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THE ILLUSIONIST-flash fiction

Hello and welcome! Today's flash fiction is all about magic. I hope you enjoy. The next chapter to the Feline Snow Queen is also below. I believe we are getting close to finishing that story.
Happy Reading!
The Illusionist
flash fiction

It was mesmerizing to watch. The silk wrapped around her body as if it was a part of her.
She never slipped and never fell. The silk always held her.
She would twist and turn in the air as elegantly as a ballet dancer. Her art was in the air.
At one moment we held our breath as the only thing holding her up was the silk wrapped around her ankle. She twirled around and around.
There was an assistant but we never seen him. Some said that he was the silk. We laughed at that idea.
She performed for about an hour before it was intermission. My friend wanted to take a peek behind the curtain. I told her that we shouldn’t. What if we get caught and miss the rest of the show?
She said we wouldn’t. So I went with her.
Behind the curtain was her sitting at a boudoir fixing her makeup and hair for the next part of the show.
 I didn’t see her silk. Maybe she was going to use a different one.
But behind the boudoir stepped a young man. He placed a bottle of water beside her. We had never seen him. She looked up at him and smiled and took his hand. He bent down and kissed her hand.
I knew we shouldn’t be watching. It was time to go back to our seats.
We almost didn’t make it back in time but we did. She did have a different silk this time.
It was a bit wider and appeared to be even silkier. It looked slippery. I felt a bit nervous.
She swung in the air and never once lost her balance.
Like a trapeze artist she dipped down close to us and teased us and pulled back up swinging high into the air. I gasped.
I never saw such a performance before. When the show came to an end, she slipped down to the floor sliding down the silk. She made it look effortless.
We all stood up and clapped as she bowed.
Just as we were leaving, I couldn’t resist but to go back and take another peak. The silk was laying on the floor but she wasn’t there.
I knew I shouldn’t but I went up to the silk, just to touch it.
“Is there something I can help you with?”
I jumped and there she was. She smiled.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I loved your show.”
Out from behind where she came from was the young man. He was dressed in a black suit with the most beautiful silk tie that I had ever seen. It was the same color as the one on the floor.
I glanced down and the silk that was on the floor was gone.
I quickly looked back at them.
His eyes shimmered and I froze.
He smiled at me and I knew the truth.

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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 18

