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The Summer Walk-Flash Fiction

Hello! Today's flash fiction is about seeing things. Also remember the next installment of the cat story beneath this. Happy Reading!

The Summer Walk
Flash Fiction

It was one of those days when it was the perfect summer day and you wanted to walk in the sunshine. This was one of those days.
I walked in the meadow behind the house. Bees and dragonflies buzzed and flitted about in the wild flowers that grew in abandonment.
I picked some early asters that had bloomed and was walking along making a daisy chain out of them so I didn’t notice.
Something flashed across my vision and my eyes quickly diverted to in front of me.
I didn’t see anything and frankly I was used to seeing things that may or may not have been there.
I shrugged and continued on until I saw something up ahead.
I stopped and looked for a moment and thought it couldn’t be.
Very carefully, I looked around and then went ahead.
There was a chair with a bouquet of the flowers from the meadow sitting beside it.
Who put this here I thought. There was a book with a hat and blanket. The first thing I touched was the blanket. It was soft like thistle down. The hat was too.
I wanted to put the hat on my head but I knew I shouldn’t. I did pick up the book.
It was full of botanicals. The pictures were very pretty I thought. I always liked that kind of art.
I put the book back down and another thought came to me. I wanted to sit in the chair and without thinking I did.
I had to pick up the blanket, hat and book to do so of course. I sat there and looked out over the meadow with the blanket, hat and book on my lap.
I got kind of lost in thought and didn’t hear anything but the sounds of bees and dragon flies with the odd bird song in the near distance.
Then there she was, standing in front of me. Her eyes were periwinkle with this white blond hair flowing in the breeze.
I knew it was soft like silk. Her dress looked like spider webs all infused together. She had very long fingers and very quickly took the asters that I was making a chain with.
I got up putting the stuff back on the chair and I was about to say sorry for sitting there but she came up to me with a soft smile on her face and put the asters in my hair.
She smelled like honey.
I didn’t realize I had moved out of the way because she was now sitting in the chair.
 I watched her put more flowers in the vase beside her.
Then I found myself walking away from her and I didn’t want to but when my eyes could really see again, I was in another part of the meadow.
I looked around for her and wondered if I had been seeing things. But I knew that I did see her. Making my way back I met mother coming out the back door. She made a face when she seen me. “What did you do to your hair?”
I reached up and it was all in knots. The asters were all tied into the knots in my hair.
I sighed and walked in the house.

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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 15

