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The Snow Feline Queen
Part 11

They sat there for a while recuperating from their ordeal with the winter queen and spring king. The servant cats had served them some more fresh cream and tuna. Keshar was enjoying his second helping.
Sieska watched him for a bit before she asked. “So now, do you think you can tell me more about this special magic that you have?”
Keshar looked up at her and then started to wash his paw. Once he finished his paw cleaning he took a deep breath. “I have had this special ancient powers since I was a kit. Some of us are born with powers in my clan. It is rare and when it does happen can alarm the clan. It’s not easy.”
Sieska tilted her head at him. “Why is that?”
“Because the clan thinks or some of the clan thinks that these special powers are evil and would destroy us all. I was watched very carefully. Finally, one of the elders who believed I was not a threat taught me all about the ancient powers and even taught me how to manage them and use them. I was most grateful to my elder clan member-White Patch. He probably saved my life.”
Sieska’s eyes were as wide as saucers. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I am amazed at what you have told me. There is much more you must tell me.”
He nodded and grinned. “There is much much more to tell. But perhaps a little at a time? Not to overwhelm you with too much.” He grinned.
Sieska was going to urge him to tell her more when one of her forest cats came bounding in and barely came to a screeching halt in front of them. It was Sassy bobcat. His tail was very short but as his name implied he was quite fast and sassy.
Sieska stood up on her pillow. “What is it?” Her ears were perked.
Sassy bobcat who was mostly orange except for his paws and around his mouth looked at both of them. His gold eyes gleamed. “We have a sighting of the winter prince. And he is headed this way.” Keshar now stood. “Is the spring princess with him?”
Sassy bobcat shook his head. “We did not see her. He was alone.”
“Alone,” asked Sieska. “How odd for him to be alone without guards or any of his escorts.”
“The cats are watching him closely to see how close he gets to our territory.”
“Good,” said Keshar. “We will be out shortly and we will also keep an eye for him.”
Sassy bobcat left. They both got off their cushions and went to the far window that looked out toward the forest that he was spotted. There was nothing but forest to see.
“Let’s go out front and look around,” suggested Keshar.
So, they both went out. His cats and her cats were going back and forth along one side of the forest sniffing. Keshar threw his head up and sniffed as well. “I would say that the winter prince is in forest nearby. Shall we go greet him?”
“Yes,” said Sieska. “Let’s go surprise him.” Some of Keshar’s cats went ahead of them sniffing and keeping their ears perked for any noise. Keshar suddenly stopped.
Sieska looked over at him. “Do you sense him?” She sniffed the air but all she could smell was the forest’s cold crisp air.
“Yes, he is…
“I’m right behind you.”
Sieska jumped and whirled around to face him. She growled and hissed at him.
  He chuckled. “Now my queen, don’t be alarmed.” He waved his hands around. “As you can see, I am alone and am defenseless.” He rested his hand on his chest. He smiled warmly at Sieska. “I am here in your forest as a peaceful creature.”
Sieska’s ear’s bent back. “Peaceful creature you are not. Where is your princess?”
He sighed. “I see her father then has already paid you a visit.”
Keshar let out a huff. “He did indeed and also your mother. They almost had a war in front of us.” His winter blue eyes deepened a bit at the mention of his mother. “I’m so sorry for their behavior. Neither one of them understand. That is why we must leave here altogether.”
Sieska narrowed her gaze at him. “What do you mean by that?”
“It means just that. My princess and I will leave and go far away from here. We will start a new life together and rule another area like we are meant to.”
Keshar stifled a laugh in front of him. The prince frowned. “Your mother and her father will not let you leave. You must know that,” said Sieska.
“They will hunt you down and drag you back here,” added Keshar.
The way he looked at her gave Sieska the feeling that he had thought of all this already. “They will not find us. I have secured our safety.”
Keshar stepped forward. “Then what are you doing here in the feline snow queen’s forest?”
He looked at them both then. “I need something from you both.”
Sieska and Keshar shared a look. Sieska threw him a look that made him back up and she thought he was going to change his mind. “I need safe passage through the high queen’s forest. Our rendezvous will meet us at the other side of her forest.”
Keshar raised an eyebrow. “Do you know what is on the other side of the high queen’s forest?”
He looked away.
“You are entering into the fox feline’s forest. You will not be welcome. Unless your rendezvous is a fox feline?”
His nose twitched. “I would say not. I’m not fond of…
He couldn’t finish his sentence in front of them. They both knew he did not like cats. Keshar came a little closer to him. “Then who is it? Who is aiding you?”
“I have a friend on the other side who is not feline.”
“Troll,” asked Keshar.
He shook his head. “No, he is fey, that is all I will say. Will you help us get through the high queen’s forest?”
“You know,” said Sieska. “I promised the spring king that I would report to him if I saw his daughter show up. I will not go back on my word.”
The winter prince threw up his head. “But you made no promise to him if it was just me?”
Sieska was taken back. “Well, no I did not promise him that but won’t the princess be with you?”
He grinned. “No, she will not. My princess is already close to other side. I had to stay back to make sure she made it.”
“So, she got through and you can’t,” asked Keshar.
  He took a deep breath. “It wasn’t that simple. She used one of those death birds. Nothing will challenge that. She is supposed to send the death bird to a certain point on the other side of the high queen’s forest to take me to our rendezvous. Then we will be gone.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “I’m not too comfortable with this information. I should be telling her father about what you are doing.”
His eyes went wide and she could see a plea in them to help them. But she had given her word. Sieska would not go back on it.
Keshar suddenly whirled around and that drew Sieska’s attention. Behind them was one of the large fox felines. It’s long black and orange fur blew softly in the winter breeze. It peered down on them all. “I have come with a message. The fox feline king and queen has invited you both to their castle. I need an answer now.” His nose twitched when he spied the winter prince. His large head raised up a bit to look over at him. Sieska glanced at the winter prince. His face went very pale. Sieska knew that the fox feline would tell the king and queen who he saw.
“Tell the king and queen that we will be there,” said Sieska. He nodded and bowed slightly before lifting off the ground and taking off into the forest making the trees tremble.
They both looked at the winter prince who now appeared to be almost trembling. Keshar started to speak and Sieska could tell that by the tone in his voice that he see the desperation in the prince’s eyes as well.
“She has made a promise to the spring king but I have not.” Sieska threw him a look but he didn’t look back at her. “My forest cats and I will take you part way. Then you are on your own.”
The prince was relieved. “Thank you. We must leave now.”
Keshar let out a howl and his guard cats came crashing out of the forest to his side. “I will let you lead the way prince.” He nodded and turned.
 Keshar looked back at Sieska. “If anything goes wrong, one of my forest cats will come back and warn you.”
A sinking feeling came over Sieska. She did not like what he was doing. The spring king and the winter queen would bring war down on their forests if they found out what he did. Her forest would automatically be in danger because of her association with Keshar.
She watched them disappear into the forest.

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