Sieska found herself inside a blue glow that formed a bubble around her. Her feet were not touching the ground anymore. Keshar was right beside her and they were floating through the air.
“What did you do, Keshar?”
“Used my magic to get us out of there. There was going to be all out war with us in the middle.” Sieska looked all around her and the soft blue light felt warm and cool at the same time. A sudden gush of air caught her off guard.
“Sorry, we are landing now. Just steady your feet and you will be fine.”
Sieska wasn’t too sure what to expect but she concentrated on her feet landing upright. The blue light around her started to fade and the snow and trees came in clearer. With a bit of a thud she landed on a snowy path.
“There, that wasn’t so bad.”
Sieska looked at him in wonderment. She had just experienced some of his special magic. It just occurred to her that he had probably saved her life. She walked over to him and nudged him in a playful matter.
His gold eyes looked into hers making her paws tingle. “What was that for?”
“Well,” said Sieska. “It just occurred to me that you have played hero quite a few times and this last time, I think you just saved me.”
He let out a huff. “I would save you the feline snow queen any day. It was the right thing to do and in this large kingdom where every one of us has to learn to get along, that can be challenging. These dragons that want a safe place is the latest challenge.”
“Are you still going to give them their special place for their nests?”
Keshat nodded. “Yes but after this, I will lay down some rules.”
Sieska agreed. “Let’s get back to my castle and see if the prince and princess are there.”
They both bounded for the trail that led them back.
The palace grounds were quiet when they got back which Sieska for once was relieved to see but at the same time she wondered what was up. When they entered the castle, Scamper greeted them. Sieska knew by his expression that there was someone there who wanted to see them.
“Don’t tell me, there is someone who demands to see me.”
Scampers ears went a bit flat. “Well, there is someone here alright and …
Sieska sniffed the air. She didn’t have to be told who was here. She went around Scamper with Keshar following right behind her.
A group of autumn faeries were in the room. Sieska could tell these where the queen's guards. A sinking feeling came over her. Was the autumn queen dead?
The leader greeted Sieska. “The feline snow queen. We finally meet.” A small smiled formed across his lips.
Sieska didn’t reply. She waited for information and he didn’t hesitate to give it. “As you know our queen was attacked by the dragons. She is in grave danger at this moment and we fear for her.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “What is it that you think I can do?”
The other guards gathered around their leader and Sieska took note that they were keeping a careful eye on Keshar. Sieska was guessing that they witnessed what he could do. She didn’t blame them for being a bit leery.
“We were hoping that maybe you could talk to the dragons again and move the location of their nesting site to another place away from our borders.”
Keshar now came forward. “I assure you the sight in my forest is nowhere near your border and is safe for them and you.”
The guards gold brown eyes glimmered and Sieska wondered if he was convinced or not.
“We don’t want any more confrontations with the dragons at this time.”
Sieska looked at the guard. “We all don’t want any confrontations with the dragons or any other groups in this kingdom. There has been far too many disruptions as of late. The time has come for it to stop.”
Everyone in the room looked at Sieska including Keshar who looked quite taken back by her forwardness.
“I am going to set up a meeting with all the heads of their own courts and castle regions in their own territories. I will send out word and summon all leaders here.”
The group of autumn faerie soldiers shared a look. The leader looked over at her and nodded. Sieska caught what she thought was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
“I will tell my queen and her court the news. We will wait for a time and day.”
With that they all followed him out the door. When the door was firmly shut, Sieska let out a huff. Keshar was still standing there staring at her in wonderment. “You certainly know how to pull out surprises my queen.”
She grinned at him. “You just wait and see when they all show up. That will be a night of surprises.” Keshar took in a deep breath and then let out a long breath. “All I can think about is all the security we will need. We don’t want an all-out war here.” He narrowed his gaze right at her.
She smiled at Keshar and let out a purr. “That is where you will come in.”
“You see, most of them know what you are capable of doing. No one will challenge you if you use your magic to secure my castle. Then there will be no trouble and they will have no choice but to listen.”
Keshar shook his head. “You have great confidence in me to keep this crew under control while they are all under the same room! I will need some assistance.”
“Get all the help you need. My cats will help your cats.”
“Thank you. When are you going to bring them all together?”
“I think two weeks should do it. That will give them all the time to prepare. I will of course tell them that there will be a set of rules to follow while they are here.”
Keshar snorted. “Do you really think they will abide by these rules?”
“Oh I know none of them will and that is what will bring them here all together under one roof. They will challenge each other and try and break the rules. That is where your magic comes in. They will have to listen to me then.”
“Well, my queen, this should be one memorable party.”

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Thursday, 19 May 2016


Today is flash fiction only. Another faerie encounter story. Hope you enjoy. My next installment of the feline snow queen will be up next week. Happy reading!


The Pretty Table
flash fiction

It's pretty but don't go over and investigate. The faerie folk know you all too well. They know what flowers you like and that you like picnics in the meadow.
You have caught their attention. But that was your fault. They heard the words that you said out loud. They know how you feel about one of their own. Now it's a game and they love nothing more than to play with a human heart.
They giggle with delight when human hearts break.
You will weep and they will comfort you with thorns and dandelions that have gone to seed. One might blow the seed into your face.
You might get a tiny seed in the eye. Don't let them take it out for you. They will blind you and then they will either lead you to your death or give you to the one that you said you loved.
You don't want that. He might take your heart out and replace it with ashes from his fire or just a simple bird feather.
You won't feel nothing either way. Don't sit down at the make shift table that looks pretty. He might whisper in your ear and fill your head with promises and feed you the words that you crave so badly. That is part of the game.
And for heaven’s sake, don't try to beat him in this game. If he even gets one whiff of deception from you, it will mean an eternity with him.
You will crave death if that happens but you won't never get it. He will bleed you of any will that you cling to.
So, don't say anything and maybe he will grow tired of you and let you go-you hope. Don't let him escort you to another place. If you end up in his world, you will never come back.
So the key here is to not sit at the table to begin with.
Block their whispers and scents of the flowers that lure you out of your head.
Your skin will feel like a thousand ants are crawling all over. If you fight it, you will get bit and blood will trickle over your skin. Your love will then want nothing but to taste your blood and if he does, he might just take you away.
Being brave is all you have left and if that crumbles, then he will win and they will laugh like no other.
Do you still want to go over to the pretty table?
If your answer is yes, then no one can help you.
They are older than the stars and they know what makes the human spirit live.
If you can live with no heart that beats and obey his every whim, then you might be rewarded with freedom. But don't count on it. Freedom is something that they will lure you with or tease you with. Think about it now before you go over to the pretty table.
Won't you?

