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Hello and hope everyone is doing great. Today's flash fiction is about dreams. Hope you enjoy. Remember the next installment of the feline snow queen below if you are following. Have a great weekend. Happy reading! 
The Boat to Dreamland
It only went once a year. You never knew what day.
It had to be one of those warm evenings when there was no wind what so ever.
Everything had to be still and quiet.
The boat would show up and those that were brave enough to get on, would take a ride to what people called Dreamland.
There were lots that didn’t believe in such and called it ridiculous.
But others did not. I was one.
I believed because I talked to a girl who went on the boat. She told me of this mystical place and it was wonderful.
I made her tell me everything.
When I told my friend, she said that she was probably making it all up. There was no mystical place or dreamland.
So, I was on my own. I remembered asking her how I would know that it was the night the boat showed up.
She smiled at me. In a low voice she said, “You will just know. If you make a wish for it to show up, you will wake up knowing when to come.”
I was a bit skeptical at just wishing for it to show up and it would tell me. But I did anyway and when I woke up, the first thought that entered into my head was that tonight was the night the boat would show up. Every fibre in body vibrated and knew for sure.
I was very nervous as I approached the shore. I looked out and at first I saw nothing.
Disappointment washed over me and I felt kind of silly but then when I got closer, my breath caught. There was the boat.
I didn’t know what to do at first. I almost turned around but when I tried to do that, I was stopped by some invisible force.
The boat floated quietly to shore.
When I waded into the water, I was not along. There was a young man also waded into the water. We looked at each other.
He smiled. “You believe too.”
I nodded. “I guess so.”
“Well, I guess we will both go and find out.”
He helped me up into the boat. His dark brown eyes glimmered in the sunset.
I never asked his name and he never asked for mine.
So, we sat silently and let the boat take us out. There wasn’t a sound for miles and I was looking back at the shore that was getting smaller and smaller.
I felt a bit of panic rise in my chest to be out this far in the water in a small boat.
When I looked back at the fellow, he had this dreamy look to him like he was in another world.
I waved my hand in front of his face but his eyes never blinked.
I wondered what he saw. It was like he was under some trance. Is that what Dreamland was?
I didn’t see anything and now I was getting disappointed again. I guess I didn’t believe after all.
Time went faster that I thought or at least I thought it did.
When the boat drifted back to shore, I tapped the fellow on the shoulder. “It’s time for us to get off. The ride is over I guess.”
His brown eyes blinked. For a moment he looked confused.
“It’s time for us to get off,” I said again. This time he heard me.
 His face lit up. “It was wonderful. Dreamland is just as mystical as they say. Wouldn’t you say?”
I shrugged and got off and started to wade toward the shore.
When I looked back the fellow was just getting out and coming in. I waited for him for some reason. Maybe I wanted to know more about what he saw that I didn’t get to see.
I only turned for a moment but when I knew he was near, I turned to look at him to ask questions.
My eyes went wide. The fellow standing before me was much older.
“Where’s the young fellow?”
He shook his head. “There is no young fellow, just the two of us.”
I looked around and things didn’t appear to be the same as when we drifted out.
I suddenly looked at him. “How long where we away?”
He shrugged. “Time in dreamland can be a long time. It’s the price you pay for wishing to go on it.”
I ran back toward home and home was not the same. Nothing was the same.
My friend was not around anymore. I had no idea where she was.
I walked back to the shore where I had taken the boat but there was no boat and the man was gone. Now the breeze had picked up and blew my hair away from my face.
What had I done?  
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Hi everyone! Here is the next installment of this story. Hope you enjoy.

