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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 17

The autumn queen and winter queen watched them come into the room. Sieska could tell that Scamper was right. They did look worried.
The winter queen marched straight up to Sieska. “What are you doing to find my son?”
Sieska was taken back by her abruptness. “Me? What are you doing to find your son? I have not heard of these dragons before.”
Sieska glanced over at the autumn queen. She looked away quickly sending a vibe up Sieska’s back coat.
“What do either of you know about these dragons? What do they want?” Sieska looked straight at the autumn queen who was looking at the winter queen hoping that she would say something.
The winter queen took a deep breath. “Usually they are harmless but they can make themselves known and when they do, it means trouble. They have powers.”
Sieska was still watching the autumn queen for any kind of reaction she could read from her. “What kind of powers do they have and why did they take the spring princess and your son?”
The winter queen shook her head. “I don’t know but we have to go there and find them.”
The autumn queen then came forward. “If I may speak.”
Sieska nodded. “Of course you may. Any information will help.”
She was a very tiny little queen-almost childlike. Her hair was auburn and every once in a while, the golds in her hair shimmered. Her eyes were chestnut brown with gold flecks. Sieska could see them clearly as her eyes were wide little saucers. She rested her freckled brown hand on her chin for a moment. Sieska was waiting to hear what she had to say. “I believe they want something from my court. The winter prince and spring queen I think were not intended to be taken. They would have no reason to take them.”
“Then why didn’t they let them go,” screeched the winter queen.
The autumn queen’s face blushed a bit. “I think they will…eventually.”
The winter queen’s eyes went wide. “Eventually? What does that mean? I want my son back now!” The autumn queen’s face deepened. Sieska could sense something from her and that she was hiding something.
“My autumn queen,” addressed Sieska. “If you have information that is valuable to us, please do tell us.”
Sieska watched her play with her dress and her eyes were cast down. The winter queen noticed. She grabbed her hand where she was touching her dress. The winter queen had the dress and her hand in her hers. The autumn queen looked at her horrified. Through gritted teeth the winter queen glared at her. “Tell us!”
Keshar cleared his throat. “Let her go.”
For a moment Sieska thought that she would not comply but when Keshar came forward she dropped her hand. The autumn queen rubbed her hand. Sieska could see a bit of redness on her hand-frost bite. Keshar went up to the autumn queen. “What information do you have? Please tell us.”
She looked at Keshar and nodded. “The dragons want a place to lay their eggs and the one spot that is the safest is the border between my forest and the high queens. Plus inside the forests of yours.” Keshar gave her a look. “Why my forest?”
She gave him a small smile. “Because you have the same power that they have and they think you will guard their eggs till they hatch.”
“Why didn’t they come to me and ask me instead of taking the prince and princess?”
“They might think they will be given their wish if they hold onto them. As before they have been shunned out of the area and in some areas not allowed at all. They don’t have much freedom here. Now they demand that they have as much right to be here as the rest of you. I support them.”
Keshar looked over at Sieska. She did not know what to think of it all. Keshar looked back at her. “Can you give them a message?” She nodded.
“Good. Tell them to meet us in my forest and bring the prince and princess with them. We will talk about what we can work out for them.”
Sieska saw the autumn queen take a sigh of relief. She even smiled. The winter queen on the other hand was not impressed.
“So,” she snapped. “You are going to give them what they want with no punishment?”
Keshar gave her a look. “We will meet first and then discuss what happens after.”
The winter queen still was not happy. She folded her arms tightly around herself as snow gathered at her feet.
Sieska spoke up then. “Then let us get the autumn queen back so she can deliver the message. We will all gather in Keshar’s forest at where the autumn border lies.”
They all nodded with the winter queen walking by them. “See to it that everyone follows through.” Sieska and Keshar watched her leave with a trail of snow following her. The autumn queen followed her. She turned and looked back at them before going out the door. “I will meet you there a head of the winter queen. As you know, she can be difficult and I don’t need her making the dragons mad. She won’t get her son back with her anger.”
Both Sieska and Keshar nodded. Then she left.
“Well, it looks like we have our work cut out for us,” said Keshar. Sieska nodded. “Yes, it appears we do. These faeries have caused such a disruption in our territories. The fox felines were one thing but this is quite another. I want things to settle and now.”
Keshat looked at her. “I can tell by your tone that you have had enough and I might say, so have I. But, we have to work this out and get everybody settled into their own territories. I am willing to let the dragons have their nests in some place of the forest that is not used. If it keeps peace.”
“I agree,” said Sieska. “I want peace more than anything. So, let’s prepare ourselves for anything with these dragons.”