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Thursday, 12 May 2016


Hello. Today I have a little flash fiction about a special little girl. Hope you enjoy. Also the next installment of the feline snow queen is under this. Happy reading!

The Little Rose Princess
flash fiction

She overlooked a lush green world that one day she would rule.
The princess dreamed of many things that she wanted for her world.
She wanted everyone in her world to love each other and play nice. Her mother told her that was not how this world really was.
But she would change that. The little princess had plans.
For everyone in her world would be given things from her that would make them happy.
Her own little rose garden would get the perfect amount of rain and sunshine making future rose girls coming into this world happy.
The fields in front of her castle would always flourish with wild flowers so the butterfly girls and boys would have all the nectar they ever wanted. Not to mention the bees.
Even other queens would not speak ill of her because of the happiness she would maintain.
Ones who loved darkness on the other hand was the thorn girls and the stinging nettle boys who loved to bite her when they snuck into her rose garden unexpected.
They both left their marks on her skin to remind her of their unkindness.
She would take care of them as she smiled and thought of ways to weed them out.
The little rose princess looked down at her pink runners. Then she looked over at the meadow.
Yes, she would go and play with the butterfly girls.
But first she would have to ask her mother.

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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 17

The autumn queen and winter queen watched them come into the room. Sieska could tell that Scamper was right. They did look worried.
The winter queen marched straight up to Sieska. “What are you doing to find my son?”
Sieska was taken back by her abruptness. “Me? What are you doing to find your son? I have not heard of these dragons before.”
Sieska glanced over at the autumn queen. She looked away quickly sending a vibe up Sieska’s back coat.
“What do either of you know about these dragons? What do they want?” Sieska looked straight at the autumn queen who was looking at the winter queen hoping that she would say something.
The winter queen took a deep breath. “Usually they are harmless but they can make themselves known and when they do, it means trouble. They have powers.”
Sieska was still watching the autumn queen for any kind of reaction she could read from her. “What kind of powers do they have and why did they take the spring princess and your son?”
The winter queen shook her head. “I don’t know but we have to go there and find them.”
The autumn queen then came forward. “If I may speak.”
Sieska nodded. “Of course you may. Any information will help.”
She was a very tiny little queen-almost childlike. Her hair was auburn and every once in a while, the golds in her hair shimmered. Her eyes were chestnut brown with gold flecks. Sieska could see them clearly as her eyes were wide little saucers. She rested her freckled brown hand on her chin for a moment. Sieska was waiting to hear what she had to say. “I believe they want something from my court. The winter prince and spring queen I think were not intended to be taken. They would have no reason to take them.”
“Then why didn’t they let them go,” screeched the winter queen.
The autumn queen’s face blushed a bit. “I think they will…eventually.”
The winter queen’s eyes went wide. “Eventually? What does that mean? I want my son back now!” The autumn queen’s face deepened. Sieska could sense something from her and that she was hiding something.
“My autumn queen,” addressed Sieska. “If you have information that is valuable to us, please do tell us.”
Sieska watched her play with her dress and her eyes were cast down. The winter queen noticed. She grabbed her hand where she was touching her dress. The winter queen had the dress and her hand in her hers. The autumn queen looked at her horrified. Through gritted teeth the winter queen glared at her. “Tell us!”
Keshar cleared his throat. “Let her go.”
For a moment Sieska thought that she would not comply but when Keshar came forward she dropped her hand. The autumn queen rubbed her hand. Sieska could see a bit of redness on her hand-frost bite. Keshar went up to the autumn queen. “What information do you have? Please tell us.”
She looked at Keshar and nodded. “The dragons want a place to lay their eggs and the one spot that is the safest is the border between my forest and the high queens. Plus inside the forests of yours.” Keshar gave her a look. “Why my forest?”
She gave him a small smile. “Because you have the same power that they have and they think you will guard their eggs till they hatch.”
“Why didn’t they come to me and ask me instead of taking the prince and princess?”
“They might think they will be given their wish if they hold onto them. As before they have been shunned out of the area and in some areas not allowed at all. They don’t have much freedom here. Now they demand that they have as much right to be here as the rest of you. I support them.”
Keshar looked over at Sieska. She did not know what to think of it all. Keshar looked back at her. “Can you give them a message?” She nodded.
“Good. Tell them to meet us in my forest and bring the prince and princess with them. We will talk about what we can work out for them.”
Sieska saw the autumn queen take a sigh of relief. She even smiled. The winter queen on the other hand was not impressed.
“So,” she snapped. “You are going to give them what they want with no punishment?”
Keshar gave her a look. “We will meet first and then discuss what happens after.”
The winter queen still was not happy. She folded her arms tightly around herself as snow gathered at her feet.
Sieska spoke up then. “Then let us get the autumn queen back so she can deliver the message. We will all gather in Keshar’s forest at where the autumn border lies.”
They all nodded with the winter queen walking by them. “See to it that everyone follows through.” Sieska and Keshar watched her leave with a trail of snow following her. The autumn queen followed her. She turned and looked back at them before going out the door. “I will meet you there a head of the winter queen. As you know, she can be difficult and I don’t need her making the dragons mad. She won’t get her son back with her anger.”
Both Sieska and Keshar nodded. Then she left.
“Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us,” said Keshar. Sieska nodded. “Yes, it appears we do. These faeries have caused such a disruption in our territories. The fox felines were one thing but this is quite another. I want things to settle and now.”
Keshat looked at her. “I can tell by your tone that you have had enough and I might say, so have I. But, we have to work this out and get everybody settled into their own territories. I am willing to let the dragons have their nests in some place of the forest that is not used. If it keeps peace.”
“I agree,” said Sieska. “I want peace more than anything. So, let’s prepare ourselves for anything with these dragons.”
Keshar had gathered some of his own guard cats and so did Sieska. They went prepared for anything. When they got there the autumn queen was already there. She had some of her guards there as well. Keshar noticed some of them in the trees guarding the area as well. Keshar nodded to some of his own cats to keep an eye on them.
  She greeted both of them with a smile. Sieska didn’t know why but another vibe went up her back sending up the fur on the back of her neck. The autumn queen came forward to greet them. She offered them a small smile. “They will be here shortly-the dragons. Before they come I want to warn you that if they are threatened in any way, they will use their magic to defend themselves. You don’t want that.”
“I understand,” said Sieska. “I have no intentions of threatening them. I only want peace and the prince and princess returned.”
Just as she nodded a roar filled the air. The wind got up as well and shook the trees that the queen’s guards were in. Some of them almost fell out. They all looked up into the sky. A huge black mist swirled and swarmed above the trees like bees. Then suddenly the black cloud started to take form. It was coming towards the ground.
 Keshar came out and stood in front of them all ready with his paw. The black cloud dissolved along with the wind. Standing in front of them all was now four black dragons. Some had green shimmers running through their scales and two had purple green. The one that came forward had a red streak down the side of his tail. What surprised Keshar the most was, their size. They were smaller than he was. The one that came forward was just below Keshar’s eye level.
Keshar almost backed up but held his ground. “I greet you. I have heard of you and your special powers. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.” He gave Keshar a toothy grin.
Keshar nodded. “It is an honor to meet you as well. I understand that you want a safe place for your eggs.”
The dragon nodded. “Yes, we believe we may have found the perfect place for our nests. With our magic being the same, we can ensure that our nest will be safe.”
Keshar nodded. “And what about the prince and princess. They must be returned.”
The dragon looked back at the others first and then back at Keshar. “We did not mean to take them. Some thought that they were a threat to them. Those ones were in the middle of selecting a nesting sight when the prince and princess came into view. It was only a defensive move on our part. I’m sure you will understand.”
“Yes, I suppose I do but now that you know they are no threat, you can return them.”
The dragons gold green eyes sunk into Keshar making his paw tingle.
“Are you going to give us a safe place for our nests?”
“I will if you will return them. Will you?”
Again the dragon looked back at the others. The one nodded. The dragon looked back at Keshar then and nodded as well.
“Good,” said Keshar.
“When you return them, I will show you a special area of my forest for your nests.”
Just after he said the words, two of the dragons started to shift form. Keshar let out a low growl. Sieska soon joined him and let out a low growl as well. The two forms took the form of two tall beings that looked a bit like their faerie counterpart but the eyes were dragon and their hands sported long claws. Leather wings fell down their backs. One was a female and the other a male. The male came forward. “It was us who took the prince and princess. We viewed them a threat when we were trying to prepare out nests.”
His dragon eyes narrowed in on Sieska and Keshar. “I must have your word that both of these will never be allowed into the special area of the forest where our nests are. I don’t trust either one.” Keshar and Sieska shared a look. Sieska this time spoke to the male dragon. “I understand your concerns and I am quite sure we can keep them both out of the area that Keshar gives you. They shouldn’t have any interest in your nests anyway. They want to go on their own.”
The male dragon nodded. With that the female came up to stand beside her mate. They both waved their hands in the air. Falling out of their hands were black mists and that swirled around in front of Sieska and Keshar. Two forms took shape. It was the prince and princess.
The winter prince had his arms wrapped around the princess. They both looked up wide eyed at Keshar and Sieska. The winter prince let out a sigh of relief. Siena came bounding over pouncing around the princess who hugged her.
Sieska let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you for returning them.”
Both the male and female dragons nodded. The female then eyed the autumn queen. Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled up. That cold vibe came back through Sieska. She threw Sienna a look. “Get them both out of here. Trouble is about to explode.”
Sienna wasn’t long following orders. She waved her own magic in the air and with a cloud of green and shimmer, all three of them disappeared.
Sieska then looked at the female dragon. Her mate was also looking at the autumn queen with distaste. She looked at the queen who was standing her ground and the ones she had in the trees were now aiming their arrows at the dragons.
Keshar looked at Sieska and then at the dragons. “Whatever grievances you have, I will not have it fought out here at the edge of my forest. Is that clear?”
He held up his paw with the glowing blue light. The autumn queen let out a gasp. Keshar and Sieska hadn’t noticed but one of the dragon shifters hit her with their own light. The queen had now collapsed on the ground.
  “What have you done,” shouted Skeska. The male dragon smiled. “We got our revenge for her actions against us.”
Sieska looked back at the Queen who was now surrounded by her guards. One of them looked up at the trees and howled.
Arrows rained down on them.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Flash Fiction-The Soul LIghter

