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Here is the next installment of the cat story. Hope you enjoy! Story will continue for a little while yet.

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 5

Shae dragged on behind Sieska and Keshar. Her black fluffy tail trailed in the snow and her head was hanging low. Keshar glanced back at her every once in a while. Sieska shook her head. “Never mind her. She carries a huge ego and right now it’s extremely bruised.”
“I heard that.”
Keshar let out a huff. “What are we supposed to do with the high queen, exactly?”
“We’ll take her back to my forest and clean her up and feed her. She can go back when she finds what has happened to her guard cats. See if any survived. She made a muffling noise behind them. Sieska looked behind at her and sighed. “I have a bad feeling that whoever attacked her, has also attacked her castle. There might be danger there.”
“I can soon send some of my cats to check out what is going on.”
Sieska nodded. “You can also take some of my forest cats. They know the territory quite well.” “Good. I’m also concerned as to who the winter prince met in the spring faerie territory. There is something going on that is far bigger than we think. I can feel it.”
Sieska eyed him carefully. “The winter faeries love nothing but to cause trouble and the Spring King doesn’t like to play with anyone so if the winter prince is stirring up trouble along with his mother, things in the forest will be very unstable. I don’t like that.”
Keshar twitched his nose. “I guess you regard me moving in next door unstable as well?”
Sieska took a deep breath. “So far, you have not been too dangerous. As they say, keep close to your friends but stay closer to your enemies.” She quickly followed with, “you haven’t proven to be an enemy to me yet.”
Shae made another noise behind them. Keshar was amused. “Well, that is good to know.”
They soon arrived in the feline snow queen’s forest. Some of the forest cats that had stayed behind came to greet them. “Take our high queen in for some food and let her clean up."
 Shae then marched past them and made a low growl noise as she passed the forest cats. Their ears drooped as they followed her. They glanced back once at Sieska and she just nodded as they continued to followed them into the castle.
  Keshar stopped at the entrance. “I will go with my cats and we will leave to go investigate. I ‘ll find some of your forest cats out in your forest.”
Sieska nodded. “Report back to me as soon as you can and be careful out there.”
He nodded. “”You be careful with the high queen. She is not to be trusted.”
Sieska let out a huff. “I know. Don’t worry about her. I know all her tricks. I’m going to see her right now and get some answers out of her.”
“Good luck on that.” Keshar walked off leaving her. As soon as she entered into the foyer she could hear hissing and growls. Sieska shook her head. She quickly padded her way to her room. Shae was sitting on her best pillows lapping up some fish broth. Her eyes looked up at Sieska when she came in.
“The broth is barely warm. There isn’t enough fish in it. Might as well be cold water.”
Sieska sighed. “I see you are feeling better then. That’s good as I have questions to ask you.”
She stopped lapping and stared at her. “What questions have you got for me? I was the one who was abducted and my cats attacked.”
“Yes I know. I want you tell me what you remember and if the winter prince had anybody else with him.”
“That brat was alone when he used his magic on me. I will get my revenge on him for what he did. What I can’t figure out is how he got that kind of magic. Someone other than that witch of mother of his must of gave it to him.”
“Who do you think might have given that magic to him? Was there any spring faeries around?”
Shae was about to say something when she stopped. Sieska could see that she was thinking. The high queen’s eyes narrowed. “Come to think of it, there was someone behind him. Some tall lanky female with brightly colored wings and she smelled…
“Like Spring?”
Shae’s nose twitched. “Yes, like spring.”
Sieska padded over and sat down on one of the cushions. "I believe we know why he wanted passage over to the hill now.” He’s made a deal with the spring faeries then for something and it’s probably not good.”
Shae hissed and growled. “I need to find my cats and regroup at my castle.”
“Stay where you are. Keshar and his cats along with a few of mine have gone out to investigate to see what they can find at your castle and see if there are any sign of your cats. When they get back then we will know the situation better.”
Shae pushed her bowl of broth to the side and started to wash herself. “It’s been very trying and I will deal with the winter prince. If he has touched any of my cats, I will skin him a live and use his hide for scratching pad.”
Sieska sighed. “Let’s deal with that when we hear what is going on. Have a rest and I will come back to you when I have word.”
The high queen covered her nose with her tail and closed her eyes. Sieska went to the large foyer and met her cats. “Have you heard anything?”
The largest of the group, a huge grey tabby by the name of Bigpaws spoke up. “They are on their way back.”
“Yes, we’re not sure what they found but I have a feeling they found something. We were going to go meet them at the edge of the forest.”
“Good, send someone as soon as you know something.” He nodded and turned with the group and they headed out.
