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Hello everyone. Today is another poem. It's one of my strange ones that I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it. Also the latest installment of The Feline Snow Queen is up. Happy reading!

Finding You
Each day I dream of you.
You are a poet with an artist's heart.
You write in colorful prose and some are saved just for me.
I feel you through music, music I'm not sure you even like.
We dance and you hold me like I hold onto the words of your prose.
I scramble for more of your words.
They're like semimetal pieces of jewelry that I will never let go of.
One day I will surely find your prose and will surely find you.

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Here is the latest chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Keshar bounded up to her and almost slammed into her. Sieska could see his wild cat eyes. They were filled with worry which for the first time let her with a funny feeling and it wasn't a bad one.
This was one of those excited feels.
"Are you alright?"
She nodded. "I fine thanks to Shae here who attacked me out of no where."
Shae threw her a look. Sieska smirked. "She saved me and I am most thankful."
Shae smiled and gave Keshar a look. Sieska noticed.
Before she asked, Shae left the two of them a lone to join her own cats. Sieska then turned her attention to Keshar. "Tell me what all this is. Was this all to find me?"
Keshar threw his head up at her. "It certainly was my queen." He grinned.
Sieska felt this warmth run through her. "I thank you for the rescue. Shae was exceptional except for the table down the hill. I am thankful that I have you all."
Keshar smiled. "I think we are all thankful for knowing you. You tried to bring everybody together. We could have lost you to that evil winter king."
"For a moment I thought I was lost as well. I'm not sure what happened to the two winter fey who helped me and the kidnapped me again?"
Keshar shook his head. "I'm not sure what that is all about but I think it would be advised to stay away from the winter faeries."
"Oh, I will. But I still want to set some boundaries with them. I have had enough. this must end."
Keshar nodded. "Then what do we do?"
She eyed him and looked over at all the cats. They were getting ready to make the trip back to their own territory. She knew the winter king might have sent out fey soldering to get her.
She took a deep breath. "I will continue with the party but on a much smaller scale. I will gather them someplace that is perhaps neutral."
"Where would that be?" Then he narrowed his gaze at her and before she answered he said, "You are talking about my territory, aren't you?"
Her nose twitched. "Well, you are in neutral territory so to speak. You have not formally claimed the area. But you could now when we all gather in the open forest."
She could tell Keshar did not like the idea but then sighed. "Okay, but we must have all guard cats available to protect the area."
Sieska nodded. "Of course. We should get back to the castle before we lose light. I don't want to be hunted down again."
Keshar bounded back to his cats who were almost ready to head out.
The air was getting colder and colder as they let the winter king's forest. They all sniffed the air and could feel something coming.  Sieska knew what it was. She didn't like being caught out in. Winter storms and that was what was coming. If they had to they would take shelter but her concern was the deep cold on the all the cats. They had to et back.
Shae and her cats were leading the way. They were starting to go through a lot of snow and small snow flakes started to fall around them. Sieska knew that in a short time the snowflakes would thicker and thicker until they wouldn't be able to see. The wind was also starting to swirl around their feet as they drudged through.
They now we're on the edges of Shae's forest when all they could see was grey cloud looming over them. Sieska knew what that meant. The snow would be falling really hard any time now and they couldn't do anything about it. A little bit of fear and antic settled in
Sieska was hoping that they would make it to Shae's castle before it got too bad. Then a howl filled the air. Sieska could hear hisses from the cats. Keshar came bounding to her. "We want to for a tight one and look fierce. The winter wolves are out and about. We don't need to look like prey for them."
Sieska's cats had already formed an outline around her and Keshar with Shae and her cats still leading the way. She was making good time and if they all just kept going they would be in he forest and soon be at her castle before the wolves decided to investigate or the blizzard swallowed them up.
Keshar caught the scent first and Siesak looked up and over on a ridge was the wolves. Sieska could see their leader out front watching them. She knew who he was. He was the oldest wolf in the pack. He was Pasha. Sieska respected him and she thought for the most part he respected her back. In any case, she would soon find out.
As they go closer, both Keshar and Sieska never took their eyes off of the wolves. Silently they passed by them without one wolf moving. Sieska could feel Pasha's eyes on her but she held her own and kept walking beside Keshar.
One of Shae's cats let out a howl. She looked over at Keshar not knowing for sure what the signal was about. She quickly looked back but the wolves were still there watching them go.
It was snowing so hard now that they could not see. The cat let out another howl and Keshar nudged her. "We must move now. We are in the high queen's forget now. It's just a little more ways. We have made it."
Relief washed over Sieska. the cats around them found their enters and took off through the snowy mass. They too bounded forward. In the distance Sieska could hear the cry of the wolf. Sieska knew it was Pasha. He was granting them with much luck.
Shae's castle never looked so good when she finally saw it. The wind now was starting to really pick up. The doors were wide open and the other cats inside were helping all the cats in. Shae waited for Keshar and Sieska. They all went in together.
Finally everyone was in and accounted for and the doors were shut. The warmth from the fireplaces soon melted the snow off of their backs and they were starting to warm up.
Shae's cars were preparing food for them all and soon they were all ushered into the next room where warm milk and cream waited for them. Sieska could smell fish as well. She couldn't wait to eat and rest.
They would all have to stay here for the night and head back in the morning after the storm passed.
After a while the cats has all ate and were laying in another room washing themselves up and some were already sleeping on big cushions that had been laid out for them.
"Thank you Shae for all this. You have come through in a big way and have proven yourself to be worthy part of our kingdom."
"I was always was," she said wryly.
Sieska grinned. "Yeah, I know. No one seconded guessed the high queen. But today you have risen to a new level and have proven that you are made of real high queen stuff."
Sieska at first thought she insulted her but then Shae just laughed at her.
Keshar came over and joined them. "So, I was thinking about this gathering in what is to be my forest and wondering who is going to invite them all. You inviting them didn't quite work out."
Sieska nodded. "I know and I have thought about that and I think I know the prefect one to assemble them all."
Both Shae and Keshar looked at her. Shae was the one to lean over to her. "Who?"
"The winter queen. She will be the one to get everyone gathered. They will listen to her."
Shae snorted. "You mean if they don't listen to her, she will threaten them."
Sieska nodded. "Whatever it takes to end this, she can threaten all she wants."
Keshar nodded. "Okay, but we have to prepare for any disruptions that they might bring."
Shae looked over at him. "Don't worry about that. I think I can think of a little cat magic that might keep everyone in order."
Sieska watched her as she patted Keshar's paw.