Hello everyone! Todays flash fiction is a bit strange and some might not get it and that's okay. I hope you enjoy it. Remember the next installment of the novel The Feline Snow Queen below. Happy reading! 

The Soul Lighter
Flash Fiction

He shows up at different times of the year. Always at the end of the day when the sun is going down. It’s mesmerizing to watch him set everything up. He does everything with great care and pays attention to detail.
There are more and more lanterns all the time which always leaves a tug at your heart.
These lanterns represent the ones that have passed on through to another realm. That is what he tells us anyway.
This time I could see lanterns lined up down between two rows of honeysuckles and lilacs.
I was guessing he picked this location because the lanterns would be protected from any breezes.
I sat down with my friend in the grass and watched him light each lantern. How he lit so many in such a short amount of time was always baffling to us.
My friend thought that he spelled us or something. I always laughed at that theory.
This year was a bit special and sad.
There used to be three of us come here but now there are only two of us this time.
He glanced over at us periodically and I got the feeling he knew who we were and why we were there.
All the lanterns were now lit and the glow from them made the black night glow with gold.
But there was one near the front and in about the third row that was not lit.
I stared at it and for some reason it bothered me that the lantern had not been lit. That poor soul needed its light.
I wanted to say something about it when he came nearby but I had never spoken to him before.
The words would come out of my mouth. I think fear covered my mouth with its hand.
He stood in front and looked at all the lit up lanterns and I thought for sure he would notice the one not lit and then would do the deed.
But he did not.
Now I was getting anxious.
Our eyes met and he winked at me. I startled when he did that. My friend didn’t notice. I looked at him again and he was still looking at me. Then he beckoned for me to come over.
My friend nudged me to go. When I came before him, I felt like he was some ethereal creature and not like me at all.
He handed me a candle lighter. “Light the lantern.”
I was going to ask why me. With a shaking hand I took the candle lighter and went over to the unlit lantern and quickly lit it. The flame inside was tiny compared to the others and I thought it was going to go out.
I stood back and watched the tiny flame. He took the candle lighter out of my hand and I hadn’t even noticed.
Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there were both my friends.
 I smiled.