Catar glared at them. Keshar rushed forward. The feline foxes behind her also came forward. Keshar held up his paw stopping the fox felines in their tracks. Their eyes went wide as Catar's did also. "You wouldn't dare," she growled.
Keshar eyed her. "You did declare war, did you not?
She walked right up to Keshar. "What do you want?"
"You let us all go as well as the others."
She sniffed. “The spring King already got his daughter thanks to you and so did the winter queen. They both took off on those death birds. All that is left are you and your friends."
"Then let us go before I am forced to use my magic."
Catar's stood her ground in front of Keshar and he wondered if she would actually let them go. The magic tingled in his paws.
 She grinned at him. "You can feel it can't you?"
Sieska came up beside Keshar at this moment. "What do you mean by that?"
Catar's glanced over at Sieska before she looked Keshar right in the eyes. "It means that maybe that you Keshar are not the only one with special powers."
Siena came up beside Sieska. "I could feel it from the time I met her. She does have some kind of special power but what I don't know."
"I do not want wars in these forests," said Sieska. "There has to be some kind of agreement made." Catar's threw up her head at her. "What do you propose our feline snow queen?"
"We set out an agreement that we all agree to."
Siena looked at her. "I don't think the spring King and winter Queen will agree to any agreement made with the fox felines or anyone else."
Catar grinned. "You’re a smart one." She looked over at Keshar and Sieska. "She is right, they will not agree with anything."
"Then we must come up with an agreement among ourselves," said Shae who had held back and stayed quiet. "I will not have any more kidnappings in my life."
Catar's glared at her. "I did not kidnap you."
Shae growled.
Keshar stepped around them and looked over at the fox felines who were watching his every move. "This is enough. You will let us go now. We will discuss this at a better time."
From behind them came the king fox feline. He did not look happy. "What is going on here? I thought they would all be gone."
Catar cleared her throat. "They were about to leave."
"I want them all gone," roared the fox feline King. The fox feline guards cowered back behind the queen Catar. Keshar was taken back a bit. Since she was the one who declared war.
Catar stepped back as the fox feline King faced them all. "The guards here will escort you out and they will take you to the border." Catar threw him a look.
"We can find our way," said Keshar. He looked at the others and gestured to them to follow him. They followed Keshar and up behind them was the feline fox guards. As they left Keshar could feel the magic in his paws and he knew it was coming from Catar. He wondered if the king knew about is mate’s magic. In any case he knew that this wasn't over yet.
They all left without incident. The guards did escort them silently to the border and turned around as soon as they crossed over.
Shae padded ahead with her own cats in her own forest. "Well, that was fun. Remind me not to ever associate with those beasts again."
Sieska sighed. "It was you who wanted to form an alliance with them."
"Did I say I wanted that? I don't remember." Her tail flicked from one side to the other. Shae continued on with her cats on either side. All their tails were straight up and looked quite happy with themselves.
  Sieska rolled her eyes. "We will take you back to your castle and see you safe inside."
Shae looked back at them and nodded like she expected it.
They just got to within the castle's site when a large shadow from above passed over them. The high queen's cats scattered for shelter along with Shae. Keshar looked up as did Sieska and Siena. "It's the death bird," said Siena. "They have come for me I bet."
She scampered more out into the open and Sieska could see the thing going to land right where they were. The death bird landed right in front of Siena.
 Sieska and Keshar both shared a look. Riding the death bird was both the spring princess and the winter Prince. Keshar greeted them both. "I thought you two would be long gone."
"We will be,” said the Prince. “But my princess wants Siena with her."
Siena jumped around and the princess's jumped off and ran to Siena hugging her. She then took her to the bird and helped her on.
The winter Prince looked down at them and smiled. "I thank you for helping us. I won't forget it. I will also forewarn you that the courts are not happy to hear of the trouble that has been happening with you all. The summer courts have been talking to the spring courts. They want to spell their lands with protective charms to keep you all out. That will restrict your travel in your forests. They will kill anyone who trespasses."
Shae came out then. "The summer court is up against me." She screwed up her face. "I don't want to see them either. I will treat them the same if they show up on my doorstep."
Keshar and Sieska walked up to the Prince. "Thanks for warning us," said Keshar. Sieska spoke to them both. "You know I will have both your parents on my doorstep and I will tell them the truth. So, I would make speed while you can as I expect one of them at least will be waiting for me when I get back to the castle."
The Prince nodded. "I know and we will be on our way right now. I could hear more death birds coming from a far. So, I would get your cats back. These death birds will attack."
Keshar looked back at the cats. They didn't need to be told. They all took off. That included Shae and her cats. They were gone as well.
That just left Keshar and Sieska. They both watched the death bird take them high into the sky. Keshar sniffed the air and so did Sieska. Together they said out loud, "death birds."
They both whirled around and ran into the forest on high heading for the snow queen's castle.

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Flash Fiction-Fairy Tale Rules

Hello and hope everyone is fine. Todays flash fiction is about rules to follow in case you find yourself in the fairy tale world. Take heed. Also don't forget the next installment of the cat story is below this. Happy reading!

Fairy Tale Rules

Flash Fiction

If you believe, keep it to yourself.

Glances at things that you think you see are permitted but stares are NOT.

If you find yourself lured over to the other side, then take heed of these rules.

1: You will probably meet a small creature with long fuzzy ears and tail. He will be wearing a key around his neck. He will want you to go with him and help him unlock something.

Do not go.

2: Keep on the path ahead of you. Never stay off. The bright flowers that lure you to them are not what they appear. Keep your eyes ahead at all times.

3: You will come to a small cottage and you will not be able to go around. The path goes through it. So knock at the door. A friendly witch will answer and when she smiles, say “The key is in the oak tree.” She will then let you through.

4. When you go out the back door, there will be three paths to take. Choose the one on the right. It will lead to the main path again. An overwhelming desire to go straight will tug at you. Fight it and go right.

5. Keep going on this path and every song and whisper that you hear, try to block it out. They know you are near. The one sound that you do want to hear is the sound of a gurgling creek. You will need to cross it.

6. There will be someone there to help you cross. Reach into your pocket and give him the three seeds you collected in your garden the day before. He will then help you.

7: Remember to thank him when you get to the other side. He will wish you a safe trip. This is important. His words will keep you safe.

8: You are almost there but not quite. A strange beautiful creature with butterfly wings like you’ve never seen will come out of the woods to greet you. Stay focused because if you are mesmerized by him, all will be lost and you will never leave.