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Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hello and hope summer is good where you are. Today's flash fiction is all about the magic that comes from certain ones from the depths of the waters. Hope you enjoy. Also the next chapter of the Feline Snow Queen is below this. Happy reading!

flash fiction

He didn’t believe in them but there was something that drew him to the shore.
When I looked, all I saw was endless ocean waves caressing the shore.
By the look of his eyes, he saw more. I asked. “What do you see that I don’t?”
His breath was a bit shaky. “I see a young woman standing at the edge of the waves. She keeps looking out at the endless ocean, like she is lost or something.”
I looked out at the ocean but I saw no young woman but I knew he believed that he did.
“Why don’t you go up to her and ask her?”
He shook his head ever so slightly and this strange vibe went through me.
“What do you think she is?”
“I don’t know because I know you can’t see her.”
“No, I don’t see her but I know in your mind you do. What do you think she is?”
“You know I don’t believe in such fairy tales but I hear her song. She sings to me and she wants me to go to her.”
“You think she is a mermaid?”
“There is no such thing, you know that.”
“Then, why can’t I see her?”
“I don’t know,” he said in frustration.
“Why don’t I go with you and we will see.”
He looked at me like I had lost it.
“I am not going out there.”
So, that was it. We went back to the small village where we were staying.
The next morning when I went to meet him for breakfast, he didn’t show up. I grabbed some food for both of us as I had a feeling where I would find him.
When I got to the shore however, there was no one around.
I decided to walk to the edge of the waves and look out.
Maybe he didn’t come here and I felt a bit silly rushing out here. Maybe he slept in. I went to turn around and I heard something behind me.
Then it was strange but in my head I heard this song. It was so pretty. I stopped and turned around and at first I didn’t see her and then out she popped out of the waves.
I startled. She smiled at me. I said hi but she didn’t respond.
She walked toward me. Now we were face to face. There was something different about her. I think it was her eyes.
Then this pretty song came loud and clear into my head. I backed away from her and when I did she reached out for me.
I turned and ran before she grabbed me. I kept running and running until I was back at the village. I walked back to where we were staying. I was shaking.
I noticed that he was sitting at the table where we always ate. He spotted me and waved me over. “Where were you this morning?”
“I was here but you hadn’t showed up yet. I guess you slept in.”
He had a puzzled look on his face. “You know I hardly ever sleep in. I was here on time. Look at your own time.”
I did and it was 30 minutes after the time we usually met. He wasn’t late, I was early.

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Here is the latest chapter. Happy reading!

