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Hello everyone! Here is the next installment of the feline Snow queen. Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 7

It had been way too quiet for Sieska’s comfort. Keshar had not even been around. Her forest cats had seen some of his cats in the forest but they wouldn’t tell them anything. She decided to go out herself with some of her forest cat guards and at least circle around the area of the forest that touched on the spring faerie hill and Keshar’s forest.
She sniffed the air for anything and her forest cats sniffed through the snow looking for clues. The trees above them started to shake. They all looked up and saw one of Keshar’s cats in the trees. He had spied them and was coming down to them. Sieska’s forest cats went to greet him. They all came bounding back to her.
The black cat with orange and white on him stood before her. “There is trouble in the forest right now. I would be careful. Some the winter trolls have been attacking.
Sieska’s eyes went wide. “I thought the winter queen promised to keep her trolls out.”
“These are trolls that have alliance with the winter prince. They must have escaped that day they were at the high queen’s castle.”
“I see, I wonder if the high queen has had any attacks.”
The cat shook his head. “We are not sure but they have been around the border. We smelled them.” “Where is Keshar? I have not heard from him in a while.”
“He’s been busy keeping tabs on the border and sending out cats further to hear of any news on the faerie side.”
Sieska eyed her forest around her watching for anything. Then she called out to her cats and they came bounding back to her sending snow up into the air. They stood in front of her. “We will go back to the castle.”
She looked at Keshar’s cat. “Get him to contact me when he gets back with any news.”
 He nodded and bowed. Then bounded back to the forest disappearing.
They were near the castle when out of the bushes came a group of winter trolls. Sieska knew one of them. He was the one who wanted permission to go through her forest. Her forest cats stood guard behind her, ready for anything.
The old troll came forward with caution keeping his eyes on the cats. His eyes glimmered in the winter light. A small warm smiled formed across his lips. “My snow queen. I am honored to be in your presence.”
“What are you doing here in my forest? As you know the winter faeries and you are to be staying to your own territory.”
He tilted his head slightly at her. “I had heard that you were not in agreement with this and that you would still let us into your fine forest.”
She sighed. “I was forced into this and am holding judgement right now. After what happened, I will admit I am not comfortable with the winter faeries or the winter trolls.”
He backed up slightly casting his eyes down. He wrung his hands for a moment before looking back up at her. “Yes, I can understand your situation but I was hoping for a little lenience and perhaps letting us through to the other side?” His large marble glass eyes held hope.
Sieska tilted her head slightly at the troll and eyed him carefully. “I’ll let you through if you give me favor.”
The word favor made him almost wince. He wrung his hands once more. “What would you be asking my snow queen?”
Sieska held her head up high and looked down at him. “You will find out what the winter faeries are up to. Report back to me when you find something.” She smirked. “Unless you know everything already?”
His ear flattened and she could pick up a vibe off of him that told her he did indeed know some things. He looked back at the others and one quickly shook his head. The little troll quickly turned back to her and offered her a small smile. “Well, this is an interesting situation and I’m sure you understand that this puts us in an awkward position. We don’t usually spy on troll or winter faerie business. It’s most untrusting you see. If caught, it good mean severe punishment.”
Sieska padded over closer to him making a few of the ones behind him catch their breath. She looked at them. “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you. But I must insist on knowing what ever information that you do have. This is my forest to protect and I will do what I have to. I’m sure you understand that.”
They all looked at one another and then one whispered into the head trolls ear something. The way his face screwed up it appeared he didn’t like the suggestion. Then the other troll whispered something in his ear and that one appeared to be more agreeable. He turned to her and his marble eyes gleamed in the winter light. “We will tell you what we can my snow queen. I’m sure this bit of information will satisfy you and still keep us safe.”
“All right, tell me what you know.”
  “This means safe passage for us?”
Sieska sighed. “Yes, for today you have safe passage. Other days will depend on what news you have.”
He took a deep breath. “We have heard that the winter prince’s love, the spring king’s daughter has ran away with him. The winter queen of course is not happy of course. There is much feuding going on right now with the spring king and herself. The trolls of course have been caught in the middle and wish not to pick a side. Even the winter trolls that side with the winter queen and the winter prince are on edge. They do not want war.”
“Do you know where the winter prince and the spring princess have ran off to?”
They all shook their head. “We do not have any idea of where they are my snow queen.”
She felt that he was not forthcoming on this bit but decided to let it go for now.
