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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 15

Catar glared at them. Keshar rushed forward. The feline foxes behind her also came forward. Keshar held up his paw stopping the fox felines in their tracks. Their eyes went wide as Catar's did also. "You wouldn't dare," she growled.
Keshar eyed her. "You did declare war, did you not?
She walked right up to Keshar. "What do you want?"
"You let us all go as well as the others."
She sniffed. “The spring King already got his daughter thanks to you and so did the winter queen. They both took off on those death birds. All that is left are you and your friends."
"Then let us go before I am forced to use my magic."
Catar's stood her ground in front of Keshar and he wondered if she would actually let them go. The magic tingled in his paws.
 She grinned at him. "You can feel it can't you?"
Sieska came up beside Keshar at this moment. "What do you mean by that?"
Catar's glanced over at Sieska before she looked Keshar right in the eyes. "It means that maybe that you Keshar are not the only one with special powers."
Siena came up beside Sieska. "I could feel it from the time I met her. She does have some kind of special power but what I don't know."
"I do not want wars in these forests," said Sieska. "There has to be some kind of agreement made." Catar's threw up her head at her. "What do you propose our feline snow queen?"
"We set out an agreement that we all agree to."
Siena looked at her. "I don't think the spring King and winter Queen will agree to any agreement made with the fox felines or anyone else."
Catar grinned. "You’re a smart one." She looked over at Keshar and Sieska. "She is right, they will not agree with anything."
"Then we must come up with an agreement among ourselves," said Shae who had held back and stayed quiet. "I will not have any more kidnappings in my life."
Catar's glared at her. "I did not kidnap you."
Shae growled.
Keshar stepped around them and looked over at the fox felines who were watching his every move. "This is enough. You will let us go now. We will discuss this at a better time."
From behind them came the king fox feline. He did not look happy. "What is going on here? I thought they would all be gone."
Catar cleared her throat. "They were about to leave."
"I want them all gone," roared the fox feline King. The fox feline guards cowered back behind the queen Catar. Keshar was taken back a bit. Since she was the one who declared war.
Catar stepped back as the fox feline King faced them all. "The guards here will escort you out and they will take you to the border." Catar threw him a look.
"We can find our way," said Keshar. He looked at the others and gestured to them to follow him. They followed Keshar and up behind them was the feline fox guards. As they left Keshar could feel the magic in his paws and he knew it was coming from Catar. He wondered if the king knew about is mate’s magic. In any case he knew that this wasn't over yet.
They all left without incident. The guards did escort them silently to the border and turned around as soon as they crossed over.
Shae padded ahead with her own cats in her own forest. "Well, that was fun. Remind me not to ever associate with those beasts again."
Sieska sighed. "It was you who wanted to form an alliance with them."
"Did I say I wanted that? I don't remember." Her tail flicked from one side to the other. Shae continued on with her cats on either side. All their tails were straight up and looked quite happy with themselves.
  Sieska rolled her eyes. "We will take you back to your castle and see you safe inside."
Shae looked back at them and nodded like she expected it.
They just got to within the castle's site when a large shadow from above passed over them. The high queen's cats scattered for shelter along with Shae. Keshar looked up as did Sieska and Siena. "It's the death bird," said Siena. "They have come for me I bet."
She scampered more out into the open and Sieska could see the thing going to land right where they were. The death bird landed right in front of Siena.
 Sieska and Keshar both shared a look. Riding the death bird was both the spring princess and the winter Prince. Keshar greeted them both. "I thought you two would be long gone."
"We will be,” said the Prince. “But my princess wants Siena with her."
Siena jumped around and the princess's jumped off and ran to Siena hugging her. She then took her to the bird and helped her on.
The winter Prince looked down at them and smiled. "I thank you for helping us. I won't forget it. I will also forewarn you that the courts are not happy to hear of the trouble that has been happening with you all. The summer courts have been talking to the spring courts. They want to spell their lands with protective charms to keep you all out. That will restrict your travel in your forests. They will kill anyone who trespasses."
Shae came out then. "The summer court is up against me." She screwed up her face. "I don't want to see them either. I will treat them the same if they show up on my doorstep."
Keshar and Sieska walked up to the Prince. "Thanks for warning us," said Keshar. Sieska spoke to them both. "You know I will have both your parents on my doorstep and I will tell them the truth. So, I would make speed while you can as I expect one of them at least will be waiting for me when I get back to the castle."
The Prince nodded. "I know and we will be on our way right now. I could hear more death birds coming from a far. So, I would get your cats back. These death birds will attack."
Keshar looked back at the cats. They didn't need to be told. They all took off. That included Shae and her cats. They were gone as well.
That just left Keshar and Sieska. They both watched the death bird take them high into the sky. Keshar sniffed the air and so did Sieska. Together they said out loud, "death birds."
They both whirled around and ran into the forest on high heading for the snow queen's castle.

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