter prince eyed him. Sieska looked at them both. “What is it about Keshar that makes you nervous? I noticed your mother was the same.” “You can’t feel it, my feline snow queen? He reeks of black magic.”
Sieska looked over at the bird. “And that thing of yours don’t?”
He laughed softly. “Okay, you live with your darkness, I’ll live with mine. Do we have a deal?”
“I’m not sure. Are you going to bring back the high queen to us and tell us about this dead spring faerie that I think you know about?”
He wrinkled his nose. “You’re no fun at all. Always want things your way. Fine, I will bring her to you and as for the winter faerie that met its demise? I can’t offer you help there at this time.”
Sieska sighed. “Fine, bring us the high queen and we go from there. Lead the way to my forest and we will wait for you at the edge of the forest going into the hills”
The winter prince gestured to the snow bird and it came over to him. He got on its back and they lifted off the snow sending snow into the air. They all followed the bird and prince back to the forest. Sieska was relieved to get out of the winter queens forest. She shook her hide shaking off the snow. Keshar did the same. Her forest cats and his cats ran ahead of them.
They walked side by side. “Do you think he can be trusted?”
Sieska looked over at him. “I don’t trust him, no. But we had no choice. If he brings her back, then we will deal with the rest.”
He nodded. “Yes. I do believe that there will be a lot to deal with. I think he is a part of some bigger plan.”
“I think so as well. That is why we have to keep him close to us. Let’s not challenge him too much. We want him to trust us.”
He looked at her out the corner of his eye. “You have something in mind?”
“Yes, I do but for now let’s just get our high queen back. Once we get her back, then we can move on to the next thing.”
Keshar didn’t press her for any more information. They continued on their way. The bird above them let out a shrill. They looked and they were coming down. They landed in a small clearing. The prince got down from the bird and the forest cats surrounded him. He hissed at them and they all growled. Sieska trotted up to where her cats were. They parted letting her through. He brushed off the snow off his coat and hair. He glanced a few times to the hills.
She tilted her head at him. “Is there someone there waiting for you?” He froze and she knew she had one answer.
He gave his head a shake. “That’s none of your business.”
She raised an eyebrow at him. He let out a huff then. “Your high queen should be here soon. I have sent word.”
SIeska nodded. “So, while we wait. Why don’t you tell me all about who is waiting for you?”
He grinned. “You would like for me to spill my guts wouldn’t you? Not going to happen. You’re lucky I’m making a deal with you and not mother.”
Sieska let out a breath. “Because you’re far more trustworthy?”
His steel blue eyes locked into hers. “Of course I am. Mother would have let the death bird eat you all.”
The snow around them started to swirl. The winter prince looked up and then at Sieska. “She has arrived.”
That she did. A white carriage being pulled by a large white horse with wings flew down to them. When it landed Sieska could see the horses red eyes. Another faerie hopped down and opened the carriage. Shae stepped out like a true queen. She looked a bit roughed up but she shook herself and hissed at the faerie who opened the door. She let out a feral growl. It hissed right back showing its teeth. Then she saw Sieska and Keshar. Her eyes widened. “You rescued me?”
Sieska grinned at her. “That we did my high queen. Welcome back to my forest.”
Shae’s ears drooped.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hi everyone. Today's flash fiction is more whimsy and since I love butterflies, I couldn't resist. Hope you enjoy. Also the latest installment of my cat story is below this. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

Butterfly Love

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining down on a summer meadow. They didn’t see each other but fluttered around the dandelions and small daisies.
 One would say they were so busy that when they landed opposite each other, they thought they were looking into a mirror.
“It can’t be,” the one said.
“You look like me. I thought I was the only one.”
“Well, I guess not. Where did you come from?”
“I came from the far meadow where the yellow daisies are mostly.”
“That far away? I have never been there.”
“I could take you there. There is lots of nectar there and other butterflies.”
“Hmm, I’m not sure I want to see other butterflies. I just want to admire you.”
“Really? Can I admire you back?”
“Sure, since we look almost identical, it’s like staring at ourselves.”
“I see differences in us. I think you are not very adventurous which is okay.”
“Yeah, I like it here. We should stay together and maybe one day I will get brave and go see other meadows.”
“Alright, let’s do that. Can we start now? I know a meadow that is right over there that is full of yellow daisies.”
Both butterflies went over to the meadow. They fluttered around and played amongst the yellow flowers.
The one that was shy suddenly forgot and followed the other butterfly to the far meadow. He got scared a lonely for his home.
The other butterfly understood and took him back. They were very caring of each other.
The adventurous butterfly went out and then came back and told the other butterfly stories.
He liked the stories and hoped that one day he would go with him again and have his own stories.
But one not right now.

