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Here is the next installment of what now is going to be a novella I think. We will see. I hope you enjoy!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 6

When they arrived, they were greeted by a fortress of snow that created a wall around the castle. Shae, the high queen stepped out in front of them and howled. Silence was her answer until some scuffling noises along the top of the snow wall could be heard.
Everyone looked up to see what would be coming over the top at them. First, a few long noses poked out sniffing the air. They quickly disappeared with high pitched shrills. Then there was lots of scuffling on the other side. Within minutes there was a row of winter faerie trolls lining the top of the snow wall looking down at them. Each one of them had a bow and arrow ready to shoot what looked like sharp icicles. Their bright narrowed blue eyes peered down ready to aim their ice arrows.
The spring faerie suddenly flew down on his death bird. The ice arrows suddenly flew up into the air aiming at him. He easily stopped them. They all turned into snowflakes and fell softly to the ground. They retreated when they saw the death bird. One of them let out a high pitched squeal. He then landed in front of them. Shae let out a low growl. The spring king looked right at her. “Easy my high queen, I just saved you from being shredded with sharp ice arrows."
  Sieska and Keshar stepped forward. “We thank you for saving us from what could have been a deadly attack,” said Sieska.
He actually smiled at the snow queen. “Well, I will certainly remember your gratitude. Now, let’s get on with the task of retrieving my daughter.”
Keshar and Shae joined Sieska. Shae raised her head sniffing the air. “I smell him.” Both Keshar and Sieska looked at her. She narrowed her gaze at them. “The winter prince is coming.”
Within seconds someone was standing on the top of the snow wall. It was him. His long coat bellowed in the strong breeze. His white hair blew back revealing his sharp features. The winter prince tilted his head at them all and then he stood at attention when he saw the spring king. For a minute Sieska wondered what he was going to say to the spring king.
The king didn’t waste any time coming forward. “Where is my daughter? I want to see her.”
He smiled warmly at him. “Your daughter is safe inside. She is not in any danger, I assure you.”
“I want her back and now.” The spring king was about to raise his hand when the winter prince raised his own. “I wouldn’t do anything drastic my spring king. You don’t want to bring harm to me as it will bring harm to her.”
Sieska, Shae and Keshar watched him grow furious. His hands were in tight fists by his side. Shae was about to go to him but Sieska and Keshar stopped her shaking their heads.
“You will deliver my daughter to me now or I will destroy this snow wall taking you with it.”
The winter prince looked amused. “I don’t think you understood my dear king. Your daughter and I are bound now so any harm that comes to me, will harm her as well. Do you understand now? This is our fortress and will be our kingdom.”
Shae let out a howl then. “You will not take my castle as your kingdom, snow prince.”
He shrugged his shoulders at her. “I think I already have my dear high queen. Maybe you can take the snow queen’s castle.” Then he laughed. “Oh that is right. “You have no cats left to fight for you. That’s too bad.”
She was ready to leap at the snow wall and start clawing at it but again Sieska and Keshar held her back. “Don’t let him get to you. That is what he wants,” warned Keshar. “Let the spring king deal with his daughter for a moment longer before we make our move.”
She narrowed her gaze at Keshar. “I will not stand by while this brat ruins my castle. I have to get what cats I have left inside out.”
“Don’t worry,” said Sieska. “We will get inside soon enough. I’m sure there is a way inside here somewhere. My forest cats and yours are sniffing around while the spring king keeps him occupied.” Shae stomped her paws in the snow. “Fine, but only for a moment. It’s taking all my strength not to jump up and rip him to shreds.”
“You can do no such thing. You heard him say they were bound. If harm comes to his daughter, we will have even more trouble,” said Sieska.
The spring king got on the death bird and flew up to the top of the wall getting closer to where he was. The winter prince stepped back a bit but still faced them both. The spring king got off the bird and walked up to him. He threw his hand out and the winter prince dropped to his knees. He managed to sputter out about his daughter.
“Maybe she needs to learn a lesson as well. I will not take this kind of trickery from you or even my own daughter. Do you understand that?”
He came closer to the prince and hit him sending him to the edge of the snow wall. The cats all looked up ready to see the king shove the prince over but instead he picked him up and rose him up off his feet. There was a crashing sound behind them and someone was coming. It was his daughter. Her pale green hair was wild as she fought her way to the prince gasping for air. He let go of the prince right away.
“Stop this,” she managed to say between gasps of breath. “I love him and I won’t let you hurt him.” He towered over the two of them. Sieska thought for sure he was going to strike them both and send them over the wall. But when she looked up at him he knelt down to her. His voice went low and they couldn’t hear what was being said.
Sieska looked over at Keshar and Shae. “Let’s find our way in.” A couple of Sieksa’s forest cats along with a few of the remaining cats that were with Shae’s clan padded around to the back. There was a hole in the snow. One of Keshar’s cats had already started to dig a tunnel through and within a moment he made it through. He sniffed the air. “No one is around. As long as the death bird is here, the trolls will stay hidden. We must move fast." Shae went through the tunnel first. She sniffed and then beckoned for the rest to come through. “I know a secret passage.”
