Thursday, 26 May 2016

THE ILLUSIONIST-flash fiction

Hello and welcome! Today's flash fiction is all about magic. I hope you enjoy. The next chapter to the Feline Snow Queen is also below. I believe we are getting close to finishing that story.
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The Illusionist
flash fiction

It was mesmerizing to watch. The silk wrapped around her body as if it was a part of her.
She never slipped and never fell. The silk always held her.
She would twist and turn in the air as elegantly as a ballet dancer. Her art was in the air.
At one moment we held our breath as the only thing holding her up was the silk wrapped around her ankle. She twirled around and around.
There was an assistant but we never seen him. Some said that he was the silk. We laughed at that idea.
She performed for about an hour before it was intermission. My friend wanted to take a peek behind the curtain. I told her that we shouldn’t. What if we get caught and miss the rest of the show?
She said we wouldn’t. So I went with her.
Behind the curtain was her sitting at a boudoir fixing her makeup and hair for the next part of the show.
 I didn’t see her silk. Maybe she was going to use a different one.
But behind the boudoir stepped a young man. He placed a bottle of water beside her. We had never seen him. She looked up at him and smiled and took his hand. He bent down and kissed her hand.
I knew we shouldn’t be watching. It was time to go back to our seats.
We almost didn’t make it back in time but we did. She did have a different silk this time.
It was a bit wider and appeared to be even silkier. It looked slippery. I felt a bit nervous.
She swung in the air and never once lost her balance.
Like a trapeze artist she dipped down close to us and teased us and pulled back up swinging high into the air. I gasped.
I never saw such a performance before. When the show came to an end, she slipped down to the floor sliding down the silk. She made it look effortless.
We all stood up and clapped as she bowed.
Just as we were leaving, I couldn’t resist but to go back and take another peak. The silk was laying on the floor but she wasn’t there.
I knew I shouldn’t but I went up to the silk, just to touch it.
“Is there something I can help you with?”
I jumped and there she was. She smiled.
“I’m sorry,” I said. “I loved your show.”
Out from behind where she came from was the young man. He was dressed in a black suit with the most beautiful silk tie that I had ever seen. It was the same color as the one on the floor.
I glanced down and the silk that was on the floor was gone.
I quickly looked back at them.
His eyes shimmered and I froze.
He smiled at me and I knew the truth.

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