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Here is the next installment of the short story. Not sure how long this will go on but we will keep going till the story is done. Hope you enjoy!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 3

It had snowed making everything white. It was hard tracking as the forest cats had their heads almost buried in the snow sniffing for any scent that they could pick up. Keshar's cats were in the forest tracking any signs of winter faeries but there was nothing. It was like they disappeared in the night when the snow came.
Keshar walked beside Sieska silently keeping his every senses on high alert. He sniffed the air taking in a rush of cold air.
"They are well hid and when they wish to not to be found, they mean it", said Sieska.
He sighed. "That is the problem with faeries. They are tricksters and can't be trusted. You should have kept them out."
Sieska smirked as she glanced over at him. "They can be handy at times you know. You just have to be careful of their favor."
"I have never given them any favor. They will backstab you the minute your guard is down."
Sieska was about to say something when one of the forest cats lets out a howl. They both rushed forward. There was something in the snow. They both looked down at it and then looked at each other.
"What is a spring faerie doing here," asked Keshar. Sieska shook her head. "This is very wrong. This body was brought here for a reason."
"To start war," chided Keshar. "I think this winter prince has a problem and since his mother can't reign him in, someone else will have to do it."
"That someone else would be us?" Her blue eyes focused on him.
"Who else?" Keshar huffed out a breath leaving his breath in an icy fog between them.
"Where do we start," he asked.
"By taking this spring faerie back for proper burial and making sure the Spring King knows that I am not responsible for this. I don't need a war with him."
The forest cats dug the body out of the snow and dragged it out in front of Keshar and Sieska. They only went about a hundred feet when a shadow from above them cast a shadow over them. Everyone looked up. It was a large white bird like creature.
Keshar howled to his cats and so did Sieska. They all hid in the trees and formed a circle around them. Sieska and Keshar stood their ground while the thing above them got closer and finally landed at a safe distance from them.
Sieska recognized it as something that belonged to the spring court. Its long beak hung low and curved at the end-perfect for tearing. Its silver white wings with a hint of sky blue settled neatly on its back. The legs were long and furry at the feet. It started to walk toward them. Its blue black colored glassy beady eyes looked at Sieska. "Are you the feline snow queen?" Its voice was slightly garbled. Sieska took one step forward. "I am her."
"The winter faeries that you protect here have been causing some trouble." Sieska was about to say something but he wouldn't let her. "The King is upset about the death of his court member as we all are. He wants those who are guilty to be brought to justice."
His glass beady eyes took a quick glance at Keshar and his feathers slightly ruffled. He quickly turned his attention back to her.
"I am here to warn you. The King will not stand for this...
Sieska waved her paw at him silencing him. "I want you and your King to do know that I had nothing to do with this directly. This is the work of the winter queen's son. We saw it. He is out to cause trouble and has kidnapped the high queen of which we had nothing to do with, I assure you. We were on are way to take the body back and inform your King that we are not responsible."
On the bird like creatures head was a crown of long white bluish feathers. They tilted forward as if maybe he was thinking about all this. She came a little closer to him causing Keshar to take a step forward. The bird did not like that and took a step back. It appeared that he was hesitant of Keshar for some reason.
  "Is your King nearby," asked Sieska. He didn't answer and he didn't have to as out of the snowy air he formed. Standing there as tall as the bird creature was the King of Spring. His piercing silver blue eyes shone in the winter's sun. The bird like creature bowed stepping aside.
Sieska and Keshar stood side by side and held their heads high. His eyes narrowed giving them the impression he was not impressed to be in the winter realm. He wore a fur covered coat down to the snow. "You say you are responsible for this death? That the winter queen's son is?"
Both cats nodded their head. His nose twitched. His eyes cast down to the snow and then the bird whose feather crown laid flat back now. "Gather the body up on your back and we will head back. It is much too cold here." The bird bowed and went over to the body by the forest cats. They all stepped aside to let him pick up the body and place on his back. The body sunk into his feathers.
The Spring King turned his attention back to them. "I sense you are telling me the truth but I still want more proof that this winter prince is to blame. He will stand punishment."
Keshar had remained silent up until now. "I warn you not to start anything with her. She is vicious and will attack. She can't be trusted any more than her son."
A grin that was almost a sneer formed on his lips. "I will not be starting any wars with any queen, I assure you but if there are any more attacks, war will be the last thing you have to worry about. Trust me on that."
The bird creature was now at his side. He climbed on its back with the body in front of him. The creature spread its massive wings and up they went into the sky above them and disappeared into the blue sky.
 Keshar whipped his head around to her. "What do you make of that?" His cold tone washed over her fur making her shake herself before speaking.
"It means that we have another angry faerie to deal with and I can't blame him for being hostile when he was literally dragged into this. He means what he says. War is not his thing. He uses other methods for retribution."
Keshar looked at her. "Should I even ask?"
She shook her head. "I'll tell you later. Right now we should head over to the high queen's territory and see what is lurking there."