The Snow Feline Queen
Part 11

They sat there for a while recuperating from their ordeal with the winter queen and spring king. The servant cats had served them some more fresh cream and tuna. Keshar was enjoying his second helping.
Sieska watched him for a bit before she asked. “So now, do you think you can tell me more about this special magic that you have?”
Keshar looked up at her and then started to wash his paw. Once he finished his paw cleaning he took a deep breath. “I have had this special ancient powers since I was a kit. Some of us are born with powers in my clan. It is rare and when it does happen can alarm the clan. It’s not easy.”
Sieska tilted her head at him. “Why is that?”
“Because the clan thinks or some of the clan thinks that these special powers are evil and would destroy us all. I was watched very carefully. Finally, one of the elders who believed I was not a threat taught me all about the ancient powers and even taught me how to manage them and use them. I was most grateful to my elder clan member-White Patch. He probably saved my life.”
Sieska’s eyes were as wide as saucers. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I am amazed at what you have told me. There is much more you must tell me.”
He nodded and grinned. “There is much much more to tell. But perhaps a little at a time? Not to overwhelm you with too much.” He grinned.
Sieska was going to urge him to tell her more when one of her forest cats came bounding in and barely came to a screeching halt in front of them. It was Sassy bobcat. His tail was very short but as his name implied he was quite fast and sassy.
Sieska stood up on her pillow. “What is it?” Her ears were perked.
Sassy bobcat who was mostly orange except for his paws and around his mouth looked at both of them. His gold eyes gleamed. “We have a sighting of the winter prince. And he is headed this way.” Keshar now stood. “Is the spring princess with him?”
Sassy bobcat shook his head. “We did not see her. He was alone.”
“Alone,” asked Sieska. “How odd for him to be alone without guards or any of his escorts.”
“The cats are watching him closely to see how close he gets to our territory.”
“Good,” said Keshar. “We will be out shortly and we will also keep an eye for him.”
Sassy bobcat left. They both got off their cushions and went to the far window that looked out toward the forest that he was spotted. There was nothing but forest to see.
“Let’s go out front and look around,” suggested Keshar.
So, they both went out. His cats and her cats were going back and forth along one side of the forest sniffing. Keshar threw his head up and sniffed as well. “I would say that the winter prince is in forest nearby. Shall we go greet him?”
“Yes,” said Sieska. “Let’s go surprise him.” Some of Keshar’s cats went ahead of them sniffing and keeping their ears perked for any noise. Keshar suddenly stopped.
Sieska looked over at him. “Do you sense him?” She sniffed the air but all she could smell was the forest’s cold crisp air.
“Yes, he is…
“I’m right behind you.”
Sieska jumped and whirled around to face him. She growled and hissed at him.
  He chuckled. “Now my queen, don’t be alarmed.” He waved his hands around. “As you can see, I am alone and am defenseless.” He rested his hand on his chest. He smiled warmly at Sieska. “I am here in your forest as a peaceful creature.”
Sieska’s ear’s bent back. “Peaceful creature you are not. Where is your princess?”
He sighed. “I see her father then has already paid you a visit.”
Keshar let out a huff. “He did indeed and also your mother. They almost had a war in front of us.” His winter blue eyes deepened a bit at the mention of his mother. “I’m so sorry for their behavior. Neither one of them understand. That is why we must leave here altogether.”
Sieska narrowed her gaze at him. “What do you mean by that?”
“It means just that. My princess and I will leave and go far away from here. We will start a new life together and rule another area like we are meant to.”
Keshar stifled a laugh in front of him. The prince frowned. “Your mother and her father will not let you leave. You must know that,” said Sieska.
“They will hunt you down and drag you back here,” added Keshar.
The way he looked at her gave Sieska the feeling that he had thought of all this already. “They will not find us. I have secured our safety.”
Keshar stepped forward. “Then what are you doing here in the feline snow queen’s forest?”
He looked at them both then. “I need something from you both.”
Sieska and Keshar shared a look. Sieska threw him a look that made him back up and she thought he was going to change his mind. “I need safe passage through the high queen’s forest. Our rendezvous will meet us at the other side of her forest.”
Keshar raised an eyebrow. “Do you know what is on the other side of the high queen’s forest?”
He looked away.
“You are entering into the fox feline’s forest. You will not be welcome. Unless your rendezvous is a fox feline?”
His nose twitched. “I would say not. I’m not fond of…
He couldn’t finish his sentence in front of them. They both knew he did not like cats. Keshar came a little closer to him. “Then who is it? Who is aiding you?”
“I have a friend on the other side who is not feline.”
“Troll,” asked Keshar.
He shook his head. “No, he is fey, that is all I will say. Will you help us get through the high queen’s forest?”
“You know,” said Sieska. “I promised the spring king that I would report to him if I saw his daughter show up. I will not go back on my word.”
The winter prince threw up his head. “But you made no promise to him if it was just me?”
Sieska was taken back. “Well, no I did not promise him that but won’t the princess be with you?”
He grinned. “No, she will not. My princess is already close to other side. I had to stay back to make sure she made it.”
“So, she got through and you can’t,” asked Keshar.
  He took a deep breath. “It wasn’t that simple. She used one of those death birds. Nothing will challenge that. She is supposed to send the death bird to a certain point on the other side of the high queen’s forest to take me to our rendezvous. Then we will be gone.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “I’m not too comfortable with this information. I should be telling her father about what you are doing.”
His eyes went wide and she could see a plea in them to help them. But she had given her word. Sieska would not go back on it.
Keshar suddenly whirled around and that drew Sieska’s attention. Behind them was one of the large fox felines. It’s long black and orange fur blew softly in the winter breeze. It peered down on them all. “I have come with a message. The fox feline king and queen has invited you both to their castle. I need an answer now.” His nose twitched when he spied the winter prince. His large head raised up a bit to look over at him. Sieska glanced at the winter prince. His face went very pale. Sieska knew that the fox feline would tell the king and queen who he saw.
“Tell the king and queen that we will be there,” said Sieska. He nodded and bowed slightly before lifting off the ground and taking off into the forest making the trees tremble.
They both looked at the winter prince who now appeared to be almost trembling. Keshar started to speak and Sieska could tell that by the tone in his voice that he see the desperation in the prince’s eyes as well.
“She has made a promise to the spring king but I have not.” Sieska threw him a look but he didn’t look back at her. “My forest cats and I will take you part way. Then you are on your own.”
The prince was relieved. “Thank you. We must leave now.”
Keshar let out a howl and his guard cats came crashing out of the forest to his side. “I will let you lead the way prince.” He nodded and turned.
 Keshar looked back at Sieska. “If anything goes wrong, one of my forest cats will come back and warn you.”
A sinking feeling came over Sieska. She did not like what he was doing. The spring king and the winter queen would bring war down on their forests if they found out what he did. Her forest would automatically be in danger because of her association with Keshar.
She watched them disappear into the forest.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016


Hello and hope spring has arrived where you live. It is slowly coming where I live. Today, since Easter is around the corner, I thought I would do a little Easter flash fiction. This one is quite short. Remember the continuing cat story underneath this. It has now become a serialized novel.
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and Happy Easter!!

The Sugar Bunny
It was that time of year again but this year was a bit different. The regular bunny couldn’t do the job this year.
They needed another bunny. It appeared to be almost hopeless.
 One of the other bunnies came forward and made a suggestion.
They all listened. “Why don’t we ask the sugar bunny?”
They all looked at one another. “The sugar bunny? Not sure if he can do the job.”
“Why not? He knows all about candy and children and even the decorated eggs.”
It was awhile before they said anything and then finally they all nodded. “The sugar bunny it is.”
The sugar bunny did not need any help or instructions. He knew what to do.
The next morning children were finding colored eggs and lots and lots of jellied eggs and jellied bunnies covered in sugar. The children were quite happy.
  “The sugar bunny certainly likes sugar,” said one bunny.
“That is why he is called the sugar bunny.”
They all laughed and thought they would ask him again next year.

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The Feline Snow Queen-Part 10

Hello! Here is the latest installment of the Feline Snow Queen. This I believe will now be a novel that I will continue to the end. Once it is done, I will put together and put it up for sale. It will disappear after it's up for sale. So, enjoy the story and Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 10

