Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Summer Walk-Flash Fiction

Hello! Today's flash fiction is about seeing things. Also remember the next installment of the cat story beneath this. Happy Reading!

The Summer Walk
Flash Fiction

It was one of those days when it was the perfect summer day and you wanted to walk in the sunshine. This was one of those days.
I walked in the meadow behind the house. Bees and dragonflies buzzed and flitted about in the wild flowers that grew in abandonment.
I picked some early asters that had bloomed and was walking along making a daisy chain out of them so I didn’t notice.
Something flashed across my vision and my eyes quickly diverted to in front of me.
I didn’t see anything and frankly I was used to seeing things that may or may not have been there.
I shrugged and continued on until I saw something up ahead.
I stopped and looked for a moment and thought it couldn’t be.
Very carefully, I looked around and then went ahead.
There was a chair with a bouquet of the flowers from the meadow sitting beside it.
Who put this here I thought. There was a book with a hat and blanket. The first thing I touched was the blanket. It was soft like thistle down. The hat was too.
I wanted to put the hat on my head but I knew I shouldn’t. I did pick up the book.
It was full of botanicals. The pictures were very pretty I thought. I always liked that kind of art.
I put the book back down and another thought came to me. I wanted to sit in the chair and without thinking I did.
I had to pick up the blanket, hat and book to do so of course. I sat there and looked out over the meadow with the blanket, hat and book on my lap.
I got kind of lost in thought and didn’t hear anything but the sounds of bees and dragon flies with the odd bird song in the near distance.
Then there she was, standing in front of me. Her eyes were periwinkle with this white blond hair flowing in the breeze.
I knew it was soft like silk. Her dress looked like spider webs all infused together. She had very long fingers and very quickly took the asters that I was making a chain with.
I got up putting the stuff back on the chair and I was about to say sorry for sitting there but she came up to me with a soft smile on her face and put the asters in my hair.
She smelled like honey.
I didn’t realize I had moved out of the way because she was now sitting in the chair.
 I watched her put more flowers in the vase beside her.
Then I found myself walking away from her and I didn’t want to but when my eyes could really see again, I was in another part of the meadow.
I looked around for her and wondered if I had been seeing things. But I knew that I did see her. Making my way back I met mother coming out the back door. She made a face when she seen me. “What did you do to your hair?”
I reached up and it was all in knots. The asters were all tied into the knots in my hair.
I sighed and walked in the house.

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  1. Hi Vera. Actually I'm following up on one of your comments on Dean Wesley Smith's blog (The Summer Walk is a nice story btw). I see on a recent comment at his blog that you mention you don't have anyone to read your stories before getting to editing yourself. I'm in a similar situation. I wondered if you might like to try some exchanges for proofing/copyediting? We could just do a short story or two to start to see how it goes. I think we write quite differently, so it could be good. You can reach me at sean.monaghan (at)

    Sorry, I couldn't see any contact details here, so I'm just commenting (I guess you can delete this - not really relevant to the story). Hope to hear from you. Sean.