Thursday, 12 May 2016


Hello. Today I have a little flash fiction about a special little girl. Hope you enjoy. Also the next installment of the feline snow queen is under this. Happy reading!

The Little Rose Princess
flash fiction

She overlooked a lush green world that one day she would rule.
The princess dreamed of many things that she wanted for her world.
She wanted everyone in her world to love each other and play nice. Her mother told her that was not how this world really was.
But she would change that. The little princess had plans.
For everyone in her world would be given things from her that would make them happy.
Her own little rose garden would get the perfect amount of rain and sunshine making future rose girls coming into this world happy.
The fields in front of her castle would always flourish with wild flowers so the butterfly girls and boys would have all the nectar they ever wanted. Not to mention the bees.
Even other queens would not speak ill of her because of the happiness she would maintain.
Ones who loved darkness on the other hand was the thorn girls and the stinging nettle boys who loved to bite her when they snuck into her rose garden unexpected.
They both left their marks on her skin to remind her of their unkindness.
She would take care of them as she smiled and thought of ways to weed them out.
The little rose princess looked down at her pink runners. Then she looked over at the meadow.
Yes, she would go and play with the butterfly girls.
But first she would have to ask her mother.

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