Keshar and his forest cats met Sieska in the forest. “Well, how did it go?”
Sieska let out a huff. “The high queen can be very maddening. You will never guess what she did.” Keshar let out a low a low growl. Seiska shook her head. “She invited the fox feline’s queen over for tea.”
His eyes went wide. “She did what? Why? What she up to?”
“She wants us all to take alliance with the fox felines for protection. She thinks they will look after us all and we won’t have any more enemies. The faerie situation would then go away. At least that is what she thinks.”
Now Keshar shook his head. “I can only imagine what the fox feline’s reaction to this was. Does the high queen know these fox felines very well?” He shook his head again. “She has no idea what she is getting herself into. They will protect you all right but at a price. Wait till she finds that out.”
Sieska bent her ears back. “Come, walk back with me to the castle and you can tell me more about this. I would like to know more about the fox felines and what possible threat they might be. We could have a bigger problem than the faeries.”
When they got back to the castle, one of Sieska’s forest cats, Orange Tail, greeted them. Sieska knew by his intense green eyes that he had a message.
“What do you have to tell us Orange Tail?”
“We received a message from the spring court. They say their princess has once again ran away and to let them know if she shows up here again.”
Keshar looked over at Sieska. “That was fast. She didn’t waste any time getting away again. I wonder if she went to him this time.”
Sieska nodded. “I also wonder if she took her friend Siena with her. I guess we will find out.” She looked at Orange Tail. “If you see either one of them, tell me or bring them to me.”
Orange Tail nodded and took off into the forest.
Sieska and Keshar went inside and went into one of the rooms that Sieska liked to lounge and relax in. She needed it after the tea party that she just attended. The servant cats had two big cushions fluffed up ready for both of them. Sieska flopped down on hers and rested her head on the pillow for a while.
Keshar made himself comfortable while keeping a careful watch on her. “I should have come with you today.”
" Shae would have thrown you out. This was a queen’s party according to Shae.”
Keshar sighed. “I would have changed that in a hurry. I would have like to have met his queen. What was she like?”
“Pleasant enough and very formal. She’s a feline that doesn’t give any clues to who she really is. You have to figure her out.”
“I see,” said Keshar. “So, maybe she was putting on an act for you all while hiding who she really is?”
“Not sure but I think she was pretty much being herself. I think it was curiosity of the high queen that brought her to the party.”
“I guess she wanted to check out this high queen. See if she was any threat.”
“Yes, I think you're right. Her name was Catar and she will no doubt fill in her mate as to what she found, including what she thought of me.”
Keshar raised his eyebrows at her. “Did you give her any concern?”
Sieska let out a huff. “I don’t care. I think she knows I do not want to be under their rule and I’m sure she will convey that to her mate. What they will do with that information is up to them.”
“It will be interesting then.”
The servant cats brought them some fresh cream and tuna. Keshar wasn’t long going for the fish. Sieska couldn’t hold off either. She went for the tuna too. That made her feel better. She looked over at Keshar who was enjoying his cream. “Do you think the spring faerie and her friend Siena will show up here again?”
He stopped lapping up his cream and looked at her. Cream dripped off his chin until he ran his tongue along his bottom lip. “What do you want to do about it if they do show up?”
Noise erupted outside the door and soon a cool air rushed into the room. The spring king marched into the room and Sieska could see he was nothing but a storm waiting to unleash its worst.
Sieska stood up on her cushion. The spring king looked at both of them and then at Sieska. “Where is she?” he demanded through gritted teeth.
“I have not seen her as of yet. I thought the message that you sent was to let you know if we did see her. Not come in here demandimg know where I have hid her or something. I assure you I will let you know if I see her. Now get out!”
“How dare you…
The cats surrounded him and he suddenly had nowhere to turn. “Get these beasts away from me!” “They will escort you out of my territory and then they will be away from you. I will only say it one more time…
The air in the room turned to ice. Frost slithered across the floor. The cats jumped and so did the spring king. In front of them a whirl of snow appeared and outstepped the winter queen. She was another storm about to erupt.
Sieska growled and so did Keshar. She glared at them with her dark navy eyes. “Hush up you fur beasts.” She turned her attention to the spring king and pointed at him with her long white claw. “This is your fault. My son was supposed to be married to another and now he has disappeared with that harlot of yours.”
The spring king formed fists at his side. “I will not be insulted like that.” He threw out his magic at her with his hand and it knocked her down.
Both Keshar and Sieska looked at each other. “You are going to have a battle in this room if we don’t do something.”
“This would be the time then to show me some of this special magic you possess.”
Keshar jumped off his cushion and faced them both. He raised his right paw and a blue glow erupted. That made the room go dead silent. The spring king and winter queen stared at the blue glow.
“You will both leave and take your fight to your own territory. We will not have a war break out in front of us.”
The winter queen was about to say something when Keshar silenced her. She grabbed her throat and looked at him with eyes wide. The navy in them had drained now leaving her with winter blue eyes. “The cats will escort you out of this forest. Leave now.” The cats were by them now waiting for them to leave.
They both looked around themselves as they looked at the cats. They didn’t know what to do. Sieska watched them and Keshar with his blue glow in his paw. She wondered what magic it possessed. She intently watched.
For a moment it looked like the spring king was going to challenge Keshar but he changed his mind as he spoke. “Fine, she is not here but if she shows up, I demand that you let me know.”
The cats went aside to let him through. He carefully went between them and walked out with an escort of Keshar’s cats. The winter queen however stayed put. She never took her eyes off of the blue glow. Sieska wondered if she knew what power that blue glow held. She stayed put on her cushion waiting for her to make any move at all. Sieska was ready.
The queen gave her whole body a slight shake. Frost fell to the floor melting a pool of water around her. “I will leave.” She smiled then. “There is no need for any of that kind of magic,” she purred.
 “I will leave quietly.” She turned up her nose at the cats. “I don’t need an escort. I give my word that I will cause no trouble.” Without waiting for a response from either one of them, she turned around and left.
Keshar let his paw drop and the glow was gone. Sieska stepped off of her cushion and went up beside him. She was looking down at his paw. “What is that blue glow and why did it scare them both?”
He looked at her with his gold eyes. “They recognized it as ancient magic and knew the power it held. They were smart to walk away.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “You will have to tell me what this ancient magic is. Come, sit and we will have some more cream and tuna while you tell me all about it.”
Keshar grinned. “I would be glad to.”

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Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hello everyone. Today I have a quirky piece. I hope you enjoy. Underneath this is the continuing story of the feline snow queen. Happy Reading!