9: A quick glance is all that is permitted, remember?

10: If he talks to you, his voice will sound like a beautiful bird song or feel like a warm summer breeze against your face. Close your eyes and keep going.

11: Now you see the end. It is a special door overgrown with ivy but you can see it. Now take note. Remember that creature that you saw at the beginning with the key around his neck?

12: He will once again want you to help him unlock something. This time nod. Out of his pocket he will take a special locket. Help unlock it.

13: When he opens it, he will hand you another key. Accept it and open the door.

14: When you go through, give him the key back and do not forget to say thank you and have a nice day.

15: You are now safe.

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The Feline Snow Queen-part 14


The Feline Snow Queen

Part 14

 The spring king paced back and forth in front of them while the winter queen sat in her winter chair. Snow swirled around the base and frost slithered back and forth on the floor around her. Keshar and his group of cats had just delivered the news to them both.
             Keshar was waiting for one of them to say something but neither one of them was speaking up. The cats were starting to shuffle about getting anxious. The spring king stopped and looked at them. “I will gather up what death birds I have and attack.”
            The winter queen smirked. He threw her an icy glare but she didn’t waver. “That would be suicide and you’re grasping at straws. You need an army to take on the feline fox clan. They have special powers that no else has.” Her silver eyes rested on keshar. She tilted her head at him. “Unlike you, that was given certain gifts that might certainly win against them.”
            Keshar shifted and knew she was referring to his own magic. “I will use it but I want to seek other solutions first.”
           The winter queen glared at him. “What other solutions are there,” she spit at him.
The spring king was watching intently. Keshar looked at them both. “I think we should all work together to get them all out. Ours powers combined will have a greater impact than just one.”
           The spring nodded and a little while later the winter queen nodded. “Okay,” said the spring king. “What have you in mind?”
          “I suggest we gather our best and we and meet with them and hear them out before attacking. If they are uncooperative then we will attack with our own ready in the background to attack.”
           They both looked at one another and then the queen nodded. The spring king stood tall in front of Keshar and all the cats. “Alright we will do it your way but if something goes very wrong you must use your most powerful magic to destroy them.”
            Keshar took a deep breath. “I will but hopefully it won’t come to that.”
"Fine,” said the queen. She got off her chair. Snow and ice followed her. “Let’s meet at the border of the fox feline’s territory in an hour.” She left the room without looking back.
   That left Keshar, his cats and the spring king. He almost started to pace again but stopped. “Alright, I will gather up my faerie army and we will meet you there.”

There was a darkness in his eyes that made Keshar nervous. He followed the spring king out and the cats and Keshar went outside. Other cats had come from the high queen’s forest to help along with the snow queens. Keshar addressed them all.

“We are going to rescue the snow queen and the high queen today. That is our main goal. As for the spring princess and the winter prince. We will leave that to the spring king and winter queen to take care of. Our main focus is the feline queens. Some of you will be on the outside ready for anything that might go wrong. Let’s go.”

Keshar led the way and the rest of them followed with those who went a head a little ways sniffing for any danger. The winter queen was already there when they got to the border. She was on top of a white horse. Behind her was her warriors armed and ready for battle. That made Keshar nervous. It looked like she was ready to barge in.

The winter queen looked down at them. “We are ready to proceed.”

“Let us go through first and stay back with the spring king for a moment while I have a chance to talk to them.” The winter queen almost sneered at him but nodded. Keshar looked around to see if the spring king was coming yet but nothing. A funny feeling came over Keshar. He was hoping he was wrong.

Keshar and his main cats went through the border and as soon as they entered could pick up the scent of the fox felines. Keshar expected that. After the death bird incident, he was sure that the king and queen would have the whole forest on high alert. So, it wasn’t a surprise when a couple of fox felines came crashing through the forest landing in front of them with teeth baring and claws out ready to shred them. Keshar bravely stepped out to confront the two fox felines.

“I have come in peace. I want to talk to the king and queen. We know that the snow feline queen and the high queen are being held here. Also the spring princess and winter prince. I demand that I get to speak to them now.”

The two large fox felines looked at one another and then the one nodded and turned. The other one gestured with his large head for them to follow. The fox feline then followed them. That made Keshar a little nervous to be sandwiched in like that but he knew his cats were nearby following.  He didn’t tell the winter queen or spring king that he was going to use his magic to hide his cats from their radar when they entered. It was the only safe thing to do. The cats he knew would be ambushed otherwise.