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 22

Sieska didn’t know how she did it but the guard was leading the way to the castle. She also learned her name. It was Starry. As little as she was, Sieska could feel the power in her. No wonder the winter king desired her.
Sieska followed close behind them. The snowy trail glittered in the dappled shade of the trees. Every once in a while the sun came through and made the fresh snow sparkle like diamonds. The guard who Starry called Bash continued on with no problems and Sieska wondered what that meant. She knew they were near where Trolls hunted but yet there was no sign of them. It didn’t make her feel very good for some reason. The quietness was all too eerie and Sieska expected at any moment for the silence to erupt into chaos.
Starry looked back at her. “Are you alright? I can sense your apprehension.”
Sieska sniffed out. “It’s too quiet.”
Starry smiled. “Don’t worry about it. We are safe.”
Sieska didn’t want to ask why or what she had done to make things safe. She was sure that magic was involved. Sieska decided not to challenge her.
The guard Bash stopped and turned to Starry. “The castle is over this knoll. We will pass into one of the king’s secret passages. Then I will take you to Tami.”
Sieska watched Starry nod. She looked back at Sieska. “We are here now.”
Before Sieska took another step. “What plan to you have in place once inside?”
“I’ll leave with Tami and then you are free to go. I don’t for see any trouble.”
Sieska wanted to ask why. Her paws tingled and that told her that going with her would be dangerous. Something was up she felt. Was she going to betray her? All kind of things were going through Sieska’s mind. The closer they got to the castle, the more anxious Sieska felt.
Bash stopped at the gates where two guards stood. They never even looked at them. They all went past them like they didn’t see them. Now Sieska was nervous.
Starry was too confident. They walked inside the door to the secret passage way. It was dark and not much light. Bash produced a light from his hands that lit up the small passage way. Sieska was taken back by his magic. She wondered what else he could do. They finally reached the end where another door awaited them.
Bash turned around to them both before opening the door. “Tami is just down the hallway. We will go there first and open the door for you.”
Sieska noticed for the first time that his eyes were glazed over. Starry had spelled him. That didn’t sit well with Sieska. The sooner they got out of here the better. Bash did what he told Starry. He unlocked the door to where Tami was and Starry turned to Sieska. “Stay out here and I will come out with him."
Sieska nodded. Sieska tried to look inside but she couldn’t see Tami. Another tingle went through her paws. She couldn’t believe that she was back inside the winter king’s castle. She kept glancing around for any sign of movement.
A few minutes had already passed and Sieska was about to go in to see what was going on but something inside her told her not to. Then suddenly there was movement from inside the room. She backed up expecting them to come out with Tami. Instead she saw someone else.
It was the winter king and he was grinning from ear to ear. “My dear snow queen.”
Sieska whirled around and bounded for the door that they came through. She stopped short. The door was no longer there. Sieska shook her head. She knew it was the faerie magic. They were masters at illusion. Then she knew that the door was still there. So Sieska imagined the door and imagined pulling at the latch. She did it! She saw the tunnel again.
She ran not looking once behind her. It was dark and all she had to go on was her senses. She knew it would be soon and she would be on the outside again. And she was!
Unfortunately, someone was waiting for her. The winter king was waiting for her. He grinned at her. “You must remember, this castle is full of magic and I know every secret passage there is in this castle."
She growled looking for a way to get away from him but she didn’t see any as she saw the two guards from where they entered through come up behind him. She was trapped-again.
  “I will not stay with you and I demand that you let me go back to my own castle. I’m sure there are cats out there right now hunting for me.”
The winter king nodded. “Yes, they are. Keshar has been leading them. Now that is one cat I would like to have in my possession. I wonder if he will come here or not. Then I would have a fine pair of cats, would I not?”
Sieska shook her head. “I don’t think so.”
The winter king shook his head back at her and started to saunter casually toward her. He had that same icy chain in his hands. She would not be dragged back inside. She bounded around him and barely missed being caught by one of the guards. They were fast and they were right behind her.
No matter how fast she went, they kept up. She kept going but suddenly was ambushed from the side and knocked into brambles and fell down a steep knoll tumbling with someone. They were right close to her. Sieska knew this was not a winter faerie. When they finally stopped, all Sieska could see was black fur with some white here and there. She shook her head and so did they.
They eyed her. “Surprised to see me?”
“I would say so, what are you doing here?”
She sniffed. “You could say thank you first and then ask me how I rescued you.”
Sieska sighed. “Why don’t we get out of here first and then I can thank you and you can tell me everything then, your high queen?”
Shae snorted. “Of course.” They both bounded away from the castle. Shae led Sieska to a camp that was hidden near the winter king’s forest. She saw her own cats as well as some of Keshar’s and Shae’s. This was a whole cat effort to rescue her. She felt honored that they would do this for her. Scamper was the first one to greet them. He looked relieved. He howled into the air and instantly she saw him come. Keshar was coming at her on full speed. Sieska let out a sigh of relief. Seeing all these cats was the most welcome sight.

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Welcome and hope this summer finds everyone fine. Todays flash fiction is about finding that special someone. Hope you enjoy  and remember as always the next chapter of The Feline Snow Queen is up as well. Happy reading?