Flash Fiction
Forever Valentine
So, I got this idea. It was fun and flirty.
I set up a table outside near the apple tree. If I timed it right, the tree would be in bloom.
I grabbed the small rusted old table that mother had shoved in the shed. It wobbled a bit but it would work.
I had some fabric with hearts on it from a craft project. It wasn’t a perfect square as one end was cut funny from the craft project. It would do.
I picked some flowers out of mother’s garden and found one of her old chipped vases. I didn’t want to use any of her good ones as it might fall off the wobbly table and break.
Next, I got brave and baked some sugar cookies in the shape of hearts. Some of them have a few burnt edges.
I decorated them not bad though. I think you will like them anyway.
There was some plastic plates in the cupboard with hearts on them. That would be perfect for the cookies.
In the back of the cupboard there were two matching plastic mugs. That was perfect for the wobbly table.
Everything was in order. All we needed was the apple tree to bloom at the right time and of course you.
It was a nice warm spring day and the tree had half of its blooms out. Better than nothing.
I invited you over and when you saw everything, you laughed. I like the way you laugh. It makes me laugh.
I sat you down and poured white wine in your plastic mug. You looked at me. “Wine and sugar cookies?”
I shrugged. “I think it will taste alright.” I offered you a cookie.
I made sure the burnt ones were on my side, so you got the good ones.
We had our wine and cookies under the half bloomed apple tree and talked.
You said that you were quite happy in life right now and I smiled at you. You smiled back and I know I caught a bit of blush in your cheeks.
You got up and took out your iPhone and selected some music. You offered me your hand and we danced under the half bloomed apple tree.
Nothing fell off the wobbly table.

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Hello and hope everyone is fine. Here is the latest installment of the feline snow queen. Enjoy and Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 9

The fox feline king came forward to greet them. He stood a good two above them. His bright orange and black steaks in his fur shone in the snow’s light. He looked down at the two of them with his bright gold eyes. “I come to greet you in a peaceful manner. Word has come to me that the faerie courts are in turmoil. I have come to you snow queen to find out what is going on.”
His gold eyes transfixed on Sieska. She padded a little forward. “Yes, the courts are at odds once again but are not at war-yet. I have forbid the winter court from entering my forest.”
The fox feline king’s ears twitched forward. He eyed Keshar for the first time. “Is this cat apart of your clan?”
Sieska glanced at Keshar who was eyeing the king attentively. “No, but he lives in the forest next to mine. He rules that forest.” The fox feline sniffed and huffed out leaving his breath hovering in the air between them. He never responded as he turned his attention back to Sieska.
“What about the high queen?”
She tilted her head slightly at him. “What about the high queen? Have you had contact with her?” She waited in anticipation for his answer.
“Yes, she has seen us.” His nose twitched as he narrowed his gaze on Sieska. “Do you have an alliance with her?”
Sieska didn’t know how to answer as she knew what he was fishing for. He wanted to know what side she had chosen. “Any alliance I have with her was forced upon me by the winter court. The high queen and I are at a standstill at this moment.”
His gold eyes widened slightly trying to interpret what that meant. The king did not ask anymore. His pointy ears came forward again. “I want to help end this disruption in the forests.”
Sieska didn’t know what to make of this announcement and when she looked over at Keshar, she knew he didn’t either. Keshar came up beside her and spoke for the first time. “If I may say something. I would like to know how you would like to help in this situation.”
The king’s ears almost folded back but he stopped. “As you know we are a powerful clan and have great clout in this part of the world. Very few challenge us. Even the faerie courts don’t get involved with us. If we speak up, maybe this issue will be resolved.”
Keshar and Sieska shared a look. Sieska took a deep breath. “I’m not sure what you have in mind but I do not want any bloodshed in this forest.”
A small grin formed across his lips. “Oh let me assure you. Those who know of us don’t want blood shed either. They listen and obey.”
That still didn’t make Sieska feel any better. “Perhaps if you stayed in the background and was there for support and the rest knew it?”
He looked at her puzzled. “Stay in the background?”
Keshar cleared his throat. “Yeah, you know, like backup?”
The fox feline let out a huff. Sieska and Keshar wasn’t too sure if that was a laugh or what.
 “I suppose that would be a start. I’ll agree to that but if it doesn’t work, then we will step forward and take the necessary action to restore order.”
That sent the hair on the back of her neck standing. But she didn’t’ say anything. All she hoped was that when the rest heard, then they would resolve their differences. But she knew that the faerie courts were complicated. Nothing was simple with them.
They made an agreement to meet in Sieska’s castle in a few days. The fox feline told them that he would put the word out and that the courts would know. Sieska could almost hear the screams from the high queen and the winter queen. They would not agree to it but given that it was the fox feline king? She shook her fur out, shaking any anxiety out as to what might happen.
Two nervous days passed when she got word that the high queen wanted to meet with her at her castle. That made Sieska nervous. But she agreed. Extra guard cats went with her and some of Keshars’ cats went as well. Keshar insisted as he thought it might be a trap. He would be on standby with backup if she needed it. That made her actually feel better. When they arrived, there were three of the high queen’s guard cats waiting. They didn’t say anything, just nodded and turned and walked back. Sieska’s guard cats looked at her. She nodded and she followed them into the high queen’s castle keeping herself on high alert. Her guard cats were sniffing constantly and ears perked for any danger. They were led inside and went down a grey stone tiled hallway.