Keshar had gathered some of his own guard cats and so did Sieska. They went prepared for anything. When they got there the autumn queen was already there. She had some of her guards there as well. Keshar noticed some of them in the trees guarding the area as well. Keshar nodded to some of his own cats to keep an eye on them.
  She greeted both of them with a smile. Sieska didn’t know why but another vibe went up her back sending up the fur on the back of her neck. The autumn queen came forward to greet them. She offered them a small smile. “They will be here shortly-the dragons. Before they come I want to warn you that if they are threatened in any way, they will use their magic to defend themselves. You don’t want that.”
“I understand,” said Sieska. “I have no intentions of threatening them. I only want peace and the prince and princess returned.”
Just as she nodded a roar filled the air. The wind got up as well and shook the trees that the queen’s guards were in. Some of them almost fell out. They all looked up into the sky. A huge black mist swirled and swarmed above the trees like bees. Then suddenly the black cloud started to take form. It was coming towards the ground.
 Keshar came out and stood in front of them all ready with his paw. The black cloud dissolved along with the wind. Standing in front of them all was now four black dragons. Some had green shimmers running through their scales and two had purple green. The one that came forward had a red streak down the side of his tail. What surprised Keshar the most was, their size. They were smaller than he was. The one that came forward was just below Keshar’s eye level.
Keshar almost backed up but held his ground. “I greet you. I have heard of you and your special powers. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.” He gave Keshar a toothy grin.
Keshar nodded. “It is an honor to meet you as well. I understand that you want a safe place for your eggs.”
The dragon nodded. “Yes, we believe we may have found the perfect place for our nests. With our magic being the same, we can ensure that our nest will be safe.”
Keshar nodded. “And what about the prince and princess. They must be returned.”
The dragon looked back at the others first and then back at Keshar. “We did not mean to take them. Some thought that they were a threat to them. Those ones were in the middle of selecting a nesting sight when the prince and princess came into view. It was only a defensive move on our part. I’m sure you will understand.”
“Yes, I suppose I do but now that you know they are no threat, you can return them.”
The dragons gold green eyes sunk into Keshar making his paw tingle.
“Are you going to give us a safe place for our nests?”
“I will if you will return them. Will you?”
Again the dragon looked back at the others. The one nodded. The dragon looked back at Keshar then and nodded as well.
“Good,” said Keshar.
“When you return them, I will show you a special area of my forest for your nests.”
Just after he said the words, two of the dragons started to shift form. Keshar let out a low growl. Sieska soon joined him and let out a low growl as well. The two forms took the form of two tall beings that looked a bit like their faerie counterpart but the eyes were dragon and their hands sported long claws. Leather wings fell down their backs. One was a female and the other a male. The male came forward. “It was us who took the prince and princess. We viewed them a threat when we were trying to prepare out nests.”
His dragon eyes narrowed in on Sieska and Keshar. “I must have your word that both of these will never be allowed into the special area of the forest where our nests are. I don’t trust either one.” Keshar and Sieska shared a look. Sieska this time spoke to the male dragon. “I understand your concerns and I am quite sure we can keep them both out of the area that Keshar gives you. They shouldn’t have any interest in your nests anyway. They want to go on their own.”
The male dragon nodded. With that the female came up to stand beside her mate. They both waved their hands in the air. Falling out of their hands were black mists and that swirled around in front of Sieska and Keshar. Two forms took shape. It was the prince and princess.
The winter prince had his arms wrapped around the princess. They both looked up wide eyed at Keshar and Sieska. The winter prince let out a sigh of relief. Siena came bounding over pouncing around the princess who hugged her.
Sieska let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you for returning them.”
Both the male and female dragons nodded. The female then eyed the autumn queen. Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled up. That cold vibe came back through Sieska. She threw Sienna a look. “Get them both out of here. Trouble is about to explode.”
Sienna wasn’t long following orders. She waved her own magic in the air and with a cloud of green and shimmer, all three of them disappeared.
Sieska then looked at the female dragon. Her mate was also looking at the autumn queen with distaste. She looked at the queen who was standing her ground and the ones she had in the trees were now aiming their arrows at the dragons.
Keshar looked at Sieska and then at the dragons. “Whatever grievances you have, I will not have it fought out here at the edge of my forest. Is that clear?”
He held up his paw with the glowing blue light. The autumn queen let out a gasp. Keshar and Sieska hadn’t noticed but one of the dragon shifters hit her with their own light. The queen had now collapsed on the ground.
  “What have you done,” shouted Skeska. The male dragon smiled. “We got our revenge for her actions against us.”
Sieska looked back at the Queen who was now surrounded by her guards. One of them looked up at the trees and howled.
Arrows rained down on them.

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