The snow got heavier as they got closer to the high queen's territory. Sieska kept looking up into the trees. His cats were moving along like ghosts in the snow covered trees while her own forest cats were on the ground. Her ears perked as she could hear something in the distance.
When she got closer it sounded like a screeching winter wind. Although it was not windy. Keshar's hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up. She knew he heard it too.
One of the cats from the trees jumped down and plopped into the snow and almost disappeared but it leaped out with something in its mouth. Sieska was guessing a field mouse but instead it was long and dark. It was not a mouse but a something long and skinny. The cat shook it and dropped it.
 Sieska insides took a turn. She knew what is was. When they got a little closer, she was right. It was a cat tale. That's all that was left. Sieska presumed it was one of her guards from that day. With his hatred of cats, shredding one would be what he would do. It made her insides shake with anger.
She looked up at the trees and something was now different. There was a certain scent that warned her and suddenly she let out a warning howl.
They found the winter faeries. Trees started to shake and it wasn't the cats. Keshar let out a sharp howl and his own cats dropped out of the trees and ran toward him. The scent got stronger. Sieska knew they were surrounded. The trees and nearby woods were full of them. They were about to be ambushed if she didn't think of something. Her large blue eyes caught Keshar's attention. "You said what he did was kitten play. Let's see what you can do."
Keshar whiskers twitched. He nodded and went a head of her till he was almost in the center of the clearing. The trees went still. Sieska knew that they were watching him. Waiting. He shook his head. She watched him intently and then something with him was not right. He started to falter.
Her ears perked and her nose twitched as she picked up another scent. Her eyes went wide. Instantly she leaped into thin air and landed a few feet from Keshar who let out a breath like he had been holding it.
She growled. Forming under her paws was a young winter faerie. She knew it was him. His ice blue eyes were feral.
"Get off of me," he growled. She put more weight on his chest making him gasp for air. Her nose was inches from his. "You will stop this now and let the high queen go or we will see what your mother has to say about her son."
He snarled at her. "My mother does not control me and as for the high queen," he wheezed out. "She deserves what she gets. What do you care?"
"I care when you drop a spring faerie in my forest and set me up to take the blame."
"I did no such thing. I don't have anything to do with them."
She lifted her paw off of his chest and let him sit up. Sieska titled her head at him. "We will see if you are telling the truth or not. Your mother will be able to tell."
She looked over at Keshar but he had already taken his place beside her. They towered over him. The trees above them shivered. He grinned at them. Keshar waved his paw and the trees stopped. The winter prince looked up at the tree. "What have you done cat?"
Sieska looked up at the trees. All the faeries were frozen in the trees.
He glared at Keshar. "You will pay for this." The winter prince went to throw his hand out at Keshar but Keshar was faster and sent the prince back down on his back howling. He was holding his hand tight to his chest. He howled and Keshar's cats came forward and surrounded the winter prince.
  "Let's take the brat back and get some answers."
She nodded but she knew that they were entering dangerous territory. The winter queen could have been the one behind all this and her son was just a pawn in her game. She wouldn't put it past her. One of Keshar's cats suddenly grew very tall. The winter prince tried to back up but wasn't fast enough when the cat grabbed him by the scruff his large mouth. He picked him up as if he was nothing but a rag doll. He led the way.
The winter queen's forest was a snowy world where the wind always howled and it was almost always storming. Sieska hated this forest. Out of all the forests, this one was the harshest and cruelest. The fur on the back of her neck bristled. Something was near and she knew not what but who it was. Keshar's cat stopped in front of them. She was guessing he knew too.
Out of the snow came the winter queen. She was holding her staff as she walked toward them. She wasn't very big but Sieska knew that was all too deceiving. With that staff in her hand she commanded the forest.
Keshar and Sieska came up beside Keshar's cat. The winter prince was sitting on the ground not moving. Sieska looked at him. He appeared to be afraid of her and by the look in his eyes wished he was anywhere but where he was now.
She stopped about three feet from them. The winter queen smiled warmly at them. "What a lovely surprise. Company from the other forest! This is wonderful!"
Sieska noticed that not once did she pay any attention to her son. "What do I owe this honor?"
Her voice almost grated against the back of Sieska's neck like a sharp claw slicing across her skin. But she held her own. "It appears that your son." She had to choose her words wisely. "That he has kidnapped the high queen."
Her nose wrinkled as she smelled something foul. "Why would he take her? He hates cats. No offense but your kind can be nasty if you know what I mean. So, where you dear feline is, I do not know and I'm sure that my son does not know either."
She still never looked at him. "I assure you, that he did take her as we saw it."
Her eyes grew wide in surprise and amusement. "No dear, my son here," she finally looked at him. "Was with me until this morning when I allowed him to go out. I apologize if he was causing any trouble in your forest. Tell him you’re sorry."
Her voice became sweeter but with an underlying tone of annoyance. He muttered something but Sieska didn't hear the words I'm sorry.
"See? All better. Would you like to stay for some tea perhaps?" She fluttered her eyes at them.
"There is also one more thing. We found a spring faerie in the forest dead. Do you know anything about that?"
She smiled. "Come have tea with me and I will tell you everything!"

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