Large double doors greeted them at the end of the hallway. Two large guard cats sat outside. They stood at attention when they got close. The guard cats that had greeted them first nodded to the other two who were standing guard. They nudged the door opened with their large heads. The doors then silently opened. They all walked in.
Shae was sitting on a large cushioned chair looking very regal. Her black and white fur was brushed to a shine. There was a servant cat on either side of her. She grinned as they got close. The two cats that led them separated and went to the side. Sieska’s cats still stood in front of her-ready for anything.
“Come Sieska, you don’t have to fear an attack here. I’m not going to harm you my queen in any way. I invited you for a talk and that is exactly what we are going to do.”
Sieska let out an uneasy breath. “Well, I’m sure you can understand my apprehension. The last time we talked, was not favorable.”
Shae’s ears flattened slightly. Then she threw her head back in a light mock laugh. “Oh my dear Sieska, you know sometimes I can be a bit of a drama queen.”
Sieska sighed. “Yes, I know.”
Shae frowned slightly but quickly hid her discontent with a smile. “Yes well. As I’m sure you have heard, a certain feline fox king has made himself known. The brute rogue is asking that all this trouble with the faeries be settled. As if I can wave my paw and all will be well in the courts. Those barbaric creatures are always fighting. Doesn’t he know that?”
“Did you go and speak to him-perhaps for an alliance? Maybe that is why he is here in the first place?”
She almost spit. “I would never go there on purpose. That would be suicide.”
"But you are not denying that you did try to form an alliance with him?”
Her ears bent back. “I invited you here to have a civil talk. Not to accuse me of things.”
Sieska rolled her eyes. “Fine, then let’s talk, shall we?”
Shae smiled then and her green eyes sparkled. She silently leaped down off of her chair. “Come over here. I have bowls of cream and fresh fish for us. Sit over on those cushions.”
Sieska eyed them up. They were very nice but not as comfy as hers. Both cats sat down and two servant cats served them their cream and fish. Sieska watched her. One of her guard cats sniffed the cream and fish.
Shae frowned and let out a low growl at Sieska’s guard cat. “It is completely safe you twit. I would not poison the snow queen!”
Sieska nodded to her guard cat and took some licks of the cream. “Very nice.”
That replaced the growl from Shae with a purr. “Of course it’s very nice.”
They both enjoyed their cream and fish. The servants took their bowls away. Shae was washing her paws when she looked at Sieska. “So, what are we going to do about this situation?”
Sieska eyed her carefully. “I’m not sure. What ideas did you have in mind?”
That appeared to be what she was waiting for. Shae’s eyes went wide and glimmered. “I think our forests should form an alliance with them. They could protect us and we wouldn’t have to do anything. They could go in and wipe those horrible creatures out. Nobody would miss them anyway. Good riddance to the lot of them! What do you think?”
“I don’t think that would really be fair. They have been here longer than us and this is as much their home as it is ours. I’ll tell you what I told him. I do not want bloodshed in my forest.”
Shae licked her paw a few more times as if thinking about what she had just said. As she spit out something, she shook her head. “I think my idea is better. They don’t care about who was here first or show any respect for home. They want the power to rule all of us. I will not take orders from some low life faerie creature. Think about it my snow queen.”
As she was about to respond, the large doors opened and in came a large fox feline. It wasn’t the king but it was someone who held high authority. Sieska stared at the fox feline as they approached them. Their bright orange fur shone and black paws padded silently toward them. The eyes were more foxlike than cat. Her velvety black tipped ears bent forward as she stopped in front of them. “Welcome my queen. Come sit beside me. I want you to meet Sieska, our feline snow queen. I’m sure you’ve heard all about her.”
The fox feline eyed Sieska and gave her a friendly nod. Sieska did the same. She sat down beside Shae on one of the cushier cushions. Sieska made note of that.
“I want you to meet Catar. She is the fox feline king’s mate.”
Sieska nodded. “Please to meet you.”
She smiled. “I have heard some things about you snow queen. They all have been positive.”
Shae was almost bouncing around. “See, isn’t this the way it should be my queens? Three queens haveing a gathering and discussing anything they want.”
Sieska frowned at her but Shae paid her no attention. “We should do this more often,” purred Shae. Sieska glanced over at the Fox feline queen who also was carefully eyeing the high queen. Sieska was guessing that she was trying to figure out what she was really up to. Sieska had a few ideas but didn’t voice them.
Shae leaned over and looked from one to the other. “So, what do you say we form an alliance and let our dear friends the fox feline’s deal with the faerie courts?”
Before Sieska could argue with her, the doors opened again. This time another fox feline was coming in. He was huge and he wasn’t the king. He had a tabby coat with long tufts on his ears. His eyes were a brilliant gold. He came up beside the fox feline queen. She smiled up at him. “It is time to go my queen.”
Catar got up and looked back at her hostess. "I agree that we should all get together again. I think this will be a wonderful alliance for us. Having more cats underneath us is always welcome.”
That last statement made Sieska’s fur stand on end. Shae just purred. “Of course, we can get together again real soon.”
She turned and left with the tabby fox feline and when the doors closed, they echoed in the room. Sieska glared at Shae.
“What?” Shae rolled her eyes. “Now who is being a drama queen?”
It was all Sieska could do, to refrain from leaping at her.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016


