Thursday, 31 March 2016


Hello and hope everyone is doing great. Today's flash fiction is about dreams. Hope you enjoy. Remember the next installment of the feline snow queen below if you are following. Have a great weekend. Happy reading! 
The Boat to Dreamland
It only went once a year. You never knew what day.
It had to be one of those warm evenings when there was no wind what so ever.
Everything had to be still and quiet.
The boat would show up and those that were brave enough to get on, would take a ride to what people called Dreamland.
There were lots that didn’t believe in such and called it ridiculous.
But others did not. I was one.
I believed because I talked to a girl who went on the boat. She told me of this mystical place and it was wonderful.
I made her tell me everything.
When I told my friend, she said that she was probably making it all up. There was no mystical place or dreamland.
So, I was on my own. I remembered asking her how I would know that it was the night the boat showed up.
She smiled at me. In a low voice she said, “You will just know. If you make a wish for it to show up, you will wake up knowing when to come.”
I was a bit skeptical at just wishing for it to show up and it would tell me. But I did anyway and when I woke up, the first thought that entered into my head was that tonight was the night the boat would show up. Every fibre in body vibrated and knew for sure.
I was very nervous as I approached the shore. I looked out and at first I saw nothing.
Disappointment washed over me and I felt kind of silly but then when I got closer, my breath caught. There was the boat.
I didn’t know what to do at first. I almost turned around but when I tried to do that, I was stopped by some invisible force.
The boat floated quietly to shore.
When I waded into the water, I was not along. There was a young man also waded into the water. We looked at each other.
He smiled. “You believe too.”
I nodded. “I guess so.”
“Well, I guess we will both go and find out.”
He helped me up into the boat. His dark brown eyes glimmered in the sunset.
I never asked his name and he never asked for mine.
So, we sat silently and let the boat take us out. There wasn’t a sound for miles and I was looking back at the shore that was getting smaller and smaller.
I felt a bit of panic rise in my chest to be out this far in the water in a small boat.
When I looked back at the fellow, he had this dreamy look to him like he was in another world.
I waved my hand in front of his face but his eyes never blinked.
I wondered what he saw. It was like he was under some trance. Is that what Dreamland was?
I didn’t see anything and now I was getting disappointed again. I guess I didn’t believe after all.
Time went faster that I thought or at least I thought it did.
When the boat drifted back to shore, I tapped the fellow on the shoulder. “It’s time for us to get off. The ride is over I guess.”
His brown eyes blinked. For a moment he looked confused.
“It’s time for us to get off,” I said again. This time he heard me.
 His face lit up. “It was wonderful. Dreamland is just as mystical as they say. Wouldn’t you say?”
I shrugged and got off and started to wade toward the shore.
When I looked back the fellow was just getting out and coming in. I waited for him for some reason. Maybe I wanted to know more about what he saw that I didn’t get to see.
I only turned for a moment but when I knew he was near, I turned to look at him to ask questions.
My eyes went wide. The fellow standing before me was much older.
“Where’s the young fellow?”
He shook his head. “There is no young fellow, just the two of us.”
I looked around and things didn’t appear to be the same as when we drifted out.
I suddenly looked at him. “How long where we away?”
He shrugged. “Time in dreamland can be a long time. It’s the price you pay for wishing to go on it.”
I ran back toward home and home was not the same. Nothing was the same.
My friend was not around anymore. I had no idea where she was.
I walked back to the shore where I had taken the boat but there was no boat and the man was gone. Now the breeze had picked up and blew my hair away from my face.
What had I done?  
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