Thursday, 3 March 2016


Hi and today I have a favorite subject of mine-faerie. Hope you enjoy and if you want to throw me some tea money on the way out-thank you. Have a great weekend! 

Poppy Dreams

  I had a vivid dream.
The world was all white and soft. Off in the distance I could see something.
Whatever or whoever, was coming towards me and I could not move.
I remember feeling a bit scared but as they got closer, their smile eased my fears.
They had something in their hand and it was the color of red. It looked very delicate.
Now they were standing right in front of me. Their features were soft like the white world around us. I looked into the most beautiful chestnut brown eyes. The ears stuck out of their hair that appeared to be as soft as the thistle down that floated lazily in the air around us.
It was a poppy that was in their hand and they handed it to me.
I took it and the petals were almost translucent.
Suddenly, the dandelion fluff whirled around us in a flurry. When it stopped they were gone and I was left standing there with a poppy in my hand.
I woke then and sat up. When I flopped back down I noticed something by my head on the pillow.
I picked it up and it was a red poppy.

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