Thursday, 10 March 2016


Good day everyone! Today we have a frosty flash fiction that I hope you enjoy. Also remember the next installment to the short story below this. Happy reading! 




The air was so crisp and pure, and I knew there was only one who could do that.

He had been here in the very early morning just as the light of day was beginning.

I went out to the garden and I saw his work. The poor flowers bowed with his touch. They always do.

I kneeled down to one and touched it with my fingertip. The frost broke off as fragile as delicate glass. Yet it had great power. When his frosty finger touches them they are at his mercy.

Still, they look beautiful in the morning light and when the sun kisses them with the warmth, his frosty touch will disappear and once again they will raise their floral heads and nod to the sun.

But this morning there was more. Over by the small yellow sunflowers, that stood their own next to the tall ones that now bowed to the sun was a presence.

I could not see anyone there but something told me that I was not alone in the garden.

Out of curiosity I wondered over to the sunflowers. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched even though there was no one around.

One of the buds of the small sunflower was hanging low with frost. I kneeled down to it and cupped it with my fingers. The coldness of the frost chilled my hand and soon from the warm of my hand, the frost had melted.

Then I looked up and the silver eyes smiled at me.

It was strange but I still felt like I was alone. A trick of his?

He touched the flower again with his pale finger that looked so delicate and the frost once again encased the bud.

It was magical and my eyes widened. He smiled and was delighted that he had amazed me.

The sun now was getting higher in the sky and he felt it. As quick as a wink, I felt this coldness on my cheek. I knew my cheek was red.

I caught my breath and I tried to say something but he was gone.

The bud that he had touched was thawed out and had opened.

I picked it.

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