Pink Lemonade & Flowers
Flash Fiction

You were always the one who was innovative. The ideas for how we spent our time was an understatement of your creative nature.
Like the time we went to a theatre in the park for a picnic. We watched a version of a midnight summers dream and ate watermelon.
One time we went on a bike ride through a different park where you took me to an abandoned part of the old park. There were old concession stands and even rides that were not in use anymore.
We sat on the old merry go round. There were two horses that were still in good condition. You said we should make a wish while sitting on them.
I laughed at the idea but I made my wish.
Now a year has passed by since we had picnics in the park and sat on wishing horses. You had to go to school far away.
We sort of lost our connection. The last time I heard from you, was when you said you got a summer job in France and couldn’t wait.
That made me sad because I knew I wasn’t going to get to see you.
But things happen and I found out wishes on merry go round horses can come true.
I got an invitation and I knew right away that it was from you without even opening it.
I opened it right away of course. I was to meet you in a certain part of the old park where the some of the broken picnic tables were.
You didn’t give me much notice. It was the very next day.
So there I was, standing in the new park looking around for you but I couldn’t see you. So, I walked to where you told me to and then my heart took a leap.
You had set up one of the smaller picnic tables that were still standing with a pinky flowery table cloth. On top was a bouquet of pink daisies and a pitcher of pink lemonade which was my favorite.
I knew by the shiver that ran through me that you were up to something.
You popped out of nowhere it felt like and startled me.
I ran into your waiting arms where you twirled me around.
We shared a “I miss you kiss” and then you sat me down at the table.
I looked at you and smiled. “What’s up?”
You frowned but then quickly laughed. “You know me all too well. I have thought a lot about you this past year and I have now made a decision.”
My chest started to thump. “What decision?”
You reached into your pocket and took out a beat up little velvet case. You opened it and the lid fell to the ground.
I almost giggled but then you dropped down in front of me. My face flushed.
There was a ring in the box. It looked very old. I wondered if it was his grandmother’s or something. “Will you do me the honor and become my life partner?”
I said yes and then I had the ring on my finger.
On our way back to France I told him about my wish.
He looked at me and whispered in my ear. “I made the same wish.”

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Here is the next chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Sieska eyed all the trolls. Their dark eyes all stared at them with a hunger. For the first time in a long time she felt uncertain and fearful.
The winter faerie and his love were keeping close to one another. Sieska saw her whisper something to him and could feel they were about to do something. It made her nervous. They could be making things worse she thought.
His love stepped away from him and flung out her hand at the crowd. The trolls started to cough and sputter and fall down. One by one they fell. The leader growled and yelled at the ones behind him to attack.
"Run," yelled the winter faerie. Sieska didn't argue. She leaped into the air and flew over top of the the trolls that were coming for her. She crashed through brambles that clawed at her and whipped at her in the face. The winter faerie and his love were right behind her.
Sieska continued to make path for them. When she looked back she didn't see any sign of the trolls. She slowed down then to let the other two catch up to her. They all stopped and looked around. They were now in a small clearing.
The sun was shining through the trees. Sieska knew what that meant. It was setting and they would be spending the night in the forest. She could smell the danger and knew that this was the last place that they should spend the night in.
"It's getting late and soon it will be dark. It looks like we will be spending the night here." She looked at the winter faerie. "Gather some dry wood from the dead trees that I see here. We'll light a small fire using your loves magic."
The winter faerie looked over at his love who nodded. His ice blue eyes were electric in the low winter's light. A shiver went through Sieska. He turned abruptly and left leaving her alone with the female winter faerie.
She was quite tiny but Sieska was guessing after that performance back at the trolls, she was very powerful.
"Thank you for what you did back there. You saved us," said Sieska.
A small smile crept across her lips. "I was glad to help. I know what the trolls can do."
Sieska took in a deep breath. "Is this why the winter king took you? Because of your power?"
She looked away for a moment and then eyed Sieska directly. Her eyes glimmered almost like a cats in the low light.
"He wanted more than my power. The king wanted me for his queen."
Sieska's eyes went wide. "Really? Your love was one of his guards. That must have been hard."
"Yes, it was and I vowed that I would not become the winter kings queen. Tami said that he would find a way."
Sieska sighed. "Yes, and I'm guessing it was not in the form of breaking out with me."
She smiled. "No, but it worked."
Sieska looked around. "Your love should have been back by now. Those dead trees are not that far away."
Sieska watched her turn to face the forest. She held out her hands and Sieska knew that she was trying to find him with her magic. She dropped her hands and gasped.
"What is it?" She whirled around and ran toward Sieska. "Run, they are coming!"
"I can run really fast but what about you?"
She eyed Sieska, Can you carry me on your back?"
Sieska looked at her and thought because she was small that she could. She nodded. She climbed onto Sieska's back and Sieska bound out of the clearing into the dark forest. It was almost dark now and Sieska had pretty good night vision but she had no idea where she was heading to. This was unfamiliar territory.
She leaned in close to Sieska. "I know a safe place just up ahead. It's knoll and there is a door going into it. We can hide inside."
Sieska took off at high speed. The winter faerie hung to the back of Sieska's coat tightly.
"There it is there, where that old knotted oak is."
"I see it," said Sieska. But when they got there, Sieska could sense that something was not right. She could smell the winter faerie.
She got off Sieska and ran for the door but stopped abruptly before she got to the door. The door opened and out came one of the winter king's guards. Sieska recognized the guard from the castle. He was the one who spoke to Tami.
He had a wicked grin on his face. "Why hello my dear, fancy finding you here?" He chuckled. "You are just too predictable. Too easy to find." He sighed. ‘The king was quite distressed when you disappeared. Then he got word of the troll attack. You barely escaped. Now he is out for blood." Sieska noticed that she didn't back away from him. She had her arms crossed. "Where is Tami?"
The guard shrugged. "No concern of mine."
She let out a low growl and he frowned. "No need to get angry with me dear. I'm not the one who took off into the dangerous troll forest and caused all kinds of trouble for herself and her love."
She growled again. "Where is Tami?" Sieska could feel the tension growing between them.
"Don't worry about him, the king is keeping him safe for you."
"I don't believe you." She flew at him and knocked him down. Sieska froze for a moment. Then she bounded towards them. She was using her magic on him. Her hands were around his throat. His eyes were now closed and laid underneath her lifeless.
"Is he...
"No he is not dead. I could have killed him but I didn't. I don't want to make things worse for Tami." She got up and looked down at the guard. "We have to go back and get Tami."
Sieska shook her head. "I'm not sure that is a wise idea. The castle will be surrounded with guards. They will find us right away."
"Not if I use my magic. I can hide us."
Sieska did not like this idea at all. "It sounds too dangerous. I can't risk my kingdom for...
"A winter faerie," she finished. “I understand but I have to go back and will. So, you can go on your way and I will go on my way."
Sieska was taken back by her determination but knew she was making a mistake. "I'm sure your magic is strong but there are those there that equal you and they will find you and when they do, what do you think the king will do with you then? You will never get away."
She could see her bottom lip quiver. Sieska sighed. "I will take you but on my terms. If there is no way we can get in, then we turn around and come back to my castle."
Her face showed hope then. "We will find a way."
"It's dark out now. Let's go inside here and stay the night. What are we supposed to do with him?" She looked down at the guard and smiled. “Drag him inside. I think we just found our way inside the castle."

