Thursday, 7 April 2016


Hi and today we have a faerie flash fiction. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!
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The Thistle down Queen

She wasn’t very big but she was a powerful queen in her court. She ruled fiercely and other courts feared her.
Her favorite time was at the end of the day when the sun was just setting. The thistles in her garden were starting to go to seed.
To her they were as pretty as they were in bloom.
She touched them all.
Courts around thought the thistles in her garden were enchanted and they probably were.
One day the thistle queen decided to invite others over to her garden.
No one wanted to come.
Except one.
 He was the Moth prince and he was most delighted to come to her garden.
The queen was delighted as well.
They sat on metal wrought chairs with cushions stuffed of course with thistle down.
The rusted metal table sat in-between them. They were served thistle tea and thistle flower scones with wild dried cranberries.
The moth prince was not that big either.
 His mottled wings of browns, whites and blues were dull but his blue eyes shone.
His white hair was as soft as thistle down and the queen wanted so bad to run her fingers through his hair.
But she was polite.
He asked her if he could have a little of her thistle down for his own garden. He smiled and that made her almost melt.
She said yes if she could visit his garden when they were in bloom.
He said  should could.
So they drank their tea and ate their scones.
Then it started to rain. The moth prince spread his wings over the table and kept her dry.
None of the courts was sure what happened under his wings but she suddenly was far friendlier toward everybody.
They weren’t as scared of her as before.
Later they learned that they were to be married in her thistle garden.
Everyone was invited.
She wore a mauve thistle gown with a ring of thistle flower crown around her head.
The prince also wore a thistle down crown and together they promised to be the best king and queen there was.
But like all good things, the courts knew this would happen.
Moth princes aren’t always good on their word.
He was not seen for a long time.
Every evening she went out at her favorite time and there was one thistle that she always visited. Some said she kissed it every night.
Others said they figured she had turned him into a thistle.
How long that would last, none of them knew.

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