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The Feline Snow Queen-Part 10

Hello! Here is the latest installment of the Feline Snow Queen. This I believe will now be a novel that I will continue to the end. Once it is done, I will put together and put it up for sale. It will disappear after it's up for sale. So, enjoy the story and Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 10

Keshar and his forest cats met Sieska in the forest. “Well, how did it go?”
Sieska let out a huff. “The high queen can be very maddening. You will never guess what she did.” Keshar let out a low a low growl. Seiska shook her head. “She invited the fox feline’s queen over for tea.”
His eyes went wide. “She did what? Why? What she up to?”
“She wants us all to take alliance with the fox felines for protection. She thinks they will look after us all and we won’t have any more enemies. The faerie situation would then go away. At least that is what she thinks.”
Now Keshar shook his head. “I can only imagine what the fox feline’s reaction to this was. Does the high queen know these fox felines very well?” He shook his head again. “She has no idea what she is getting herself into. They will protect you all right but at a price. Wait till she finds that out.”
Sieska bent her ears back. “Come, walk back with me to the castle and you can tell me more about this. I would like to know more about the fox felines and what possible threat they might be. We could have a bigger problem than the faeries.”
When they got back to the castle, one of Sieska’s forest cats, Orange Tail, greeted them. Sieska knew by his intense green eyes that he had a message.
“What do you have to tell us Orange Tail?”
“We received a message from the spring court. They say their princess has once again ran away and to let them know if she shows up here again.”
Keshar looked over at Sieska. “That was fast. She didn’t waste any time getting away again. I wonder if she went to him this time.”
Sieska nodded. “I also wonder if she took her friend Siena with her. I guess we will find out.” She looked at Orange Tail. “If you see either one of them, tell me or bring them to me.”
Orange Tail nodded and took off into the forest.
Sieska and Keshar went inside and went into one of the rooms that Sieska liked to lounge and relax in. She needed it after the tea party that she just attended. The servant cats had two big cushions fluffed up ready for both of them. Sieska flopped down on hers and rested her head on the pillow for a while.
Keshar made himself comfortable while keeping a careful watch on her. “I should have come with you today.”
" Shae would have thrown you out. This was a queen’s party according to Shae.”
Keshar sighed. “I would have changed that in a hurry. I would have like to have met his queen. What was she like?”
“Pleasant enough and very formal. She’s a feline that doesn’t give any clues to who she really is. You have to figure her out.”
“I see,” said Keshar. “So, maybe she was putting on an act for you all while hiding who she really is?”
“Not sure but I think she was pretty much being herself. I think it was curiosity of the high queen that brought her to the party.”
“I guess she wanted to check out this high queen. See if she was any threat.”
“Yes, I think you're right. Her name was Catar and she will no doubt fill in her mate as to what she found, including what she thought of me.”
Keshar raised his eyebrows at her. “Did you give her any concern?”
Sieska let out a huff. “I don’t care. I think she knows I do not want to be under their rule and I’m sure she will convey that to her mate. What they will do with that information is up to them.”
“It will be interesting then.”
The servant cats brought them some fresh cream and tuna. Keshar wasn’t long going for the fish. Sieska couldn’t hold off either. She went for the tuna too. That made her feel better. She looked over at Keshar who was enjoying his cream. “Do you think the spring faerie and her friend Siena will show up here again?”
He stopped lapping up his cream and looked at her. Cream dripped off his chin until he ran his tongue along his bottom lip. “What do you want to do about it if they do show up?”
Noise erupted outside the door and soon a cool air rushed into the room. The spring king marched into the room and Sieska could see he was nothing but a storm waiting to unleash its worst.
Sieska stood up on her cushion. The spring king looked at both of them and then at Sieska. “Where is she?” he demanded through gritted teeth.
“I have not seen her as of yet. I thought the message that you sent was to let you know if we did see her. Not come in here demandimg know where I have hid her or something. I assure you I will let you know if I see her. Now get out!”
“How dare you…
The cats surrounded him and he suddenly had nowhere to turn. “Get these beasts away from me!” “They will escort you out of my territory and then they will be away from you. I will only say it one more time…
The air in the room turned to ice. Frost slithered across the floor. The cats jumped and so did the spring king. In front of them a whirl of snow appeared and outstepped the winter queen. She was another storm about to erupt.
Sieska growled and so did Keshar. She glared at them with her dark navy eyes. “Hush up you fur beasts.” She turned her attention to the spring king and pointed at him with her long white claw. “This is your fault. My son was supposed to be married to another and now he has disappeared with that harlot of yours.”
The spring king formed fists at his side. “I will not be insulted like that.” He threw out his magic at her with his hand and it knocked her down.
Both Keshar and Sieska looked at each other. “You are going to have a battle in this room if we don’t do something.”
“This would be the time then to show me some of this special magic you possess.”
Keshar jumped off his cushion and faced them both. He raised his right paw and a blue glow erupted. That made the room go dead silent. The spring king and winter queen stared at the blue glow.
“You will both leave and take your fight to your own territory. We will not have a war break out in front of us.”
The winter queen was about to say something when Keshar silenced her. She grabbed her throat and looked at him with eyes wide. The navy in them had drained now leaving her with winter blue eyes. “The cats will escort you out of this forest. Leave now.” The cats were by them now waiting for them to leave.
They both looked around themselves as they looked at the cats. They didn’t know what to do. Sieska watched them and Keshar with his blue glow in his paw. She wondered what magic it possessed. She intently watched.
For a moment it looked like the spring king was going to challenge Keshar but he changed his mind as he spoke. “Fine, she is not here but if she shows up, I demand that you let me know.”
The cats went aside to let him through. He carefully went between them and walked out with an escort of Keshar’s cats. The winter queen however stayed put. She never took her eyes off of the blue glow. Sieska wondered if she knew what power that blue glow held. She stayed put on her cushion waiting for her to make any move at all. Sieska was ready.
The queen gave her whole body a slight shake. Frost fell to the floor melting a pool of water around her. “I will leave.” She smiled then. “There is no need for any of that kind of magic,” she purred.
 “I will leave quietly.” She turned up her nose at the cats. “I don’t need an escort. I give my word that I will cause no trouble.” Without waiting for a response from either one of them, she turned around and left.
Keshar let his paw drop and the glow was gone. Sieska stepped off of her cushion and went up beside him. She was looking down at his paw. “What is that blue glow and why did it scare them both?”
He looked at her with his gold eyes. “They recognized it as ancient magic and knew the power it held. They were smart to walk away.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “You will have to tell me what this ancient magic is. Come, sit and we will have some more cream and tuna while you tell me all about it.”
Keshar grinned. “I would be glad to.”

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