Thursday, 26 May 2016


The Feline Snow Queen
Part 18

Sieska found herself inside a blue glow that formed a bubble around her. Her feet were not touching the ground anymore. Keshar was right beside her and they were floating through the air.
“What did you do, Keshar?”
“Used my magic to get us out of there. There was going to be all out war with us in the middle.” Sieska looked all around her and the soft blue light felt warm and cool at the same time. A sudden gush of air caught her off guard.
“Sorry, we are landing now. Just steady your feet and you will be fine.”
Sieska wasn’t too sure what to expect but she concentrated on her feet landing upright. The blue light around her started to fade and the snow and trees came in clearer. With a bit of a thud she landed on a snowy path.
“There, that wasn’t so bad.”
Sieska looked at him in wonderment. She had just experienced some of his special magic. It just occurred to her that he had probably saved her life. She walked over to him and nudged him in a playful matter.
His gold eyes looked into hers making her paws tingle. “What was that for?”
“Well,” said Sieska. “It just occurred to me that you have played hero quite a few times and this last time, I think you just saved me.”
He let out a huff. “I would save you the feline snow queen any day. It was the right thing to do and in this large kingdom where every one of us has to learn to get along, that can be challenging. These dragons that want a safe place is the latest challenge.”
“Are you still going to give them their special place for their nests?”
Keshat nodded. “Yes but after this, I will lay down some rules.”
Sieska agreed. “Let’s get back to my castle and see if the prince and princess are there.”
They both bounded for the trail that led them back.
The palace grounds were quiet when they got back which Sieska for once was relieved to see but at the same time she wondered what was up. When they entered the castle, Scamper greeted them. Sieska knew by his expression that there was someone there who wanted to see them.
“Don’t tell me, there is someone who demands to see me.”
Scampers ears went a bit flat. “Well, there is someone here alright and …
Sieska sniffed the air. She didn’t have to be told who was here. She went around Scamper with Keshar following right behind her.
A group of autumn faeries were in the room. Sieska could tell these where the queen's guards. A sinking feeling came over her. Was the autumn queen dead?
The leader greeted Sieska. “The feline snow queen. We finally meet.” A small smiled formed across his lips.
Sieska didn’t reply. She waited for information and he didn’t hesitate to give it. “As you know our queen was attacked by the dragons. She is in grave danger at this moment and we fear for her.”
“I see,” said Sieska. “What is it that you think I can do?”
The other guards gathered around their leader and Sieska took note that they were keeping a careful eye on Keshar. Sieska was guessing that they witnessed what he could do. She didn’t blame them for being a bit leery.
“We were hoping that maybe you could talk to the dragons again and move the location of their nesting site to another place away from our borders.”
Keshar now came forward. “I assure you the sight in my forest is nowhere near your border and is safe for them and you.”
The guards gold brown eyes glimmered and Sieska wondered if he was convinced or not.
“We don’t want any more confrontations with the dragons at this time.”
Sieska looked at the guard. “We all don’t want any confrontations with the dragons or any other groups in this kingdom. There has been far too many disruptions as of late. The time has come for it to stop.”
Everyone in the room looked at Sieska including Keshar who looked quite taken back by her forwardness.
“I am going to set up a meeting with all the heads of their own courts and castle regions in their own territories. I will send out word and summon all leaders here.”
The group of autumn faerie soldiers shared a look. The leader looked over at her and nodded. Sieska caught what she thought was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
“I will tell my queen and her court the news. We will wait for a time and day.”
With that they all followed him out the door. When the door was firmly shut, Sieska let out a huff. Keshar was still standing there staring at her in wonderment. “You certainly know how to pull out surprises my queen.”
She grinned at him. “You just wait and see when they all show up. That will be a night of surprises.” Keshar took in a deep breath and then let out a long breath. “All I can think about is all the security we will need. We don’t want an all-out war here.” He narrowed his gaze right at her.
She smiled at Keshar and let out a purr. “That is where you will come in.”
“You see, most of them know what you are capable of doing. No one will challenge you if you use your magic to secure my castle. Then there will be no trouble and they will have no choice but to listen.”
Keshar shook his head. “You have great confidence in me to keep this crew under control while they are all under the same room! I will need some assistance.”
“Get all the help you need. My cats will help your cats.”
“Thank you. When are you going to bring them all together?”
“I think two weeks should do it. That will give them all the time to prepare. I will of course tell them that there will be a set of rules to follow while they are here.”
Keshar snorted. “Do you really think they will abide by these rules?”
“Oh I know none of them will and that is what will bring them here all together under one roof. They will challenge each other and try and break the rules. That is where your magic comes in. They will have to listen to me then.”
“Well, my queen, this should be one memorable party.”

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