The leader led them to the palace and other fox felines came over and joined the escort into the castle. Keshar’s hair was standing on the back of his neck. Prickles went through his paws.

A pair of massive doors opened before them. Keshar could see the king and queen sitting up ahead on large cushions that were on low chairs. Very elaborate carvings supported the bottom and back of the cushions. The lead fox feline bowed and stepped aside as did the other one that was at the back of the line.

Keshar went forward then. The king sat up on his cushion and loomed down over Keshar. “You have come to talk to me. We will listen.”

The tone in the fox feline’s voice sent a warning through Keshar body. He took a deep breath and could feel the magic at his paws tingle. “I understand that the snow queen and the high queen are being held here. As well as the spring princess and winter prince.

The fox feline king grinned. “Word gets around fast. I assure you they are safe and comfortable. My queen and I have been talking with them about alliances and such. We strongly believe it would be in the best interest of these forest queens to join us in an alliance.”

Keshar came a little closer to the king. “Neither one of these queens will do an alliance. They rule their own forests and will continue to do so. I believe it would be in your best interest to let them go.”

The king tilted his head. “Why would it be in my best interests?”

“The snow queen and high queen cats will fight for them and so will I.”

The fox feline king raised an eyebrow. “So, you have an alliance with them?”

“I have an alliance with the snow queen and she has an alliance with the high queen at this time.”

“I see,” the fox feline king. “That is interesting. You know, I know of your past and that you were born with the magic.”

Keshar shifted. “That’s right, I know and I can feel your magic coming to life in this room and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I warn you. Do not use it in this room or you will never see your queens again.

“I do not take threats from anybody. I demand that you let them go.”

The fox feline let out a low growl and that brought over the two fox felines that had escorted them in. The room suddenly filled with tension as Keshar and the fox feline king faced each other. After about half a minute a sigh echoed in the room. It was the queen fox feline, Cattar. She leaped down from her chair and came to greet Keshar. Her king stood silent and watched her.

She glanced at the cats who were ready for anything and gestured for the two fox felines that escorted them in to go back to their positions. They went back without looking over at their king.

The queen faced Keshar who never moved or wavered. Her large gold eyes pierced into Keshar making the tingle in his paws more electric. “You want to see the queens? Then you will seriously consider forming an alliance with us.” Then she sighed again. The room was silent. “But I already know that you will not so as of now, I declare war.”

The king behind her gasped. She never looked back at him. Keshar now knew that she ruled.

“Then war is what you will get.”

Everyone one turned as they all peered at the spring king and he was not alone. He had a hold of someone. The queen growled.

“Oh, are you upset my queen? Now you know how I feel.” The spring king sneered at her.

The spring king was holding a young female fox feline who Keshar was guessing was the king and queen’s daughter. “You give me my daughter back and I may give you yours back.”

Keshar could hear Cattar’s nails scraping on the floor. He knew that she wanted to lunge at the spring king. Cattar through her head back the king who was looking at his guard cats.

“Sick you fox cats on me, and she is as good as dead. Give my daughter or she will die and this whole castle will be brought down.”

The king stood up and leaped down. “How do you intend to do that?”

Frost slithered across the floor making all the cats jump. Keshar knew the winter queen was just outside. Cattar hissed. Keshar looked everywhere for her but no sign of her yet. The spring king held his ground with the young fox feline in his grip. Keshar wanted to go over to him and ask what plan him and the winter queen had cooked up.

But before he could so any such thing the room erupted into glass windows exploding with two big death birds landing in the room. Spring warriors were on top of them and they were firing their arrows at the fox felines. Keshar ordered his cats to get out. He ran after them. “Let’s find them and get out of here while the spring king keeps them occupied. They just got around the corner when they ran into Sienna. She was wide eyed. “Do you know where they are” asked Keshar.

She nodded. “Follow me.  The room is spelled though. I’ve tried everything but I can’t open it.”

When they got there, much to Keshar’s surprise was the spring queen trying frantically to open the door. She looked at them with frightened eyes as she saw all the cats.