“Very well, you may pass through and be aware that not only my forest cats will keep an eye out for you but Keshar’s cats are out there as well”
He nodded and with a relieved look on the other two, they quickly moved on their way. Sieska watched them disappear into the forest. She knew they were not telling her everything but maybe with a little more push they would become more forthcoming of any information. The forest cats led the way back to the castle. When she got near she could see Keshar’s cats ahead and it appeared they were looking at something. Her own forest cats were sniffing the air. Sieska sniffed too. It was a mix of spring smells and a winter ice.
She picked up her pace and padded toward Keshar’s cats. She thought he might be there as well. But when they got there, it was something else. It was in the shape of a ball. The cats didn’t know what to make of it. They were just watching it. They parted to make room for Sieska who went up to it and sniffed it. “You are safe here and no one will hurt you. I give you my word.”
It slowly started to unfurl and a set of large blue eyes peered through a bushy white blue tipped tail. A couple of sharp pointy ears popped up and soon the whole head was up. Two large blue eyes looked clearly up at Sieska. “Thank you,” it murmured.
It now stood before her. It wasn’t much smaller than Sieska. Its white fur had streaks of blue and grey spots similar to a cheetah but the hair was long like the bushy tail. “Where did you come from?” “From the spring court. My name is Siena. I live with the spring kings daughter. She is missing now and I was trying to find her. Her scent led me here.”
Sieska’s eyes went wide. “Her scent led you here? She looked back the cats. “Go and see what you can find.” They all took off into the forest. Only a few guard cats stayed by her side.
  “Did the spring king send you?” Siena shook her head. “No, I went on my own. He is busy right now with that retched winter queen.” Siena frowned. “She needs to be put in her place.”
Sieska could feel by the tone of her voice that she firmly held the same view as the spring king. “What do you know of that situation?”
Siena’s blue eyes shimmered. “I know if I don’t find the spring princess that my king will do what is necessary to get her back. And that won’t be pleasant for anybody.”
Sieska shuddered inside as she knew the spring king could be a cruel creature. A howl from the forest startled both of them. Siena bounded toward the howling cat and Sieska was right behind her. There was something up in the tree. Sieska knew who it was before they even got there.
Siena ran to the tree and leaped up and grabbed onto one of the limbs. She was soon beside the spring princess. Her blue eyes narrowed down on the cats and then over to Sieska. “Call off the cats.”
They all looked over at her. Sieska took a deep breath and nodded. They backed off and came up beside and behind her. Sieska looked up at the two of them. The spring princess looked a bit a ragged. She looked at her directly. “Where is the winter prince?”
The spring princess gave her a blank look. She knew right then that she was not going to give her any useful information. So, she looked over at Siena. “You have her now and may be on your way back to your own side. We will not give you any trouble.”
Siena looked over at the spring princess. She only crossed her arms like a stubborn child. Sieska came closer to the tree so she could talk right directly to her. “You cannot stay here. I do not want war with your father. We all know how he tends to war.”
 She blinked a couple of times and then sniffled. “I don’t want to go back. You should let me stay here for a while. Father doesn’t seem to mind you. I and Siena will be no trouble.”
Sieska let out a huff. “I beg to differ on that. You will bring me a great deal of trouble if your father finds out that I have been harboring you. He will think I am in some alliance with the winter queen. I will not have that.”
Her pale blue eyes stared down at Sieska with a plea to listen. “Please, I cannot go back right now. Father does not understand about me and the winter prince. You have to help me.”
Sieska did not want to be involved with this but was now dragged into it. "You and Siena can stay here under one condition. You have to tell your father where you are. If he allows you to stay, then you can stay for a time period. Is that understood?” She didn’t answer until Siena nudged her. “Alright,” she blurted out. “But if he demands that I come back. I will flee and this time I will be going far from here.”
Sieska nodded. “I’ll agree to that. You can come down now and we will arrange for your father to come to talk to you.”
They both silently landed on the snow. They followed her and the cats back to the castle. She wasn’t looking forward to this little confrontation with the king but there was no choice in the matter. She did not want to start a war with him. She was hoping Keshar would have been back now with information.
The servant cats led Siena and the spring princess to their own room. She gave them orders to give them food and such. She would see to it that they were comfortable at least. She didn’t need to have the spring king think that his daughter was being mistreated in any way.
One of Keshar’s cats came bounding into the castle. She met him in the front entrance. He was panting heavily like he had ran a long ways. “What have you found?”
“We were attacked and Keshar has been injured. They are bringing him in now.”
"Who attacked? Was it the winter troll or faeries?”
“No, it was a spring faerie who wanted to get a message across. It said if we didn’t find that winter prince and deal with him, there would be a great deal of bloodshed in short order.”
Sieska’s insides fell.

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