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Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hi everyone! Today I have a poem instead of flash fiction. Just a change up for today. Hope you enjoy it. Also the next chapter of The Feline Snow Queen is below. Thanks for stopping by and Happy reading. If you are new, check out all the stories.

The Dance
Beautiful feathers that make up butterfly like wings, so colorful and patterned.
On the very tips of her wings are feathered eyes that peak out.
She flutters with ease, not losing one feather.
Everything stays in place.
A face with kaleidoscope eyes mesmerize those who catch site.
Dance a dance with her.
A partner worth taking.
The music holds prose that drift you off in pastel shades with scents of jasmine.
Colored stones skip across melancholy waters as you dance.
She sways you to the music that won't leave your head.
She won't let it.  
You collapse in colored dreams and then wake remembering dancing in the prose.
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The Feline Snow Queen
Part 20

The winter faerie was nervous. Sieska watched it pace back and forth while every once in a while stop and look out at her through its blue white hair. She could see the sharp sky blue eyes peer over at her. Sieska stared right back which always resulted in more pacing. She wondered if she could use this to her advantage. For obvious reasons she couldn't harm it but she could manipulate the winter faerie perhaps.
Sieska let out a sigh which resulted in the winter faerie freezing on the spot. She now had its attention. Sieska could almost see its chest rising up and down in a rapid beat.
"I'm not going to harm you but you understand my situation, do you not?"
Silence hung like the ice fog in the room and she was taking this as a sign that she would not get a response.
Another moment passed when suddenly it turned to her and spoke. "I can not help you get out of here. I will not bargain with you and you know why."
Sieska knew why alright. It would mean certain death for the winter faerie. "I know enough not to ask for help as I know the consequences for both of us would be."
He twitched then. She had touched a nerve. "I'm sure you will get rewarded for securing me here in this room but you must know I will try to do what is necessary."
The reaction she got was another twitch followed by a hiss. "Not under my watch. And yes I will get rewarded." His smile revealed sharp teeth. "I look forward to that."
"Must be a pretty good reward then." He twitched again and quickly went back to his pacing. Sieska couldn't figure why he was so nervous. Then she wondered if he had struck a bargain with the winter King. That would be a deadly game to play with the king.
She twitched her own nose. "So, what is your reward?" He stopped and looked at her. His sky blue eyes almost shimmered through his blue white hair. Sieska didn't expect a response but he was about to say something when the door opened silencing anything that he might have said. It was another winter faerie. This one looked way meaner than the one that was guarding her. She hoped that it wasn't going to trade places with this one.
Sieska held her breath watching the two of them. The winter faerie spoke quietly to the one that was her guard so she couldn't hear what was being said. Whatever was said did not make the one that was guarding her happy. He scowled in the other one's face. The other one simply shrugged and walked away.
Sieska almost sighed with relief. She could now talk some more to this one. "What is happening? You didn't look too happy. Is your bargain with the king in jeopardy?"
He hissed at her followed by a growl. "It's none of your business." He let out a huff and Sieska knew that she hit a nerve with him. Sieska was guessing she was right about his bargain being in danger. He started pacing again and this time with a bit more stomp.
"You know, I could help you with your bargain if that is the issue here. The winter King need not know."
He stopped and faced her. Then he walked up closer to her. His sky blue eyes narrowed, staring at her. "How could you help me?"
"What is it that you bargained for?" Sieska knew he didn't trust her but she could smell his fear and desperation. This bargain had to be important to him. He was thinking about it Sieska could tell and she waited for his response.
"My love is here. She was taken by another winter faerie and now the king wants her."
"I see and this bargain was to get her returned back to you?"
He twitched. "Yes."
Sieska came closer to him. They were almost face to face as he was one of the smaller winter faeries. He didn't back away from her even though the smell of his fear was greater.
"Let me help you get her back. Do you know where she is?"
He nodded.
"Good, get me out of here and I will help you release her. I'll take you back to the winter queen's territory. I'm sure you will be both safe there."
His eyes grew wide and she could tell he wanted the help. Sieska was guessing his bargain was no longer in place.
"Okay, but we have to be quick. The king is now occupied. He has something planned for that silly gathering of yours."
Sieska swallowed hard. She didn't want to know his plans. She wanted out of here and back to her castle. "Let's go then."
He nodded and opened the door. He looked both ways before gesturing to her to follow him. When they got outside the room he turned to her. "If you betray me, I will drag you to the king and tell him you tried to kill me."
"I will not betray you, I promise. Now let's go."
He eyed her one more time and then he abruptly turned and walked with a quick step down a corridor to a long hall way. Two massive doors stood before them.
"She is behind those doors?" He didn't say anything or look at her. Instead he pressed his ear to the door. Sieska was about to ask what he was doing. He quickly held up his hand as if he knew she was going to ask something. She stayed silent.