“Stand aside my queen, I will open the door.” She stood aside for Keshar. He held up his paw and the light formed. He closed his cat eyes and aimed the blue light at the door. It pushed the door open with a force. The queen ran inside to her daughter. Keshar heard the princess scream when she saw her mother. The cats rushed in ahead of Keshar. Sieksa greeted Keshar when he entered. “We have to get out of here now,” said Sieska.  “More fox felines are coming.”  Keshar caught a glimpse of the balcony doors. The prince was trying to open them with the help of another faerie warrior on the outside. Keshar rushed up to him. “Let me.” The prince stood to the side and so did the faerie on the outside. Keshar lifted his paw and his blue light blew the doors open. The prince looked back at the spring princess who was in the arms of the queen. The princess then broke away from her mother’s embrace and went to the prince who grabbed her and literally flew onto the back of the death bird who had brought the prince here in the first place. The queen dashed out to the balcony but the death bird had lifted off and was flying away.  The warrior and his death bird were still there. Keshar looked over at him. “Take your queen and fly her out of here.”

The warrior didn’t need any convincing. He grabbed the queen and they all flew off. Then he ran back in. We have to find a way out of here.”

“Follow me,” Sienna said. “I know some secret doors that will take us to the outside.”

They all ran out following Sienna. They just got around the corner when Sienna ran into something. It was Cattar. She had her guards with her. They grabbed Sienna.

The fox feline queen looked at them all. “Where do you think you are all going?”

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Hello everyone! Today's flash fiction in once again is for faerie lovers. Hope you enjoy Faerie Enchantment. Happy Reading!


It was that time of year again.

The scent was what gave it away. When the blossoms on the apple tree take on a mauve tint, you know she is here.

I don’t know her name and she won’t tell me. They will never tell you that but I try every time.

She almost told me once but I think she was only playing with me for her amusement.

Today however, I got a surprise. It wasn’t her.

It was one of those days when the air was full of sweet spring perfume and the blossoms were so intense with their perfume.

The day was full of enchantment and I let myself get lost in it.

When I opened my eyes after inhaling the intoxicating air, my eyes saw him.

My whole body froze. His white hair fell to his shoulders and without even touching, I knew his hair was as silky soft as the blossoms around him.

There were streaks of mauve throughout his hair and his even though his eyes were feral, they were the most beautiful light mauve.

It was like he came from the tree.

His skin was alabaster white-perfect. His lips were the softest pink. He gave me a small smile.

I couldn’t do anything as he bravely came closer to me. I held my breath.

He walked around me without making a sound. All I could hear was the birds singing.

Then he was directly in front of me looking down at me. My heart raced madly.

He looked up and so did I. All I could see was a froth of white mauve blossoms.

Some petals floated down landing in his hair.

He plucked a few and put them in my hair. I could not feel his touch.

Then he leaned over to my ear. His cheek almost touched mine.

 A whisper that sounded like it was far away echoed in my ear.

I gasped and he was gone

My hand went up to my head and all that was there was twigs entangled in strands of my hair and a few of the blossoms that had fell.

I looked all around and there was no sign of him. Had I dreamed him?

His far away words now came to me.

Always be wary of me.

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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 13