Good day everyone! Today we have a frosty flash fiction that I hope you enjoy. Also remember the next installment to the short story below this. Happy reading! 




The air was so crisp and pure, and I knew there was only one who could do that.

He had been here in the very early morning just as the light of day was beginning.

I went out to the garden and I saw his work. The poor flowers bowed with his touch. They always do.

I kneeled down to one and touched it with my fingertip. The frost broke off as fragile as delicate glass. Yet it had great power. When his frosty finger touches them they are at his mercy.

Still, they look beautiful in the morning light and when the sun kisses them with the warmth, his frosty touch will disappear and once again they will raise their floral heads and nod to the sun.

But this morning there was more. Over by the small yellow sunflowers, that stood their own next to the tall ones that now bowed to the sun was a presence.

I could not see anyone there but something told me that I was not alone in the garden.

Out of curiosity I wondered over to the sunflowers. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched even though there was no one around.

One of the buds of the small sunflower was hanging low with frost. I kneeled down to it and cupped it with my fingers. The coldness of the frost chilled my hand and soon from the warm of my hand, the frost had melted.

Then I looked up and the silver eyes smiled at me.

It was strange but I still felt like I was alone. A trick of his?

He touched the flower again with his pale finger that looked so delicate and the frost once again encased the bud.

It was magical and my eyes widened. He smiled and was delighted that he had amazed me.

The sun now was getting higher in the sky and he felt it. As quick as a wink, I felt this coldness on my cheek. I knew my cheek was red.

I caught my breath and I tried to say something but he was gone.

The bud that he had touched was thawed out and had opened.

I picked it.

