Thursday, 5 May 2016


The Feline Snow Queen
Part 16

Sieska was right. When they got to the castle, there was the death bird in the court yard. A bunch of cats were around it hissing and growling. Keshar joined his cats and Sieska padded up to the death bird who held the spring King. He was doing his best to ignore the cats. "I demand that you bring my daughter out here right now."
Sieska looked up at him and met his angry gaze. "I do not have her here. I have however seen them in the forest. They took Siena with them and flew off. I told them that I would not hide them. Where they have flown off to, I do not know and that is the truth."
The king sighed. "Alright, I believe you. But my birds and warriors will be looking over every morsel of this forest searching for any clues."
Keshar came up then. “I don't think they will be anywhere near here. The Prince made it very clear that they were going far away. There will be no clues to find."
The spring King narrowed his gaze at Keshar. "Why didn't you ask more questions as to their destination then?"
Keshar snorted. "Do you really think that he would tell me that when Sieska told him that she would not hold any information back from you?"
The spring King looked at them both and then back to Keshar. "Use your magic to find them."
Sieska saw Keshar's eyes go wide. She got the feeling that he didn't like to use his magic unless he was forced to.
"I have never used my magic to find someone. I'm not sure how even."
The king didn't look impressed. "So, you can summon your magic but you can't actually do anything with it?"
"Don't challenge me or you will see what this magic can do."
Sieska felt an electric vibe go through her and by the look on the spring king's face, he felt it too. Shadows flew over top of them. More death birds were forming above them.
Keshar looked at the king. "Take your death birds out of here and leave us cats out of your search." The spring King glanced over at Sieska who held up her head to him. He looked up at the birds and then down on the one he was riding. Both Keshar and Sieska watched him for what his next move was going to be. Then he grinned. "Fine my felines, I will leave this forest to search for them. But I warn you, I will not leave any stone unturned and that includes your forests. If I find my daughter trying to hide here, I will tear down your walls and this forest to get her back."
Before Sieska and Keshar could retort, the bird lifted off and flew up into the air and joined the others. Soon all of them flew off.
Sieska sighed. "Well, that was one of them. There still the other one to grace us with her presence." Keshar shook his head. "I hope she waits till after we have at least eaten and rested. I have had enough excitement for now."
Sieska laughed. "I will agree with that. Let's go eat before she does come. We'll need our strength I'm sure."
Both of them laid out on cushions in a sunny spot. Keshar was lightly snoring and Sieska was snoozing. Her nose twitched and then twitched again. Sieska was about to swat away what was bothering her when she opened her eyes. Looking back at her were large blue green eyes and she didn't have to ask who they belonged to. Sieska got up part way and stretched out on her cushion. She sighed. "What happened now Siena?"
"We met with something unexpected."
Sieska closed her eyes for a moment. Then she looked at Siena. "Tell me everything."
"We were on the border of the forest ready to enter into the autumn faerie queen's territory."
Sieska looked surprised. They had travelled far to make to her territory she thought.
"Did you come up against someone?"
She shook her head. "It was something. It was this large dark cloud and it surrounded us. The Prince tried his magic but it didn't work. Then the next thing I knew I was falling to the ground. The thing then took them away."
"Do you think it was the autumn faerie queen had something to do with this?"
Siena shook her head. "I met one of the autumn faeries when I fell. They rushed over to me when I fell. They had never seen anything like it before."
Keshar stirred at this time looking over at the two of them. His eyes widened when he saw Siena. He sat up abruptly. "What has happened and why is Siena here? Is the Prince a princess here too?" Sieska shook her head. "No, they have been captured by a strange entity that no one has seen before." Keshar looked at Siena. "Tell me what you saw."
Siena relayed what had happened. Keshar paced back and forth and then stopped. "I'm afraid we might have a threat that will be dangerous to us all."
Sieska eyed him carefully. "What is it Keshar?"
"I believe it is another like me."
Her eyes went wide."Like you? There is another cat like you out there?"
He nodded. "I had heard that there were others like me but not all are cats. Some have been rumored to be small flying black dragons that have been described as black mists or dark clouds. Why they attacked you, I don't know."
Sieska couldn’t believe it. She didn't like it one bit. This was the last thing she needed in her forest. "What are we going to do?"
Before Keshar could answer, one of Sieska's cats came bounding in. It was Scamper. They turned and listened to what Scamper had to say. "She is here and she is demanding to see you now."
Sieska sighed and shook her head. "It's the winter queen?"
He nodded. "And she is not alone."
"Who is with her, the spring King?"
"No, it is the autumn queen and they are both look worried."
Everyone shared a look. Keshar huffed. "We better go see them."
Sieska nodded. "Yes, I have a feeling that this won't be good."

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