"Are you always this skittish?"
Keshar let out a low feral growl. "Going anywhere with you would cause anyone to be skittish as you put it."
A light laugh made its way back to Keshar and his cats. Keshar let out a huff. "I'm glad we amuse you."
The winter Prince stopped and looked around. Keshar watched him as he closed his eyes. Keshar was about to ask what he was doing when the scent hit him. All the cats hissed as they looked up. There was a death bird circling above them.
 Keshar shouted at him. "Did you call that thing?"
The winter Prince smiled at them. "It is my love who has come for me. She will pick me up and much to your delight I'm sure, you will never see us again."
Keshar looked up at the bird to take a closer look but he couldn't see anyone on the bird.
"Are you sure that is the right bird? I don't see anyone on the bird."
The winter Prince looked up again. By the look on his face, Keshar could tell that he now wasn't sure. He cursed under his breath. "We have to further into the forest where it is darker and thicker with brush and trees. It won't get us there."
It didn't take convincing of Keshar's cats to start bounding for the trees to take cover. They all just got to the edge of the forest when the bird landed in the small clearing behind them. It let out a high pitched squawk. The winter Prince whirled around and threw out his hand sending out a wall of snow towards it but it flew up into the air before the snow got to it. It landed a bit closer to them.
Keshar stood behind the Prince while his cats stayed in the darkness of the forest, ready for anything. The death bird stood tall and eyed them with its large glass blue eyes. It appeared like it had something to say but Keshar wasn't aware that these birds could communicate.
The winter Prince walked out and Keshar's eyes went wide. What was he doing?
"What message have you got for me?" Keshar couldn't believe that he thought this thing had a message for him. They should be running into the forest away from this thing.
The death bird brought down its long neck and tilted its head at the Prince. The thing appeared to be sniffing him. Keshar knew instantly that this bird meant business.
He shouted at the Prince, "Get back here!" But it was too late, the bird had grabbed him. He howled. Keshar shook his head. He turned back to his cats. "Stay here unless I need you."
Keshar leaped out to them. With his one paw he held it up and threw out a ball of blue light at the bird causing it to drop the Prince. Keshar grabbed the Prince and dragged him back. A few of the other cats helped.
The winter Prince stood up and looked at them all. Keshar looked at him for a moment. "You're welcome."
The Prince swallowed hard and mumbled a thank you. "We should get going before it’s too dark. I'm sure the right bird will be coming real soon."
Keshar could hear the doubt in his voice. Keshar shared his doubt as well but didn’t say it out loud. He knew the spring princess should have been there already if she was coming. He was figuring something had happened. Where was she? Did her father find her?
They went deeper into the woods and Keshar and his cats were getting more and more uncomfortable as they went. His cats were sniffing everything.
The trees shook above them suddenly. All eyes looked up. Keshar didn't have to. He knew what they were-trolls. Lots of little bodies were moving from limb to limb sending snow down to the ground and making lots of twig snapping noises that echoed around them.
Keshar's cats stayed close to him. He knew that they didn't not like this and also knew how dangerous the trolls were. Their weapons of poison arrows were well known.
Keshar was ready to use his magic again. The winter Prince had led them to a very small clearing in the forest and it was getting dark as the eyes of the trolls were shimmering like a cats in the dark. Now they were surrounded by them. All they had to do was jump down at them or start firing their arrows. They were all in the middle ready for anything.
Suddenly a loud squawk erupted and the trolls let out shrieks as they ran for cover. It was the death bird again and he was about to land on top of them. Keshar and his cats ran for the forest. The winter Prince almost made it but the bird caught hold of his leg and was in the process of dragging him away.
Keshar observed as he struggled against the bird. The thing really wanted him and didn't appear to care about them. Then something came to Keshar. He rushed out to them. "Wait! I think this bird wants to tell you something or take you somewhere."
"It wants me dead, you fool cat! Kill it with your magic."
"No, let's try to find out."
"I already asked it once, they can't tell you anything." The Prince almost freed himself but it was faster and had a firm grip on him. Keshar looked at it and using his powers he tried to communicate with it. But he got nothing.
Finally Keshar shouted out to the bird. "Where is the princess?" It stopped and looked at Keshar as if it understood that time. Its blue beady eyes looked at Keshar. A loud and clear message came through.
"She's been caught and not by her father,” said Keshar.
The Prince looked from the bird and then to Keshar. "Well?"
"The fox felines have taken her."
"Why would they take her," cried the winter Prince.
Keshar shook his head.
"Then we have to go and get her." Keshar looked at him and sighed. "Do you know how dangerous they are?"
"I don't care, we have to get her." The winter Prince stood up and flung himself onto the birds back. "Take me to where she is-now!"
"Are you crazy? They will capture you as well, then what?"
"Use that fancy magic of yours then and make sure I don't get captured."
Keshar could see that the bird was wanting to go. Keshar nodded and the bird took flight.
He looked at his cats, “let's go but we don't go in untill we know what is going on in there."
They managed to keep up with the bird that flew above them. The cats and Keshar caught scent even before they reached the border. Keshar held his cats back while the bird went ahead. Keshar focused on the bird and tuned himself into where it was going. He could see flashes of the castle and the grounds where large cats were running.
Keshar was guessing that they had spotted the death bird. He kept hold of his touch with the bird. Keshar could see they were about to land and it looked like a balcony. Why would they land there? They would be caught right away. The next image he saw was the Prince running to the glass doors and trying to open them but he couldn't. It was only a blur but he saw the face of the spring princess. But what he saw next shook him. Two more faces came to his vision. It was Sieska and Shae. He shook his head trying to get a clearer vision but it was gone and all he saw was clear blue sky.
The death bird had taken flight. He didn't know if the Prince was with the bird or not. The Prince was as good as dead if he stayed.
Crashing out of the forest was a gang of cats. Keshar knew instantly that they were the high queen's cats and that something was wrong. Keshar went forward to greet them. Before they could say anything, Keshar asked them, "Is your high queen and Sieska with the fox felines?"
They all nodded. One of them came forward, a large brown tabby. "They were both invited there but I think it was a trap. They have not come out. Then that death bird came."
"Yes, the winter Prince was riding it. He tried to rescue the spring princess. Did you see him ride away on it?"
"No, it was by itself." Keshar almost shivered. Now he feared the fox felines had quite an assortment of prisoners to make use of. This would cause all-out war when the spring King and winter queen found out. He looked at the high queen’s cats and his own cats. "It looks like we are going to be the bearer of the news to these courts." He sighed. "We must prepare for war."