A moment passed and then very carefully he pushed in one of the doors. It gave easily to his touch. He peered in and his nose twitched. He turned his head to her and she knew that she was to continue to stay quiet. She just nodded.
He stepped in and then he gestured for her to come. The room's walls were as tall as the massive the doors. One wall was all glass. It overlooked the wintery forest. Frosty swirl patterns were all over the large window. He stopped and looked at one of the patterns down at his level. She saw him smile. With one finger he traced the pattern. When he pulled his finger away, there was frost stuck to his finger. He sniffed the frost and took a moment to breath the scent in.
Then it dawned on Sieksa, his love had done this. "Is she nearby?"
He answered her question by going through another door. She heard a gasp. It didn't sound like he had made it. He came through the doors with her. She was quite tiny. They suited each other. She eyed Sieska and mouthed out snow queen. He nodded.
"We must go while the king is busy." He led the way. She hurried to his side and Sieska followed them. There was a tingle in Sieska's paws that she couldn't shake. "I sense danger close by. We have to hide."
It appeared he sensed it too. "We'll hide in this room." He no sooner shut the door when footsteps could be heard outside. By the loud sound, Sieska knew it was a group. They all froze when they heard the king's voice. "Turn this castle upside down. Find them!"
Sieska saw a horrified look on both of thier faces. They knew if they were caught what would happen. Sieska didn't want to think what the winter king would do to them. It wouldn't be pleasant. "Stay calm, do either of you know any secret passages in this castle?" They looked at one another for a moment and then she smiled. "I do!"
He smiled at her. "Take us there."
He opened the door carefully and  everything was quiet. They all stepped out. Sieska's paws were still tingly. That didn't sit well with her. Danger was near by. She led them down a small narrow hallway. It went to a dead end and Sieska couldn't see any door or anything that would lead to a secret passage way.
There was a small table up against the wall. She dropped and crawled underneath it. Sieska still couldn't see anything under it. The tingle in her paws was strong again. She was about to warn them when she pushed on the wall and it opened. "Through here," she said.
Voices started to echo in the hallway. They were near. "They will find us right away if we don't get moving," said Sieska.
She went through first and then him. Sieska squeezed herself under the table and through the door. It was tight but she made it. He shut the door behind them just as the voices came near. They were coming down the hallway.
"Quickly, let's go," said Sieska. Neither one of them argued. The passageway was barely enough room for Sieska to fit through and at times they even had to squeeze their way through. That worried Sieska. What if they all got stuck down in the passage way?
The noise above them soon fell away. Sieska knew that they were far now from the area where they were. She just hoped that they were far enough away when they came out of this passage way. Finally, a small door that looked like it was planted into the earth came into view. It wasn't very big and Sieska wondered if she could fit through. He pulled on the latch. Some of the earth gave away. He pulled again and this time it budged. He got it to open.
All Sieska could see was more black earth. But when she came closer she could feel fresh air coming through. That was encouraging. He led the way with her close behind. Sieska just barley fit through. Her whiskers brushed up against roots and stone.
Then suddenly in their path was snow drifting toward them. Sieska was hoping that meant that they would be emerging soon.
She got her wish. Ice cold air hit them in the face as they stepped out over snow. When they were all out, Sieska quickly looked around for any danger. There was no tingle in her paws but a feeling of uncertainty came over her. "Do you know where we are?"
He looked around. He shook his head and then his eyes went wide. "I know we're we are. We have to get out of here. The winter trolls live around here. They have a camp not too far. If they find us, they will kill us."
"Do you know a path that takes us safely away from them?"
"Yes, but you never know where they are hiding. They always hunt. Plus, I'm sure they will have got word of our escape. They have spies everywhere. So,there could be more of them out there hunting." "Hunting for us," Sieska said.
He nodded.
"Then we better get going and be prepared to fight if we have to."
He led the way. It was a rough path. It felt like the snow covered brambles and shrubs had hands with sharp claws that reached out a grabbed them scratching them. His love fell once and he helped her up. Sieska could feel the fear in her. She couldn't blame her for the way she felt. But they had to keep going. It was getting late now and if they didn't get to some familiar territory, they would have to stay the night in an unfriendly forest.
She once again fell and this rime she hurt herself. He went down to help her when the snapping of twigs echoed in the forest. They all looked at one another. He just about had her up when an arrow flew down in front of them narrowing missing her. She shrieked.
More snapping of twigs erupted and now coming out of the snow covered brambles were a group of trolls. They wore a pelt of fur that belonged to some animal as a coat and the first thing that Sieska took note of was their husks. They resembled wild boars but stood upright with clubs in their hands. "What have we here?" Another one came up behind him sniffing. "It's the escapees. They will be worth something."
The head one smiled. "This is our lucky day then. Let's kill them."
Sieska growled at them and for a moment the trolls backed up. The trolls eyed her up.
"Don't come near or I will shred you."
The troll grunted. More trolls came crashing through. They had them surrounded now.
The head troll smiled at them. "Well, now who will shred who?"

