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Hello and hope everyone is fine. Here is the latest installment of the feline snow queen. Enjoy and Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 9

The fox feline king came forward to greet them. He stood a good two above them. His bright orange and black steaks in his fur shone in the snow’s light. He looked down at the two of them with his bright gold eyes. “I come to greet you in a peaceful manner. Word has come to me that the faerie courts are in turmoil. I have come to you snow queen to find out what is going on.”
His gold eyes transfixed on Sieska. She padded a little forward. “Yes, the courts are at odds once again but are not at war-yet. I have forbid the winter court from entering my forest.”
The fox feline king’s ears twitched forward. He eyed Keshar for the first time. “Is this cat apart of your clan?”
Sieska glanced at Keshar who was eyeing the king attentively. “No, but he lives in the forest next to mine. He rules that forest.” The fox feline sniffed and huffed out leaving his breath hovering in the air between them. He never responded as he turned his attention back to Sieska.
“What about the high queen?”
She tilted her head slightly at him. “What about the high queen? Have you had contact with her?” She waited in anticipation for his answer.
“Yes, she has seen us.” His nose twitched as he narrowed his gaze on Sieska. “Do you have an alliance with her?”
Sieska didn’t know how to answer as she knew what he was fishing for. He wanted to know what side she had chosen. “Any alliance I have with her was forced upon me by the winter court. The high queen and I are at a standstill at this moment.”
His gold eyes widened slightly trying to interpret what that meant. The king did not ask anymore. His pointy ears came forward again. “I want to help end this disruption in the forests.”
Sieska didn’t know what to make of this announcement and when she looked over at Keshar, she knew he didn’t either. Keshar came up beside her and spoke for the first time. “If I may say something. I would like to know how you would like to help in this situation.”
The king’s ears almost folded back but he stopped. “As you know we are a powerful clan and have great clout in this part of the world. Very few challenge us. Even the faerie courts don’t get involved with us. If we speak up, maybe this issue will be resolved.”
Keshar and Sieska shared a look. Sieska took a deep breath. “I’m not sure what you have in mind but I do not want any bloodshed in this forest.”
A small grin formed across his lips. “Oh let me assure you. Those who know of us don’t want blood shed either. They listen and obey.”
That still didn’t make Sieska feel any better. “Perhaps if you stayed in the background and was there for support and the rest knew it?”
He looked at her puzzled. “Stay in the background?”
Keshar cleared his throat. “Yeah, you know, like backup?”
The fox feline let out a huff. Sieska and Keshar wasn’t too sure if that was a laugh or what.
 “I suppose that would be a start. I’ll agree to that but if it doesn’t work, then we will step forward and take the necessary action to restore order.”
That sent the hair on the back of her neck standing. But she didn’t’ say anything. All she hoped was that when the rest heard, then they would resolve their differences. But she knew that the faerie courts were complicated. Nothing was simple with them.
They made an agreement to meet in Sieska’s castle in a few days. The fox feline told them that he would put the word out and that the courts would know. Sieska could almost hear the screams from the high queen and the winter queen. They would not agree to it but given that it was the fox feline king? She shook her fur out, shaking any anxiety out as to what might happen.
Two nervous days passed when she got word that the high queen wanted to meet with her at her castle. That made Sieska nervous. But she agreed. Extra guard cats went with her and some of Keshars’ cats went as well. Keshar insisted as he thought it might be a trap. He would be on standby with backup if she needed it. That made her actually feel better. When they arrived, there were three of the high queen’s guard cats waiting. They didn’t say anything, just nodded and turned and walked back. Sieska’s guard cats looked at her. She nodded and she followed them into the high queen’s castle keeping herself on high alert. Her guard cats were sniffing constantly and ears perked for any danger. They were led inside and went down a grey stone tiled hallway.
Large double doors greeted them at the end of the hallway. Two large guard cats sat outside. They stood at attention when they got close. The guard cats that had greeted them first nodded to the other two who were standing guard. They nudged the door opened with their large heads. The doors then silently opened. They all walked in.
Shae was sitting on a large cushioned chair looking very regal. Her black and white fur was brushed to a shine. There was a servant cat on either side of her. She grinned as they got close. The two cats that led them separated and went to the side. Sieska’s cats still stood in front of her-ready for anything.
“Come Sieska, you don’t have to fear an attack here. I’m not going to harm you my queen in any way. I invited you for a talk and that is exactly what we are going to do.”
Sieska let out an uneasy breath. “Well, I’m sure you can understand my apprehension. The last time we talked, was not favorable.”