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Thursday, 7 April 2016


Hi and today we have a faerie flash fiction. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!
Remember the next installment of the Feline Snow Queen below.

The Thistle down Queen

She wasn’t very big but she was a powerful queen in her court. She ruled fiercely and other courts feared her.
Her favorite time was at the end of the day when the sun was just setting. The thistles in her garden were starting to go to seed.
To her they were as pretty as they were in bloom.
She touched them all.
Courts around thought the thistles in her garden were enchanted and they probably were.
One day the thistle queen decided to invite others over to her garden.
No one wanted to come.
Except one.
 He was the Moth prince and he was most delighted to come to her garden.
The queen was delighted as well.
They sat on metal wrought chairs with cushions stuffed of course with thistle down.
The rusted metal table sat in-between them. They were served thistle tea and thistle flower scones with wild dried cranberries.
The moth prince was not that big either.
 His mottled wings of browns, whites and blues were dull but his blue eyes shone.
His white hair was as soft as thistle down and the queen wanted so bad to run her fingers through his hair.
But she was polite.
He asked her if he could have a little of her thistle down for his own garden. He smiled and that made her almost melt.
She said yes if she could visit his garden when they were in bloom.
He said  should could.
So they drank their tea and ate their scones.
Then it started to rain. The moth prince spread his wings over the table and kept her dry.
None of the courts was sure what happened under his wings but she suddenly was far friendlier toward everybody.
They weren’t as scared of her as before.
Later they learned that they were to be married in her thistle garden.
Everyone was invited.
She wore a mauve thistle gown with a ring of thistle flower crown around her head.
The prince also wore a thistle down crown and together they promised to be the best king and queen there was.
But like all good things, the courts knew this would happen.
Moth princes aren’t always good on their word.
He was not seen for a long time.
Every evening she went out at her favorite time and there was one thistle that she always visited. Some said she kissed it every night.
Others said they figured she had turned him into a thistle.
How long that would last, none of them knew.

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Here is the next installment of The Feline Snow Queen. Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 12

