Thursday, 25 February 2016


Hello everyone! Today's flash fiction is all about magic and wishes. I hope you enjoy! Remember the short story below. It's the next installment of the cat short story which more likely is going to be a novella now. Have a great weekend!  
A Thousand Wishes

The tiny flame inside the lantern held the wishes. You were only allowed one wish.
Whether it came true or not was another thing. Certain things had to be in place.
There was a rule that you had to have followed. It was called being true to yourself.
If you were lying to yourself, then any wish you made was not worthy.
I never went near but when I met you, I decided that maybe I would like to make a wish.
It was hard and I had to search inside myself to really understand what I wanted.
We spent some special moments together and we talked about the wishes. You said you wanted to make one as well.
I asked what you wanted to wish but you were as unsure as I was. In fact you were quite doubtful of yourself and knew that you were not ready to make any such wishes.
That made me think and ask myself if I was ready as well but I felt like maybe I was close.
There had been a bit of time since I last seen you and I was wondering what was up with you.
You were nowhere to be found either. I started asking some of your friends and they hadn’t seen you. A little bit of worry crept into me and I started to get scared.
Finally, I got word about you.
I went to the special lantern that held the wishes and I placed my wish on the paper and fed it to the flame.
The fire turned into different colors of blues, greens and oranges. Suddenly the burnt paper flew up into the air and went higher and higher into the sky until all that was left was burnt embers that floated back down.
I watched them as they fell to the ground and turn black. The breeze carried them away.
My breath caught when through the darkness you came out. Your gold eyes shone in the lanterns light.
I held my breath. We stared at each other for a while and then I spoke. “Is it really you?”
You gave me a warm smile. “Yes. You know it took a thousand wishes to bring me to you.”
I smiled back. “It took one wish for me to bring you to me. I think I got the better bargain.”
You laughed softly nodding. “I suppose you are right. We don’t have much time together.”
“I know and I know that after this I will never be able to make any more wishes to see you.”
You grinned. “Oh, but some of those wishes I made? They weren’t all wasted. Some of those wishes will come true. I’ll visit you in dreams and sometimes when you are out, you might catch something in the corner of your eye and when you look you will see images of me.”
I smiled. “I can still make wishes too. I’ll wish to the stars and moon on clear nights and I will wish for you to appear and you will.”
You’re gold eyes widened. “I had no idea you believed in magic. I guess I should have and maybe… Our time was up. You were fading and like the embers the breeze picked up and took you away but not from my heart or my dreams that you promised to visit.
I pulled my sweater up close around me and walked off into the night holding all your wishes.

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