Thursday, 14 April 2016


Hello everyone! Today's flash fiction in once again is for faerie lovers. Hope you enjoy Faerie Enchantment. Happy Reading!


It was that time of year again.

The scent was what gave it away. When the blossoms on the apple tree take on a mauve tint, you know she is here.

I don’t know her name and she won’t tell me. They will never tell you that but I try every time.

She almost told me once but I think she was only playing with me for her amusement.

Today however, I got a surprise. It wasn’t her.

It was one of those days when the air was full of sweet spring perfume and the blossoms were so intense with their perfume.

The day was full of enchantment and I let myself get lost in it.

When I opened my eyes after inhaling the intoxicating air, my eyes saw him.

My whole body froze. His white hair fell to his shoulders and without even touching, I knew his hair was as silky soft as the blossoms around him.

There were streaks of mauve throughout his hair and his even though his eyes were feral, they were the most beautiful light mauve.

It was like he came from the tree.

His skin was alabaster white-perfect. His lips were the softest pink. He gave me a small smile.

I couldn’t do anything as he bravely came closer to me. I held my breath.

He walked around me without making a sound. All I could hear was the birds singing.

Then he was directly in front of me looking down at me. My heart raced madly.

He looked up and so did I. All I could see was a froth of white mauve blossoms.

Some petals floated down landing in his hair.

He plucked a few and put them in my hair. I could not feel his touch.

Then he leaned over to my ear. His cheek almost touched mine.

 A whisper that sounded like it was far away echoed in my ear.

I gasped and he was gone

My hand went up to my head and all that was there was twigs entangled in strands of my hair and a few of the blossoms that had fell.

I looked all around and there was no sign of him. Had I dreamed him?

His far away words now came to me.

Always be wary of me.

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