Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hello this cold winter morning. Hope you are warm where you are. In honor of Valentines day coming, I've wrote something for Valentines day. Hope you enjoy and Happy Valentines weekend!
Remember the short story below this one. The next installment of our cat short story.
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Candy Apple Kisses

They were fun to make.
 I knew you loved apples better than flowers.
Well, almost.
I made the sauce for dipping the apples and invited you over so we could dip together.
When you arrived you brought me a single red rose. I smiled and kissed you.
Then we started dipping. It was a bit messy and we ended up with red sticky sauce on us because you kept licking your fingers.
We finally got the apples made and set them on a cookie sheet. I got the rose you brought me and plucked a few petals around the candied apples.
We took a picture and then we decided it was time to have a candy apple.
The stuff stuck to our teeth but they were good.
With sticky fingers and lips you bent over and kissed me.
I giggled and kissed you back.
“Happy Valentine’s Day Marie,” I said.
You smiled. “Happy Valentine’s Day Emma.”

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