Thursday, 19 May 2016


Today is flash fiction only. Another faerie encounter story. Hope you enjoy. My next installment of the feline snow queen will be up next week. Happy reading!


The Pretty Table
flash fiction

It's pretty but don't go over and investigate. The faerie folk know you all too well. They know what flowers you like and that you like picnics in the meadow.
You have caught their attention. But that was your fault. They heard the words that you said out loud. They know how you feel about one of their own. Now it's a game and they love nothing more than to play with a human heart.
They giggle with delight when human hearts break.
You will weep and they will comfort you with thorns and dandelions that have gone to seed. One might blow the seed into your face.
You might get a tiny seed in the eye. Don't let them take it out for you. They will blind you and then they will either lead you to your death or give you to the one that you said you loved.
You don't want that. He might take your heart out and replace it with ashes from his fire or just a simple bird feather.
You won't feel nothing either way. Don't sit down at the make shift table that looks pretty. He might whisper in your ear and fill your head with promises and feed you the words that you crave so badly. That is part of the game.
And for heaven’s sake, don't try to beat him in this game. If he even gets one whiff of deception from you, it will mean an eternity with him.
You will crave death if that happens but you won't never get it. He will bleed you of any will that you cling to.
So, don't say anything and maybe he will grow tired of you and let you go-you hope. Don't let him escort you to another place. If you end up in his world, you will never come back.
So the key here is to not sit at the table to begin with.
Block their whispers and scents of the flowers that lure you out of your head.
Your skin will feel like a thousand ants are crawling all over. If you fight it, you will get bit and blood will trickle over your skin. Your love will then want nothing but to taste your blood and if he does, he might just take you away.
Being brave is all you have left and if that crumbles, then he will win and they will laugh like no other.
Do you still want to go over to the pretty table?
If your answer is yes, then no one can help you.
They are older than the stars and they know what makes the human spirit live.
If you can live with no heart that beats and obey his every whim, then you might be rewarded with freedom. But don't count on it. Freedom is something that they will lure you with or tease you with. Think about it now before you go over to the pretty table.
Won't you?

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  1. Huh. I won't be looking at a pretty table the same for a while. This reminds me a little of Goblin Market, but what would happen if you gave in to the goblins.