Sieska was very uneasy and didn't like what was going down in front of her. She stood in the forest for quite a while before turning around. Her forest cats stayed close by.
Her head fell forward as she sauntered back.
"Why so gloom?"
All of them stopped. No one made a sound. "What are you doing here?"
Shae purred. "I've come to warn you. I know you got invited to the feline fox's castle."
Sieska raised an eyebrow. "And you didn't?"
She let out a huff. "Oh, I assure I did get invited. But we're not getting invited over for tea." Shae's ears went flat. Sieska knew that meant trouble.
"What have you found out?"
"When I thought it would be wise to form an alliance with them, I may over stepped."
"Oh, how is that?"
"My spies have told me that they plan on giving us an ultimatum. We either join them or we get taken over. You know what he means by taken over don't you?"
Sieska nodded. "We lose our forests by force if we don't comply."
She nodded as she let out a huff.
Sieska didn't know what to make of this information as she felt the feline fox's invitation would be more than just a social visit. The queen had given her that impression. Now what was she going to do? Keshar was off taking the winter prince to his destination.
Shae tilted her head. "I think my news is not what is troubling you."
Sieska eyed her. "The spring princess has ran off again. The spring King and the winter queen paid me an uninvited visit."
Shae's eyes went wide. "They have ran off together? The winter queen must be furious." Shae almost smiled.
"She was not happy and neither was the spring King. I told him I would tell him if she showed up." "Did she?"
"She did not show up."
"Then why are you so gloomy then?"
“Keshar and I came upon the prince in the forest. He was alone."
Sieska could see the interest in Shae's eyes.
"He wanted help."
Shae sighed. "What kind of help did he want?"
“He wanted passage through your forest to the other side into the feline fox's forest."
Shae ran her tongue along her bottom lip. ""Really? What did you tell him?"
"I told him nothing and offered him no help."
Shae saw the uncomfortableness in her shifting about. "But there is more. What happened?"
"Keshar took him through."
"I see and do you think they will really make it through?"
Sieska let out a low growl. "I wouldn't challenge Keshar. He has powers that are even unknown to me."
"I thought that cat was different. So, he's a stronger alliance than the fox felines?"
Sieska could feel the eagerness in her tone. She was always one to join the winning side if it served her purpose.
"Alliances are not my choice but events have forced me to make these choices so yes I believe Keshar is the safer bet here. I don't trust the feline fox King and Queen. They both like to rule, just like some others I know."
Shae's ears went flat. "I don't know what you're talking about but the fox felines are now after more control."
"Because you offered them your alliance on a silver platter." Sieska could tell that her words bit the high queen deep the way her head fell forward.
Sieska sighed. "You want help with this? Then you have to let Keshar get through without any trouble and not say a word to the winter queen or the spring King about what Keshar did. I don't need war."
Shae sniffed. "Yes, I'll give them safe passage and you have my word of secrecy. Now what do we do about the invite?"
Sieska held up her head. "We are going to a party."
Shae threw her a look and smiled.
Some of the high queen's guard cats came and Sieska's forest cats escorted them through Shae's forest. Sieska was looking for Keshar but they saw no sign of him. He had said he would send one of his cats if there was trouble. Sieska kept her ears and eyes peeled for anything.
When they got close to the border of the forest between the high queen's and the feline fox's, Sieska could pick up an uneasiness from Shae and her cats. She wondered if they had any occurrences with them from the past near this border.
She didn't ask.
The border was now in sight and Sieska could see something on the other side. It was large and as she sniffed the air, she knew it was the feline fox's.
Shae was sniffing too. Her cats let out some low growls. Her own forest cat's ears all bent back. They didn't like what they saw either. Sieska couldn't blame them. She wasn't looking forward to this little visit.
Two large red fox felines came forward. Their bushy tails swayed from one side to the other sending snow up into the air. Their gold eyes were large and intense. As they stopped in front of them, the two large fox felines stilled. "Welcome to the king and queens forest."
Sieska nodded. "We look forward to the visit."
Both felines showed no sign of emotion. "Follow us."
They all did. Sieska was surprised that they never asked about Keshar. A sudden quiver ran through her down to her paws. What if they had caught him? She started to get a bit nervous and hoped that they would not get ambushed once they got to the castle. The high queen's cats stuck close to her noticed Sieska. They were ready for anything as well.
They crossed over a long bridge that took them to the entrance to the castle front. The doors opened automatically when they the two fox felines got close. Sieska's ears fell as they entered. She suddenly regretted coming and putting her cats at danger.
"Welcome, I'm so glad you all came." The Queen came padding up to them. The two fox felines parted and they stopped in front of the Queen. The Queen looked at them both and Sieska waited for her to ask about Keshar but she didn't which for some reason left her with an uneasy feeling.
"Come into the dining room where the king is waiting for us. We had the best cream and fish brought in for the occasion."
Sieska and Shae shared a look. Sieska knew she wondered the same as her what the occasion was going to exactly be. It wasn't a very big room that they went into. The king was sitting on a huge burgundy cushion. He lifted his head up and nodded as they all came into the room. Sieska felt dwarfed by these large fox felines.
They were escorted over to some fair size cushions of their own by the Queen herself. Shae climbed up on hers with her tail drooping and dragging behind her. Sieska thought she looked like she was sentenced to death or something. Even her guard cats climbed on the cushion with her and surrounded her.
 Sieska got on hers but her forest cats stayed at the bottom of the cushion near her. That was all she needed.
The Queen sat on the cushion next to the king. "Welcome. I'm so glad that you accepted our invitation," said the king. “Our forests are right next to each other's and there is no reason that we cannot see each other. This is long overdue. My queen agrees." She nodded.
Sieska thought they were being a little over friendly all of a sudden. That just made her more suspicious.
The cream and fish was served to them right away. That took back Sieska. When hers was set in front of her she sniffed it. Shae and her cats were served right after. One of Sieska's forest cats let out a little high pitched growl that snapped Sieska to her attention.
"Don't touch that," she yelled over at Shae and her cats. They all froze.
Sieska let out a low growl with her ears bent back. "You weren't going to waste any time where you?"
Shae sniffed hers. "I smell something funny in here."
Sieska looked over at Shae. "My high Queen, we were about to be drugged."
She gasped and then let out a low growl.
Sieska looked over at the king and queen who were expressionless and not saying a word.
"Now, maybe you would like to tell me the real reason you brought us here."

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