Shae’s ears flattened slightly. Then she threw her head back in a light mock laugh. “Oh my dear Sieska, you know sometimes I can be a bit of a drama queen.”
Sieska sighed. “Yes, I know.”
Shae frowned slightly but quickly hid her discontent with a smile. “Yes well. As I’m sure you have heard, a certain feline fox king has made himself known. The brute rogue is asking that all this trouble with the faeries be settled. As if I can wave my paw and all will be well in the courts. Those barbaric creatures are always fighting. Doesn’t he know that?”
“Did you go and speak to him-perhaps for an alliance? Maybe that is why he is here in the first place?”
She almost spit. “I would never go there on purpose. That would be suicide.”
"But you are not denying that you did try to form an alliance with him?”
Her ears bent back. “I invited you here to have a civil talk. Not to accuse me of things.”
Sieska rolled her eyes. “Fine, then let’s talk, shall we?”
Shae smiled then and her green eyes sparkled. She silently leaped down off of her chair. “Come over here. I have bowls of cream and fresh fish for us. Sit over on those cushions.”
Sieska eyed them up. They were very nice but not as comfy as hers. Both cats sat down and two servant cats served them their cream and fish. Sieska watched her. One of her guard cats sniffed the cream and fish.
Shae frowned and let out a low growl at Sieska’s guard cat. “It is completely safe you twit. I would not poison the snow queen!”
Sieska nodded to her guard cat and took some licks of the cream. “Very nice.”
That replaced the growl from Shae with a purr. “Of course it’s very nice.”
They both enjoyed their cream and fish. The servants took their bowls away. Shae was washing her paws when she looked at Sieska. “So, what are we going to do about this situation?”
Sieska eyed her carefully. “I’m not sure. What ideas did you have in mind?”
That appeared to be what she was waiting for. Shae’s eyes went wide and glimmered. “I think our forests should form an alliance with them. They could protect us and we wouldn’t have to do anything. They could go in and wipe those horrible creatures out. Nobody would miss them anyway. Good riddance to the lot of them! What do you think?”
“I don’t think that would really be fair. They have been here longer than us and this is as much their home as it is ours. I’ll tell you what I told him. I do not want bloodshed in my forest.”
Shae licked her paw a few more times as if thinking about what she had just said. As she spit out something, she shook her head. “I think my idea is better. They don’t care about who was here first or show any respect for home. They want the power to rule all of us. I will not take orders from some low life faerie creature. Think about it my snow queen.”
As she was about to respond, the large doors opened and in came a large fox feline. It wasn’t the king but it was someone who held high authority. Sieska stared at the fox feline as they approached them. Their bright orange fur shone and black paws padded silently toward them. The eyes were more foxlike than cat. Her velvety black tipped ears bent forward as she stopped in front of them. “Welcome my queen. Come sit beside me. I want you to meet Sieska, our feline snow queen. I’m sure you’ve heard all about her.”
The fox feline eyed Sieska and gave her a friendly nod. Sieska did the same. She sat down beside Shae on one of the cushier cushions. Sieska made note of that.
“I want you to meet Catar. She is the fox feline king’s mate.”
Sieska nodded. “Please to meet you.”
She smiled. “I have heard some things about you snow queen. They all have been positive.”
Shae was almost bouncing around. “See, isn’t this the way it should be my queens? Three queens haveing a gathering and discussing anything they want.”
Sieska frowned at her but Shae paid her no attention. “We should do this more often,” purred Shae. Sieska glanced over at the Fox feline queen who also was carefully eyeing the high queen. Sieska was guessing that she was trying to figure out what she was really up to. Sieska had a few ideas but didn’t voice them.
Shae leaned over and looked from one to the other. “So, what do you say we form an alliance and let our dear friends the fox feline’s deal with the faerie courts?”
Before Sieska could argue with her, the doors opened again. This time another fox feline was coming in. He was huge and he wasn’t the king. He had a tabby coat with long tufts on his ears. His eyes were a brilliant gold. He came up beside the fox feline queen. She smiled up at him. “It is time to go my queen.”
Catar got up and looked back at her hostess. "I agree that we should all get together again. I think this will be a wonderful alliance for us. Having more cats underneath us is always welcome.”
That last statement made Sieska’s fur stand on end. Shae just purred. “Of course, we can get together again real soon.”
She turned and left with the tabby fox feline and when the doors closed, they echoed in the room. Sieska glared at Shae.
“What?” Shae rolled her eyes. “Now who is being a drama queen?”
It was all Sieska could do, to refrain from leaping at her.

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