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Thursday, 2 June 2016


Welcome and today's flash fiction is about wishes and desires. Also the next chapter to The Feline Snow Queen is below this. Happy reading!

The Wishing Tree
flash fiction

It can be the most peaceful moment of your life when you first see it.
It stands in the water like a perfect silhouette in its own reflection.
Some are scared to go near it as stories go around telling tales of bad luck.
Most take their chances though and on a calm evening like this, they set about to make a wish.
What brings most here is varied. But most are here for prayers and answers for their own hearts.
Most of the time there is someone there for a loved one. They are either missing or dying.
Some just haven’t seen their loved one for a long time and want to make sure they are okay.
For whatever reason they come, they all stare out at the tree and take a deep breath.
They are making their wish.
If you look out at the tree when the wishes are being made, it sometimes moves.
Maybe it’s a breeze from the water, who knows.
But I like to think the tree has caught their wishes.
If the wishes are granted is another thing. They all go away with a hopeful look in their eyes.
One time I remember a mother had her son show up out of nowhere.
And another time someone found their dog.
You never know if it was just fate and that was the way life worked out or if their wish was truly granted.
No matter what, they come all the time on a calm evening and make their wishes.
I made one a long time ago. Did it come true?
Well, I can’t say what the wish was all about but sometime later, I did hear from the person I wanted to know was okay.
They had thought about me for some reason and on a whim, wrote me a letter wanting to know how I was doing and hoped that I was okay.
I smiled and wrote them back saying, yeah I was okay and was glad they were too.

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Here is the latest chapter. Hope you enjoy.

