Thursday, 5 May 2016

Flash Fiction-The Soul LIghter

Hello everyone! Todays flash fiction is a bit strange and some might not get it and that's okay. I hope you enjoy it. Remember the next installment of the novel The Feline Snow Queen below. Happy reading! 

The Soul Lighter
Flash Fiction

He shows up at different times of the year. Always at the end of the day when the sun is going down. It’s mesmerizing to watch him set everything up. He does everything with great care and pays attention to detail.
There are more and more lanterns all the time which always leaves a tug at your heart.
These lanterns represent the ones that have passed on through to another realm. That is what he tells us anyway.
This time I could see lanterns lined up down between two rows of honeysuckles and lilacs.
I was guessing he picked this location because the lanterns would be protected from any breezes.
I sat down with my friend in the grass and watched him light each lantern. How he lit so many in such a short amount of time was always baffling to us.
My friend thought that he spelled us or something. I always laughed at that theory.
This year was a bit special and sad.
There used to be three of us come here but now there are only two of us this time.
He glanced over at us periodically and I got the feeling he knew who we were and why we were there.
All the lanterns were now lit and the glow from them made the black night glow with gold.
But there was one near the front and in about the third row that was not lit.
I stared at it and for some reason it bothered me that the lantern had not been lit. That poor soul needed its light.
I wanted to say something about it when he came nearby but I had never spoken to him before.
The words would come out of my mouth. I think fear covered my mouth with its hand.
He stood in front and looked at all the lit up lanterns and I thought for sure he would notice the one not lit and then would do the deed.
But he did not.
Now I was getting anxious.
Our eyes met and he winked at me. I startled when he did that. My friend didn’t notice. I looked at him again and he was still looking at me. Then he beckoned for me to come over.
My friend nudged me to go. When I came before him, I felt like he was some ethereal creature and not like me at all.
He handed me a candle lighter. “Light the lantern.”
I was going to ask why me. With a shaking hand I took the candle lighter and went over to the unlit lantern and quickly lit it. The flame inside was tiny compared to the others and I thought it was going to go out.
I stood back and watched the tiny flame. He took the candle lighter out of my hand and I hadn’t even noticed.
Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there were both my friends.
 I smiled.

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