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Hello everyone! Here is the next installment of the story. I hope you enjoy.
The Feline Snow Queen
Part 8

Sieska had gotten word that Keshar was resting comfortably. She now had to prepare for the spring kings arrival. Sieska only hoped that he wouldn't bring an army with him to take back his daughter. The last thing she needed was to get involved with a war with the spring king.
The forest cats were on guard for his arrival and when they got near they were to report to her to let her know how many he was traveling with. In the mean time she went over what she was going to say to the king when he arrived. She would be gracious to him, hoping that would make things go over smoother. Sieska was about to go to leave her room and start her way to where she was going to meet him when one of her forest cats came bounding in.
It was scrapper. "What have you found out?"
"He's in the forest now and he has an entourage of five with him. Two are guards and I believe one could be his queen? They ride those faerie horses with wings." His nose screwed up as if he could smell them.
 Sieska nodded. "Good. It looks like he's not here to start a war anyway. I'll take it as a good sign. I'll be downstairs in the room waiting for him. Bring him right away." Scrapper nodded and went bounding back out.
She padded quietly out of her room and decided to ask one of the servant cats to bring refreshments for their guests. Noises from the foyer drew her attention. Some loud voices echoed in the entrance to the castle. Sieska quickly padded to where all the fuss was. When she got there, she saw one of her guard cats standing firm in front of the spring King. A female was standing behind him and all she was doing was trying to stay away from all the cats. It was like she was scared of them.
The spring King soon spotted her. "Finally, now you can call off your feral felines." The guard cat let out a low growl.
"That is all for now." The guard cat backed away but not before giving the king one last scowl. The spring King just smirked.
"Welcome to my castle. Come into the room where refreshments wait for us." She looked at the female behind him who was still eyeing up all the cats.
"This is your queen?"
He didn't even glance back at her. "Yes, this is my queen and you will have to forgive her. She doesn't like cats. She thinks they are evil and made of dark magic."
Sieska raised an eyebrow. "Well, maybe I can convince her that we are not all evil and made of dark magic. Follow me." They all went into the study and were sat down. They were offered drinks. The queen wouldn't touch hers but he did take a drink. "So, you have my daughter and her companion. I will take them back today with me. I thank you for letting them stay here safe and sound. I will show you my gratitude once again."
Sieska didn't know why but she got the feeling that maybe what he was saying was all lies. He would not really give her any thanks and she was okay with that if it meant that they stayed out of her forest. "Your daughter does not want to go back at this time. I will let you two talk this over and if she still doesn't want to go home, she can stay here for a couple of more days to figure something out."
He grinned as he took another sip. "That won't be necessary. My queen and I will be taking her home today. All you have to do is bring her here." The spring queen never took her eyes off of Sieska. She knew that the spring queen didn't trust her.
"Fine, I will have her sent down here so you both can talk to her. Siena will probably be with her." They both nodded.
Siena came in first and bowed to both of them. Their princess wasn’t coming in right away and it wasn't until Siena went back and nudged her into the room that they saw her. They both stood up and Sieska could tell that her mother wanted to rush over to her but held herself back when she saw the face her daughter was making. She was not happy to be in the same room with her parents. She stood there with her arms crossed tightly with a frown that almost hit the floor.
"My dear princess, you had your mother worried. You don't want to stress her by running away all the time do you?"
The princess looked over at her mother but didn't waver. She looked back at her father and with determination she marched up to him and looked right up at him. "I will not go home with you. I have said over and over that I love him. He loves me."
The spring king sighed. "My darling. You know nothing of how love works for us. You do not get to choose." His eyes drifted over to his wife who quickly looked away. "You have to marry someone from our own court. Not from the winter court. We do not mix our courts together. It's just not done." She defied him all the more. "I don't care about your stuffy rules. We love each other and if we have to we will go into exile far away from here."
The spring queen let out a little gasp. The spring King frowned and Sieska could tell that he was losing his patience. He took a deep breath. "There will be no more talk of taking off and living in exile in some unsafe place where you could be killed. It's not going to happen. The winter queen for your information dear has already made arrangement for her prince to marry someone from their winter court. They are set to be married this day." He smiled down at her as her expression soon dissolved into disbelief. Her eyes went wide at the news. "You are lying. I do not believe you." Sieska wanted to say something but she held her tongue. She knew the spring King was playing games with his daughter. She did not know if what he was saying was lies or not and she didn't really care. She just wanted them all out of her castle.
Siena had been staying in the back ground taking it all in. Her white tufted ears were drooping and she looked sad at them fighting. Sieska felt a bit sorry for her.
 One of her forest cats stood outside the door. Sieska went to them. "There is trouble outside."
Sieska looked back at them and then back at her cat. "Take me to the trouble."
She was led out to the front of her castle where there was a disagreement going on. It was one of her guard cats facing off with one of the spring faeries that came with them. It looked a bit like Siena in some ways. This cat like creature had small wings and it towered over her forest cats. It made her feel uncomfortable. When she approached the spring creature stood attention. Its feral eyes met hers.
"Is there a problem here?" It shook its head and let out a huff. "The only problem here is your aggressive guard cat."
  "My guard cats only get aggressive when they are challenged."
It threw up its head at her. "Are you accusing me of...?
"Stop it." They all turned to see Siena padding towards them. She went right up to the spring creature. "Are you not supposed to be back there keeping guard on the border?"
It eyed her carefully. "I was not posted there. I was told to stay in the court in case I was needed."
She sighed and looked over at Sieska. "I'm sorry for his trouble. Sometimes, Karia can be aggressive without even trying."
He let out another huff. Siena glared at him and that silenced him. He backed up with his tale dragging behind him as he went back to the others.
Sieska looked over at Siena. "I thank you for that."
"Your welcome." Her ears were still a bit drooping.
"I'm sure your princess will be fine. If the winter prince is really getting married, then maybe this will be over."
Siena bit her lip as her ears came forward. "My princess is quite stubborn. She won't take her father's word that this is true. She will have to see it for herself."
Before she could respond the king and queen were coming toward them with their daughter walking behind them. Sieska could tell that she looked crushed. Siena padded over to her and rubbed up against her. The princess stopped and hugged her friend.
Karia came forward and greeted them. "Take my queen back to her horse and help her get on. We are all leaving to go back home." Karia smiled.
The spring King looked down at Sieska. "I thank you again for keeping my daughter and Siena safe." Sieska nodded. "Have a safe journey home."
Sieska watched them all get on the horses with wings and take off up into the sky. They just got away when one of Keshar's cat came up to her. " Keshar would like to see you."
"Is he alright?"
"Oh yes, but he has news for you and wants to tell you in person."
"I'll be right there." Along with her own forest cats and a few of his they soon arrived at his forest. Keshar met them in a clearing. He looked the same and didn't look too injured anymore thought Sieska. "You have some news for me?"
"I do indeed. Our dear friend Shae has been up to lots of things."
"What has she done now?"
"She has formed an alliance with another band of cats who live in another forest situated in the mountains. They are the of fox felines."
"Why would they form an alliance with her?"
"I'm sure she offered them something valuable. I have an idea what that is."
"Oh? What is it that you think she offered them?"
"Access through her forest into ours. They are large animals and can take on our toughest cats with no problem. I don't' even like to do battle with them."
"What does she get out of this?"
"I do not know, but it will be something worthy I'm sure. How did your meeting with the spring King go?"
"They all just left. The king told his daughter that the winter prince was getting married today. The princess didn't believe him."
"Hmm, I wonder if Shae has something to do with this."
"I don't know what is going on but I now do not want any faeries of any kind in this forest. Their court politics is something I can live without."
“I agree but what about the fox felines? We don't need them here either."
"Yes, I don't want them either. Maybe we should pay Shae our high queen a visit and get to the bottom of what she is doing."
"She won't tell us nothing. That would be a wasted trip. I could send spies in to find out."
Sieska shook her head. "No, we will give it a day or two to see what happens. I have this feeling I have not seen the last of the spring princess and her companion Siena."
Keshar eyed her carefully. "What are you suggesting?"
"I think there is more alliances going on behind our backs than we know about. If the spring princess comes back. I will use her to get information on what she knows. Her companion Siena will certainly know as well."
Keshar grinned. "I want to be there if they show up. I have some questions as well."
Some of Keshar's cats came bounding out of the forest. Both Sieska and Keshar turned to them. "What have you found," asked Keshar. The cats both looked at one another. "We saw large felines coming this way and they had someone with them."
Keshar let out a breath. "Did you see who it was that was with them?"
"The fox feline King."
Keshar looked over at Sieska. "The king himself is going to pay us a visit." He looked at the cats. "Did he have a lot of fox felines with him?"
They both shook their head. "No, but enough to challenge us."
Sieska looked over at her cats." Gather everybody up and be prepared for anything."
They all took off. So did Keshar's cats. Keshar walked beside her. "Do you want to greet them with me?"
She smirked. "Since we have an alliance, I guess we are in this together."
"Don't worry. You will be safe. I have my magic to keep us safe."
She tilted her head slightly at him. "I'm still curious about this special magic you have."
His nose twitched. "Well, maybe I will get to show you some of it today when we meet our fox felines."
Sieska let out an uneasy breath. "Does that mean you anticipate trouble?"
"One never knows." They both walked a little farther when the scent hit them both. They looked at each other.
Their company had arrived.

