Thursday, 21 April 2016

Flash Fiction-Fairy Tale Rules

Hello and hope everyone is fine. Todays flash fiction is about rules to follow in case you find yourself in the fairy tale world. Take heed. Also don't forget the next installment of the cat story is below this. Happy reading!

Fairy Tale Rules

Flash Fiction

If you believe, keep it to yourself.

Glances at things that you think you see are permitted but stares are NOT.

If you find yourself lured over to the other side, then take heed of these rules.

1: You will probably meet a small creature with long fuzzy ears and tail. He will be wearing a key around his neck. He will want you to go with him and help him unlock something.

Do not go.

2: Keep on the path ahead of you. Never stay off. The bright flowers that lure you to them are not what they appear. Keep your eyes ahead at all times.

3: You will come to a small cottage and you will not be able to go around. The path goes through it. So knock at the door. A friendly witch will answer and when she smiles, say “The key is in the oak tree.” She will then let you through.

4. When you go out the back door, there will be three paths to take. Choose the one on the right. It will lead to the main path again. An overwhelming desire to go straight will tug at you. Fight it and go right.

5. Keep going on this path and every song and whisper that you hear, try to block it out. They know you are near. The one sound that you do want to hear is the sound of a gurgling creek. You will need to cross it.

6. There will be someone there to help you cross. Reach into your pocket and give him the three seeds you collected in your garden the day before. He will then help you.

7: Remember to thank him when you get to the other side. He will wish you a safe trip. This is important. His words will keep you safe.

8: You are almost there but not quite. A strange beautiful creature with butterfly wings like you’ve never seen will come out of the woods to greet you. Stay focused because if you are mesmerized by him, all will be lost and you will never leave.

9: A quick glance is all that is permitted, remember?

10: If he talks to you, his voice will sound like a beautiful bird song or feel like a warm summer breeze against your face. Close your eyes and keep going.

11: Now you see the end. It is a special door overgrown with ivy but you can see it. Now take note. Remember that creature that you saw at the beginning with the key around his neck?

12: He will once again want you to help him unlock something. This time nod. Out of his pocket he will take a special locket. Help unlock it.

13: When he opens it, he will hand you another key. Accept it and open the door.

14: When you go through, give him the key back and do not forget to say thank you and have a nice day.

15: You are now safe.

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