Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hello everyone. Today I have a quirky piece. I hope you enjoy. Underneath this is the continuing story of the feline snow queen. Happy Reading!

Flash Fiction
Forever Valentine
So, I got this idea. It was fun and flirty.
I set up a table outside near the apple tree. If I timed it right, the tree would be in bloom.
I grabbed the small rusted old table that mother had shoved in the shed. It wobbled a bit but it would work.
I had some fabric with hearts on it from a craft project. It wasn’t a perfect square as one end was cut funny from the craft project. It would do.
I picked some flowers out of mother’s garden and found one of her old chipped vases. I didn’t want to use any of her good ones as it might fall off the wobbly table and break.
Next, I got brave and baked some sugar cookies in the shape of hearts. Some of them have a few burnt edges.
I decorated them not bad though. I think you will like them anyway.
There was some plastic plates in the cupboard with hearts on them. That would be perfect for the cookies.
In the back of the cupboard there were two matching plastic mugs. That was perfect for the wobbly table.
Everything was in order. All we needed was the apple tree to bloom at the right time and of course you.
It was a nice warm spring day and the tree had half of its blooms out. Better than nothing.
I invited you over and when you saw everything, you laughed. I like the way you laugh. It makes me laugh.
I sat you down and poured white wine in your plastic mug. You looked at me. “Wine and sugar cookies?”
I shrugged. “I think it will taste alright.” I offered you a cookie.
I made sure the burnt ones were on my side, so you got the good ones.
We had our wine and cookies under the half bloomed apple tree and talked.
You said that you were quite happy in life right now and I smiled at you. You smiled back and I know I caught a bit of blush in your cheeks.
You got up and took out your iPhone and selected some music. You offered me your hand and we danced under the half bloomed apple tree.
Nothing fell off the wobbly table.

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