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Thursday, 3 March 2016


Hi and today I have a favorite subject of mine-faerie. Hope you enjoy and if you want to throw me some tea money on the way out-thank you. Have a great weekend! 

Poppy Dreams

  I had a vivid dream.
The world was all white and soft. Off in the distance I could see something.
Whatever or whoever, was coming towards me and I could not move.
I remember feeling a bit scared but as they got closer, their smile eased my fears.
They had something in their hand and it was the color of red. It looked very delicate.
Now they were standing right in front of me. Their features were soft like the white world around us. I looked into the most beautiful chestnut brown eyes. The ears stuck out of their hair that appeared to be as soft as the thistle down that floated lazily in the air around us.
It was a poppy that was in their hand and they handed it to me.
I took it and the petals were almost translucent.
Suddenly, the dandelion fluff whirled around us in a flurry. When it stopped they were gone and I was left standing there with a poppy in my hand.
I woke then and sat up. When I flopped back down I noticed something by my head on the pillow.
I picked it up and it was a red poppy.

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Hello everyone! Here is the next installment of the feline Snow queen. Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 7

It had been way too quiet for Sieska’s comfort. Keshar had not even been around. Her forest cats had seen some of his cats in the forest but they wouldn’t tell them anything. She decided to go out herself with some of her forest cat guards and at least circle around the area of the forest that touched on the spring faerie hill and Keshar’s forest.
She sniffed the air for anything and her forest cats sniffed through the snow looking for clues. The trees above them started to shake. They all looked up and saw one of Keshar’s cats in the trees. He had spied them and was coming down to them. Sieska’s forest cats went to greet him. They all came bounding back to her.
The black cat with orange and white on him stood before her. “There is trouble in the forest right now. I would be careful. Some the winter trolls have been attacking.
Sieska’s eyes went wide. “I thought the winter queen promised to keep her trolls out.”
“These are trolls that have alliance with the winter prince. They must have escaped that day they were at the high queen’s castle.”
“I see, I wonder if the high queen has had any attacks.”
The cat shook his head. “We are not sure but they have been around the border. We smelled them.” “Where is Keshar? I have not heard from him in a while.”
“He’s been busy keeping tabs on the border and sending out cats further to hear of any news on the faerie side.”
Sieska eyed her forest around her watching for anything. Then she called out to her cats and they came bounding back to her sending snow up into the air. They stood in front of her. “We will go back to the castle.”
She looked at Keshar’s cat. “Get him to contact me when he gets back with any news.”
 He nodded and bowed. Then bounded back to the forest disappearing.
They were near the castle when out of the bushes came a group of winter trolls. Sieska knew one of them. He was the one who wanted permission to go through her forest. Her forest cats stood guard behind her, ready for anything.
The old troll came forward with caution keeping his eyes on the cats. His eyes glimmered in the winter light. A small warm smiled formed across his lips. “My snow queen. I am honored to be in your presence.”
“What are you doing here in my forest? As you know the winter faeries and you are to be staying to your own territory.”
He tilted his head slightly at her. “I had heard that you were not in agreement with this and that you would still let us into your fine forest.”
She sighed. “I was forced into this and am holding judgement right now. After what happened, I will admit I am not comfortable with the winter faeries or the winter trolls.”
He backed up slightly casting his eyes down. He wrung his hands for a moment before looking back up at her. “Yes, I can understand your situation but I was hoping for a little lenience and perhaps letting us through to the other side?” His large marble glass eyes held hope.
Sieska tilted her head slightly at the troll and eyed him carefully. “I’ll let you through if you give me favor.”
The word favor made him almost wince. He wrung his hands once more. “What would you be asking my snow queen?”
Sieska held her head up high and looked down at him. “You will find out what the winter faeries are up to. Report back to me when you find something.” She smirked. “Unless you know everything already?”
His ear flattened and she could pick up a vibe off of him that told her he did indeed know some things. He looked back at the others and one quickly shook his head. The little troll quickly turned back to her and offered her a small smile. “Well, this is an interesting situation and I’m sure you understand that this puts us in an awkward position. We don’t usually spy on troll or winter faerie business. It’s most untrusting you see. If caught, it good mean severe punishment.”
Sieska padded over closer to him making a few of the ones behind him catch their breath. She looked at them. “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. But I must insist on knowing what ever information that you do have. This is my forest to protect and I will do what I have to. I’m sure you understand that.”
They all looked at one another and then one whispered into the head trolls ear something. The way his face screwed up it appeared he didn’t like the suggestion. Then the other troll whispered something in his ear and that one appeared to be more agreeable. He turned to her and his marble eyes gleamed in the winter light. “We will tell you what we can my snow queen. I’m sure this bit of information will satisfy you and still keep us safe.”
“All right, tell me what you know.”
  “This means safe passage for us?”
Sieska sighed. “Yes, for today you have safe passage. Other days will depend on what news you have.”
He took a deep breath. “We have heard that the winter prince’s love, the spring king’s daughter has ran away with him. The winter queen of course is not happy of course. There is much feuding going on right now with the spring king and herself. The trolls of course have been caught in the middle and wish not to pick a side. Even the winter trolls that side with the winter queen and the winter prince are on edge. They do not want war.”
“Do you know where the winter prince and the spring princess have ran off to?”
They all shook their head. “We do not have any idea of where they are my snow queen.”
She felt that he was not forthcoming on this bit but decided to let it go for now.
“Very well, you may pass through and be aware that not only my forest cats will keep an eye out for you but Keshar’s cats are out there as well”
He nodded and with a relieved look on the other two, they quickly moved on their way. Sieska watched them disappear into the forest. She knew they were not telling her everything but maybe with a little more push they would become more forthcoming of any information. The forest cats led the way back to the castle. When she got near she could see Keshar’s cats ahead and it appeared they were looking at something. Her own forest cats were sniffing the air. Sieska sniffed too. It was a mix of spring smells and a winter ice.
She picked up her pace and padded toward Keshar’s cats. She thought he might be there as well. But when they got there, it was something else. It was in the shape of a ball. The cats didn’t know what to make of it. They were just watching it. They parted to make room for Sieska who went up to it and sniffed it. “You are safe here and no one will hurt you. I give you my word.”
It slowly started to unfurl and a set of large blue eyes peered through a bushy white blue tipped tail. A couple of sharp pointy ears popped up and soon the whole head was up. Two large blue eyes looked clearly up at Sieska. “Thank you,” it murmured.
It now stood before her. It wasn’t much smaller than Sieska. Its white fur had streaks of blue and grey spots similar to a cheetah but the hair was long like the bushy tail. “Where did you come from?” “From the spring court. My name is Siena. I live with the spring kings daughter. She is missing now and I was trying to find her. Her scent led me here.”
Sieska’s eyes went wide. “Her scent led you here? She looked back the cats. “Go and see what you can find.” They all took off into the forest. Only a few guard cats stayed by her side.
  “Did the spring king send you?” Siena shook her head. “No, I went on my own. He is busy right now with that retched winter queen.” Siena frowned. “She needs to be put in her place.”
Sieska could feel by the tone of her voice that she firmly held the same view as the spring king. “What do you know of that situation?”
Siena’s blue eyes shimmered. “I know if I don’t find the spring princess that my king will do what is necessary to get her back. And that won’t be pleasant for anybody.”
Sieska shuddered inside as she knew the spring king could be a cruel creature. A howl from the forest startled both of them. Siena bounded toward the howling cat and Sieska was right behind her. There was something up in the tree. Sieska knew who it was before they even got there.
Siena ran to the tree and leaped up and grabbed onto one of the limbs. She was soon beside the spring princess. Her blue eyes narrowed down on the cats and then over to Sieska. “Call off the cats.”
They all looked over at her. Sieska took a deep breath and nodded. They backed off and came up beside and behind her. Sieska looked up at the two of them. The spring princess looked a bit a ragged. She looked at her directly. “Where is the winter prince?”
The spring princess gave her a blank look. She knew right then that she was not going to give her any useful information. So, she looked over at Siena. “You have her now and may be on your way back to your own side. We will not give you any trouble.”
Siena looked over at the spring princess. She only crossed her arms like a stubborn child. Sieska came closer to the tree so she could talk right directly to her. “You cannot stay here. I do not want war with your father. We all know how he tends to war.”
 She blinked a couple of times and then sniffled. “I don’t want to go back. You should let me stay here for a while. Father doesn’t seem to mind you. I and Siena will be no trouble.”
Sieska let out a huff. “I beg to differ on that. You will bring me a great deal of trouble if your father finds out that I have been harboring you. He will think I am in some alliance with the winter queen. I will not have that.”
Her pale blue eyes stared down at Sieska with a plea to listen. “Please, I cannot go back right now. Father does not understand about me and the winter prince. You have to help me.”
Sieska did not want to be involved with this but was now dragged into it. "You and Siena can stay here under one condition. You have to tell your father where you are. If he allows you to stay, then you can stay for a time period. Is that understood?” She didn’t answer until Siena nudged her. “Alright,” she blurted out. “But if he demands that I come back. I will flee and this time I will be going far from here.”
Sieska nodded. “I’ll agree to that. You can come down now and we will arrange for your father to come to talk to you.”
They both silently landed on the snow. They followed her and the cats back to the castle. She wasn’t looking forward to this little confrontation with the king but there was no choice in the matter. She did not want to start a war with him. She was hoping Keshar would have been back now with information.
The servant cats led Siena and the spring princess to their own room. She gave them orders to give them food and such. She would see to it that they were comfortable at least. She didn’t need to have the spring king think that his daughter was being mistreated in any way.
One of Keshar’s cats came bounding into the castle. She met him in the front entrance. He was panting heavily like he had ran a long ways. “What have you found?”
“We were attacked and Keshar has been injured. They are bringing him in now.”
"Who attacked? Was it the winter troll or faeries?”
“No, it was a spring faerie who wanted to get a message across. It said if we didn’t find that winter prince and deal with him, there would be a great deal of bloodshed in short order.”
Sieska’s insides fell.

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