Keshar, Sieska and a few of the other cats followed while the rest stayed back and guarded. Everything inside was deathly quiet. Shae lowered her ears as she padded silently along to a small entrance to the castle, just big enough for a cat to get into. She got it opened and in they went. Shae picked up her pace when she got inside. “If my cats are in the prison, then they should just be up ahead.” She came to a scratching halt.
“What is wrong,” asked Keshar.
“You can’t smell that?”
“I can,” said Sieska. “It’s the trolls. They must be on guard.”
“I will take care of them,” said Keshar. “I know how to handle a troll. Come when I say.”
He padded ahead. In mere moments there was shrill howls and then nothing. Shae whipped her head at Sieska. “What did he do? What happened in there?” Within moments cats came bounding around the corner. They were her cats. She was quite relieved. There was quite a large crowd of them.
“Where’s Keshar,” asked Sieska One of her cats let out a huff. “He’s locking up those trolls. He’s got them under some spell.”
It wasn’t long when Keshar came around the bend. “Let’s get out of here. There are more trolls coming. They can sense that we are here. There is lots of them too.”
They all ran for the small opening. Just before they got there, two of the trolls were checking out the small entrance. The trolls turned to them and with a blink of an eyes whipped out their ice arrows and were ready to fire it at them. Keshar threw up his paw sending the trolls to the ground. They all rushed out of the small hole and headed for the snow wall.
Again when they got out the place inside was swarming with trolls. They were trapped.
Shae stepped ahead this time. “You will not take my castle you thieves. She let a howl that sent the walls shaking.
“Stop it,” yelled both Sieska and Keshar. The snow wall shook sending snow down on them. The spring king flew down on the death bird. His daughter was on the bird with him. Sieska was surprised to see her. He looked smug as he looked at them. “I have got what I came for. I will bid you all a farewell.”
Sieska walked forward. “You made a promise.”
He smirked. “Yes, I remember my snow queen. You will have your peace.”
“What did you do with the winter prince,” asked Sieska.
“He is fine. I had to set him straight on a few things but I think we have come to an understanding.” His daughter behind him did not look happy.
“Where is he now,” asked Keshar. The spring king looked up. The winter prince was looking down at them. Shae widened her eyes. Sieska and Keshar looked up and he was holding something. It looked like a large icicle. The daughter suddenly came to life and jumped down off the death bird. She had small wings but they were mighty. She flew straight up to him and joined him. The spring king cursed.
An army of trolls were standing behind them both now. Sisaka looked at Keshar and Shae. “Now what?” Before any of them could answer a loud howling wind came inside the snow wall like a hurricane. Stepping out was the winter queen. In her hand was a staff that glowed. She tapped the ground sending the snow wall to the ground. The trolls were buried and the winter prince and daughter of the spring king were carried to a spot right in front of her. She faced them both. Her face was a winter storm.
  None of the cats were buried in the snow. They stood and watched her. “Imagine my surprise when I get word that my dear son has taken the spring king’s daughter for his own. I will not stand for this.” She looked over at the king. “Take your daughter now and be off with you. I don’t want to see either one of you again.”
The spring king flew over with his bird to the pair laying on the snow. The bird plucked up the daughter and placed her in front of him. Without a word they lifted up into the air and disappeared. Shae shook her head and growled at the winter queen. “Take your brat and get out of here and take this snow with you.”
The winter queen threw her head back and laughed. “Oh I’ve always liked you high queen. I will take the snow and go with my son as soon as you make me a promise.”
“What is that,” sneered Shae.
“Keep the spring faeries out of this forest.” Her steel blue eyes then turned to Sieska. “And to you my dear snow queen. You will not allow my son to pass through to get to the spring hill. Promise me these few things and I will promise no more trouble from any of the winter faeries.”
Shae spit at her. “Fine, taker him and the snow and go.” Sieska was about to retort something but Shae silenced her. “This is in my terms. This is my castle and forest. This is how it will be. Keep that brat of hers out of your forest and I will keep the spring faeries out of my forest. Deal is done.”
The winter queen smiled. “You heard the high queen. The deal is done.” She tapped her staff and once again the snow swirled around like a hurricane. It took away what was left of the snow wall and all the trolls with it. When it all settled, all that was left was the cats. They all looked at each other. Shae huffed and narrowed her eyes at them all. “My cats, we have work to do. Let’s restore this castle.” Her cats weren’t long scampering off.
She looked at Sieska and Keshar. “Now you two can go back to your forests and tend to your promises. I don’t’ want to see another faerie here ever again. They are now banned from here.”
She glared at Sieksa. “I would suggest you do the same and keep your promise to the winter queen or you will have more trouble than you can imagine.”
Sieska growled. “Next time I won’t rescue you either when you need help. You had no business making promises on my behalf. How I rule my forest is not your concern.”
Shae came right up to Sieska and they were almost touching nose to nose. “Well, then my dear snow queen, I guess we both better watch ourselves. Because this is far from over.”

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