Sieska watched them. When they disappeared she decided to go and get something to eat herself and maybe rest a bit. Although she knew that would be short lived when they were on their way back already. When she arrived to her own room, one of the servant cats automatically bought her food and water. She slumped herself down and started to eat. In all the while she had been queen of her forest, there had never been this much disruption. She didn’t like what the faeries where up to and she knew Shae, the high queen felt the same way. Maybe it was time to cut ties off with them all together and ban them from the forest like Keshar thought. She would have to think about it. She had just finished her food and bit of drink when one of the servant cats came in announcing one of the forest cats was back. “Send him in right away.”
It was one of the younger forest cats. The group called him scrap cat because he was feisty. “What have you found out?”
“The winter prince has taken hold of the high queen’s castle for himself. He wants her territory.” “Did you see a spring faerie with him?”
“We did. Keshar thinks that she is the spring faerie’s king’s daughter.”
She raised an eyebrow. “Is he sure that she is the king’s daughter?”
“Yes, my snow queen, he felt certain it is.”
She let out a huff. “Well, the high queen might be right. She is supplying him with magic that gives him power. I wonder how much his mother really knows.”
She padded over to the window to see if they were coming or not. “Let me know when they get near. I will meet them in the main room.”
He bowed and left the room. Sieska continued to watch out the window. Something caught her eye. There was something large in the sky circling. Her eyes went wide as she soon knew what it was.
It was the death bird.
She took off down to the main room and out the front. When she got there, her other forest cats were all on high alert. The forest suddenly filled with high pitched screeches and howls. She knew Keshar was sending his cats for cover and she knew hers would already be hidden. The large bird had landed and she wondered if the spring king was there as well. She padded out some more and stood in front waiting. Keshar came out first followed by a tall being. The spring king was here and he didn’t look happy. He was wrapped in his furs right down to the ground. She went and greeted them.
Sieska looked at Keshar. “What have you found? I see we have company.”
She looked up at the spring king who shivered. He walked and stood in front of her looking down. “My daughter is missing. I’m told the winter prince stole her. And…
“We had nothing to do with it. She went with him voluntarily. They have apparently taken over the high queen’s castle and wish to take her territory.”
A thin smile formed across his lips. “I see. Well, we shall see if the young prince succeeds. He will not have my daughter. She is special.”
Sieska didn’t ask any questions about that. She was thinking he was just being a protective father. But Keshar walked up beside him.
“He does not want his daughter to be with them because she is special in the fact that she possess great magic that I’m sure he does not want to share with any winter prince.”
Sieska looked up at him. “Is this true? Does she have special magic because they have already used it for the winter prince’s gain? But the high queen will not stand by and let him have her castle or territory without a fight.”
The spring king shifted a bit. “I’m sure she will fight but I have no interest in her castle. I want my daughter back. You will help me get her back. You know the territory.”
She shared a look with Keshar. “You are not going to help get your daughter back?”
He narrowed his gaze at her. “I will fight to get her back. If you help I will reward you.”
“Reward me? With what?”
  “Peace. What higher reward could there be?”
Sieska eyed him carefully and so did Keshar. “How can you give me peace in this forest? What are you going to do?”
A thin smile reformed across his lips. “Don’t ask question my feline snow queen. Just do the deed and you will have your peace.”
Sieska did not trust him but she wanted the peace. “Okay, but you will be by my side when we go there. You will face your own daughter and the winter prince. You will demand from the prince your daughter back. See what happens then.”
Sieska could tell by his silver blue eyes that he was not much in favour of her idea but finally nodded. Silently the death bird landed just behind them. He climbed on and looked down at both Sieska and Keshar. “I will meet you within the hour. Bring your cats and I will bring a few of the spring faeries. I do not want blood shed but if it comes down to it. I will wipe you all out.”
Keshar growled. “I will warn you spring king. You daughter is not the only one with special powers.” He narrowed his gaze at Keshar. “I guess we have been both warned then. I will see you within the hour.”
The death bird lifted off the ground and they headed in the direction of the high queen’s territory. She looked at Keshar. “I guess we have our work cut out for us. Did you find any of her cats?”
“Yes we did. They have been holding up in the forest hiding. They told us that some of the others are being held prisoner inside. I brought them back with us so we can form a bigger clan to take them on.”
“Good, I will go get Shae and she will come with us. This is her battle as well. She will know some secret passages I’m sure.”
“Go get her then and let’s head out.”
Sieska threw up her head and sniffed the air. “I can smell something different in the air. I think we are going to have our work cut out for us.”
“You feel it too?”
“Yes,” Sieska said. “There is a battle brewing.”

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