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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 16

Sieska was right. When they got to the castle, there was the death bird in the court yard. A bunch of cats were around it hissing and growling. Keshar joined his cats and Sieska padded up to the death bird who held the spring King. He was doing his best to ignore the cats. "I demand that you bring my daughter out here right now."
Sieska looked up at him and met his angry gaze. "I do not have her here. I have however seen them in the forest. They took Siena with them and flew off. I told them that I would not hide them. Where they have flown off to, I do not know and that is the truth."
The king sighed. "Alright, I believe you. But my birds and warriors will be looking over every morsel of this forest searching for any clues."
Keshar came up then. “I don't think they will be anywhere near here. The Prince made it very clear that they were going far away. There will be no clues to find."
The spring King narrowed his gaze at Keshar. "Why didn't you ask more questions as to their destination then?"
Keshar snorted. "Do you really think that he would tell me that when Sieska told him that she would not hold any information back from you?"
The spring King looked at them both and then back to Keshar. "Use your magic to find them."
Sieska saw Keshar's eyes go wide. She got the feeling that he didn't like to use his magic unless he was forced to.
"I have never used my magic to find someone. I'm not sure how even."
The king didn't look impressed. "So, you can summon your magic but you can't actually do anything with it?"
"Don't challenge me or you will see what this magic can do."
Sieska felt an electric vibe go through her and by the look on the spring king's face, he felt it too. Shadows flew over top of them. More death birds were forming above them.
Keshar looked at the king. "Take your death birds out of here and leave us cats out of your search." The spring King glanced over at Sieska who held up her head to him. He looked up at the birds and then down on the one he was riding. Both Keshar and Sieska watched him for what his next move was going to be. Then he grinned. "Fine my felines, I will leave this forest to search for them. But I warn you, I will not leave any stone unturned and that includes your forests. If I find my daughter trying to hide here, I will tear down your walls and this forest to get her back."
Before Sieska and Keshar could retort, the bird lifted off and flew up into the air and joined the others. Soon all of them flew off.
Sieska sighed. "Well, that was one of them. There still the other one to grace us with her presence." Keshar shook his head. "I hope she waits till after we have at least eaten and rested. I have had enough excitement for now."
Sieska laughed. "I will agree with that. Let's go eat before she does come. We'll need our strength I'm sure."
Both of them laid out on cushions in a sunny spot. Keshar was lightly snoring and Sieska was snoozing. Her nose twitched and then twitched again. Sieska was about to swat away what was bothering her when she opened her eyes. Looking back at her were large blue green eyes and she didn't have to ask who they belonged to. Sieska got up part way and stretched out on her cushion. She sighed. "What happened now Siena?"
"We met with something unexpected."
Sieska closed her eyes for a moment. Then she looked at Siena. "Tell me everything."
"We were on the border of the forest ready to enter into the autumn faerie queen's territory."
Sieska looked surprised. They had travelled far to make to her territory she thought.
"Did you come up against someone?"
She shook her head. "It was something. It was this large dark cloud and it surrounded us. The Prince tried his magic but it didn't work. Then the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground. The thing then took them away."
"Do you think it was the autumn faerie queen had something to do with this?"
Siena shook her head. "I met one of the autumn faeries when I fell. They rushed over to me when I fell. They had never seen anything like it before."
Keshar stirred at this time looking over at the two of them. His eyes widened when he saw Siena. He sat up abruptly. "What has happened and why is Siena here? Is the Prince a princess here too?" Sieska shook her head. "No, they have been captured by a strange entity that no one has seen before." Keshar looked at Siena. "Tell me what you saw."
Siena relayed what had happened. Keshar paced back and forth and then stopped. "I'm afraid we might have a threat that will be dangerous to us all."
Sieska eyed him carefully. "What is it Keshar?"
"I believe it is another like me."
Her eyes went wide."Like you? There is another cat like you out there?"
He nodded. "I had heard that there were others like me but not all are cats. Some have been rumored to be small flying black dragons that have been described as black mists or dark clouds. Why they attacked you, I don't know."
Sieska couldn’t believe it. She didn't like it one bit. This was the last thing she needed in her forest. "What are we going to do?"
Before Keshar could answer, one of Sieska's cats came bounding in. It was Scamper. They turned and listened to what Scamper had to say. "She is here and she is demanding to see you now."
Sieska sighed and shook her head. "It's the winter queen?"
He nodded. "And she is not alone."
"Who is with her, the spring King?"
"No, it is the autumn queen and they are both look worried."
Everyone shared a look. Keshar huffed. "We better go see them."
Sieska nodded. "Yes, I have a feeling that this won't be good."

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