Thursday, 18 February 2016


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is fine. Today's flash fiction is about pasts and ghosts. I hope you enjoy and remember the next installment of the cat short story is below this. Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy!

The Autumn Road

It was an old road that was seldom used.
There used to be farms there but now are long forgotten. But I haven’t forgotten them.
 In the autumn when the leaves are turning I always visit the past and remember the people who lived there.
 Of course sometimes I think some of the ghosts from the past are still there. An old family plot in the back of tiny chapel that is not looked after anymore is where most of these souls from the farm rest. One name in particular stands out on a stone that has refused to fade. His name was James.
I often wonder who he was because his stone is a distance from the others. Why?
That gets me wondering what happened. When I sit there sometimes and stare at his name, I can feel the cool autumn breeze pick up and stir my hair around.
I break out of my stare as if I can hear his voice talking to me and telling me to stop staring. It’s not polite.
I laugh to myself and walk out of the old plot. I look back one more time though and I know I can feel him.
I promise to come back I say out loud and the autumn air becomes warm.

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