The Feline Snow Queen
Part 19

Sieska had sent out her cats to tell them all about the gathering at her castle in two weeks. Now the time was almost near and she had not heard from any of them. This worried her. Was this telling her that they would not come and talk?
Her guards had kept watch on all the borders and everything was quiet which Sieska found unsettling giving who her invited guests were. They were never quiet and this was a sure sign that something was brewing amongst them. A part of her knew she had to prepare for a possible attack on her castle. Sieska made up her mind that she would talk to her guard cats and set up a plan to defend themselves. But she was hoping that it would not be necessary.
Keshar was supposed to report to her to see if he had heard anything about what was going on out there. She sighed. “Enough is enough. I will go out for a walk in my forest and think about this meeting.”
She no sooner got out the room when Scamper almost ran into her. He screeched to a halt. His gold eyes were wide. Sieska sucked in air. “What is it, have you found something out?”
He nodded his head trying to gather his own breath to tell her. “Some of the cats found destruction near our border and the high queens. Didn’t see any of the high queen’s cats.”
This news didn’t sit well with Sieska. She knew Shae always kept guard on her territory. Sieska started to get worried that maybe something happened to her. “I want to go investigate with some of the guards myself. Go tell one of the leads what I’m planning.”
Scamper went off leaving her on her way. Sieska continued on her way out, making her way out to the main front entrance of the castle. When she was coming down the stairs she caught sight of Keshar. That made her happy. She was hoping he would have some good news.
He spotted her before she got to the bottom of the stairs. When she looked at him she couldn’t get a reading on him. “Did you find anything,” she said quickly.
He shook his head. “As I’m sure you heard from Scamper, the forest out there is quiet. That makes me feel a bit uneasy.”
“It makes me feel uneasy as well. I told Scamper that I wanted to go investigate the borders myself with the head guard cats.”
His eyes went a bit wide. “Are you sure that is wise when you and I have a bad feeling about what is going on there? What if an attack is being planned?”
“I will go prepared as I have handled attacks before.”
“But what if this is different? They could outnumber you.”
Sieska didn’t think about being outnumbered. “We can out run them as we know hiding places in our own territory.”
“I would be very careful out there. Have your best guards with you.”
“I will. What are you going to do now?”
Keshar looked tired thought Sieska. “I’m going to eat and rest for now and then I will go out with another group of cats and check some more borders. I heard about Shae’s border being quiet with no cats arounds. We might check that out.”
“Okay then, I will go. My guard cats should be ready and waiting for me.”
“Be careful.”
“I will.” Sieska padded out to the front of the castle. There was only one cat there. She quickly went up to the cat, it was Scamper. “Where are the rest of the cats?”
“They heard something and all ran to investigate. I stayed behind. I felt it in my tail that something is out there. I stayed here to guard things.” Sieska didn’t like the sound of that. She knew she shouldn’t but she was queen of this forest and she couldn’t sit here and not know what was going on. “I’m going to the east border and check things.” It was the closest to the castle. That would be safe she thought. “Stay here and guard. I won’t be long.”
Before Scamper could say anything, she bounded off. It wasn’t long before she was deep into the wintery forest. The snow crunched under her feet. A fresh lot of snow fell the day before creating a winter wonderland. The air was crisp and sharp. That was the best she thought as she inhaled the cold air into her lungs. Sieska looked all around her. It was stone quiet. It felt like the breezes that usually blew around were holding their breath. Sieska’s own breath hovered in the air in front of her. The hackles on the back of her neck stood on end. There was another presence in the forest and it was behind her. Very slowly she turned around and there he was.
Sieska knew by the billowing white hair that flowed behind him and his dark navy eyes that shone in the winter’s white world that stared at her. He had a fierceness like no other. If there was one thing that she feared in this entire forest, it was him-the winter king. The winter queen was not with him anymore and she could see why. He was the prince’s father.
He tilted his head and smiled at her. That made Sieska back up and almost stumble. “Are you scared of me my feline queen? What a shame, I do like you. You are such a beautiful creature.”
She didn’t dare speak back to him. She had to find a hiding place where she was safe from him.
He looked around too. Then he let out a soft laugh. “I wouldn’t bother looking for a hiding place my beautiful one. I will find you, just as I found your precious guard cats.”
That made her ears perk. She had to speak now. “What did you do with them?”
He scoffed. “What do you think I did with them?”
That made her insides flip and she started to feel a heat turn up inside of her. She wanted to lunge at him and rip his throat out.
The winter king came forward and sighed. “Don’t worry my dear, they are safe-for the moment. I just want to let you know that I did not get word about your little get together at your castle. I’m sure it was an oversight so I am here to let you rectify that.”
Sieska knew this was blackmail. To free her cats she would have to invite him to the castle. “Sorry, you are welcome to come.”
He smiled and almost laughed. “I thought you had just made a mistake. I will see you there.”
“My cats will be returned?”
His dark eyes shimmered. “But of course.” The snow swirled around them and when everything settled the cats were all around her. She sighed with relief. The king was still there. The cats surrounded her all growling.
The king let out a roar and suddenly everything shook. Sieska felt herself being lifted. Her cats were now below her and were getting smaller and smaller.
When her feet touched the ground again, she knew she was not in her own territory. SIeska whirled around. The king was sitting on his ice throne.
“Welcome to my home my feline queen.”
“Why have you brought me here? I said you could come to the castle.”
“Yes I know, but I thought it would be fun for you to escort me to our party.”
He snapped his fingers and one of the winter faeries flew over to her and within seconds she felt something heavy around her neck. She looked down at the icy floor and could see her reflection. There was a diamond collar around her neck. She growled.
“Now, what kind of thank you is that? I just gave a pretty collar to come with me to your function. You look quite beautiful, Sieska.”
She cringed when she heard him say her name. “Get this collar off of me.”
The winter king smirked. “Give it a chance. You will like it.” He got up off of his throne and came towards her. In his hand was an icy clear chain. She sunk down to the cold ice floor.
“Don’t cower away from me.” He bent down and attacked the chain to her collar. “Let’s go find you a suitable room to stay.”
He dragged her out of the room with her claws digging into the ice.
Scamper paced back and forth for a moment and he knew too much time had passed. He bounded off sniffing to the ground. He got half way when he met the other cats. They were all in a daze it appeared. “What’s wrong with you cats?”
One of them shook its head. “She been kidnapped.”
“What? By who?”
“The winter king.”
“We have to tell Keshar,” said Scamper.
“Let’s go.” They all followed Scamper. When they got back, Keshar was already in the front of the castle watching them all come in.
“What happened,” demanded Keshar. “They were attacked,” said Scamper.
“By who and where is the queen?”
Scamper came forward with his tail drooping. “She was kidnapped by the winter king.”
Keshar gasped.

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